Beautiful Tarot HD Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Beautiful Tarot HD Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Beautiful Tarot HD Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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* * Behold a truly beautiful Tarot. Three different decks in the palm of your hand, nine spreads, ten card looks and a hundred other customizations to suit your whim. Touch the cards—slide, flip, and arrange them as you wish. - Beautiful Tarot includes three decks: Rider-Waite-Smith, Jean Dodal's Tarot de Marseilles (major arcana only), and Charles VI (a.k.a. Le Gringonneur, 16 major arcana only). - Use nine spreads and find a path to your own understanding, or arrange the cards as you wish. - Customize card interpretations: replace any card's text with your own, personalized meaning to be used throughout the app. - Share your reading via email or Twitter, complete with images and your personal interpretation. - Choose among ten card backs and 100 different looks for your environment. Beautiful Tarot emphasizes lovely and realistic behaviors of the cards. Use touches to sort, flip, shuffle, and arrange your readings. Above all, delight in the beautiful and meditative aspect of these works of art. Only six hundred years in the making. * *


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Well Done Posted by

I have not checked out any other tarot programs for iPad to fully know if this is truly the best one, but since this app is so good I doubt that I will try another one any time soon. The look of the app is superb, although the layouts that are programmed in the app are ok, there needs to be a way to customize those as well as the card meanings, which is a great feature that I have just begun to implement into my usage of this app. the functionality is great and I had no crashes to speak of over the time that I have used this app. The method of saving readings seems a bit limiting and was somewhat annoying to me, saving a picture of the reading in the saved photos folder or posting a picture on some social networking site, which I never want to do. It seems to me there must be a way to save the reading in maybe a more text oriented manner. The only other aspect that bothered me was the uncertainty of knowing which cards to turn over in certain readings; for example the celtic cross including the significator in the reading layout was confusing to me at first, but after that I thought it would be better especially for many novice users to have prompting to indicate which card to turn over first in the readings, as most people's technology-riddled brains probably won't remember the order of the cards as they are laid out in the readings with more cards. Otherwise and despite all of this, a very well-done app that is well worth the five dollars I spent on it. Highly recommended by me...

Allow custom meanings and I'll throw all other Tarot apps away Posted by

Beautiful app, my favorite by far for it's look and feel. One feature that would make this a 5+ star app for me would be the ability to edit the card meanings so that I could remove the existing interpretation and add my own. I can live without using the built in meanings when I am reading the cards but when emailing a spread (which is a great feature) the meanings are hard to ignore and they just don't jive with my interpretation of the cards (many of the meanings lack enough depth to be of any use and in some cases they even detract from the reading). I've looked at a lot of tarot apps and have yet to find one that both looks/feels good and also has good interpretations, it's either one or the other but never both (to me). Allow me to edit the meanings and this app will be the only Tarot app I will ever need or want to use. My quibbling over the meanings aside, this is a wonderful app. Thank you!

Nice Tarot App Posted by

This app is the closest thing I have found that I can use as a digital tarot deck. While the card interpretations do not really speak to me, it does allow for you to edit individual card meanings to give the deck a personal touch. In addition to a few nice layouts in app, It gives you some ability to lay our your own spreads, take pictures of your completed spread, which I use to import into Evernote or notability in order to write out a detailed overview of the spread. Things that would be nice to see in app: *Additional deck options available to purchase *A Tarot journal in app * The ability to edit card meanings more quickly without having to pull up the menu, select the card, lay it out then edit... It is a little cumbersome when you want to edit several cards in a row. * Create your own spreads to save to the spread list. All in all this is a very useful app! Great for any tarot enthusiast

Fluid, Beautiful, and Personal Posted by

One deck of tarot cards can set you back $20 or more. But this app contains three with many different card backs you can change to suit your mood. There are several preset spreads you can utilize, or you can draw one card at a time and place them as you feel led anywhere to create a reading unique to the moment. If you wish to further contemplate your spread or journal them or share them, you can send a detailed, card by card, analysis plus a screen shot of your spread. This app is gorgeous, really easy to use, and fluid like an intuitive art should be. It doesn't feel stiff like some computerized tarot programs because you can shuffle cards individually during the spread, waiting until the cards feel right before selecting one. This is The Best tarot app for any hand held device I have ever used. You can even enter your own, personalized divinatory meanings for each card. Well worth any price.

Great app! Posted by

I've read cards for many years and have always been amazed by their predictive qualities so I was excited to find an iPad app that would allow me to practice my reading skills almost anywhere. This app allows experienced card readers to lay out their own spreads and will guide beginners through several fundamental spreads (such as the Celtic Cross, Past/Present/Future and others). The app provides helpful card and placement definitions to assist all readers regardless of skill level. Another great feature is the ability to choose from among several decks (such as Rider or Marseilles), card backs and desktops to make this a truly personal experience. The only drawbacks to this app are that it does not contain the Aquarian tarot deck (a beautifully illustrated deck) and the card definitions need to be expanded. I definitely recommend this app for anyone who is interested in the tarot.

Enjoyable App with crisp iPad presentation Posted by

4 of 5 stars: Additional decks are Major Arcana only per clear developer claim. I will revise rating to 5-stars if/when developer provides a minimum of five alternate FULL decks (major and minor arcana). Tarot serves many purposes and this iPad version does a wonderful job delivering many. It provides a crisp interface and allows the user to tailor environment. Readings may be saved and/or emailed. My personal Tarot use emphasizes reflection, meditation, and/or free associative thinking. It is a platform that helps me see, glean, and consider outside-the-box thoughts and solutions. Recommendations for developer: - Please consider updating current deck images to higher resolution. - Please consider: A. Providing more FULL decks and/or B. The option to purchase full decks within application. - Permit users to import/create own decks. - Expanded interpretation.

Great App Posted by

I really enjoyed the experience using the tarot app, smooth clean The free form spread is both blessing and curse. I am knew to Tarot so some help with spreads would be great. I would love to see the ablity to have some standard spread locations layed out on matt they don't have any function, they are just suggestions of where to lay the cards. Taking that idea further, also allow creation of custom spreads Taking it further a spread designer would be very nice.. While on roll making wish list - Custom background for field (pick image from device) - Custom backs for cards (pick image from device) - Option to draw short summary on face of card rather than having to flip - Overlay Text across top of whole reading , to make notes about reading - Custom face imagery (pick your deck from photogallery on device)

The Best Tarot Deck Simulator for iPad Posted by

I've bought them all, and this is, hands down, the best Tarot deck simulator for the iPad out there -- and that's coming from a guy who's been reading Tarot, writing books about the Tarot, and designing and publishing Tarot decks for more than a decade. This app provides decks that look, feel, and behave like real decks. Best of all, the cards are large enough to been seen and studied (unlike all too many programs that display the cards at postage-stamp size). I'd love to see a full 78-card TdM-family deck included (the current version of the app includes a Trumps-only TdM deck), and the ability to purchase other decks within the app. But even without these features, this is, without a doubt, the virtual deck you need on your iPad.

Good product! Posted by

I appreciate the quality of the images, the various layouts are good, graphics are solid across the board All in all handles the fundamentals well. I really appreciate the ability to write my own definitions of the symbolic elements in the cards. I would love to see a journalling feature so that I could write my own observations in the application itself, maybe with the ability to see a picture of the cards or layout I am journaling? I'd also love to see a couple of other full decks, maybe the Robin Wood deck and the Aquarian deck? More then one full deck would be nice. :) All in all good job, keep up the good work!

Better Than A Real Deck Posted by

I have a real Tarot deck. But, like Solitaire, I don't expect to be using it very much anymore. This app replaces what would take several physical decks to do. The built-in card interpretations are very useful to a non-expert like myself. Divination auguries (Tarot, I Ching, Others) are dismissed by many people as entertainment. In fact, they are a genuine means of encouraging your mind to analyze life situations in an organized and systematic matter. It is apparent that the developer has made a considerable effort in designing and presenting this app. If you want a Tarot app, this is the one.

Great! Posted by

I love the feel of this tarot app. It feels tarot-y to me, and while I know that may sound dumb, and what feels tarot-y to one might not to another, but then again, just look at all the other 5 star reviews, The two, 'incomplete' (or are they???) decks seems an unconventional and not entirely commercially motivated choice, and I love it! The provided Waite interpretations are another welcome challenge. Very invocative language, gets my intuition up and running. A thing of beauty. Inside and out. Add more decks? Various interpretations? Yay, or nay, it's just great, just as it is...

Truely beautiful Posted by

This is the best Tarot program I have found for any platform. It is easy to use, has the basic spreads, and let's you write your own interpretations. Well designed for the iPad, the cards are big enough to easily see the details, and the program is very responsive. Oh, yes; it is beautiful, too. Features I'd like to see: Options to remember the spread for multiple readings, not automatically shuffle after selecting the spread, remember the significator, add our own card faces and spreads. I'd gladly pay for a pro version with these extras!

BEAUTIFUL Tarot App, through and through! Posted by

Even more beautiful than advertised in the screenshots! You can really customize the display of the tarot cards. The app runs very smoothly - the shuffling, the drawing out of cards, etc. - it's beautiful to watch and a joy to use. Being new to tarot, I would like the option to display the meaning of the cards all at once - say, when I am taking a look at the Past, Present, and Future combination - instead of having to look at them one at a time. Having the function to view all the cards in the deck on the board would be a bonus, too!

Awesome app... But 1 thing. Posted by

Should be given the option to switch the behind and before card placements in the Celtic cross spread. A. E. Waite mentions in The pictorial key to the tarot that the behind placement should be behind the head of the selected significator in the card. And the before card should be facing the significator's face. If a significator card has no head direction then one should choose the before and behind placement before shuffling the deck. OTHERWISE AMAZING APP!!! Get it. Probably the best tarot app for iPad out there.

Very Nice! Posted by

This a really well thought out and beautiful app. It doesn't disappoint in any way. Really, I was surprised by this one. I've gotten used to apps not living up to my expectations. After I download an app it becomes a matter of finding out what's wrong with it. Beautiful Tarot is actually better than I imagined it could be. If you find the idea of a digital Tarot deck to be acceptable in the first place, this one is seems pretty great to me.

Great Tarot app! Posted by

A very realistic and beautiful tarot app, a very nice feature is that you can replace the card text with your own, right now I'm replacing the text from all the cards with a dutch text, it would be very nice if it would be possible to do this on a PC, my question to Jonathan Miller the maker of this great tarot app is "Would it be possible to program the app to allow editing the card text on your PC and place it back??"

Truly is beautiful Posted by

I have a few tarot apps but this is the first on my iPad. It is the most beautiful out there. This makes it a joy to use and the iPad gives a much better experience. I look forward to hopefully continued support and updates. More choices for meaning texts and/or a way to enter your own would be great. Especially a choice for the more modern interpretations would be ideal. All in all though this is hugely recommended.

Stunning achievement on iPad Posted by

This is truly a great use of the iPad (on the entertainment side of things anyway). It's not only Beautiful, the interface is well thought out, the cards are nicely interpreted, and the flexibility in laying out different spreads is a nice touch (not to mention fairly essential). Well done, and easily worth the price, since you'd pay more for the real cards!

The real tarot app Posted by

Don't buy any other tarot app. If you are a reader, aspiring or pro, this app is all you need. Yes, it looks great and functions perfectly with all of the great appointments and features, but the best thing is, you will Get better as a reader, and you can use your iPad to give serious, professional readings.

It's the best iPad app for tarot to date Posted by

Check it out! It makes sense! I have a few apps on my iPad that doesn't perform well. This format is closer to hands on reading than the others I have tried. I have been doing astrology spread with my boxed deck so now I have the cyber layout available to me.

Don't buy if you have iPhone version by An789 2011-04-19

I hate to give this app a bad review because it really is the nicest of the various tarot programs; however when you pay twice for an app which you are encouraged to do when there is an iPad version you expect something for your money. The HD version is simply the iPhone version with no modification except for the screen. No design effort to make this work on a bigger screen. In fact I prefer to run the iPhone version as the proportions works so much better that I'm willing to put up with the slight blurriness of the cards. Cards are tiny on iPad version and even when you elect them they still seem small. Also they annoyingly expand to center. You can't rotate cards as implied in icon image. Deck is 2/3rds hidden. Would be nice to have option having full deck, be able to cut and put cards from table back into deck. I will revisit this review when I feel I've gotten something for money. If you don't Already have the iPhone version then go ahead and get this. In spite of my complaints it's a very nice deck to use.

Beautiful, and needs major work by Scott Rory 2010-07-27

This application is extremely beautiful and well-designed. It is intuitive and so much fun to use. The primary flaws here are the card descriptions and the lack of an overall reading meaning description. I have no idea how or why the current card descriptions are what they are, but in my opinion they are hopelessly arcane and almost ridiculously un-helpful to inexperienced Tarot users. If you have been doing this for years, you don't have to even bother clicking on the cards for meanings/interpretations. But if you are curious about tarot and would like to learn more about the cards, about how to do readings, etc., this application will not help you. In summary, if you are a seasoned tarot reader this application is exquisite and extremely fun and easy to use. If you are just starting out or are curious about card meanings and the way to interpret a spread, I would look elsewhere until this app has been sufficiently upgraded.

Beautiful cards, would like to be able to save by eylee 2010-07-26

Its a beautiful app! It displays the cards clearly and the detail helps the novice understand better the meaning of the cards. I also like the fact that you are not limited to set 'Paths of Understanding' or card configurations and you can place your cards as you please. It would be great to be able to save each reading for later review. Emailing an image is really not entirely useful since it does not include the interpretations. Speaking of which, yeah, the interpretations are not entirely helpful - just have a summary like you do and break "Further Discussion" into more readable chunks - like "Description by A. E. Waite" and "Wikipedia" if those are your sources. Also, make the back of the cards larger so I don't have to use my reading glasses and have a note section on each card and reading so I can annotate. Great work!

I paid double for this? by PP1331 2014-12-12

This is a well designed tarot app that looks different from the other tarot apps available. However it is the only app I own that is not universal on the iPhone and iPad so I ended up paying double. Come on, everyone is making apps universal or letting both versions to be downloaded with one purchase. If you are going to charge again for the iPad version that is supposedly HD, why do the cards not even zoom full screen? They can't even be zoomed to the size of an actual card! I love the background and bar design, the card backs and the free spread style, but the terribly written meanings, no zoom, and greedy selling style has me totally unhappy with this app and developer.

I purchased this by lucky bambina 2012-09-07

Thinking it would be cool because you can change the definitions. After one reading I could clearly see the definitions were extremely poor ( this is absolutely not for beginners unless you just want to goof off you will learn nothing from the chosen definitions nor will you be able to complete a reading it's missing just too much) However every definition I tried to update to, I was told was too long and boom it just reverted back. Shame because the layout is pretty, however as someone who reads for a living, I couldn't recommend this to anyone wishing to learn to complete a true reading.

Okay, not great by badkitty_ 2013-10-30

First, there is only one full deck featured with all 78 cards. To me, this is limiting. I also do not always agree with the meanings of the cards that are given. I suppose it could be useful to someone trying to learn RWS but again, the card meanings are brief and not always on point. I think a real RWS deck would be a better choice.

It's pretty good by tiger_lil 2010-06-14

The interface is nice, the card play is well done also (the shuffle, draw, and layouts); but the interpretations are too brief. There is a long "alternate info" to many of the interpretations, but these are archaic and useless. They are kind of quaint rather than meaningful. More reading types would be nice too.

Great graphics, Bad card interpretations by Ciaomelissa 2010-07-11

The graphics, layout and choices are nice: I'd like to see more added. I love the update to turn off reversals. But ultimately this app fails because of the negative or wholly wrong interpretations of the cards, ultimately making this useless. You can tell the developers are not experienced Tarot readers or users.

Okay app, but needs some improvements! by JamesF03 2010-07-29

Studying tarot for years, I had a lot hope for this app, and it does have some nice features, but the meanings of the cards are very limited and at times very wrong! And there is no way to add any personal notes to the definitions, which all tarot apps should have...!

Disappointing by SBL! 2012-07-30

I purchased this primarily for the Marseilles Tarot and was very unimpressed with the quality of the deck, definitely not the quality I expected. Also the lack of a Journal option limits it's usefulness.