Aerium — Your weather bot. Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Aerium — Your weather bot. Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Aerium — Your weather bot. Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Aerium — Your weather bot. Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Aerium — Your weather bot. Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Aerium — Your weather bot. Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Aerium — Your weather bot. Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Aerium — Your weather bot. Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Aerium is a gorgeously crafted weather app that alerts you when it'll rain in your location with the day before it'll happen. Awesome, right? Its uniqueness stands in the weather descriptions that can help you out with the way you'll need to dress before going out. With fluid animations and a really colorful forecast, Aerium is brutally simple and efficient for your daily needs. = Awesome Features = + A well-designed widget that is cool enough to rock your iPhone. + Unique weather descriptions for you. Your mom says hi. + Awesome swipe navigation. + Social Sharing + Works everywhere. Worldwide. Supports both ºC and ºF. + A beautifully crafted visual experience. + Rain alert the day before it'll rain. Come on man, that's awesome. + Exact location based weather data from + Designed to utilize minimal system resources as well as energy. = Disclaimers = Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. = Support = If you have any questions or comments please send us an email at [email protected] Note that if you leave a support question in the reviews we won't be able to write you back, so just shoot us an email instead. The application was designed by Raul Perte and developed by his brother, Adrian Perte.

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Aerium Posted by

Very simple, straightforward Weather App. I have looked at plenty and find this one, easy to use and very pleasant in appearance. Also sends a notification one day ahead that it's going to rain. Pretty useful!

Most excellent app Posted by

Simple uncluttered weather app telling you just what you require.. Weather current or future. And for countries like mine, rain forecast is a very much needed data. Great app

Love it Posted by

It's simple and nice would like it to send notifications of what to expect throughout the day with some kind of humor. But worth the download (:

Simple and Easy Posted by

There are tons of apps out there that provide an overwhelming amount of weather information. This one is simple and straight to the point, love it!

Finally an app that makes sense Posted by

Top-notch design, all information is easy to remember and I dig the RainAlert push notification. They're precise and on point.

Fun app Posted by

Great app, worth a try. Small but useful. Wish there could be more interesting quotes and rain alert with more specific time.

This is the most interesting thing I have Posted by

You are so much better than the other ones available. Please make more interactive and fun to use!!!!

Just Installed Posted by

I just installed the app, but so far it seems to be a great app. Thank you app creators.

Denpap Posted by

It's not bad and very simple. It gives advice of the day on what's going to be.

The best Weather app on the store. Posted by

Aerium is by far the best weather app you could get. Best design + notifications.

Simply Simple Posted by

Been using this app for a couple weeks. It's quick simple and funny at times

Just started using it. Posted by

Simple. Would be nice if there was option to add places other than your location

Great Posted by

Love the app, makes a good forecaster! Thanks for making it.

Aerium Posted by

Great weather app I really enjoy it and use it often.

Nice weather app Posted by

Integrates well with iPhone notification screen.

Just no... by vAmPiRe3UnNy 2016-06-08

Honestly, due to everyone else's good comments about this app, I am not sure if it's just me or not. I am just simply unhappy with this so called "smart weather app." First of all, the grammar and spelling is horrible on this app (so how can you call it smart)? But who cares about all that? How about every time I open the app it gives me the "404 error," and then I hit continue, and it shows me the "temperature" saying it is 76oF outside. I clearly live in the desert, and it is almost 100 out here right now! And says it's cloudy. Funny that we have clear skies. In other words, the app is a complete busted piece of work. Now if all this couldn't downgrade this app to a 1 star (wish I could give it 0), how about add that up with the fact at how simple and plain the app also is, and still it's trash. Sorry, but I hate your app.

Not good enough by Petersed 2016-05-24

Just not good enough. Only portrait mode which makes it clumsy on the iPad. Very, very sparse information, way too large fonts (probably in order to make it seem more feature-rich than it really is). Get Weather Live instead. This one has a long way to go before it becomes as good as that one (and others). Waste of money.

Background GPS by ScottN88 2016-05-23

I purchased and have deleted.....the only way this app will work is if you allow ALWAYS to give location. This could cause a battery drain and gives away your privacy on location as they could track. The app should give option for location services when using app.

Even for free it is not worth it by jciek 2016-06-02

Maybe this App was created to be simple... However it is too simple to provide meaningful information. Should be free at all times

Crashes more than a test dummy by BroadwaysPrince 2016-05-31

Have not been able to use the app or any of its promised features once as it only opens to the title card then crashes and closes.

Doesn't work at all by DonnaS73 2016-07-12

Says 76 degrees when it's closer to 100. Tomorrow low of 76 high of 80...uh don't think so in July. Uninstalling

Not notified once by Yadroff 2016-10-17

Have never gotten an alert. Enabled all the things. No alerts. Been rained on. Sup?

Kind of a dud ... by Santa Dave 2016-05-30

Slightly better than sticking your finger out the window. NO changeable options....

Not worth it by Markkgg 2016-05-28

App advice highlighted it. Not worth it unless I'm missing something.

...... by TheBentleyCobb 2016-06-07

Well.... Just got the app and it's a little tooooo simple and plain.

Duffer1200 by Duffer1200 2016-07-12

Boring nothing new but does tell you the temperature--oh yea...gone

Missing a few features by Gossfam2 2016-07-12

I want to see a weekly view

I lost my money by Gladys17 2016-05-29

It is a really bad app.

This app asks too much but gives so little... by Nod-n-Grin 2017-03-11