AnyVideo Converter HD Apps for iPhone/iPad
AnyVideo Converter HD Apps for iPhone/iPad

AnyVideo Converter HD Apps for iPhone/iPad

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AnyVideo Converter HD Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
AnyVideo Converter HD Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
AnyVideo Converter HD Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
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The best choice to convert videos for your Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PSP, computer, mobile phone: Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, Android e many others!

AnyVideo Converter HD is the easiest and fastest way to convert all your movies for your device

AnyVideo Converter HD is easy to use.
No settings and no technical knowledge required.
Simply drag your videos on the AnyVideo Converter HD, and all your videos will be converted quickly and in the best way you need.

Special features

* High Speed video conversion using Remux
* Suited for .mkv files
* Audio language selection
* Extract audio track from your movie
* Custom settings for PROFESSIONAL users
* Import special settings from our online forum
* Subtitles selection (chosing one from original file or adding from external file)
* Automatic deinterlace for better view on digital screen
* Works with 5.1 - 6.1 and 7.1 audio files & AC3 passthrough
* Sync with iTunes for all Apple devices
* Encoding engine optimized for 32 bit and 64 bit
* The conversion keeps the right aspect ratio of the source without any stretch
* No change in video color palette
* Video and audio codecs used for conversion are the best choice for the output device
* No ads
* No technical knowledge needed for using the software
* Convert also audio file to mp3 or m4a

Input File Format
.avi .mov .wmv .flv .m4v .3gp .mkv .mpeg .mpg .mpe .mp4 .aaf .asf .ogg .DivX . XviD .rm .rmv .ogm .ogv .dv .ts .mod .mts ... and many more
mpeg-1, mpeg-2, mpeg-4, avchd, matroska, H265, H264, H263, H261,AAC ... and more

This application does NOT convert:
- .vob files
- .m4v files with DRM as required by law for copyright protection.
- .wmv using MS PhotoStory and GoMeeting codecs

Output File
Perfect conversion for:
* All Apple TV, iPad, iPod and iPhone models
* Sony PlayStation 3, PSP, PSP Go and PlayStation Vita and XBOX 360
* Mobile Phones: BlackBerry, Android, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony, Windows Mobile 7, e many others.
* Computer: Xvid 480p, Xvid PAL, Xvid NTSC, .mov 480p, .mov 720p, .mov 1080p
* Audio: mp3 128Kb, mp3 256Kb, m4a 128Kb, m4a 256Kb

For every device, will be chosen the right video and audio codec to achieve the best image quality

Smart Conversion Technology
AnyVideo Converter HD use SCT (Smart Conversion Technology) to convert your video.
Each conversion maximize performance and minimize file size and conversion time.
Before conversion all videos are analyzed and the video will be converted in the best way for the selected device. If the original video has a smaller size than the native device, the converted video will have the same resolution as the original one. Instead, if the source video is larger than the display of the target device, it will be fit to the screen resolution of the device itself. The bitrate is automatically set by SCT for any device.

Speed conversion
Very high speed conversion by optimizing the use of all processors.
AnyVideo Converter HD is designed to maximize performance on both 32bit and 64bit computers.

Some files can be converted just rearranging only audio and/or video data in the new video format.
For example an .mkv file with H264 video codec can be converted for Apple TV 3rd generation just converting only audio tracks if needed.
In this case you can convert a 8GB video in few minutes


Current Version:
Varies with device
29.11 MB
First Tracked:
Content Rating:


Great App - Fast and Solid Performance! (Updated) Posted by

This app fills a niche where few options exist. I've used it to rip .mkv and .avi files to my Apple TV 3. Compared to open source options, such as HandBrake, it's fast and easy to set up for conversions. It will chew through a conversion in a fraction of the time it takes HandBrake. The only complaint I have is that it does not properly decode 5.1. Not an issue if you watch movies on a mobile device with ear buds, but for a home theater, it's a deal breaker. I've contacted support and made them aware of the issue but have yet to see an update that addresses this problem. So for now, I'm continuing to use HandBrake for the big screen and AnyVideo for the iPad. If they can fix this issue, it's an easy 5-Star rating and well worth $5.99! With the release of version 3.0.1, I can happily share that the developers have resolved the issues with decoding 5.1 surround! Handbrake has owned this niche for years. There really wasn’t anything out there that did what it could do. It was relegated to audiophile geeks to understand the nuances of setting up the parameters. AnyVideo Converter has stepped up to offer the armchair Mac user an easy and powerful way to convert movie files. The new interface is super simple to use and offers a lot of options. I did have to contact tech support about it not working properly with my Apple TV 3 and they quickly responded and helped me resolve my settings. First of all, in your Apple TV settings, go to —> Audio Video —> Dolby Digital. In Dolby Digital, it’s usually set to AUTO. If you want use Dolby Digital you must set this option to YES. In AUTO mode, Dolby digital is converted to stereo. I tested an .mkv file using the Stereo+AAC 5.1 and it did not work with my older home theater receiver. I then tested it again using the Stereo+AC3 5.1 and it worked perfectly! The best part is that it’s noticeably faster than Handbrake. In my testing, it’s anywhere from 50%-75% faster than Handbrake and effortless to use. You’d be hard pressed to find a reason not to buy this app. It simply works and it’s easy to use.

Wow, what a great app! Posted by

I’ve been struggling to extract audio from a Google+ Hangouts on Air video file (which downloads as an MP4 video file from YouTube) for my podcast. I tried to extract the audio using Quicktime but I kept getting an “unknown error”. I Googled for help, but there weren’t any solutions. So I tried to convert it to audio using iTunes. I can’t stand the iTunes interface but I gave it a shot by importing the MP4 video file into my iTunes library and in prefrences clicking on “Create new version” but the audio file was greyed out (I tried as MP3 and AIFF - neither worked). I Googled that some more to try to figure out why that wasn’t working, but came up without a fix. I was very frustrated and annoyed so I searched for other ways of doing this easily and I found this app. Cheapskarte that I am, I was hesitant to pay for the app when supposdely I could do this for free with Quicktimes and iTunes, but I couldn’t take wasting any more time, so I bought it. It took less than five minutes (way less) to convert it! I dragged the 124 MB MP4 video file into this app, I selected the MP3 option and boom the app convereted the MP4 video file into an MP3 audio file. It was so easy that at first I thought I missed a step until I realized the MP3 was already saved to my computer! Easy to use. Fantastic interface. And very, very fast! I wish I what have found this app before wasting hours trying to figure out how to do this on Quicktime or iTunes. Totally worth the low-price for this app. Awesome app!

Exceptional - Great Bargain Posted by

To put it simply, this program works great, just as you would want, with simplicity, relative speed and good reliability. It is a great bargain. I am a computer pro, and have tried several mkv converters which I found inadequate for one reason or another. I simply want to be able to import files into Final Cut X without having to re-render. By the way, I hated Final Cut X at first, but after reading the GEM manuals by dingdingmusic (available in iTunes) I now see how much better Final Cut X is. At least for what I do. (The setting I use for HD content is: Computer > Movie 1080p HD). Computer Movie 1080p Video size 1080p. .mov format (QuickTime) codec H264 avc. Audio AAC stereo or 5.1. Bitrate and dimension automatically selected by Smart I was a bit skeptical of something this cheap working properly, but took a chance, and I have to say this program is excellent. Dead simple to use, relatively fast (2 to 3 hours for a 30gb mkv file) and every file I have encoded has worked perfectly. I highly recommend it, with just a few items for a wish list (which are probably already being worked on). 1. Ability to actually see and edit the settings in an "Advanced" tab. But having defaults set. (I contacted Vivica to get the above specs, they were very responsive and helpful). 2. Ability to Pause a render. 3. Ability to queue up files, and have the app save those when you restart the app. (They get cleared out). I am running on a MacBook Pro 17", Quad Core 2.3, 16gb of Ram.

on par with handbrake but faster Posted by

After getting sick of the time HandBrake took to convert on an 8-core MacPro, I started looking for another app that would use the multi-core processors in new Mac computers and found this application. It works as advertised and is MUCH faster than HandBrake. I would suggest this for anyone who is not a power user. It does not embed subtitles as well as HandBrake but the presets are much better than those of competing apps and did I mention the speed? It is easily 10-15 times faster converting .mkv to .m4v than other apps I have tried and the coverted files have errors in them much less frequently. The ability to batch queue files is also great, unlike HandBrake (where you have to download another app that adds queueing but only lets you choose presets and not fine tune each output file prior to converting). File sizes are equivalent to other applications though it is much easier to get smaller files with the same quality than it is in other apps (much less setting tweaking required prior to conversion). My gripe: adding _atv to the end of every converted file. Like others, I have an applescript to remove it, but it would be nice to be able to choose if the extension is added or not. A solid app. I am very happy I found it.

Wow! It works Perfect! Posted by

As a former PC user, I had about 142 home videos in .mpg format from my previous Video Camera sitting on my old PC. After I switched to Mac about 6 years ago, I moved my old Video Files over to my new Imac, tried to drop them into Imovie and realized that these .mpg files don't work within Imovie (or Quicktime for that matter). So I told myself..."I'll convert these Video files someday". I had purchased a couple different "Video File Converter" programs over the years...only to find out...1) They Don't Work right, 2) The conversion process takes away from the quality, 3) My computer crashes if I give the program too many files to convert at once. So here we are. I am sceptical of any "Video Conversion Software", but for the price...I thought I'd give AnyVideo Converter HD a chance. I simply dragged and dropped 142 .mpg Video files into the program, went to bed, and when I woke up in the morning they were all flawlessly converted to .mov files. Now I can create my own Videos in Imovie and I am more than happy. This program simply works the way you would want it to work. Easy, Fast and Executed with Quality. Thank you for putting this together.

Perfect! Posted by

As a former PC user, I had about 142 home videos in .mpg format from my previus Video Camera sitting on my old PC. After I switched to Mac about 6 years ago, I moved my old video files over to my new iMac., tried to drop them into iMovie and realized that these .mpg files don't work within iMovie (or Quicktime for that matter). So I told myself…"I'll convert these video file someday". I had purchased a couple different "video file converter" programs over the years… only to find out… 1) They don't work right, 2) The conversion process takes away from the quality, 3) my computer crashes if give the program too many files to convert at once. So here we are. I'am sceptical of any "Video Conversion Software", but for the price… I thought I'd give AnyVideo Converter a chance. I simply dragged and dropped 142 .mpg video files into the program, went to bed, and when I woke up in the morning they were all flawlessy converted to .mov files. Now I can create my own videos in iMovie and I am more than happy. This program simply works the way you would want it to work. Easy, Fast and Executed wit Quality. Thank you for putting this togheter

Simple, Fast, But... Posted by

In a sentence: I have tried about 10 different video converters, and this one has quickly become my go-to App due to the fact that it is simple, fast, and has almost all the features I am looking for. Pros: The latest update added many more crucial features such as force audio sync and the ability to select the primary audio language. It also drastically increased to conversion speeds (10 min for a 10GB, 2.5hour, 1080P HD movie). Cons: However, there are still two major flaws. I would like to see a converter that can create videos with the same bit-rate efficiency as the HD content Apple sells on iTunes. So far no converter has gotten this right. This means that converting a 10GB .mkv movie will result in an MPEG-4 video of roughly the same size. I would like a feature that gets this down to about 4GB (as apple is currently doing). My Second gripe is that the "force audio sync" function only fixes out of sync audio half of the time. Despite these issues, this audio converter is better than any $50+ converter out there. If you're looking for a good converter for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV this is it!

Makes the complex as easy as drag and drop Posted by

Although I consider myself an expert in video compression and intimately familar with all the codecs and their arcane handles, the profusion of mobile playback devices had me looking for a streamlined and quicker way to convert masters to sets of optimized video for guaranteed playback on iphone, iPad, desktop, the web and AppleTV. This app is beautifully designed and makes this a snap with its intuitive and fun-to-use interface. The files also seem smaller and of higher quality at any given size, compared to the built-in defaults that QuickTime Pro offers for AppleTV or iPhone. Lastly I noticed that QuickTime Pro adds color management when converting to a specific device, which by itself a good thought, but would be better if one could also turn it off, as it’s not always a good thing. This app preserves the color and does not mess with it, which I prefer. It’s the best app for creating off-shoots from your HD gold masters I found out there… as powerful as Adobe’s MediaEncoder for 90% of the uses I have, but without all the overwhelming complexity. And did I mention… it’s FAST?

Good for batch iPad conversion but limited for everything else Posted by

I purchased this mainly to handle batch conversion of movies to play on my iPad. It works good overal for that use. There are some caveats to the product in other areas. Pros: Very simple to use Select your output choice, drag and drop files, wait for completion Cons: Errors out on some files and just says "Error" with no other information to give you a clue why Slower than Handbrake Output quality is not as good as Handbrake at similar files sizes Overall it is worth about $4 just for the easier handling of batch conversion. However if you want the best quality then Handbrake (which is free) is the better choice. Handbrake is also about 25-50% faster on my 2011 iMac i7 but Handbrake is not as easy as this. I still use this app to quickly convert videos for iPad and Handbrake for quality items I would have made this a 5 star if the "Error" message told me what was not working on the few files that it had issues with.

I was VERY disappointed… But I'm ok now!! Posted by

I purchased this app to convert WMV videos for use on my iPad. I was very upset when it didn't work! Errored every time. I gave it the old 'one-star' rating and sent a email to support. I really wasn't expecting a response, but I got one rather quickly!! They politely confirmed that it was a issue, apologized, an offered a refund. By this time, I had already purchased a cheapie converter just for WMV videos, then use this app for all the cool options. Does it still error on WMV videos? Yep, but I would recommend its purchase because the support is awesome and they are working on correcting the problem. Other than that one (annoying) issues, I think the app is AWESOME!! Being s software developer myself, I understand the development process and what they are going through. In my opinion, they are doing a awesome job and I would not hesitate to trust other applications they author. Thumbs up!! Keep up the great work!!

Anyvideo is great and easy to use ! Posted by

I bought Anyvideo version 2.1 with my iMac ( OS X 10.7.5 ) and iTunes 11. I can convert movie easily and can add soft subtitle. And can automatic add to my iTunes. If your subtitle didn't show up on your movie when you played on itunes, please follow these steps ( because i got this from Vivica Staff ) Make sure you're properly convert using subtitles. Follow these easy steps : Enable advanced mode on AnyVideo Converter HD preferences menu. Drag and drop your original video file on "drag and drop" area Press the "video file preference" icon Select your subtitle, or add one from external file Select subtitle language from the combo box Close "video file preference" panel by pressing X icon on the top - left corner Press start conversion button Note: if you start conversion before closing "video file preference panel" the settings you have selected does not apply

Great for converting video to play on AppleTV 1st Generation Posted by

I bought this application to convert video created in several formats to a format that would play on my AppleTV 1st Generation AND my TV. To my amazement this is clearly the little app that could. I don't have HDMI on my TV so I can't get the new AppleTV yet but I don't want to take lower quality videos that will not look great when my system is able to play 1080p. It's about as easy to use as you could want. I just drag the videos to the application and it sends them to the directory I've set for output and if you check the button it adds them to iTunes as well automatically leaving my originals in tact. The only reason for four stars is because it is a little slow and the navigation/scrolling doesn't work with Lion's newer scrolling gestures. This is like the best money I've spent on an application and it was as easy to find as looking in the MAC App Store.

Probably the best converter available. Posted by

I've tried many video file converting solutions and none of them operate as flawlessly as this one. It is easy to use, gives you a lot of options with respect to target devices and the quality of the converted files is every bit as good as the originals. My only complaint is that I wish it could convert to high quality MP4 that was compatible with Apple products since MP4 is a more universally compatible format. The software does do a great job of converting to M4V format. This is great for Apple products like the Ipad and Apple TV, but not if I want to play on a USB capable TV. I hope that the next upgrade does something about that. Nevertheless I am very happy with this software and would recommend it highly.

Solid Converter with some usability/interface flaws Posted by

I purchased the converter to format files for a friends iPad Mini and expected an output “setting” specifically for this device but was forced to do research to find the correct format and resolution to choose the output for the device. Not a show stopper but not something I expect in a professional product. There were a number for user interface faux-pas that also screamed “home project” such as the the manner the scroll bar on the file input dialog functioned. Once again the product has functioned flawlessly as a converter so far and the issues I described here could be fixed by a real user interface expert in minutes. I would not hesitate to recommend AnyVideo Converter HD to my friends.

Great App That Just Does IT Posted by

This is a 5 star app because you just need to choose which device you want to convert for, set any preferences, and drop in the files. I didn't know what remux was, but it seems to convert some videos over quite quickly! I only have two suggestions for the developer: Currently you have to grab the scroll bar with the mouse pointer to scroll through the list. Can you add the ability to use the scrolling gesture to scroll through the list? Add an overall estimated time to completion? I've done batch conversions of hundreds of videos. It would be great if I knew approximately how long my computer was going to be running for :) Thanks for the extremely useful app!

good, but could be better by phantbot 2015-06-16

3.5 stars, round down to balance the other ratings. i bought this app mid 2014 and it works well in encoding, etc. however, i think there are room for some simple, but important improvements. for starters, the encoding concept is based on “State" instead of “File", which i think is a poor choice. State pertains to “am i encoding?” instead of File “what am i encoding?”. For example, once an encoding has started (say iPad encoding) *every next encoding* you add while the first is running must also be iPad, ie, you can’t start one iPad then add another for iPhone (ie, State vs File). if you’re doing one encoding here and there, then this view works, but not if you have a lot of encodings to do. MANY times i’ve wanted to start some AVIs with my custom settings and also add some MP4s with iPhone, but you can’t. similarly the preferences can’t be modified *while encoding* (ie State vs File) and most prefs will be for all encodings (State vs File). but consider the preference for CPU usage (high, med, low) – that doesn’t have anything to do with the encoding type, but simply how hard your computer is working. it would be better to have a simple drop down outside of prefs (or a menu selection) to select CPU power at *any time*. this would be handy if you’re going away for awhile you can select CPU high, then when you get back (and you queue is still encoding) it’s possible to switch to CPU low so the computer is actually usable for other tasks. between these two issues, it was necessary to shuffle around encodings, stop encodings in process, or plan when i was going to be gone or asleep, etc. which quickly becomes tiresome mental gymnastics for an “easy to use” app. in short, the app is good, but not great – the concept breaks down quickly if you have a lot of different encodings to do. also the app hasn’t been updated in over 18 months and the UI could stand a refresh. i hope it’s not abandon-ware because i do think it’s a good option.

"It's Okay" Is exactly what this program is, nothing more. by Damien Heiser 2012-04-14

It does what it's supposed to. Takes pretty much any file format ever and converts it. But it's really lacking in features and user interfaces. For example: I can only setup a HUGE queue, all going to one directory. What If I want to transcode and place into the same directory stucture? It does not take Folders as input. Instead, you have to feed it the files directly. There is no way to mass edit the queue. You have to delete items one at a time with a clumsy "Click the delete button, then press enter to confirm" interface. I was expecting something like XLD. Free/Inexpensive, Powerful. Instead, I got something Cheap, half thought through, and lacking major feature sets for something that's attempting to do batch jobs. Ultimately, shame on me for trusting this Appstore, it's really starting to show the level of horrible quality programming that people can make available and charge for something that shouldn't even be offered due to the poor stature of the products.

Try alternative MP4tools FOR FREE by Vjtk 2016-12-22

This app uses ffmpeg to do any conversions, and there are MANY free tools already available that act as a GUI for ffmpeg, one of which is MP4Tools (Mac only - though there are other GUI’s that are PC based). MP4Tools doesn’t allow queueing but does everything else AnyVideo Converter HD can do…again, for free. I just accidently got suckered into buying this in hopes it would convert a video the others couldn’t, turns out that was just an issue with the video file itself. This software is also a bit buggy. When you load a movie into the queue, check prefs, then return to the queue you’ll find all of your movies have disappeared. Happens with entire lists too, so be warned.

Output format not recognized by leading photography website by bluesloverinNPB 2016-09-27

I bought this app to do a simple conversion of an AVI file to MP4 or MOV format for upload to a subscription-only photo and video sharing website. I’ve used the service for 10 years without problem. My converted AVI file (to MP4 format) wasn’t recognized by that site. Customer Service there says the file format isn’t recognized because the file is corrupted. Not a happy camper. And even it the file format were recognized I’d be an unhappy camper because the resolution of the output file is abysmal. There are free apps that may be a bit more complicated to use but deliver uncorrupted output in better resolution.

Runs Very Hot by derek.the.great 2011-10-15

Used it to convert a 43-minute AVI file to an iPad video. Maxed out my MBP's quad-core CPU, bringing the CPU's temp up over 90 degrees. Both fans stayed churning at 6200 rpm throughout the entire, long conversion process. And the conversion failed. Tried the same conversion using Smart Converter, which is free. Used a miniscule portion of my CPU, and the fan speed stayed within the mid-4000s throughout most of the process. And the conversion was successful. Both apps use ffmpeg, but there still appears to be a substantial difference in CPU usage between the two. Strongly regret this purchase.

No Subtitles. by Every Nickname I try is taken. 2012-11-08

Don't mistake my rating for a negative, though I do have a complaint…. The program works fine, except for the reason I purchased it for. It seems to have trouble burning in subtitles, or finding them altogether. When trying to convert MKV files to a format that iTunes can recognize the subtitles are not carried over. This would be fine for the most part, I am not overly fond of reading my way through a film. However, for foreign languages or "forced" subtitles, it is necessary. Subtitles aside the program is not bad for what it is.

Doesn't work for files created using MS Photostory by LibraryAine 2011-11-10

I am trying to convert a simple wmv file but when I dragged and dropped the file into the box it gave me an error message. No reason or support for the error was provided and now I have wasted $6 on a product that didn't work at all. Update- I discovered that this program doesn't work for files created on MS Photostory and GoToMeeting codec. This is information that really needed to be stated upfront. To be fair they are offering me a refund so they are good to deal with but the lack of info was annoying.

for some reason does not convert some *.mov file by e l y se e 2011-10-15

This converter works fine for some of my videos, but i took some videos with my Leica D-Lux 5 camera and imported to iMovie then became a *.mov file. The files played perfectly on my computer but does not convert! And it does not give any reason, only specifying error. Other than those files, it works fine. I wish it would at least give me a reason why those files do not convert. Strang thing is, some of the *.mov does convert without problem.

Can’t recommend it by iManiacGoneBad 2016-04-01

Sorry, the only output format when selecting “Computer” is Apple’s proprietary QuickTime format (.mov). I expected the program to give me a choice of at least .mp4. In addition, the program should have a choice to keep the same resolution as the original movie (720p, 1080p, etc.) without the user needing to know what that resolution is.

Issues with ipod classic 5g by Titaty 2013-03-25

Very nice app, but unfortunately it doesn't work for ipod 5th generation late 2006 (iPod with video). I convert a video with the app, afterwards I try to sync it with my ipod using iTunes. iTunes says: "File was not copied to the iPod because it cannot be played on this iPod".

Video Stutters going from .mov shot on iPhone to .mp4 for ATV3 by Jugdish 2016-01-25

One quick test on this revealed how poor it actually is. Handbrake may be a bit more complicated, but the results are vastly superior, and it's free. I wasted $6 on this poor peice of software and it can't even hanlde downcoverting the same filetype….

converts but WITHOUT AUDIO by Flipper0828 2016-09-19

Wasted 15 bucks. This is really easy to use and quick on conversion. But everything I have tried to convert has no audio. I tried contacting their support but not a single word. Friend helped me find a free solution that is working great.

not good enough for me by Mikeee from jersey 2013-01-22

The formats you can conver to are catagorized into oversimplified sections like "ipod," "computer," etc. All I need to do is convert a file from one type to another, but this cannot handle that.

Very poor videos by Thiago_Comelli 2012-03-26

The conversion from RMVB to PS3 (any quality) is very poor. The video is horrible, and there is no way to change the settings and make ir better. I used to use Format Factory for Windows, it was 10 times better.

Won’t work by Klkruger 2016-10-02

Simple AVI file off security cam. Other free app converted it but only 1/3 (that’s why it was free). Decided to buy this one based on reviews. Immediate Error with no substantive explanation.

Works sometimes! by HowieFelterbush 2011-08-10

It kinda of works when it wants to. As a previous reviewer said, it has a tough time converting the MKV files, other than that it ok. Miro is free and just as good IMO.

why i have to buy again and pay again by badname23 2017-03-20

one year later my converter is dameged and message says i have to download it again and pay again?

Disapointed by phueter 2011-10-02

Just downloaded the software and tried converting a WMV file and it fails everytime.

the 5.1 do not work by Jermainej413 2015-02-25

it do not change the audio to 5.1 it stays at PCM 2.0