Backup Guru LE Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Backup Guru LE Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Backup Guru LE Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Backup Guru LE provides backup and sync of folders. The App Store version is limited to backup and sync of files which you own (not system files). The website version provides bootable clones and reliable synchronized backups of user-owned and system-owned files alike.

When you are determining which is the best way to back up for you, our belief is that the most important things on your agenda are reliability, and simplicity. That is why we have gone on to create what we believe is the most simple backup solution that can possibly exist in today’s day and age. As for reliability, well, that’s the other thing we’re crazy about.

In part the reliability comes from the simplicity. There is little room for misunderstanding the usage of the software. Secondly reliability is achieved internally in the design by using the same philosophy. For example: when you have already made a back up, and you go do the same back up at a later date in order to preserve your most recent changes made on your drive, this is the time that the program will automatically sync only what has been changed.

Sync is traditionally a grey or even dark area, where historically monsters (or more aptly here, bugs) come from. It’s not something you’d associate with reliability and trust in a backup program. Many people accustomed to the lack of reliability of programs would rightfully not fully trust a sync, and would prefer to do a full clone each time in order to be sure they have all of their changes they have made on their drive. But we feel we have solved that issue for sync entirely now. We can confidently state that if you sync your backup, it is 100% just as good as if you had just cloned the folder for the first time. This reliability is borne from implicit simplicity. In order to make reliable sync, 3 basic rules are followed:

1) If the size of the file on the source is different from that on the destination, the file has changed.

2) If the modification time is different on the source or on the destination, the file has changed.

3) if the file has changed, replace the one on the destination from the one from the source.

It’s that simple, and that’s why it’s trustworthy. If you test it even under the harshest conditions you can create, you will find that your synced backups always have all of your even most minor changes, and that they perform perfectly.

Here you have backup you can rely on, and backup that is very easy to use. That is what we want out of backup software for ourselves, and the truth is we originally wrote this program because we needed something just like it, but nothing out there was suitable. Now we are offering it to you.


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Works better than any back-up program I’ve tried. Posted by

I love this back-up program. It’s easy-peezy and does the job fast and accurate. I’ve purchase a lot of BU programs that cost a fair amount of money and have a collection that came with the external hard drives I’ve purchased. They always would find some issue and not work all the way or work right or work at all. Backup Guru just works. Thank you for creating such a great back-up app.

Good. Posted by

Works as advertised, and copies quickly. An effective tool that does what you ask without giving you a sales pitch each time.

No more “unexpected errors" Posted by

Really solid way to move files and “sync” olders / drives etc. Great app!

What About Scheduling? by Teddy Paul 2014-09-05

How can this back-up program be rated so high, when you can not schedule back-ups! Yes it is simple but is limited, who wants to have to run the program by hand every time you should be backing-up? How much data could you lose if you forget to back-up and have a drive failure. Who is going to remmeber to back-up regularly? Add a scheduling cap[ability and I would buy it.

Did not backup files by freddie-two 2014-12-01

I tried to backup a folder containing subfolders and files. The process went smoothly but it only backed up the folders, not the files that were alongside the folders. They were not system files so should have qualified for backup.

OK for free... by 23 Agenda 2014-09-15

It would be great if you could SAVE various FROM/TO setups and choose them from the Recent… menu. As it is, it’s useful but kind of a PITA.

No individual folders by Indurane 2014-10-24

You can’t back up individual folders. Just whole disks. Not very clear in the description.

How can you not have a scheduler and have backup software by Nmp#1 2015-12-30

App works fine, but basically pointless. I can drag and drop files on my own.

Doesn’t work by graybell 2016-08-25

Doesn’t work at all. The folder to contain the backup disappears.

Froze by MrSmithSmith 2016-03-05

Just stalled first time I tried it… moving on.