A.BIG.T -- A Smart VPN Apps for iPhone/iPad
A.BIG.T -- A Smart VPN Apps for iPhone/iPad

A.BIG.T -- A Smart VPN Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Screenshots & Video

A.BIG.T -- A Smart VPN Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
A.BIG.T -- A Smart VPN Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
A.BIG.T -- A Smart VPN Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
A.BIG.T -- A Smart VPN Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
A.BIG.T -- A Smart VPN Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install A.BIG.T -- A Smart VPN Apps for iPhone/iPad

Download A.BIG.T -- A Smart VPN for iPhone/iPad
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A.BIG.T use iOS 9 network extension Technology.This app is designed for advanced user and may require some level of professional knowledge to use, if you don't know how to use, you maybe ask somebody for a help.


Capture all HTTP/HTTPS/TCP traffic from any applications on your device, and redirect to an HTTP/SOCKS5 proxy server following highly configurable rules;

* Today Extension, Quick start/stop VPN Connection
* OnDemand Rule support, When set VPN will auto Connect
* Record and display HTTP request and response header sent from your iOS devices;
* Configure rules using domain match, domain suffix, domain keyword, CIDR IP range ;
* Import rules from URL or iTunes File Sharing;
* SOCKS5 authentication supported.
When use URL download:
a URL must use base64 encode, after scan Qrcode , will auto download

* Block ads by domain rules;
* Work on cellular network.
* support scan Qrcode add proxy server
Qrcode string format (scheme://methd:[email protected]_ipaddress:server_port base64encode)

Known Issues
* enable Today Extension will add New VPN profile, two profile don't share status
* HTTP pipelining not full work, some http response header maybe parse failure.
* IPv6 is not supported.


Current Version:
Varies with device
39.70 MB
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不错,希望改进 Posted by

同surge对比: 一、优点,二者都支持ios9.0的ss方式,连接速度很快,打开网页没问题。 二、缺点,(1)该软件运行后,不知为何twitter、qq等app都不能连接上网,也不能登录网页界面的twitter,只能网页打开google。(2)该软件的说明太简单了,能发一个详细的给我吗? 三、希望进一步改进,支持作者。赶上surge!

希望能进一步优化 Posted by

编辑的时候没法删除已有的,点删除没反应。编辑完后多出一个一模一样的,并且看日志发现编辑完全不起作用。点击 start 有时候会失败。日志无法删除。点击编辑里的 http sock 不起作用,下次点进去还是 http。

Wish OneTimeAuth could be supported in next version Posted by

For SS, please add OTA support. For https proxy, please consider supporting HTTP/2 proxy (nghttpx) Good job!!

总体都不错的,就是有个配置删不掉了。 Posted by

请问Surfing Today的VPN配置怎么删除呢?卸载软件后都还在。

连不上 Posted by


APP支持 Posted by


Posted by

It doesn't work ! by Sillyonce 2016-03-12

It didn't work if i pressed the app,and then the phone would return to desktop! I want to know what happen?! The important thing is that I spend 4$to buy the app which was not update,and now it's free completely! Anyway it doesn't work as usual!

by kejfhejed 2016-03-02

1.走的http协议要反代理啊哥们 2.这个就是为什么fb,wx,qq等等手机app上不去,因为走的不是http协议啊.. 3.开始界面改一下呗..... 4.翻墙的要被喝茶的,建议你小心点 5.别生气,就是建议