Be Focused Pro - Focus timer & Goal Tracker Apps for iPhone/iPad
Be Focused Pro - Focus timer & Goal Tracker Apps for iPhone/iPad

Be Focused Pro - Focus timer & Goal Tracker Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Be Focused Pro - Focus timer & Goal Tracker Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Be Focused Pro - Focus timer & Goal Tracker Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Be Focused Pro - Focus timer & Goal Tracker Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Be Focused Pro - Focus timer & Goal Tracker Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Be Focused Pro - Focus timer & Goal Tracker Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Be Focused Pro - Focus timer & Goal Tracker Apps for iPhone/iPad

Download Be Focused Pro - Focus timer & Goal Tracker for iPhone/iPad
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Staying on task seems is a real challenge for our screen-bound generation. The Be Focused lets you get things done by breaking up individual tasks among discrete intervals, separated by short breaks. It’s a surprisingly effective way to retain motivation and focus. Create tasks, configure breaks and track your progress throughout the day, week or custom period. Use either your iPhone, iPad or Mac – your devices always stay in sync.

Key features:
- Manage your tasks
- Track your progress throughout the day, week or custom period
- Fast and easy goal tracking
- Customize to maximize productivity:
• Work interval duration
• Short break duration
• Long break duration
• Number of work intervals between long breaks
• Target number of work intervals per day
- Possibility to start/pause/skip the current interval
- Auto-start the next timer (option)
- Ability to edit the number of intervals
- Ability to paste a task list from other applications
- Export to a CSV file
- 3D Touch
- Original ticking sound (optional)
- Custom alarm sound or vibration
- Alarms sound even if the app is in the background
- Interactive notifications
- Widget in the Notification Center
- Full synchronization between iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac*
- One universal app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
- Mac version is also available
- Supports Apple Watch

* Sync with Mac requires Be Focused Pro for OS X, sold separately.

Be Focused Pro - Focus timer & Goal Tracker Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Varies with device
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This Is Awesome For My ADHD Posted by

Oh my goodness! Finally I have found the app I needed, that works really super well for me to complete and stay on task. I have problems while taking my medication of getting hyper-focused and because of that I might get busy with a project and next thing I know, I realize that I haven't stopped to eat anything our drink anything all day long. With ADHD, most people think that their medication is supposed to basically resolve any attention issues. That's simply not true. Yes, the medication helps slow down all of the zillion thoughts that normally distract us from accomplishing anything to completion. But, as with any condition that has to be managed with medication, there's usually a pretty significant life change or changes that are necessary for us to make and it's never easy. But, it's worth it. This is the first app that I've been told to try out that truly helps me stay on track but at the same time, it helps you to create healthier habits by breaking your day and tasks up into intervals and this app actually will run in the background and still work great at the alarm still sounding letting you know to take a break and you can adjust the settings for the timers to automatically start once you press okay acknowledging the current 25 mins. are over and now I have mine set for 10 minute breaks in intervals of 3 and then my longer break is 45 minutes. This way I take time to maybe grab something to drink or a quick snack on the short breaks and read on my Kindle or work on a craft with the longer extended time period to eat lunch or run an errand. So, this has proven already to finally be the app that works really excessively well. I read up on the basic theory that this app's system is modeled from. It's called the Pomodoro Method. It's really important for me to research everything. lol I have to understand the reasoning that the app designers actually had for coming up with the idea to create a particular app to help others. Well, I am a believer that this is actually a wonderful method for our kiddos in school. This way they don't become frustrated. Small breaks after working straight through for an uninterrupted 25 minutes and take a small 10 minute break to regroup and refresh. They would benefit substantially in completing assignments on time and quite well thought out and structured nicely. Certainly far better than crushing it out without any real breathers. I believe their writing would be far more creative and capable of holding their audience's attention due to their mind having time to rest and then refocus. It helps me on similar ways for sure. Total thumbs up!!

Good app but.. Posted by

This is a good app and does what it sets out to do. I recently got both the desktop version and the iOS version. Currently the iOS version (which I hoped would be more versatile) is much more annoying, mainly in its interaction with other apps. When I am working I like to listen to music. While this is not the case on the desktop version, the iPhone app does not play well with music apps (I have tried this with Pandora as well as Music). If music is already playing, it is silenced when opening this app. If you tell your device to play music after having already started a Pomodoro, you can no longer hear anything from the Pomodoro app (the chronometer or the alarms for when you have finished a Pomodoro or a break). It will still vibrate if you have the device on silent, however. This is dreadfully annoying, and this type of issue has already been worked out for any other app with notification sounds like alarms or announcements in workout apps. If you don't work with music, or you can place your phone on a desk surface near you so you can see the end of each Pomodoro, then no problem.

nice to use but still not perfect Posted by

I have been using the app for 2(?) years. It helps me pace myself when studying and keeps record of my effort. I have the app on my iPad and phone and laptop. I don't like how I have to pay for pro on my laptop. I also noticed as the week goes on, the x-axis lengthens and the graph becomes smaller to accommodate the longer time line, but now I can't see how many pomodoros I have completed: it is something between 15 and 20 for one day, but there aren't notch marks on th4 y axis. I would like to tap on the bar and it should tell me how many pomodoros it represents. I have to specify the date & make it a one day range to see the number value. Seeing the length of the bar isn't enough for me. I don't like the new name "Be focused". It is non-unique, it's ugly, and I feel like someone is patronizing me. I liked "Pomodoro" better.

Feature Full Pomodoro Timer Posted by

Likes: -Cusomizable timers, sounds, and functions -Never sleep mode -Clean simple Notification widget. -Syncing across ipad/iphone/mac -Customizable goals and categories (sync) -Plays sounds through headphones -Good alert options Could be better: -I'd like it if the notification widget didn't open the app every time I used it. -I'd love if I could select pomodoro categories from the widget. -I'd love if I could see my number of completed sessions from the widget. -Silencing your iPhone/iPad might mean silencing the notification, even if you're wearing headphones. (Happens to me when the app is in the background or if the phone is asleep) -White noise functions would be nice, but not necessary. Other: I don't have an apple watch, so I don't know anything about it's app.

Very useful Posted by

This is the best pomodoro-style task timer I have found. I really like being able to connect my phone and MacBook. It lets me get up during a break working on the computer, and take my reminder alarm along with me, or sometimes I don't wNt my computer neSr me at all. Some things I'd like to see fixed: sometimes the phone and computer get unhitched from each other, and I have to log out of the app and back in on the phone to get them synced again. Also I'd like if I could have different settings on the phone and the computer. For example, I would prefer to having the ticking sound on one or the other but not both. But those are details that don't stop the app from being very helpful. I stay on task better, and get more done, when I use it.

ADD-Be-Gone Posted by

I'm on my fifth year of attempting community college...I have tried just about everything to discipline myself, and I have to say that this app makes a bigger difference to me than even medication! I think because of the immediate gratification of hearing the alarm and knowing I finished 25 minutes really keeps me on task. And of course you can't really go off and forget about work because your break alarm will end. I actually purchased the pro version (which I never do) as a way of saying THANK YOU to the creator. Between this app, ritalin, and coffivity, I may yet achieve a college degree... By the way, if you're super visual like me, you can name the alarms with all sorts of cute little emojis based on your mood. Keeps me motivated haha.

Awesome productivity app! Posted by

I love this app. It allows you to select daily pomodoro targets, keep track of different task categories, and even customize the length of breaks. Awesome! The only feature I wish this app had was the ability to adjust the number of pomodoro units depending on the task. For example, my pomodoro daily target for test prep might be 7, but my daily target for meditation is only 1 to 2. Currently, there doesn't seem to be a way to assign different pomodoro targets to different tasks, and pomodoro units completed in one task category will appear in all categories. But, these points don't diminish this app's value to me at all. The pomodoro method is amazing, and this app has made it so easy to get a lot more done. Thank you, BeFocused!

Keep the Pro Posted by

I just started using this app. I find it very helpful for staying on task and for encouraging myself to take care of large tasks in small pieces, instead of waiting for a big chunk of time that never materializes. Whittling away by a Pomodoro or two at a time is much less intimidating than facing a week or a month on one gigantic project. It also encourages me to take regular, short breaks that do not derail my progress. I like the word pro on the badge because it helped me discern the free version I originally downloaded from the paid version. I agree with the people who prefer to use the phone version in order to conserve computer resources.

Best Pomodoro App Posted by

Using Pomodoro Time Pro, I have completed projects that previously I would start and postpone. This app helps in seeing how long a project actually takes and provides tracking, reporting, and the incentive to complete important tasks. It is perfect for learning subjects that may at first be intimidating by allowing you to complete focused periods of study followed by periods of relaxation. If you are interested in using the Pomodoro technique for learning, I recommend a MOOC course on Coursera, titled Learning How to Learn. No matter which device you are using, iPhone, iPad, or Mac, your data is synced on all devices and always up to date.

Best app for pomodoro Posted by

I recently started follow pomodoro technique and since paper planning just doesn't work for me I started looking for apps. For me priorities were good interface, simplicity, Mac app in addition to iOS since I switch back and forth, task management since that's what allows skip paper planning. I must have tried 10 apps or so, I even bought focus app for Mac for 20 bucks, the price is not a consideration. This app beats all of them. Love love love it. Only thing I'd add is task estimation but that's more of advance pomodoro and no one has it either. Highly recommend

Great App but could be better. Posted by

Helps me stick to the task but there could be some more adjustments to make it better. For example, each required task you need to do you can set the required amount of Pomadoros instead of having the amount of Pomodoros for the day, without having to keep changing it every time. The sync with my other devices could be better too. It has not picked up what I have done on my laptop and transferred the data over. Would help if it can be in the background but not sure if the IPad allows this feature. Otherwise it's pretty good and straight forward.

Please remove "pro" banner Posted by

I really liked the simplicity of the tomato before. I use this app everyday so, it's nice to look at an appealing icon. Generally, I use the pomodoro on my iPhone because the Mac version took too up too many resources. I haven't had any problems with this version. I wish syncing with Mac was better. I often lose a pomodoro when I try to do this. Overall, a really nice app, so keep up the good work guys! And thanks! It's what I was looking for. Now, if the old icon was back, it'd be even better...

Was a great pomodoro app, until it started becoming UNRESPONSIVE and SUDDENLY RESTARTS iOS Devices Posted by

This was one of the best pomodoro apps. However, in the past couple of weeks, it has caused my iOS devices to suddenly show a black screen with the apple if the device suddenly restarts by itself...I uninstalled the app...the restarts stopped...put the app back on...restarts resumed (if this pomodoro app runs in the background)...PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE. Was a great app until a couple of weeks it is basically useless...since it randomly interrupts your activities...

Amazing app! Posted by

I bought this together with the Mac App and don't regret spending the money. First of all, it has a task management function built into it which any other pomodoro timer app out there lacks. And since it can sync between my iPhone and my computer it makes it 5 times more useful. Before I had to have two apps, one on my phone and the other one on my computer which was very depressing. I am ready to pay for pomodoro because that is the only way I stay productive.

It’s good, but not perfect. Here is why: Posted by

I have both the iOS and Mac version. The good: -syncs across Mac and iOS devices! -simple, intuitive interface The bad: -no option to autostart the next pomodoro -cannot have multiple profiles. For example, if I feel like doing 45 min pomodoros instead of 25 min, I have to reconfigure the entire app. There should be customizable profiles so I can preset 25min/45min/60min pomodoros without having to reconfigure the entire thing.

Great. App but it needs better notifications Posted by

I would like it better if the timer notifications were more persistent. The point of the app is to keep on task but take time out for breaks. I can get super focused on what I'm doing and lose track of time. If I miss the notification because I'm busy or not near my device, then I will miss the point of the app. Other than that it's a great app. I love using it. I just need to stay near my phone or iPad.

Great utility to keep you focused Posted by

If you have trouble focusing, then this app can really help. Start a timer and don't go astray! Combine it with tools like Freedom or Rescuetime to block of "dangerous" web pages. I especially like the sync between iPhone, iPad and Mac through the web login. The only quibble I have is that no matter which device I start the timer on, it's always the Mac that plays the sound.

Lovely app though... Posted by

when it comes to coordination with my Apple Watch it doesn't work properly.. I get a notification on my Apple Watch but sometimes when I check on iPhone or Apple Watch, it shows like the time lap never happened and it goes right back at the beginning.. Though after last update the app seems like running smoothly!! Still using it and helps me a lot in staying focused while studying!

Best Pomodoro timer for my iPhone Posted by

I used all the free versions of various Pomodoro timers I could find in the App Store. Of them all, I liked this the best for the simple clean interface, the ability to start and stop the work and rest segments, and the simple alarm controls. I use it more as a timer than for a task list and I don't synch with a computer so I cannot comment on that. The interface is simple and clean.

Good enough! Posted by

I've been using this app for a couple of weeks and found it very useful to get myself focused on my work. Synchronization with my other iOS device is awesome when you wanna leave your desk and have 5 mins of break with an automatic timer. But it still has lack of options when it comes to sort out your tasks. Besides of that i am pretty satisfied with the app.

Pro is a complete waste of money by Scrambled Elk 2015-07-06

The primary feature difference between Pro and free is that Pro will sync between Mac and iOS. Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t work. I want to run work periods on the Mac app followed by break periods on iOS so I can wander away and be notified when the break is over. This seems like an obvious use case of syncing, but it pretty much never works (maybe about 1 in 10 times it actually works). I open the iOS app after a work period, and it still shows a work period is next even though the completed pomodoro count is correct, meaning it has “synced". Even worse, once you open the iOS app, the Mac app then reverts to showing a work period as well, so there is no way to start a break. To top it all off, there is no manual way to switch between work and break period, so I have to use a separate break timer which defeats the entire purpose of using the app. I contacted support and they have no workaround. Save your money.

Ok app by Jbuck0321 2016-04-05

Works good overall, and I especially like being able to customize intervals and sounds. However, the custom sounds only play when the app is open and on screen. Custom sounds should be able to play in the notifications from the lock screen. Instead, it's just a generic alert tone. It would also be nice to have the ability to customize pomodoro times/sounds for each individual task, rather than customizing the intervals and sounds generally. And to edit the name of a task once it's created, because I haven't found a way to do so yet. Another nice option would be to be able to pause during a break, not only during a work interval. It would be great to discriminate more between long breaks and short, either by adding another custom sound option, changing the text in the notification (time for a LONG break!), or both.

Best pomodoro app, but frustrating sync issues need to be resolved by sbtarheel 2016-01-14

Overall, this is definitely the best Pomodoro app. It has the best features and most flexibility. Overall good UI. One thing that is missing however, is the ability to manually add or subtract Pomodoro's to a project if you forget to record one using the app. Yes, you can adjust the total pomodoro count, but this doesnt affect the tracking for a day (it doesnt add a pomodoro in for that day). More important, the most frustrating thing is glitches in the sync feature between devices. I use this on all my apple devices, and I cant tell you how often I loose a pomodoro when switching between them (at least one a day). Thats really annoying when your trying to track productivity and you have no way of manually adding it back in. Grrrr!

No alerts during Spotify by SLHenty 2015-07-28

Like some others have noted, the alert sound doesn't play if your phone is playing anything else, like Spotify. Plenty of other apps have figured this out, so it's clearly possible. My other complaint is the vaguely under-handed way the author redirects Dislike vs. Like ratings from the info page of the app. Choose Dislike and you're directed to an email form to the author instead of the App Store ratings page. I understand wanting to have the opportunity to fix the problems that bug people, but it's a fairly transparent attempt to bias the ratings to the positive. Oh, and the mail form appeared to hang during send, so I'm not even sure if the author has seen my feedback.

Lacking by zsazsa2001 2017-03-10

I am finding using the Pomodoro Technique extremely useful. I have trouble with focusing, particularly with unpleasant tasks, and this is making a difference. However, the BeFocused Pro app lacks a lot. One, you can only have one set of parameters for all tasks; so one set date, end date, and number of intervals. I even emailed customer service and they confirmed this. Two, parameters unsaved frequently. You set a beginning and end date, then next time you open the app it has altered. Third, it's very unresponsive. You try to delete or alter something input with no reaction. Very irritating. Great concept but too many kinks. Just use a kitchen timer or your iPhone.

Good syncing pomodoro app with poor judgment about notifications by EmHaitch 2015-10-16

This app does what it says on the tin. I use it across my phone, iPad, and Mac, and the sync works fine for me. Should be a four or five star app. However, the app occasionally sends out notifications that are useless at best and annoying at worst, like ads or the one I got last night that just said "Showing text." Attention is precious, and users who enable notifications have to trust that developers won't spam them. Notifications are fairly important to the core functionality of apps like this, so it's shady of the developer to abuse that trust. Also the little "pro" banner on the icon bugs me.

Was working great by Glitchy McGlitch 2015-03-19

This is overall a great app. I'd normally rate it 4 stars, as the one critique I do have is that the audio alerts are a bit wonky when you're hooked up to a bluetooth speaker. Unfortunately, I just discovered another glitch that rendered the app completely useless. It will not launch for me any more, and instead hangs on a black screen for about a minute before iOS closes it and tries to reopen. A restart did not fix the issue, and neither does manually closing the app, so I'm at a loss for what to do. Once a solution presents itself I'll change my review to 4 stars.

Not bad, but some obvious deficiencies by Jamesbergman77 2016-02-01

The app syncs beautifully between iPhone and Mac, and the interface is clean and user-friendly. However, the data gathering and reporting mechanisms are flawed, in that it only records the last task in a Pomodoro. This means that, if you finished several in 25 minutes, it misleadingly says you spent a whole Pomodoro on that last task. This in itself, is a small problem. The fact that the small tasks don't even register as completed is a bigger one, if you want to track your time usage, which is an important part of Pomodoro.

Syncing is a nightmare by Annie776 2015-07-27

I guess the fact that I am trying to keep it synced across an iPhone, iPad, watch and desktop is just way too much for this app to handle. Other productivity apps like Wunderlist do it fine 99% of the time. I spend so much time trying to sync and unsync on all devices thinking I'm doing something wrong that I lose all focus. More time spent fiddling with a productivity app rather than actually being productive obviously defeats the purpose. They need to just FIX this and then it'll be great. FIX THE SYNC.

Sync issues by gravytation 2015-04-30

Using my break to write a revie. There's an issue with sync with the desktop app where if you start a pomodoro but don't have the iPhone app open, once you open the other app to sync, it kills the active pomodoro. Pretty frustrating. Otherwise good app. Also wish I could set the alarm sound to the same ring as on my computer, and to have the phone ring when I start the timer on my computer (much better for breaks where you walk away!)

Mediocre, pesters you a lot. Gets the job done. by themanchicken 2016-02-17

I find this app useful. It gets the job done, and I can sync with the Mac app version for pomodoros I already finished (though not ones I'm still doing). One thing, though: I don't want to be on your mailing list. Stop asking. Today your app - when I started it - opened an email window telling me to hit the send button to join the mailing list. This is the third solicitation for the mailing list. Just stop it.

Problems with Completed & End Break sounds by DugRock 2016-01-15

I like the ability to create your own Pomorodo groups for tracking, however, I cannot get the Completed & End Break sounds to be heard. No problem with the Chronometer sound, but I really don't want to listen to this while working. Using an iPhone 6+, I'm not sure if there is a glitch or not, and I have emailed their support -- no answer yet. Sound = key feature, and disappointed so far.

So disappointed by a;lskdjflasj 2015-05-30

I was ecstatic when I saw an iPhone pomodoro app that allows you to manage tasks, but alas I was happy too soon. The app doesn't allow you to choose to let breaks and sessions begin automatically. Also, after I finished 4 pomodoros, I still got 5min break. Seriously? That's all I got after almost 2 hours of burning? Well, task management is good, but please perform pomodoro function well first.

Useless on Apple Watch by EdHans 2016-05-05

Worked for a few weeks. Now won't launch. I've restarted watch, phone, uninstalled and reinstalled app. Obviously they are using the old programming method where it loads from the phone instead of programming for watchOS 2 which came out almost a year ago that allows you to write a real app on the watch. Works fine on the iPhone, but don't pay for this if the watch is important to you.

Disappointing - not worth of two cents by Mystic horse 2015-01-29

This app costs $1.99. It's too expensive. There are many free out there in iTune store. Don't buy it to waste your bucks. I got caught to think that the app can sync between the devices. But it stops for every pomodoro. When the time is up, the sound is low and the choices of ring tone in the setting are not inspiring. Save your money and go for others.

Have no idea how to sync with my Mac by Lirenchloe 2015-09-02

I was hoping to sync with my Mac by paying for the pro app on my iPhone, but after I downloaded pomodoro time on my Mac, I couldn't sync and it told me to pay pro on Mac to sync with my iPhone. It's ridiculous. Why didn't you tell me that before I pay for the pro on my iPhone? Why I need to pay double to sync. It doesn't make sense.

Would be excellent without ads by Mynameisnicknametaken573985 2016-11-26

Tldr: This paid version is NOT ad free. I was really liking this app (enough to pay for it), but I just got a notification for 60% off their other products, despite having notifications for sales turned OFF. I would turn off all notifications for this app but then I wouldn't know when my pomodoros finish. I am now looking at other apps.

Sync issues by Jahoonpokemongo 2017-01-19

I was happy with the free app but decided to purchase the iPhone and mac versions to synch between them and track progress and for no ads. Unfortunately it lost 5 of yesterday's cycles and this was only my first day using the pro version. There is no way to manually add these cycles back. Please fix.

Contains ads, violates iOS Guides by Brian Douglas Hayes 2015-10-06

Short story is that the developer of this app uses iOS notifications to advertise his other apps. I contacted him about it the first time it happened; he seemed to indicate that it was an error, but it's happened again. Not acceptable for an app I paid for, specifically to remove ads.

Very Disappointed by NoChillMusic 2015-07-10

For the pro app, this app was a total waste of money. The sync feature doesn't even work properly, and the app randomly resets itself while running, which is extremely upsetting since all of my progress is erased. Stick to the free version. They're just sapping money from you.