Ace Maverick Games for iPhone/iPad
Ace Maverick Games for iPhone/iPad

Ace Maverick Games for iPhone/iPad

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Ace Maverick Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Ace Maverick Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Ace Maverick Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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The arctic is the hottest place to be! Experience the rush of piloting a heavily armed helicopter through epic arctic landscapes. Protect your supply ships, race your chopper and take out hostiles to save the day!

Enjoy super straightforward controls, without the need to keep track of buttons. Just put down your thumbs and enjoy.

More action packed levels to follow for everyone, for free!


- Stunning arctic environments and explosive vfx
- Streamlined dual stick controls (flying has never been easier!)
- Universal app for both iPhone and iPad
- Supports mfi controller, accelerometer and touch screen controls!
- New content free of charge

I have poured my heart and soul into this game and would love to hear from you, so if you have feedback, questions or issues, don’t hesitate to contact me at:

[email protected]

Happy Flying & Shooting!



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Easy Recommendation Posted by

The arcadey feel and slick presentation only scratch the surface of this game. The virtual thumb stick setup is one of the best I've experienced on mobile, and the intensity and skill required to pass the missions really gives a sense of accomplishment (something rare on iOS). I don't possibly see how this game could play with tilt controls, so.....yeah, the whiner complaining about it and giving it a 1 star is completely unjustified and completely uncalled for. This is a highly recommended game and worth every penny. Slap to that one star rating!

Just awesome and fun! Posted by

This game is all about that arcade feel. From the unlimited ammo to the controls you will feel like you are in an arcade! The on screen controls are perfect! I have no issues whatsoever. The graphics are great! The voice overs are a nice touch. The attention to detail is nice. The dev is active with the community on the Touch Arcade forums. Well worth the price for admission. I've not had any issues using the iPhone 6 running iOS 9.3.2 thank you dev for continuing to update this fun game!

Great Game and even better support! Posted by

This game is a blast. The controls are easy to figure out, the graphics are slick and the gameplay is compelling. I had an issue getting the game to load because of an iOS bug and the developer got back to me immediately and had the issue fixed in minutes. And no pesky IAP!

EPIC! Posted by

This is probably one of the best helicopter games EVER! Hats off to the creator(s) that made this game! It is so fun! I hope in the future the makers make more great games!

Controls are fine... Posted by

A great arcade experience, gets your blood flowing like Afterburner of old. Worth every penny. Minor request, the ability to invert controls.

fun Arcade Game ! Posted by

one of the few helicopter Games available at the App Store .

Controls Need Improvement by Starman6 2015-10-28

I don't understand why this game doesn't give us the option of using the amazing technology inherent in the iPad i.e. The accelerometer. The game is probably awesome but, I'll never know because I'm not coordinated enough for the thumb controls. Being able to adjust the sensitivity of the controls would also have helped. I suggest the Devs check out Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy to get a sense of how the controls can be improved. Glad I'm only out 2 bucks!

They should do much better for 5 bucks. by Halvonator 2015-09-06

Glitchiest game I've ever purchased. Doesn't let me complete missions even when I've accomplished everything. Even the sound glitches and plays in slow-mo. Gameplay is fine, but repetitive.

Disappointed by Old ft 2015-12-16

I was so looking forward to this game, but I don't like the two thumbs control. I'm too uncoordinated. I would have much preferred tilt control. Sorry, sure wanted to like it.

Cool game...impossible to beat! by d_*_p 2015-08-27

Such a great looking game! Such a great feeling game! IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT! Frustrating and sadly have deleted.

$5! by Neongnesis 2015-08-26

I completed this game in about one hour of play. Why is it five bucks. Game play is good though.