007's Vidicon - Spy Video Camera Apps for iPhone/iPad
007's Vidicon - Spy Video Camera Apps for iPhone/iPad

007's Vidicon - Spy Video Camera Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Screenshots & Video

007's Vidicon - Spy Video Camera Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
007's Vidicon - Spy Video Camera Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
007's Vidicon - Spy Video Camera Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
007's Vidicon - Spy Video Camera Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
007's Vidicon - Spy Video Camera Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install 007's Vidicon - Spy Video Camera Apps for iPhone/iPad

Download 007's Vidicon - Spy Video Camera for iPhone/iPad
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007's Vidicon - Spy Video Camera can record video by concealment. Now you can record video without looking like a paparazzi.

There is 5 overlay modes for recording video:

1. Video Mode: Use Camera to record video in background when playing the movie.(supports mp4/mov/m4v file)

2. Audio Mode: Use Camera to record video in background when playing the music.(supports mp3 file)

3. Black Mode: Complete black screen, no screen display for recording.

4. Web Mode: Use Camera to record video in background when browsing the internet.

5. Book Mode: Use Camera to record video in background when reading the book.(supports txt/rtf file)


Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (4th generation) and iPod touch (5th generation). Requires iOS 5.1 or later.

Operational Uses

Recording in a public place not caring others.
Recording school lecture by parts quietly.
Recording in a concert hall, or play theater without disturbing others.
Record crime scenes secretly.
Pretend to be a secret agent, play a practical joke or impress a friend.
You can use in various uses.


- 5 overlay modes for recording: Video Mode / Audio Mode / Black Mode / Web Mode / Book Mode
- Password Lock Support
- Store the recorded video in a private password protected secret folder
- Copy the recorded video to computer via iTunes file sharing
- Fast recording possible

If you have any question or problems please contact [email protected]
We are committed to fixing bugs as soon as possible.

007's Vidicon - Spy Video Camera Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Current Version:
Varies with device
5.50 MB
First Tracked:
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Best I've found Posted by

The price is high but it's the most polished and usable app I've found. It works exactly as it should. My only advice is to turn your screen brightness all the way down so your screen remains totally black. Very helpful when trying to catch someone doing something they shouldn't be doing without them knowing. Found a maintenance guy in my apartment going through my drawers while I was out.

Perfect, does exactly what it says! Posted by

...which is refreshing after getting bamboozled by other, misleading and shoddy apps. This one rules though, the working web browser is the ultimate way to hide your recording! The only way the app could be any better is if it also supported taking pictures. I'm on an iPhone 5 with iOS 7.0.3 and it runs perfectly, haven't encountered a single bug!

Almost perfect Posted by

If you could make it with a switch to choose which camera to use, either the back camera or front camera.. That would make this app yet better Some people realize you are recording if you use your back camera, but if you use your front camera.. ( in black mode) definitely they have not reasons to suspect...

Try it Posted by

I think this is a very useful app, there will be time to use it. Completely beyond the ios native recorder. There's no reason not to love this app. Strongly recommend everyone to try this app.

Thanks Posted by

For an app that is designed for spying, I am really impressed by its ability of taking really good & clear videos. So far I haven't experienced any lags or crashes. Great app.

Get it! Posted by

Never seem anything like this. It's very easy to use, full and allows me to do very cool things, just like you can easily shooting a secret video without anyone knowing.

Suggestion Posted by

Night vision recording would make this awesome app even better. Just a suggestion though :)

007 Posted by

I can secretly record without being noticed. I look forward to more languages support.

Great app! Posted by

Would give 5 stars if it would include landscape mode and the use of front camera.

Amazing Posted by

It's awesome the only thing it needs is to be able to use the front camera

Almost 5 Stars Posted by

Great App! Would be near perfect if there is a front camera option. Well done!

Great ! Posted by

Please update the browser and add 4K support for 6S. Nice job!

Works perfect Posted by

Just needs a update. Sometimes it doesn't record sound.

Excellent Posted by

Thank you for a great app and excellent customer service.

Good app with a couple major flaws by QCB_Preacher 2015-03-26

I love the idea, and the implementation was done with obvious forethought. The ability to watch a movie, read a text file, browse the web etc was a great idea. I am rating this 3 Stars because of the obvious flaws. 1) No screen rotation! Friends don't let friends record vertical videos. This was a MAJOR oversight. 2) In reading mode, it will only read a text file that you have to upload via iTunes. WTH? If it could actually read any of the popular ebook formats or, at the very least, let you surf to a file already on the phone, this mode would actually be useful. Fix those and I will sing the praises of this app to anyone who listens.

okay but no audio by Xzavier2018 2014-12-28

I would give it 5 stars but 2 things wrong with this on the iPhone 6+. No AUDIO when you record it doesn’t have audio so you cant hear what you recorded, unless I’m missing something.. The developer doesn’t have an email address to ask questions so you stuck if you wanna waste .99 cents for this thing. Its a kewl interface and easy to use, just NO AUDIO

Works great, needs "browser" updated, costly by Agent0071 2016-06-23

This works great even with my iPhone 6 which isn't listed. The browser mode could use updating as very obvious you're not using a normal browser. It looks like a very old version of iOS, not anything like ios9. It looks like this app hasn't been updated since 2013. $9.99 is s little steep too. Half that is more reasonable if no ads.

Exporting videos by Smokeyjms 2014-10-18

I love the app, however I tried to export 3 videos to my phone's video library with no luck. The only way I can view the video is to watch it on this app. I wanted to send my videos to a friend but apparently it isn't possible. I would rate it 5 stars but this issue is very frustrating and I'm very displeased!

Pretty cool EXCEPT! by Brandonjoco 2014-06-05

Does not record in landscape mode. Make no sense!!! I never would record with phone standing straight up because, when you show the video on the TV it's only a uses a small part of the TV!! If you guys made it optional if we can record in landscape mode this app would be five stars!! makes no sense!! Tho this way

DOES NOT RECORD SOUNDS FOR VIDEOS (If vid is more than 1-2 mins long) by 007 vid user 2016-04-21

BUMMER THAT THIS APP DOES NOT RECORD THE SOUNDS FOR LONG ( more than 2 mins videos). Short vids of less than 1 min u get sound, longer vids NOPE. SO EITHER FIX THIS OR BUYERS NEED TO HUNT FOR BETTER APP. If u do not need sounds for ur vids than this app is GOOD, if u need sounds, this app is VERY BAD

Was great but not anymore by Sagan 11 2016-09-28

Was a great app, now almost useless. The toggle to turn off the red blinking dot does not work nor the sound off switch. Kind of defeats the purpose if you always see a red dot on a black screen while trying to record . No update since 2013.

Great with hiccups by Willdü 2016-09-18

Great all. Love the layout and all the functions, etc. BUT while the video recording is always reliable, the sounds doesn't always come through. That's a big issue for me. Some record audio, others do not. It's unpredictable

Failed during setup? by Crankdingo 2013-12-29

While browsing features and trying to set preferences at startup, I hit the "black" option and everything went dark. But I can't get out. Now black is all I get. I can't use the app.

Fails to stay on. by ChildOfNight 2016-10-05

If you charge 10 dollars for an app like this you surely better make it so it will stay recording when people use it for more crucial situations. This app is an abomination for the price.

Video cannot be saved by Brian Smarts 2015-01-07

After recording, the videos are not in anywhere. I tried to reinstall and also restore my iphone and finally I have no luck. Please update the app and fix it.

No video recorded by Fgsejjn 2016-08-18

Your app has no recording. It doesn't record from front camera either. If I had paid for this, it'd be called a scam.

Not good by Old gamer44 2013-11-08

Unable to access recordings once video made. No way to leave video mode once video is stopped. Waste of money.

Horrible by Amy's BFF ✌ 2013-08-15


Can't init camera or a black blank screen. by PhilDaAnt 2015-04-19

It doesn't work on my old iPhone 4S with iOS v8.3. :(

Not very good. by Wordsemaj 2014-09-17

Can't init the camera. iPhone 5s 7.1.1