After Focus - Photo Background Blur Bokeh Effects Apps free for iPhone/iPad
After Focus - Photo Background Blur Bokeh Effects Apps free for iPhone/iPad

After Focus - Photo Background Blur Bokeh Effects Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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After Focus - Photo Background Blur Bokeh Effects Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
After Focus - Photo Background Blur Bokeh Effects Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
After Focus - Photo Background Blur Bokeh Effects Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
After Focus - Photo Background Blur Bokeh Effects Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
After Focus - Photo Background Blur Bokeh Effects Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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95% OFF for BlackFriday. Original $19.99. Download it Now. Don't forget to download "Super PhotoCut" which magically cut out object from photo. 50% OFF! After Focus professionally adds focus and depth to your photos without expensive camera lenses. It easily defines a focus area and achieves lens blur, motion blur effects. After Focus extends filter and lens functionality beyond your camera and allows you to adjustable controls to add custom focus options to make any photo stand-out. Post-processing software is not required nor are advanced image processing skills. You don't have to be a professional photographer to become addicted to camera lenses. After Focus is among the best in its class. By simply applying a blurred background and decreasing the depth of field, a sense of depth is created to draw attention to the most important objects of an image. You are welcome to click on the "Support link" to take a look at After Focus video reviews. Main Features: 1 Automatically determine the target prospects based on the target box with state-of-the-art image segmentation algorithm. 2 Two processing modes: Regular mode and Customized mode. It offers simple tools to quickly start and sophisticated tools to further retouch photographic effects; 3 Adjust the scope of the focus area and the background with drawing stroke. 4 Four Perspective Modes offer different types of natural blurring effect for the background. 5 Determine the blur gradient for any area with customized mode. 6 Complete professional image editing with the advanced focus algorithm. 7 Intuitively control 5 blur levels and precise adjust blur strength. 8 Clear the target prospects with an advanced sharpen algorithm to achieve professional refocusing effect. 9 Live previews and real-time editing. 10 Undo, redo history can be saved so you can always undo, redo your changes with unlimited times. Accomplish things in your photos more quickly and with less effort. Download it now. Feedback: Any suggestion will be highly appreciated. Support email: [email protected]

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An Excellent Artistic Focusing App Posted by

I downloaded this app to attempt to add some artistic focusing and background blurring to some photos I took while on vacation in New Orleans a few weeks ago. I had a picture of the statute in Jackson Square I loaded up in the app. Following the instruction’s on the app’s website and watching the video, I first marked the statute with the Focus Object Rectangle, making sure to keep it as tightly marked as possible. Next, I used the red marker to focus specifically on the statute itself. Finally, I used the blue marker to mark the areas around the statue, taking care to avoid directly marking the statute itself. After the app processed the picture, I was surprised as how well it worked. I’ve processed another 6 pictures since the first one turned out so well. I’m impressed with the app’s ease of use and it’s accuracy. Overall, this is a great artistic focusing app and I highly recommend it! Update — I’ve downloaded the most recent update as I installed the El Capitan GM. Everything works as it should on El Capitan and I am still getting good results with this app.

I’ve been wanting something like this. Posted by

Nice program. When you first open the program it has some ads for other product. In the middle of the ads is a very nice, short tutorial. So don’t close the little sales pitch window until you read the tutorial. 60 seconds—it shows the location of tools and tells what they do. Now my first test. I had a picture of my grand niece and I wanted to softly blur everything but her face. Drag and drop to load the picture. The program automatically sets up the focal area. I made a few tiny adjustments to the size and I can immediately see the adjustments in a side by side comparison. Now I can use the tools shown in the tutorial to fine tune my focal and blur areas. There are more adjustments I can make but I am already very happy with my grand niece’s picture. This is how good software should work. 5 stars for a very nice, useful program!

After Focus 1.5.5 Impression Posted by

A useful application that I hope will continue to improve. The controls are good, but it takes some time and experience to get the hang of it, which is to be expected. Some images are better suited for out of focus backgrounds than others, and the responsibility for choosing the right photos lies with the user. Its biggest limitation is the inexplicable size reduction when saving the finished result. This happens when saved in any one of the five file formats, PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF, or BMP, and you have no say-so about it. Therefore, it can only be used for low-res purposes. My example, an original image 3648 x 2736 pixels, shrunk to 1472 x 1104 pixels. Why? –beats me! Also: the second paragraph of After Focus description here in the App Store says ‘increasing the depth of field’ but should read ‘decreasing the depth of field’ to be correct.


This is a great App! Only suggestion I have would be for the user to be able to enlarge the entire screen, not just the image within the screen. When the App is open, it only covers 2/3rd of your desktop. We need to be able to open the App full screen, and then be able to enlarge the photos within the App itself. Other than that, I think it’s very good. Easy controls, easy learning curve, fast processing.

Works seamlessly Posted by

I have looked at this program several times and thought having LR,PS,Topaz suit and others I was wrong. This program is a breeze to use and the side by side blend mode makes it so easy to know what you are doing. I am a professional photographer working in advertising so images have to be right. This is a stand alone program so working with it is fast and easy, it has a number of save options.

Make common look extraordinary Posted by

This app seems pretty straight forward and does what it claims. Once the photo opens in After Focus, the remaining features are quite intuitive and easy to use. I like the app. The tools are flexible and allow me to customize the blur effects in a lot of different way. It makes common look photo becoming extraordinary new look. Pretty good.

Godd and need more Posted by

This app is pretty good. It can do a lot more jobs for you than you thought. You don’t have to photoshop or other app, just use this app, then your focus is easily made and you got a really nice picture for your cover. But firstly, you need this picture to be clear, or it will make it worse.

Add cool photo effect Posted by

This is cool photo app that allows you to add some blur effects on your photos. The app has simple and easy to use design. Just choose any part of your photo and you will get after focus. You can create really cool stunning pictures. Definitely recommend it

Does the job!! Posted by

Was unsure how well this would actually work put i am very pleased!! Great price and you can really do some magic to your photos if you dont have an expensive lens (like me). Would deffinitely reccomend this if your wanting to have blurred backgrounds!

Excellent tool Posted by

The focus effect is not easy to achieve after I snaped the photo, but thanks to this app i was able to do it on my Mac with a couple of clicks. It a powerful tool for professionals and ordinary people.

Easy to Use! Posted by

I was in the middle of a project and needed to edit out images. I was able to download quickly and learn immediately how to use the features.

Excellent tool Posted by

I was tasked with trying to read a license plate on a moving vehicle, this did the trick after using many other tools. Highly recommend.

Serious problems by SolarSilk 2015-09-11

This app's edge-detection works fairly well, and this could have been a simple way to do controlled blurring, but there are problems. As another reviewer mentioned, when you zoom in, there is no way to scroll to different areas of the image, making the zoom useless unless the center of the image is all you need to work on, and forcing you to work with a small view of the image. Also, the edges between sharp and blurred areas are sometimes a bit ragged, looking somewhat rough and pixelated. If that were the only problem, Super Refocus might have earned a 3-star rating. But worst of all, Super Refocus resizes the final image downward, with no permission from the user, no mention of this bug/limitation, and no way to turn off the resizing. Every image is sized down to 1472 pixels on its longest side, be it width or height, unless the image is already that small or smaller. For example, a 2240 x 1755 image after being resaved from Super Refocus becomes a 1472 x 1153 image. That behavior in an image-processing app is inexcusable.

Works well, but needs some fixes. by Dafyd.B 2015-08-20

The app does what it’s supposed to and it does it well. However, when zooming in on the work area there needs to be an option to move the position of the photo. It’s very difficult to fine-tune when I can’t see the edges clearly and when I zoom I can’t see the edges at all. Also it needs a full-screen mode. If it had these things, I’d rate it 5 stars easy, but the full price seems a bit steep for what is offered and the lack of the aforementioned versatility.

Star upgrade once the app. can produce a better output file by Moesapples 2017-01-15

This app. has wonderful features and works as advertised. Unfortunately, it will degrade the final output file by almost half. You will lose a lot of detail in your photos (might not be a big deal for a lossy digital pic but printing larger sizes is not possible). If they can improve on this, it will be great.

Pretty good App by PokemonGangbang 2016-05-24

I do like this app, but it has some features to be desired. There really needs to be a way to make it full screen, and move the picture around once you zoom in. Overall a good app and certainly worth th $1 it cost me. I hope the developers can fix the minor issues that I have with it in a future update.

Doesn’t Work by RPMcc 2015-08-16

Just downloaded the software and I seldom will pay this much and now my reward it does not work… argh The link takes me to Etinysoft website, which is very full of how too stuff… Sent an email to support we’ll see what happens.

Terrible Output by KRay2012 2017-03-04

I’d like my money back. It’s slow and clunky, but worst of all, the file degredation is brutal.

Not compatible with El Cap by Vermontier 2015-09-13

Keeps crashing and never even opened once on MAC OS X El Capitan GM.