Best Call Recorder – Free Call Recording App Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Best Call Recorder – Free Call Recording App Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Best Call Recorder – Free Call Recording App Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Best Call Recorder – Free Call Recording App Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Best Call Recorder – Free Call Recording App Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Best Call Recorder – Free Call Recording App Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Best Call Recorder – Free Call Recording App Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Best Call Recorder – Free Call Recording App Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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***Best Call Recorder is an innovative new app that provides unlimited, real-time recordings of incoming and outgoing calls on your iPhone*** It's never been easier to record and save all your phone calls. Whether it's just a business call, important legal issue, or job interview—all calls are recorded and saved for your future use. Watch our one minute tutorial when you first open launch at the app. _________ How Does It Work: Best Call Recorder essentially creates a conference call between you, your contact, and our recording service. Conversations are then saved on your iPhone, and can be played back at any time. Best Call Recorder can be used in a variety of situations, including: + Business meetings + Job interviews—for employees or employers + Customer service interactions + Creditors or collection agencies + You can even record yourself to help improve your own communication skills _________ Key features:  + High quality recordings  + Record incoming and outgoing calls  + NO limit on length of recordings + NO limit on amount of recordings + NO additional fees + NO per minute charges + Recordings are immediately available + Recordings can easily be sent by email as soon as a call ends + Both national and international call support + Accessible, user-friendly interface  + Recordings can be shared on Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Pocket and more  + Recordings can be uploaded to Google Drive and Dropbox + Conversations can be labeled individually, making them easy to find + Fast, reliable, secure database and server  + No need for SIM card integration  + No SMS verification process _________ Frequently asked questions:  We care about your experience and are committed to your privacy and safety. We are always available for any questions and concerns, and happily welcome your feedback. 1. How does Best Call Recorder work? Best Call Recorder essentially creates a three-way call between yourself, your contact, and the Best Call Recorder service. It’s as easy as opening the app and pressing the record button. As soon as your hear the beep, the recording has begun.    2. Where are my recordings being saved? On our secured servers. You can delete your recordings at any time. 3. Can I upload my recordings to Dropbox and Google Drive?  Yes you can! Simply press the share button next to each recording.  4. Is there a limit on the recording duration? No. Make as many calls as you need. We'll record them all! 5. How much does it cost? This is a free version of the app allows you to perform unlimited calls and recordings. In this version, however, you will only be able to listen to the first 60 seconds of any recordings you made. You may upgrade your subscription to pro at any time—the recordings will then be available to play back. A one-year pro subscription featuring unlimited recordings can be purchased for $7.99. Best Call Recorder will automatically renew your subscription annually. You can turn off the auto renew feature at any time from your iTunes account. $7.99 USD _________ Privacy policy: Terns of Use:   _________      Who are we? We are a bunch of geeks sitting around in the garage who never stop thinking about how to build great consumer apps that can make our customers' lives simpler and more organized. We are excited to provide a reliable service with this app, which can help improve your productivity and communication skills. We consider providing this application to the world to be an incredibly important mission. In every way possible, we aim to deliver reliability and peace of mind to our users. _________ Stay safe. Keep it on the record with Best Call Recorder.

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Not bad, mediocre sound Posted by

This app is not that bad, in that it records very easily. You open the app, it record, and your phone dials the recording number. Then you add a telephone call from your phone book and when the other person answers you hit merge. The downside to this is that it is difficult to get the other persons greeting in the recording because you have to hit the merge button only after they pick up. There is a feature in which you can toggle the beep on and off, which is nice. Regarding the sound quality: you can clearly hear a digital type distortion, or recording sound, on your recording. You can still hear both parties conversation, but it is not crystal-clear. However it's not distorted enough to not warrant buying the app.

Fully functioning, great support Posted by

I don't bother to usually write reviews and I don't often purchase an app. The app works very well. I used it to record a conversation of over one hour. If you don't plan on doing anything other than record to take notes later (such as a lawyer consultation) the great thing about this app is that it allows you to be incognito in recording. If you want use it in court or whatever, it has a function to make beeps to legally let the other person know you are recording. I had a slight hiccup with my recording at one point in relation to Dropbox and support was on it within minutes and helped me through it without problems. Works well, worth the money.

Excellent! Posted by

I recorded a 30 minute call with a client. The app worked flawlessly. Having calls saved is a great way to remember the details of the call and to make a productive follow up. I experienced cases in the past in which clients came up with counter-arguments to what we was agreed and as a result I lost money. Such a situation will not arrive again.

Phone Recorder Posted by

I have tried many different one, but this by far the best I have use and easy as well. Make you call, press the recorder and merge the calls and that's it, works great. I would recommend this to anyone looking to record conversations between both parties in a legal standpoint. I use it for work and it has never failed me yet!

Very recommended Posted by

I've been looking for a recording solution for a long time now until I came across this app. It answers all my needs! It's user friendly, the registration process is quick and easy, and I didn't even think twice before upgrading it. I would've paid much more for what I'm getting here! Keep up the good work.

Works as described Posted by

I've used it 10+ times now, no problems as of yet. I think the previous two reviewers are from a competing company.

Simple and good Posted by

Easy to use and intuitive. Works great

Love It Posted by

A great way to capture memories.

Great Posted by

Awesome app!

Worse app ever. I want a refund by DavidB2525 2016-11-24

Does not record well because their is a loud beep which lets the other party know that you are recording. In my state we do not have a law that requires us to let the other party know that we are recording as long as we are the other party doing the recording. Plus the loud beep cuts out what ever the person says which in my case is very important to get every word. Plus the other party complains about the loud beeping. One guy said that he was paid to write a good review so don't believe all the hype.

Unsatisfactory by TeacherA2017 2016-08-24

I've used several recording apps and this is of the lowest quality. I immediately had to upgrade in order to record a call longer than two minutes. After doing so the quality of the recording was so low that it can't be transcribed (the phone interview took place in a silent office where I was alone) due to background static and an echo sound.

Complete garbage by TCv75 2016-09-30

Super easy to set up. Using this app on my iPhones 6S plus. Wanted to see how it worked before I purchase the pro version. Absolutely garbage. It recorded the full conversation but once I played the recording back 90% of it had no volume the other 10% was two words I said in the beginning of the conversation that had been 90x slowed down.

Did Not Work dont even bother by Daniel Ake 2016-12-22

I recorded an hr conerence call for my business that is very important and until i finish i was told by the app it only records the first 60secs so I paid for the upgrade and yet couldnt hear it! I tried different things like closing the application and still didnt work.

Worst app in ISO by Rathishyedla 2016-08-07

I have recorded audio of 35mins. But it's playing only one min Only. I recommend guys please don't use this app. Waste of time and waste of money also. I'm not interested to give single star also. Please please waste time to use this app. Thank you.

Doesn't work. by Sarah.Matilda 2016-09-09

Don't waste your money or download this useless app. I upgraded and it didn't record a thing. It asks to register the number every time, states registered, then does nothing. The positive reviews are probably the owners.

Useless by Thoughtthiswasajoke 2016-09-12

This only records 24sec of conversation. You have to get the paid app for anything more. So if you was to hear yourself or the person on the other end of you call say "HELLO" This apps for you!

BE CAREFUL: This app is a trap & tricky by A victim lol 2017-01-31

It makes you make your important call without any problem as long as you want. By the time you want to listen to it, it gives you only 6 seconds for free and the rest minutes will recharge you for it.

Worthless by Momer012 2016-11-16

The app won't let you record anything over 60 seconds. It takes 60 seconds just to get the other caller on the line. Save yourself the headache and spam, just skip this app download.

Not satisfied by Pointless_Dreamer 2016-07-15

I can't add or merge my calls right away like I want it says i can merge calls 40 seconds in when I want to record from the very start

Terrible by StarRoots 2016-08-16

Need refund. Finally recorded a very important conversation and it shows it in the playback as empty. Total BS. I'm furious.

Didn't work by Bryan.1234566 2016-09-11

Two test calls: one didn't record anything but dead air. The other recorded in such poor quality you could never use it.

Chipster alarms by Kelvin Malone 2016-12-12

I do not like the service, its to much to remember to do before recording a conversation.

Noooo by Silvia3Diva 2016-11-28

It beeps and it's free version records only 60 sec. they just want you to upgrade.