AcePlayer -Classic Media Player Apps for iPhone/iPad
AcePlayer -Classic Media Player Apps for iPhone/iPad

AcePlayer -Classic Media Player Apps for iPhone/iPad

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AcePlayer -Classic Media Player Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
AcePlayer -Classic Media Player Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
AcePlayer -Classic Media Player Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
AcePlayer -Classic Media Player Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install AcePlayer -Classic Media Player Apps for iPhone/iPad

Download AcePlayer -Classic Media Player for iPhone/iPad
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AirAV can play almost any file format video/audio/subtitle. Just transfer the media files to your ios devices using iTunes File Shareing or open Wi-Fi transfer in the settings and use web browser to load files on your PC,then it can be played at once. With built-in UPnP client, it can stream/download media files from almost all the UPnP/DLNA media servers to your iPhone/ipad/iPod.

1.Support almost any video formats: WMV, AVI, MKV, RMVB, RM, XVID, MP4, 3GP, MPG...
2.Support almost any audio formats: MP3, WMA, RM, ACC, OGG, APE, FLAC,FLV...
3.Support smi, srt, ass, ssa, sub txt subtitle. almost all the Media Servers:
- Mac OS
MediaShare, TwonkyMediaServer, TVMOBILI, PS3 media server, Majestic, EyeConnect, Vuze,MediaLink,Orb, Playback..
- Windows
Win7 Media Player, TVMOBILI, Asset UPnP, FreeMi, XBMC, TVersity, Wild Media Server, TwonkyMediaServer...
- Linux
QNAP,Iomega, DS-207+, Synology DS101, DS106J
- Phone
Sony Ericsson C905

1. Can you recommend a media server?
You can download MediaShare from Mac app store.The MediaShare is developed by us.
For windows, you can use win7 Media Player, FreeMi,TVMOBILI, TwonkyMediaServer...But some file format the FreeMi does't support, you should change the file suffix to 'mkv'.

2. How to use win7 as a media server?

3.How to download the files from media servers to your iphone/ipad/ipod?
Read the help in AirAV.

AcePlayer -Classic Media Player Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Varies with device
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Great app for .avi files and some .mp4 files Posted by

This is a great .avi streaming app, streams my 720p .avi files perfectly! Will stream some of my .mp4 files, but not all of them. Does Not handle .mkv 720p well at all, stutters and goes out of sync. For a free .avi steamer, it's great!! I use Streamtome for .mkv files anyhow, but needed a good .avi streamer. The servers I use are PS3 media server, TVersity and Windows Media Player. I have found Windows Media Player streams the .mp4 files the best. Overall great app for free, I use it all the time!

Awesome only for native QuickTime videos Posted by

I use this in conjunction with a htpc and xbmc. For videos that are QuickTime compatible (mp4) it works flawlessly. It's the files that are not compatible with QuickTime where the streaming is a problem. The app seems to get around this by transcoding, however anything at 720p or higher will run into stuttering issues even on an iPad 3. Mkv files in particular are handled poorly. Too bad the trancoding could not be done on the htpc end. My i3 560 htpc could handle it a lot better than the iPad.

Love this app! Posted by

Works great with my win7 through Widows Media Player but even better with PS3 Media Server which I'm already using for my ps3's and bluray players for streaming media off my pc. I love this app because I have lots of movies that are not compatible with iTunes so I'm not able to add it to my library to watch with the Video app. This app with the help of ps3 media center lets me access all my movies, regardless of the file type, since ps3 media center takes care of making compatible.

Perfect! Exactly what I had been looking for. Posted by

Works great playing media from a DLNA server to the iPhone or iPad. Still has problems playing 720p or 1080p quality mkv files, but I believe it might be a iPad hardware issue more than the software streaming it. I'm using it with Windows 7 and Serviio as a DLNA server. Works great! Well worth any price for anyone wanting to stream from a DLNA server. Oddly enough, this isn't one of the apps that shows searching for DLNA.

Simple Posted by

Easiest software I've used to remotely connect to my computers, hands down. It finds and connects to both of my computers faster than my expensive blu-ray player does, and then it looks similar to it as well. Streams any movie or video clip I want and does it perfectly. You won't be disappointed with this great program.

Great dlna/upnp player Posted by

Stable, no crashes. Hooks up to Linux windows and Mac media servers perfectly. The only thing it's missing is the ability to select a folder from a media location and add it as a resource. Right now I have to remember what is where on each media server and browse there by folder each time

Thank you Posted by

Perfect worked exactly how I needed it, for a mass video collection on my wd live drive to play on my phone anywhere near my house or connect o my av put cable and play through any television. All formats supported so far and player is very responsive with a nice clean interface.

More than impressed! Posted by

I can't believe it simply just worked! I use my Windows 7 lappy and Windows Media Player to stream to my PS3 or TV, and now my iPad! Didn't have to configure anything, simply opened the app and clicked my laptop. Done! I can't believe it!

Love this app. Posted by

Plays anything you can throw at it. Download files to your phone for offline playback. What more could you ask for? (P.S. Turn off "use QuickTime" in settings or else your videos will be locked in portrait mode.)

Amazingly simple and very useful Posted by

Thank you for the limited time free app, clever and easy to use set up was a breeze and both the iPhone and iPad were receiving streams within a couple minutes of installing the free media share app from the app store.

Nice DLNA app Posted by

I have downloaded this app and amazed at the supposed DLNA functionality. It's really good and we can view photos,videos from PC. I found some playback issue while playing MKV file. All others are fine.

The best! Posted by

Probably one of the best app for wifi syncing video and much more. Works really well. No problem at all and no problem when streaming. (I'm on iPad 2) Thanks for the wonderful app.

Works just great Posted by

I installed MediaShare on my Mac and can stream video to my iPhone as easy as 123. Thank you guys for a great work, keep it up!

Amazing piece of software Posted by

Worka like a charm. Now i just play files from my computer... No transfering anything from anywhere. TOTALLY worth the 99c!!!!!

Great Posted by

It's super easy tu use, super fast. Not five star because sometimes the movie freezes.

ehh by Mike Hackerts 2012-05-09

does NOT PLAY mkv and probably not wmv either. Same old, same old... it doesnt seem to work for the main reason I needed it - streaming mkv files from my DLNA server (LG NAS) to my iphone 4. It finds the server and folders and files easily (well done!) however it opens the file and freezes at the 1st second of playback, and will not play any further... For typical files that basically every player can do, it works...but Thats no special feat or trick so why bother...

Frustrated! Needs directions! by HonestyIsTheOnlyWay 2012-04-11

How do you use this thing?! Picks up my computer, but all mine say browser failed as well! Would be nice to have directions on how to set up and use this app. How do you add browsers, and use the computers that show up on the browser list. Also you recommend media share as a browser, but there is no media share version for iPad, there is only one for itouch & iPhone!

Audio doesn't work, even in paid version by Senninha 2016-12-23

I've been using this app for years. The most recent update said that I had to buy the "full version" to get audio. The "buy" button just crashed the app, so I went into settings and saw an option to "clear password" for a dollar. I did that, thinking I would get the "full version". I did not. It still won't play any audio.

$49.99 for this app? by Buggy Simon 2012-05-09

You got to love this kind of developers. Instead of trying to improve the apps, they spend a lot of time to play the price drop game - they increase the price for a day and then make it free, again and again. What makes this app particularly laughable is the price tag: $49.99. Wow! Sorry for giving negative review before really using the app.

WMV playback broken by Chris de CA 2012-03-17

The previous version worked fine with all 3 video formats I have. But the current version failed to load .wmv video files through UPnP. The wheel just kept turning most of the time. The couple of times that it did start to load (numbers started flying), it crashed immediately. Other formats do play fine still.

Browse failed by Foxyshadis 2012-03-10

It picks up all of my Vista & win7 home computers, but trying to view any of them gives "browse failed" even though I can stream from them to my htpc fine. No directions to fix it so I have to conclude the app is broken.

New version useless by Koi Boi 2016-12-19

Current version took out the download function render it useless to me. I tolerated it for the longest because of the DL function and overlooked its crappy playback functions. Well, time to finding another app then.

Need some update by Medowl 2012-08-19

Not able to see secured files on buffalo NAS with UserID and password. Played MKV file but not HD version and sound was very poor. Hope to see some improvement and release an update soon.

Thank you ! by Hemmymomma 2012-03-27

I'm so glad that I can stream tvmobili from my Mac to my iPhone but the audio is not matching up. It's a 480 p movie and it comes through right on my other devices.

scrubbing broken in ios 7 by W0lverine 2014-09-17

In ios 6 variable speed scrubbing worked, in ios 7 it does not. I used to use this app all the time but with this bug it is too frustrating, dropping rating to 2 stars.

Not worth it by Mircea B 2012-06-01

Plays really chunky on WI-Fi with iPhone 4 and iOS 5.1 It is not free. Does not play mkv. files. Much better Air Video and that one it's free.

Video streams on iPad 3 by MazzEffect7 2012-07-12

Works really great on the iPad 2, but some video streams won't work on the iPad 3. Please fix!

ACE by bc2014b 2016-11-21

ace ace ace... acemusic... now 4x on iPad = pure scam!