Aqueduct Games for iPhone/iPad
Aqueduct Games for iPhone/iPad

Aqueduct Games for iPhone/iPad

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Aqueduct Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
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Welcome to Aqueduct – a world of jumbled waterways and mixed-up pipelines. It's up to you to rearrange the tracks and restore the flow.

Locked gates, shifty conveyor belts, puzzling warp portals, and more stand between you and order. With just over 250 unique puzzles, Aqueduct delivers hours of mind-invigorating fun.

From the creators of Blockwick, Orba, and Monster Soup—Aqueduct fuses the slider-puzzle and pipe-connecting concepts into something totally new and outlandishly clever. If you're bored of the same old puzzlers, Aqueduct will give your brain the challenge it's looking for.

You can now buy more puzzles right inside Aqueduct. Take on the Rooster and Snake Chapters to test your water-working mettle.


"easy to pick up and play wherever you are" - CNET

"the most fun with plumbing since Mario" - Wired

"hours upon hours of puzzling goodness" - TouchArcade

"pure puzzle awesomeness, plain and simple" - JayIsGames

"a fabulous noggin’-busting puzzle game" - Gamezebo


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Aqueddictive Posted by

While not the most mentally taxing game for iPad, Aqueduct certainly has charm and does provide a bit of cranial exercise. Having completed the first and second levels in less than an hour, I'm hoping that the remaining puzzles will prove to be more challenging. The music is the only small drawback of the game. Ironically, it seems rather cute at first. Unfortunately, after playing for more than a few minutes at a stretch, the music-box-like quality of it begins to grate on one's nerves. Thankfully, the programmer(s) anticipated this and provided settings to select sound effects and/or music to suit the preferences of the user. But for that one minor flaw, I'm finding the game to be relaxing and enjoyable. I would recommend Aqueduct to others. Just out of curiosity... why is the name misspelled?

Good game! Posted by

Very addicting!! Probably too addicting. I just played a couple hours because I kept saying to myself, "just one more level". Why no iCloud saves? Or some way of backing up & restoring the game another way (web services, export save data to Dropbox, etc.)? In this day and age there's no reason that every game shouldn't have this basic functionality. I don't like games that don't support this because it means I have to keep the game installed to avoid losing my place and starting over again. It's a real pain!!

We know, we know... Posted by

Unless you like to throw money around for no good reason, you've played Aqueduct 101 and you already know how good this game is. For precisely that reason, the amount of teaching in this full version is not just excessive but absurdly so. The first new idea is introduced on map 19. The first challenge, where you can do anything meaningful other than win, is a basic sliding puzzle on map 26. Buy the game anyway, and don't skip 101, but don't get too excited just yet about your new purchase. The fun starts sometime tomorrow.

Simple but not easy...SUPER FUN and addicting! Posted by

It's a true puzzle game! There isn't a score, there isn't a timer, there isn't even a goal...except one thing! To solve the puzzle! The first set is easy as it throws at you what to expect the rest of the game. Most of those have only one solution, and it's usually right in front of you. The second set of puzzles introduces multiple solution puzzles that can get you all turned around. They even start showing you puzzles where you might not even use all the pieces. Be careful! It's addicting!

Great puzzle game Posted by

Great game. Some puzzles are very simple, but enough are hard enough to give a good challenge. You can easily spend 20 minutes playing and not even realize it has gone by. If you grew up loving tetris, you will probably like this game. Game play is very easy to master. Interface is easy to use. Really appreciated having Aqueduct 101 to try before buying the full app. Considering the cost of going to the movies vs. the cost of this app and how much time/enjoy,ent i get from each, this is a great value game.

Oddly addictive/great support Posted by

Looks deceptively simple, but isn't. lot of fun I started with 101 for free and finally laid down m 3 bucks for the full version. For anyone who likes puzzles, it's a must buy!! Addendum: I had a little problem in the free version one of the levels and wrote to customer support and I had expected to be ignored, but I was very pleasantly surprised to get a very personal response almost right away, that solved my problem. that alone is worth the price for the paid version.

Exercise your brain...and have fun doing it! Posted by

Having the free 101 app with 48 puzzles to get you hooked made the decision to plunk down a few bucks on the real app a no brainier! And it really is addictive...just when you say to yourself,, "okay, just one more", you'll find yourself repeating that phrase! nice job to the developers. What would really be a fun addition would be the ability to build Aqueduct puzzles using the common set of components found in the out-of-the-box puzzles.

One of the best puzzle games on the iPhone! Posted by

This is a great puzzle game and one of the best on the iPhone. I like water pipe games and puzzle games and this is the perfect combination of the two. The puzzles are challenging but wash enough to solve over time. This game is very addictive and can keep me in the toilet worki g on a solution to a puzzle level for ore time than I care to admit. Take the plunge its a deal at $0.99 and worth the full price too.

Worth buying! Posted by

I have played several different games on my IPad, but this is the only game I have actually gone beyond the free stage and purchased. This game is fascinating, challenging, fun and addictive...I love it. If you want to play a game that will keep your mind sharp and provide hours of enjoyment then this is then game app for you.

LOVE IT!!!!!!! Posted by

Tons of puzzles, lots of variations, just difficult enough to remain entertaining. There are actually so many puzzles, I have started from square one on my iPhone even tho I'm almost all thru on iPad. It's like doing new puzzles. Just one of those really great games you are so glad you paid for.

Aqueduct update Posted by

I tried going to your "app support" page but the 'page was not found'. My iPad is telling me that your game is slowing my iPad down and your game needs to be updated. I love this game and have played it over and over. It would be nice to get new levels.

Relaxing and fun Posted by

This game is addicting and fun without being too frustrating. There's just enough mind bending to make you think, but not too much to make you throw your iPad though a window. :)

Love this game!! Posted by

I got the free version first... After about 10 minutes, I bought the full version. I LOVE this game! SKIP THE FREE 101, BUY THE FULL VERSION! You will not regret paying for this one!

Awesome Game Posted by

I have played 100's of iPad games and this is one of the best. The puzzles at the end are particularly challenging. If you enjoy puzzle games this is is a must buy. Enjoy!

Great Puzzle Game Posted by

I've had this game for months and still a lot of fun. Some puzzles are incredible frustrating and will keep you very busy. Hope for some more free levels in the future!

Love the challenge! Posted by

Finished all of the free ones and had to buy the paid version. Some seem nearly impossible, but when you get them solved it gives a bigger sense of accomplishment. :)

Excellent puzzler Posted by

This is great little puzzler that allows for you to play for a few minutes during free time or for hours on end and leaves you wanting more!

Fun and challenging Posted by

This is a fun and addicting. Looking forward to playing more. I have recommended this to my sister. She just got the iPad 2.

Brain fun! Posted by

When I tire of Freecell or Sudoku this is a great alternative - many challenging puzzles without a race against the clock

Love this game Posted by

Bought this awhile back. Reinstalled it and hella happy with all the updates and add ons. Worth it!

nice interface, simplistic puzzles by SH in WI 2011-10-20

Very nice gameplay. The pieces slide into place with a satisfying "click!" Feels very natural on the touchscreen. The puzzles unlock as you complete them, and since so many of the beginning puzzles are so easy, this gets tedious. If you're willing to slog through them, things get more interesting later, but it takes quite a bit of time. Some reviewers have pointed out that the free version is more satisfying because you don't spend so much of your time on what feel like tutorials. I agree with this: I didn't feel this same frustration with the free version. Still an okay game once you get past the beginning (which is right around halfway through).

Free was Better by Crazi8888 2012-04-26

Downloaded the free game first. Loved it. Very challenging puzzles. Some took several minutes to figure out. Wanted more. Paid for the full app. Puzzles in the paid app were way too easy. Longest time to complete any puzzle in level 1 was 8 seconds. Seems like the developers phoned it in just to fill out multiple levels. What's up with that? Out of the first four levels there were maybe 8 tough boards. We're talking 4 seconds to solve some of them. I feel ripped off. Paid $2.99. You owe me $2.00 back. This is a $0.99 paid app at best.

Still a great game! by iKritty 2013-08-11

This is a great game and was one of my favorites a couple years ago but I stopped playing because I ran out of levels. I just started playing it again from the beginning and it's like a new challenge. My only suggestion is to continue to update with new challenges to keep players engaged. Otherwise people will move on to other games...

Free version harder than paid version - disappointing by DK770 2011-09-25

Paid version is way too easy. Many levels just make-work: no choices, no challenges. Average time to play a paid level about 10 seconds. I would hope that the developers update and add a lot more levels, and that the levels are a lot more challenging.

Good but simple by Chetopuffs 2013-10-01

Most levels are just too easy. Every once and awhile there is a challenging puzzle. Most of the time it feels like busy work, just moving pieces through warps or from one side to the other and not trying to find the solution.

Dull, repetitive. by ara317 2012-01-13

There is little to no challenge to this game. You merely slide the little tiles around until they line up. There's no move limit, timer, etc., to add challenge or interest. Good premiss, but dull.

Aqueduct by Space Coyote 2011-10-05

Early puzzles were way to easy most taking just a few seconds to solve, but once the difficulty increases the game becomes very engrossing

Free is betters by Dobbiedarter10 2011-11-05

This game was harder with the free version.