Athlete Surgery Doctor & Salon Kid Games Games free for iPhone/iPad
Athlete Surgery Doctor & Salon Kid Games Games free for iPhone/iPad

Athlete Surgery Doctor & Salon Kid Games Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Athlete Surgery Doctor & Salon Kid Games Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Athlete Surgery Doctor & Salon Kid Games Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Athlete Surgery Doctor & Salon Kid Games Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Athlete Surgery Doctor & Salon Kid Games Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Athlete Surgery Doctor & Salon Kid Games Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Can you help our your patients so they get well before the big game?

Play the best Doctor & Dentist Kids game in the app store today!! 8 doctor games wrapped up into a single game!!

Tons of Levels & Game Modes:
- Foot Doctor
- Little Hand Surgery
- Dentist Office
- Hair & Skin Doctor.... and much more!!

Play doctor and have so much fun!!

Athlete Surgery Doctor & Salon Kid Games Games ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Varies with device
59.91 MB
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Awesome!!! Posted by

Even tho I haven't play it very much it's such a good game. One of the best parts is that you don't have to buy more Patients if you wait until they're free or if you write a review sometimes you get players for free

Wowwww!!!!! Posted by

I like this game because as a babysitter I don't have to worry about the kids running in the house they just are occupied with this game!!!! They love this game and so do I

Unlock a character Posted by

I haven't played it yet but I think its going to be a good game but the only reason I'm leaving a review I cause I will unlock a free character it said on the app

Ok Posted by

I think the game is fun but I don't think u should have to pay money to unlock the game u should just unlock the level once u have completed that one level!

Okayish Posted by

I think this game is pretty good but is a little kind of disturbing. Please fix this and make it a little bit more.... appropriate please

It is fun Posted by

It is a fun game to play although I would like to have at least two characters unlocked at the beginning of the game. Otherwise I like it

Awesome game Posted by

This game is not cheap like the other ones you don't have to pay to get the tools you need to fix the patients

Fun Posted by

I like the game because I like athletes and i think it is also really fun and can be enjoyed by a lot of people.

Great game, but.......... Posted by

This game is cool, but it should be free with all levels unlock since the abs are still there

Great Game Posted by

This game is great and they are giving me a free person for this review so 5 stars

Game Posted by

I think it's cool but if just the stuff were free it would've been good

It's ok Posted by

They said "rate us and we will give u Derrick Jeter for free

Good game Posted by

Fun game. Wish there were more tools that are free

Okay... Posted by

Writing this to unlock someone for free.....

Cool Posted by

It's good just wish everything was free

Not cool to pay Posted by

Shouldn't have to pay for free games

Don't care Posted by

Thai is for to get a free person so yea

Great Posted by

Great game download for Tons of fun

Awesome Posted by

Download the app it is AMAZING

DISAPOINTING!!!! by Manifestlife3 2016-08-20

I skimmed through all the reviews most of them say "It's a great game" I agree, if you have money to spend on the game. I feel it is a waist of time... It only allows you to progress three levels, until you have pay money. There is also an issue with advertisements. They are continuously popping up everywhere! You will most definitely get sent to the App Store 9 times out of 10. If this isn't an issue for you then I would definitely recommend it! Otherwise, like I said, it is a waist of time. That is why I rate 'Athlete Surgery Simulator Salon' two stars!

Celebrity Surgery Game by Comicb19 2016-08-22

Okay, so I haven't yet gotten to play, because I had a "Free Gift" leave. Review unlock Derek Jeter for Free. According to everyone else you pay after level 3. If that's the case I won't be very happy. Ads are normal on a "free" game. So I'm not shocked there's some. If you get sent to the App Store so what you hit back and you're right back to where you left off. So that's not an issue to me. But either way if you pay after level 3 then ads should be gone or very minimal as well. After I play I will update my review!

Money doesn't grow on trees by Iaintrich 2016-12-09

I was playing this game, and on the second level it asked me to use one of the tools so of course I'm up for it and I tried to get it. But you see, if I wanted to use it I would have to pay for it. So I ask you this, what's the point of a free game if you have to pay use it. If I could I would give you no stars. None. Zero. Nada. And I wouldn't lose a wink of sleep over it.

DONT WASTE YOUR TIME by ashtrayyyyy 2016-11-23

This game doesn't even deserve one star for many reasons but here are two 1. You have to watch two ads every level just to unlock a tool how ridiculous is that 2. You can only play three levels then you have to buy an in app purchase for six dollars or more just to move on to the fourth level these developers are so greedy and just want your money

No free tools by Lebronlvr 2016-08-17

All you can do is use 1 tool on Lebron only, can't complete even 1/2 a surgery without purchasing. Misleading and a disappointment for kids, not cool!! Otherwise it would be a good game. Just advertise it for what it is, a paid game. If I buy, how much will I need to purchase, one tool, 10 tools, what?!

WHY... by Bryan S 2016-12-10

I got this app and waited forever for it to load. Then it loaded. On every level you have to watch a 30 second add to unlock 1 tool once. All together the characters do the sam as others and it's boring.

Ashtrayyyyy by Mninoybsplmaadawiieeeeeeeee 2017-01-01

I agree with ashtrayyyyy 100%. If everything was free I would like it a whole lot better. There's no point in getting a free game if you you can't have fun with it unless you buy a in-app purchase.

Terrible business strategy by 1megabuster 2016-10-11

In order to progress in the first level, you have to buy everything. You usually save that for after the first level. I'm not doing it and neither should anyone playing this game.

The worst by Court dreams 2017-01-16

I wasn't even on for ten minutes and it asked me to buy levels 4 through the rest but it's a waste of your time and money DON'T BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!

Great idea. Horrendous execution by jbitty 2016-10-14

When you have to purchase everything or watch at least two video ads to complete a level and only get 3 before having to pay for more it gives a bad taste.

Not fun by Shawthorne0711 2016-11-06

You just go down the line to fix them. It doesn't challenge you. To complete the task you either have to pay money or watch a video. Not fun at all.

Bad by Bucky1963 2016-11-09

This game tricks you into getting it, you think it will be awesome then to even do anything you have to spend money. At least give a free trial...

... by Gamer1121997 2016-08-29

I honestly haven't played it yet I just want the free gift but if it only lets you to level three like everyone says I'm gonna be upset

HORRIBLE GAME by Breezzerrr 2016-11-27

Do not get this game every time you need to get one tool for free you have to watch these stupid videos and ads pop up every 5 seconds

ok game by Derdev11 2016-08-27

This game would be much better if it weren't for the fact of having to pay to use tools or watching a video to use tool for free

Crap by AgraShdwKing 2016-12-12

This is crap I downloaded to play and then find out I have to pay for everything like come on

Yeah by Loserville87001 2016-09-02

I have not gotten to play yet since I received a "free gift" for leaving a review.

Dumb by Michaelr20161119 2016-12-23

This game is so stupid, you have to pay for every tool! Don't download this game.

DONT!..... by Sweezy_frog_2006 2017-01-08

Don't even think about downloading it! It's a waste of time.

Ew by Trttttrtrqttwywyeghsbsehhshs 2016-08-22

Idk yet lol, I just wanted a free person lmaooooo