andara: Balanced Scorecard & Business Dashboards for SMBs Apps for iPhone/iPad

andara: Balanced Scorecard & Business Dashboards for SMBs Apps for iPhone/iPad

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How to install andara: Balanced Scorecard & Business Dashboards for SMBs Apps for iPhone/iPad

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The control of your business in the palm of your hand, design your own Dashboards or Balanced Scorecards.

It is synchronized with Excel through your personal cloud account (

An exclusive tool of big companies, now in the IPAD with an easy and intuitive design. Within minutes you'll have your own Dashboards.

"75% of Fortune 500 companies have already implemented Business Intelligence tools, follow their steps".

With a display screen with graphics and color light indicators, in a few steps and with the best short-term results:

- Predefined dashboards by Industry and by Role

-Define yours strategic objectives

- Identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your business

- Compare actual and target values

- Analyze variances

- Build your own reports per month, export them to PDF and send them by Mail

- Decide weight of each KPI

No extra software licenses, you only need to download from the Appstore and start within minutes to make better management decisions.

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Great app, but still needs some work Posted by

This is an excellent "business dashboard" app for assessing the health/state of your business, or really for assessing any organization or system. I even use it to assess my overall life areas, roles and goals. At first I didn't like how they limited it to 5 perspectives, objectives and KPIs, but now I get that that is important for keeping a cleaner, more simplified view....more data would defeat the purpose of a snapshot dashboard. I also like the extra touches like the bubbles slowly moving and making sounds( when one drills in and out of views) ...reminding the user that this is a dynamic / living system. Improvements are needing around a few translations (original app is in Spanish I believe), UI issues like a few tap-holds make editing more tricky than necessary, and syncing with excel I've had a few issues with. Lastly, I think that making one pay a monthly fee for syncing is a little unnecessary...but I don't know their business model. I hope they continue to support and develop this app... Customer service so far has shown that they plan to.

Grate application Posted by

I just been assigned to OSM office in my company, I went through several reading about OSM and BSC , when I bought this application I did figure two things 1- I did understand the implementation of BSC. 2- from the white papers available on the application web site it give me the idea about OSM and this allow me to start selling the ideas of OSM and BSC to the hole organization, Using the application is tricky if you did note incorporate the KPI from the KPI library , to decode the organization vision and mission to reflect the strategy map this will take some time. I did use the application on a sample data and it went grate thank you very much.

medinanery Posted by

Que excelente aplicación, estaba buscando en el mercado una aplicación basada en ipad que me diera una presentación tan bien diseñada, fácil de manejar y sin muchas complicaciones y sobre todo portable. La vamos a utilizar para nuestros servicios de consultoría para que los directivos puedan hacer seguimiento al BSC en su ipad y en cualquier lugar donde se encuentren. Para mejorar: Deben hacer evitable las perspectivas.

Impressive app Posted by

This is an elegant, highly visual and very useful app for dashboards and performance monitoring. This new version and branding is such a giant step foward from the previous app. Loved the ease of use, so intuitive and finally a sync with Excel. I will be using this app to monitor my Company, a truly outstanding app, well worth its price!

Excellent Posted by

This is a great app. Exactly what I needed for strategic planning. It takes while to learn how to use it properly but, once mastered, it is indispensable! Looking forward to updates!!

Excelente Posted by

Excelente aplicación, fácil de usar y con imágenes sorprendentes. La manera más conveniente de implementar un BSC! Definitivamente voy por la aplicación full.

Really great app for follow up the strategy Posted by

Really great way to apply the BSC principles in a easy to use app. Just start working with it but look promising. by jadelcueto

Great App Posted by

This is a great app. It´s what I was looking for my IPAD

Great Dashboard Implementation on iPad by CGNaval 2011-07-01

This is a great app for the Balanced Scorecard approach to monitoring strategy implementation. There are some kinks though that I hope gets addressed in the updates. The sequence whereby once encodes the Strategic Objectives and the Measures is easy once you have it figured out. There is an annoying tendency for the App to go to the current month when changing screens which can lead to errors if you're encoding past months' data. The Strategy Map tends to cause the App to crash. Unfortunately, for companies that are implementing several strategic plans simultaneously, it may be difficult to track all of them using one company. The work around would be to create the different departments as separate companies. I continue to use the App and I like it immensely. There's nothing like it for the iPad. Best business use for the device in my opinion. It's a great beginning and I hope the creators have a strategy to continue to improve it.

Cheated! by dimplex 2011-07-24

Why on earth did I just pay $2.99 for the lite version that won't allow me to insert more than one item? Isn't the whole point of lite versions being free so that customers can get an idea of your product without the full functionality? So charging for the lite version has fooled me into thinking that I'll be able to meet my needs without the bells and whistles of the full app... Instead I keep getting prompts to buy the full version in order to get my bare minimum done. Please keep the lite version free!

Paid for template but didn't get it by Christopher Yip 2016-09-14

I noticed that the company puts out 3-4 paid apps of the same kind. There is one for HR, one for Public Sector and one for general. And for this andara app, they have a multitude of templates which are largely very simple customisations. But they charge $5 for each! It's not very honest. I downloaded one template but it didn't appear on the dashboard. I tried logging out and in the app but still the same. Have I just been ripped off?!!

Promising by 4line 2011-10-01

WDornenburg - This app is very promising but I am a little disappointed that you only get one entry in each category unless you pay more. I was really looking forward to being able to use this with my KPI reviews that I have through out the year but will not be able to do so unless I pay again. Fix this aspect and charge more for the premium access and I will rate this a 5. Until then the fact that I paid for limited use makes it a 3.

So far so good by PiCAnTe! 2011-08-21

Interested to see how it does in excel.

Not functional by SeeRipper 2015-03-30

Poor functionality in free version.

joserenato It worth trying by joserenato1 2012-10-29

joserenato It's a good app.