AAMA® CMA Exam Prep 2017 Edition app free for iPhone/iPad
AAMA® CMA Exam Prep 2017 Edition app free for iPhone/iPad

AAMA® CMA Exam Prep 2017 Edition app free for iPhone/iPad

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How to install AAMA® CMA Exam Prep 2017 Edition app free for iPhone/iPad

Download AAMA® CMA Exam Prep 2017 Edition for iPhone/iPad
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Do you really want to pass AAMA CMA exam and/or expand your knowledge & expertise effortlessly? This best seller mobile app helps you archive your goal easily by the following unique features: - Break learning materials into small sets of practice questions & terms - Master each set effortlessly by many ways: flashcard, matching game, true/false, multiple choice - Detect & separate automatically the most difficult questions - Track your learning process on every set and exam taken - Ready for the Exam by Exam Simulator Premium Features: +) Lifetime access to all Practice Questions & Terms prepared by EXPERTS for the most current exam. +) Unlimited access to the EXAM BUILDER & SIMULATOR. +) Automatically FILTER your most difficult questions. +) PROGRESS TRACKING for every question & exam taken +) Lifetime support & updates Free version: +) Hundreds of practice questions & terms +) 5 Free Exam Builder +) Free Matching Game +) Filter hardest and weakest questions The Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) credential is a professional marker of distinction, one that demonstrates to employers and colleagues that a medical assistant adheres to a stringent set of professional medical assistant standards. The credential and exam are administered by the Certifying Board of the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) in consultation with the National Board of Medical Examiners. The CMA credential is voluntary, though many medical assistants find that individual employers require it prior to making an offer of employment. The exam is a computer-based test that is comprised of 200 multiple-choice questions. Questions are given in four 40-minute segments with an optional 20 minutes of break time that may be used in between segments. A total of three hours and 15 minutes is allotted for the test. Exam topics include: · Anatomy and physiology · Collecting, processing and testing of specimens · Communication · Computer concepts · Data entry · Emergencies · Equipment · First aid · Maintaining the office environment · Medical guidelines and requirements · Medical terminology · Nutrition · Office policies and procedures · Patient history interview · Patient preparation and assisting the physician · Practice finances · Preparing and administering medications · Principles of infection control · Professionalism · Psychology · Records management · Resource information and community services · Scheduling and monitoring appointments · Screening and processing mail · Treatment area Disclaimer: This application is just an excellent tool for self-study and exam preparation. It's not affiliated with or endorsed by any testing organization, certificate, test name or trademark.

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