Alti - Minimalist Travel Altimeter & Compass app free for iPhone/iPad
Alti - Minimalist Travel Altimeter & Compass app free for iPhone/iPad

Alti - Minimalist Travel Altimeter & Compass app free for iPhone/iPad

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How to install Alti - Minimalist Travel Altimeter & Compass app free for iPhone/iPad

Download Alti - Minimalist Travel Altimeter & Compass for iPhone/iPad
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Alti is a beautiful, feature-rich, minimalist altimeter and compass application for your iPhone and iPad. It sports a clean design, includes a wide selection of background colours, and provides a distraction-free experience. It includes an altitude indicator, a magnetic and true north compass, and coordinates for DMS and degrees.



# Highest Accuracy GPS Altitude
# True/Magnetic North Compass
# Beautiful iOS9 Design
# Pastel & Natural Color Palettes
# Facebook, Instagram & Twitter Sharing
# Altitude in Meters or Feet
# Coordinates in DMS or Decimal
# Background Customisation



"The UI captures the flat style of iOS perfectly. Simple and intuitive." Ko Olina Family

"We trek a lot and this altimeter app is our new favorite. Awesome app when we do our adventure treks. Kudos to the developer." Nadialutan

"Used it in the North Georgia mountains and it was spot on with the elevation markers." Marcus Aurelius Seneca

"Pleasure to use and look at!" Coopsdogger

"Just wanted something to track my current coordinates and it does just that. Very nice!" B3 Burner

"A friend of mine I go camping with has COPD and altitude affects him. It’s nice to know where the high elevations are so we can avoid them or minimize our time there." Millennial2012

"Smart, simple and easy!" Yazeed Momani


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