Anti Dog Bark Apps for iPhone/iPad
Anti Dog Bark Apps for iPhone/iPad

Anti Dog Bark Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Anti Dog Bark helps you stop your home's dog or neighbor 's dog barking again and making noise to bother you.


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Frequency 1works on German Shepherd by autumation 2014-09-30

On off buttons only work half the time on an iPhone4s. But when it does work, Frequency 1 has worked every time for the german shepherd next door, but I have to run out to the fence to turn it on, then turn it off when it stops barking, then turn it on if it barks one more time, so it works when those buttons work. Dog doesn't bark a third time. This ap needs an audio sensor that turns the noise on when the dog barks, so I don't have to run out and do it. There is another bark ap that does this. I would gladly put my phone on the fence for a while so the ap REALLY trains the dog more permanently! I've hooked the iPhone up to speakers at the fence line to increase the volume because it is not loud enough when the dog is on the other side of the yard. We'll see how that works.

RIPOFF! FRAUD!! No star! by 19901welden 2015-02-01

My Software meets the requirements. I was dumb enough to think maybe I needed to buy the in app purchases to make the thing work. WRONG!!!! Push the button, ha - the screen doesn't change at all. BIG RIPOFF!!!!!! I never write reviews, but this was so blatant a ripoff - I am writing one now, and I will be contacting APPLE about this fraudulent developer!!!!!

Anti- Dog bark by Artie6&5 2013-05-09

I brought this app for $2.99 and it doesn't work. I wasted my money. I tried it as I was walking saw a dog used the app and it got on my nerves and did nothing to the dog. Even my friends dog who barks at everyone passing alone or who ever knocks on the door and it didn't stop her from barking.

Just another app designed to steal your money... by innerfocus1 2012-06-05

Total waste of money, 3 frequencies of "tv static" like sound that are high medium and low. The stop button does not work, you have to close out of the app. It just does not work. It's another app that is designed to take your money. Shame on the designer and shame on me for buying.

Horrible sound to HUMANS by MARTITPRPL 2013-01-12

This does not work at all. It just plays a sound like horrible old time tv non-channel sound. It starts automatically and you cant stop it except by closing the app. The play button and the stop button do t work at all! I dumped this right away. Don't even waste your time! -MThomas

Dr.Funkyman by dr.funkyman 2013-07-07

At first frequency 1 & 2 didn't work right away, frequency 3 made the dog next door, get it after 5 try's, the dog barks 1 time and he gets it. It works for me. I believe that dog gets punished every time he barks. Remember it takes a while for the dog to get it. Ya dig?

Huge mistake by Angeleyez519 2014-07-19

This app does not work. It plays a sound that resembles the white noise on the tv when cable goes out. The noise wouldn't stop when I hit the stop button. There is no help menu or instructions... Basically just stealing your money. Please don't make my mistake :(

Avoid at all costs! What a waste of Money! by Rphildeb1964 2014-08-25

This app doesn't work. I blame myself for not checking the reviews first before I downloaded. It does not work at all. No noise whatsoever is generated. If there was ever a need for a refund and no star option, this app is it. AVOID at all costs.

Rip off/don't buy this app by Songpe 2015-08-06

This is not a real app. It doesn't work. It's basically a recording of white noise. It is a rip off. Don't do it. Get the free dog whistle app. Dog bark detector. It's fab. I would leave -star if possible !!!!do not buy.

Didn't work for me by JDLiinn 2013-09-19

Using IOS7... Won't turn off. This either needs some help, or more instructions.