BabyTime - Baby Tracker,Breastfeed,Formula,Sleep app free for iPhone/iPad
BabyTime - Baby Tracker,Breastfeed,Formula,Sleep app free for iPhone/iPad

BabyTime - Baby Tracker,Breastfeed,Formula,Sleep app free for iPhone/iPad

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How to install BabyTime - Baby Tracker,Breastfeed,Formula,Sleep app free for iPhone/iPad

Download BabyTime - Baby Tracker,Breastfeed,Formula,Sleep for iPhone/iPad
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BabyTime, Chosen by 500,000 Smart Parents BabyTime records a baby’s activities, such as breastfeeding, sleep, and diaper change. Perhaps the toughest part of parenting a newborn is when you don’t know why your baby is crying BabyTime finds personalized patterns of your baby’s actions based on the activities recorded by you. Find out your baby’s pattern and let it help you make a guesstimate on what’s making your baby cry. Main Features_________________________________ Record Activities -Record Sleep/ Breastfeeding/ Diaper Change/ Medicine/ Bath/ Baby Food and much more! -Attach Images, track activity time and duration, keep Quick Memos, and more to record activities with more detail. Sync with other Caregivers -Record together with your spouse, babysitter, nanny, grandparents, and other caregivers. Graphs -See activities you’ve recorded automatically transform into beautiful and straightforward graphs! -BabyTime automatically calculates total count, duration, avg of every activity recorded! Diary -Write day-to-day diary entries of unforgettable moments with your baby! -See diary entries of 500,000 Dads and Moms in our Community! Growth -Regularly record your baby’s height, weight, and head circumference and see it turned into a growth curve to analyze how your baby is growing. -Be able to see how other babies are growing through our community! Cloud -All recorded activities get stored in our cloud server. -All your data can be restored again by simply logging in. 5 Reasons to Download BabyTime: Is your Baby ill? Record your baby’s recent activities and present the records to the Doctor accurately. Baby sleep training? Make sure you’re keeping up with the routine through graphs on BabyTime Are you a working Mom or Dad? Monitor your babysitter or nanny by having them share their daily routines with the baby through BabyTime. Ever wonder what other parents are parenting? Gain insight from our Community! You can invite others to record your baby’s activities with you! Contact Us: [email protected] Homepage:

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