Big Photo Apps for iPhone/iPad
Big Photo Apps for iPhone/iPad

Big Photo Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Big Photo Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Big Photo Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Big Photo Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Big Photo Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Big Photo Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Big Photo Apps for iPhone/iPad

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"Best 100 iPhoneography Apps" -

1. Big Photo provides capability to view large images or photos over 45MPs (like panoramas) up to 115MP for latest iPhone/iPad, as well as small icons, all in full resolution, and zoom to pixel level. Double tap to zoom in/out.

2. Big Photo provides multiple options to enlarge or down size your photos or images to any custom sizes.

3. Big Photo provides crop tool to crop a "small" portion out of your full resolution photos/images, and produce high quality "blow up" results.

4. Big Photo provides Rotate/Flip at any angle, support alpha channel (transparent region).

5. Big Photo provides Batch Resizer - resize tens or hundreds of photos in batch mode. (In-App Purchase)

6. Work as your device's universal image tool: for images in your emails or other apps, "Open in..." can launch Big Photo to view or edit.

7. Special algorithms to handle big pictures and large images: iPhone 4S/iPad 2 mini - 90MP+, iPhone 5/iPad retina 110MP for unlimited fine detail zooming. Similar sizes for crop - sum up the sizes of source and result images. 600% upscale: 8MP=>48MP+ on iPhone 4s/5/5s, iPad 2 or later. For other devices, adjust the sizes accordingly.

***** "Great app that resizes photos to 200%+ their original size without ruining their quality. Resulting output is similar to that of resizing algorithms in Photoshop. I use this app daily and it always gives me what I want in a timely, stable manner. This app is truly a useful and prized tool in my arsenal of photo apps." - T.M., U.S.A

***** "5 stars for ability to zoom in really close and crop a small portion of a photo in high quality and custom dimensions. The slow and clunky user interface has been fixed in the recent version. It is now a joy to use, and tremendously useful." - Maria, Greece

***** "There are a number of creative apps that are really useful but lack decent resolution output. Big Photo does an excellent job or sampling up and making those other apps more creatively useful... A much needed tool for mobile art and photography. Highly recommend." - Poetry, UK

***** "This is an essential app for viewing photos and artwork. The ability to zoom to the pixel level makes this a great improvement over other viewers. The latest version allows users to navigate icons for photos on the iPad and to scroll from one photo to the in view mode. Thanks - now buy this app, it is a bargain and it works great." - Vermont attorney, USA

***** "I am thrilled to have this tool. Thank you to the developers of Big Photo." - [email protected], USA

>>> iOS 7/8 requires you to turn on settings/privacy/photos/Big Photo in order to scroll photo library seamlessly. To turn on settings/privacy/camera/Big Photo for taking pictures. Big Photo does NOT use any of your location or privacy information.

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Wonderful App Posted by

It's great to be able to get resolution back after creating an image only to have the app save it with a lower res! I use a lot of apps creating my strange mandalas and blended photos- some developers unfortunately do not save in a high res so as i jump frm app to app i often find that though the initial app had saved high one or another did not and a couple of apps later i realize my pix are not going to come out with the details i had been putting in! That has been a pain in the... er... an annoyance till I discovered this app. I can now go back to higher res without any noticeable loss of detail. Luckily a lot of developers are now providing the option of high res- but even so this app will prove useful for enlarging screen grabs of images. ive done this successfully many times. Thanks for a great app. The only tweaks I'd like to see is the save being an option. I've enlarged groups of images at a time- sometimes 3 or even 4 processes on one photo. The app saves every one if these- so you then have to go back to the camera roll and delete all the "in between" images. Not a terrible problem- just a little pfttt. Still 5 stars all the way!

The best high resolution viewer I've found Posted by

This is the best high resolution photo viewer available in the App Store, and this v3.3 update makes it even better. It has the best feature set. You're easily able to navigate within your camera roll. With a photo open and zoomed all the way out (double tap to make sure), just swipe left or right to have a Nav bar drop down from the top, allowing you to quickly scroll through your camera roll. I use this to do high res inspection of photos and scanned maps. With this new update, the zoom viewer keeps everything in high res as you scroll around the image, loading the zoomed tiled quickly. Excellent!

Big Photo, Big Win Posted by

Downloaded, found a pic in my camera roll taken at a 21 MP level and Big Photo zoomed until I stopped. BP solves the iPad viewer app problem of zooming only so far. Works with Dropbox also. You must first display the image using DropText (DropBox app couldn't deal with large images?? DropText is made by the DropBox folks, I think). Once open in DropText app, use the forward thing in the upper right hand corner to choose another app to open the image in or you can save it to your camera roll. BigPhoto will be one of the apps you can choose. For what I needed (map reading) Big Photo is 5 stars.

Ok You Got Me Posted by

I don't like writing reviews unless i really really mean it, good or bad. When i opened this app, you prompted me for a review. Ugh. And then i stopped. I used this app because i needed a specific crop size and you are one of the few apps that can do it, and you do it quick and easy. So to keep myself an honest woman, i am here to say you are a best in class--perfection in what you do. You are always on my iPad, even after I have installed and deleted hundreds of photo and paint apps and tools. Thank you for a great little tool!

Great for resizing images on iPhone Posted by

I was pleasantly surprised that resizing images worked as well as it does with this app. E nlargements were fast and resampled very well. It looks like Big Photo uses an algorithm similar to Photoshop's Bilinear interpolation. Being able to toggle the aspect ratio lock is a good feature if you need it. The zoom function is awesome! You can view an image down to the pixel on your device. For a buck, this app is well worth it to be able to resize images on your iDevice. Definitely earned a spot on one of my front screens. =M=

UNLIMITED ZOOM! Best photo viewer Posted by

This superb photo viewing app allows you to zoom all the way into your photos - to the pixel level. I have not found any other photo viewer that allows users to zoom in as much. And, this app has never crashed during years of use (other apps limit zooming, by claiming the app will crash - nonsense). "Big Photo" makes for a huge improvement when looking closely at images. Additionally, this developer cares about their users; they make improvements as needed to ensure a flawless experience!

Excellent app Posted by

I love this app and am dependant on it. It has saved many of my photos, I can crop them yet resize and it makes them look like I actually took a perfectly framed close up picture. Thanks for the good work. This is the only one of its kind. I thought people would try to compete but there is no other big photo and no better. You guys have hit the top. The only thing that may need work is in not losing any photo quality when saving after resizing but you have pretty much covered that.

Does the job! Posted by

I bought the iPhoto iPad app, and to my complete astonishment, found out that it restricts zooming to the same 200% that the bare bones pictures app included with the iPad does! Thank goodness for this little app, that allows you to zoom right in to pixel level. Why Apple would want to limit the use of their beautiful retina display is a mystery (or perhaps another oversight, something that's popping up more and more in their dumbed-down software).

Good app but read the problem! Posted by

my essential app in my phone and I used it much to treat the photos but the problem,when I'm on version ios8.1.2 iPhone 6,I usually open the app easily from (cameraroll) by option (open in) and choose (Big Photo).... When i upgrade the phone to iOS8.3 I can't open the big photo in the smae principle (open its from cameraroll and choose open in) i hope to find a solution for this problem.... Thank you

MrChuck Posted by

I would have to say that big Photo does everything it promises to do and so I will definitely give it a good review based on performance but the best thing for me is that it supports landscape view on the ipad and the front and back cameras I never give 5 stars to an app if they say they are ipad compatible but don't offer native orientations. So kudos to this app it's great.

Suddenly Not working on my IPad fourth generation Posted by

I have deleted this app 5 times and reinstalled It not access my photo library. It worked fine previously Happy to report it is working much better Can't wait to see an update for iOS 9.3.3 Hey Big Photo thanks for the most recent iOS update, now I can access my all of my photo library! This app really works great now! Keep it Up!

Does exactly what I needed it to Posted by

I was looking for an app to resize a picture to the exact dimensions that I wanted, and it performed. It would be nice to be able to drag the blue preview box around (in addition to setting the X and Y coordinates of where the crop should start from) but I'm happy for the dollar I spent to gain this ability from my iPhone.

Posted by

I have been using Big Photo for quite some time now, and it's become an essential part of the work that I do. There is only one minor problem that I keep running into. It crashes every time I try and rotate my photos. I'm hoping it'll be fixed with an upcoming update. Great work on an awesome and useful app.

Super! Posted by

This app is the only one I have remaining for resizing. Never crashes and my artwork and photos turns out great! I have noticed that I have more freedom in other editing apps because I have this app to fix my resolution. The developers really have it with this one. Thanks! Thumbs up and six stars if I could. . .

Great app Posted by

I read a lot of reviews for this app and had to try it out. This app rocks. It's so awesome to make your photo it's true size. I had an app sorta like this for my iPhone 4 called hd camera but this is way way better. You will love this app just like I do, wish I could rate this10 stars

Suddenly Not working on my IPad fourth generation Posted by

I have deleted this app 5 times and reinstalled It not access my photo library. It worked fine previously Happy to report it is working much better Can't wait to see an update for iOS 9.3.3 Hey Big Photo thanks for the most recent iOS update, now I can access my all of my photo library!

One of the best apps Posted by

Seriously, if I had to pick my top ten apps on ITunes this would be a must have app. I am constantly bumping up the resolution of many images because so many photo apps save at a low resolution.

This is a life saver Posted by

I love this app. It does what it says it will, I can downsize my images as well as upsize, so easy, so good. I don't know what I did before I got this in terms of managing space on my iPad

A must have app Posted by

If you are serious about your IOS images then this is a must have app to get you to the size you want to print. Easy to you because it has everything you need.

I like it Posted by

I've been able to enlarge photos from my iPhone to poster size. The steps are easy to follow and results are good.

Klunky by FrankDRoosevelt 2013-06-08

Resized images appear in a randomized order instead of in the original order - the order in which they were originally taken. This leaves your photo album in a disorganized and confusing state. Doesn't allow you to conveniently replace original images with the resized images. You have to separately delete the originals if you want to save space. This can be confusing if you put the resized images in the same album as the originals. It's difficult to distinguish the originals from the resized pictures. I'm not happy with my purchase.

Does not IMPROVE photo quality.. by Alextopia 2014-11-20

Maybe I misunderstood what I read in the description. I give this app 1 star simply for the other people like me, who were very hesitant to buy this app. The extremely high price isn't the issue, I was expecting an app that would "improve" the quality of my images, not just make the exact image larger. I admit this is a function which other apps may suffer, but it was not was I was looking for.

Should be renamed Big Waste of $2 by Toulouse Trebek 2012-11-16

Wouldn't let me access my photo library without turning on the location services in my settings. I don't like the idea of my home location being attached to my photos, so I always keep this switched off. Had I known this was a prerequisite for using the app, I never would have bought it. If you like your privacy, then pass on this app.

Limited but good by Zen_n_Texas 2014-12-23

I really like Big Photo & use it all the time? But I have to use it in conjunction with iResize. Big Photo does NOT have a feature that allows users to increase the DPI. You can make the image as large as you want- but the resolution will always be 72 DPI. I usually need 200 & 300... would be a 5 star rating if it had that.

Not working??? by GeoWalrus 2015-06-04

One of my favorite apps now isn't working. I love big photo, it's amazing. However now when I opened it it does not take me to my photo library which is on iCloud photo. It only allows me to see the pictures I have taken recently which are on the phone. Please fix. Should be a five-star app!!!

Not working??? by GeoWal 2015-06-04

One of my favorite apps now isn't working. I love big photo, it's amazing. However now when I opened it it does not take me to my photo library which is on iCloud photo. It only allows me to see the pictures I have taken recently which are on the phone. Please fix. Should be a five-star app!!!

UPDATE STILL CRASHING FIX IT!!!!!!!! by Artdemos 2016-08-31

So disappointed that your update did not fix the issue of the splash page crashing as soon as it is tapped to open. I use it daily and today it is crashing as soon as I tap on it. Please fix. Will rate 5 stars as soon as it's fixed

Needs photo editing extension by jordanr1186 2015-02-14

I want to be able to resize photos in Apple's Photos app. The share extension isn't great for simplicity. It adds more steps which I don't want to do. Otherwise I find the app useful. Wish I could specify JPEG compression.

Big Photo by ,dirtmaster 2016-09-02

I really liked this app but now it will not load. I tried reloading it to my iPhone but it still does not open. I wish you would fix it. Because it is very useful.

Don't spent your money by Ranson_kock 2012-11-02

I did a miss take to buy this app the quality is very bad when you corp the picture i will not use it even it is for free

What a Dud!!! by Flynfoto 2015-02-27

Doesn't give me the option to save to camera roll as it is greyed out. Have installed twice to no avail.

Update breaks app by Dgetshhn 2013-10-23

The oct 23 update breaks the app on iPad 1. Loading 24M pixel image causes app to crash every time.

BIG CRASHES! by Big Pooch 1541276 2016-08-30

Latest version won't open on iPad Pro...Please fix pronto. Have loved the app until now.

This was a great app by Russell W 2014-02-01

Now it's just crash, crash, crash on my 64GB iPhone 5s.