Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad
Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad

Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad

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Screenshots & Video

Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Does Bigfoot exist? Hunt for evidence of the legendary Sasquatch in this Hidden Object investigation.
Scattered sightings of the elusive creature are reported when a chemical spill wreaks havoc next to a nature preserve. When Linda encounters something in her own backyard, she sets out on a mission to discover the truth. Follow Linda and track down the mysterious creature at Brownswood National Park, neighbor to the new Axeswim Chemical plant. Search for clues using tools, solving puzzles and playing mini-games. Get to the bottom of this urban legend in this striking hidden object tale Bigfoot: Hidden Giant.

● 28 Intriguing locations to search
● 19 Provocative mini-games to play
● 9 Riveting chapters
● Appealing storyline
● Intense graphics
● Game Center Support
● New iPad Retina Display Support

Game available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Swedish

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Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD (Full) Games ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Varies with device
255.07 MB
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Good but with glitches Posted by

Good game and story with a clear episodic TV-like ending but game but could have been much better with a few technical fixes. First of all, it needs a ZOOM function, scenes were too dark and objects too small to see. Second, bad responsiveness to touch. Often had to tap several times on an object. Sometimes five or six times, very annoying. Also the "rate now" pop up was very annoying coming up about 20 or more times during the game as were all the achievement pop ups. But otherwise a good game, varied puzzles that were story related, decent graphics and OK voice-overs (acting could have been better though and one character seemed like a racist stereotype...) Good game that could have been 5 stars with some fixes. No crashes on an iPad 3 and saved level each time.

Fun Posted by

Entertaining story with good voice acting (although the plot didn't 100% make sense to me, it was well up to the hidden object standard!). Less about Bigfoot than I was hoping but the bonus materials are fun (as is the dialogue song at the end). I liked that the objects to search for are often useful in the scene and the mini games were good (with a good option to skip them, too) and had variety. Sometimes I had to click several times to get an object and had to use a hint to make sure I was really supposed to get it, but since I never got one of the annoying messages some other games have about random-click penalties, it wasn't a big deal. All in all, would recommend. But seriously? I rated it already. Stop asking me!

Love this game BUT (CRASHING) Posted by

The game keeps crashing, please please FIX THIS! It keeps crashing at the same part in the game when your supposed to find things, then make coffee. When I go back into game, I have to redo all of it!!! UNFAIR AND SICK OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!! G5 makes the best games out there. I have complete a folder with only G5 games in it, could you say I am obsessed lol. I'm sure they'll fix the crashing problem, they better because I just purchased this game. Definitely worth the $4.99 !!! Oh, I had to mention the graphics are unbelievable! Best I've seen so far. Enjoy this game everyone! Lisa

Lots of fun, but very challenging! Posted by

This game is lots of fun but if you get easily frustrated probably not the best game for you. It takes a lot of thinking and effort. There were times that I got very frustrated and had to come back to the game the next day to get through some of the levels. Some levels are pretty obvious but some left me scratching my head for days! The hint button is helpful but can be not helpful at times either. If you like a good challenge, play the game! Definitely kept me busy for awhile!!

I like the game but... Posted by

This is a fun game except on certain tasks you need to be so exact on the spot that sometimes it feels like it isn't working right. It took me five times and a lot of patience to pick up the bugs in the cellar. Same with the crowbar on the manhole cover. It gets frustrating when you know what you're doing is correct but it won't do what it's supposed to do. The answers to the games are on the internet.

Good game Posted by

I wish the items were more sensitive when you click on them. It was aggravating a few times when I would click on an item 5-10 times and then finally hit hint thinking I was not clicking the right thing and it would highlight the exact thing I was just trying to pick up! Very annoying, other than that though, it is a fun search and puzzle game!

Just a few fixes needed Posted by

All in all, I like the game. Some of the items one is to find, however, are so hidden that even with a hint it is hard to recognize. I did not have it freeze up exactly, as some have reported, but I found several times that I had to touch the screen a little further from the object for it to read my touch and release the object.

Great App Posted by

Great app to pass time! At first I downloaded this app to pass time while I waited for my son to get out of football practice. But now I find myself playing this when I get home and before bedtime. It's like a movie...I just want to know what's going to happen next!

Wonderful Game Posted by

Hidden objects are not SO hidden that you can't find them. "In-game" puzzles are challenging but not impossible. I have an iPad 1 running iOS 5.1.1. I played the game straight through without a single problem. I highly recommend it!

Fun and challenging Posted by

This has been a fun and challenging game. Did have one freezing issue towards the end and had to start over but it worked fine after that......enjoyed it

Game keeps crashing Posted by

We get to the same spot in the game and it keeps crashing. It freezes the scene and then shuts down. Was enjoying it up until that point.

LOVE!!!! Posted by

Can't put my iPad done, (:

Thank goodness there's no misclick penalty! by Mairwen 2013-07-17

I play a lot of hidden object games, and I have never had one as insensitive as this one. I had to tap on objects multiple times before the game would register that I hit them. Seeing a red "X" right on top of the object was really frustrating. Likewise, changing screens was often a matter of pounding repeatedly on my screen. I had to skip some minigames because I couldn't figure out what I needed to do - there are no instructions. I was sometimes given a task despite the game not letting me complete the task until I found all the hidden objects. Once, I had keys and a lock to open, but the keys didn't open the lock - they were for something else. I had to use a paper clip to open the lock. If the keys said what they were for, I could understand that, but they were just "keys." A lot of objects were tiny, yet this game has no zoom function. And developers, it's a "thermometer," not a "thermo." The first time that came up in my list, I had no idea what I was looking for. Add to this that the storyline made no real sense, and this game isn't worth paying for. Sorry - there are a lot of better games out there.

Oh I'm sorry, did you want me to rate this?!! by sundakat 2013-08-31

After every screen you are asked to rate this annoying and frustrating game. Places in the game that you just tried to tap that were unavailable to you the fifty previous times you tried tapping on them are suddenly then available once you give up tapping that spot. New game areas are not well defined unless you press the little foot at the bottom of the screen. I didn't see open doorways, noticeable clearings, or stairways. You can see the object you need but when you tap it you get nothing until you go on a mad tapping frenzy! You keep moving objects all the time only to find that the object you uncovered from behind it can't even be clicked on until you find several more objects. I play HOGs all the time but this one really knows how to take the fun out of the game.

Does not recognize by SewTiki 2013-07-04

When I find objects the program does not recognize when I tap on it. I have skipped items only to use the hint key and it shows the item where I was just tapping. This is very frustrating. All the sparkling stars that are to help are rather annoying since they show where items can be found but if they aren't listed yet then the stars don't do you any good as they are distracting. I do like the detail in the scenes and that they are well lit however some of the detail is blurred and it doesn't allow you you find objects hidden behind other objects without using the hint. So far the storyline seems interesting. I do like having other tasks to perform with the objects found.

Stop nagging me to rate by The Technomancer 2013-08-25

If you won't give me a chance to actually PLAY it before you start nagging me every couple of minutes to rate it, I'll rate it based on what I have seen. You have to be very precise to hit objects; sometimes I have to click 4 or 5 times to find the exact spot. The graphics of the items tend to be pixelated and hard to distinguish. The voice acting is mediocre at best. It may turn out to be ok, but I haven't gotten far enough to know. But, since you so desperately want the rating, here it is.

Was okay until it crashed by Hydrozoline 2014-04-15

Had same problems other reviewers noted -- tapping sometimes didn't work so well. Also got annoying "rate this game" popup. Game crashed after I went into cave and found all objects. Level didn't save so when I restarted, I had to find all objects again. Grr! Game was okay otherwise. Hints feature was nice and definitely needed. Graphics were good. Story had possibilities. Can't say the game was outstanding but it held my interest. Would've finished it if I could.

Okay, but frustrating by WITTHEFRKNFRK 2013-07-07

The story is interesting, but sometimes you have to tap an item several times before it works. This sometimes makes you think you have the wrong item, but then using a hint shows you the same thing you've already tapped 10 times. Also, sometimes the hint is wrong - another annoyance. The extremely vague instructions often leave you tapping randomly around a picture until you run into something to do. Some people may enjoy that as a challenge.

It's alright by Eeeek 245 2013-07-05

The story is somewhat interesting even though it is not about Bigfoot. It's more about a company spilling toxic waste and testing on animals. I'm not giving anything away, you learn about it immediately starting the game. The biggest problem I have with this and all G5 games is that there is no zoom. The tasks/puzzles are quite simple. The game pretty much leads you as to what to do next. There is no thinking or problem solving.

Buggy, crashes, frustrating by Loho203 2013-07-20

Shame that a game with a nice idea and colorful graphics does not work. It crashes constantly. Could not get through the coffee scene without crashing every time, and at that point it kept setting me back a scene. Have to give up now. Not playable. I tried the usual clearing and rebooting of my iPad, but to no avail, proving the game is defective. Don't spend money on this. It was published before it was properly tested.

What's up by crazy grandma65 2013-07-03

How come every review I look at today start with Russell Wolf? It would seem he is not a very happy individual and he is rude. Russell stop being such a bore and give constructive criticism, please. You don't have to use four letter words just because you have a limited vocabulary, look them up on your computer. The games just ok.

Enjoyable til it crashes by JustMeAgain66 2013-07-04

I was enjoying the game, but as others have reported, it is now constantly craashing on my iPad 4. I have rebooted and cleaned up memory but still it crashes right after the coffee and sugar prep. Hopefully will be fixed soon so I can finish the game. Also prompts way too often for ratings.

Don't waste your time or moolah by Who's u mama 2015-03-27

Liked the "free" version even though it was annoying to get through and decided to spend the 4.99. Completed in in less than 12 hours! Nothing after that! Made by Russians. Annoying Annoying Annoying!

Awful experience by Silo Mots 2013-07-07

If you don't mind a pop up requesting you rate the game every minute, with no option to stop future requests, then you won't mind this game. As for me, this is the last G5 game to go on my ipad.

Game crashes!!! by J!m_theloner 2013-07-04

I enjoy the game until it crashes. Since I can't finish it, I can't rate it very highly. It works fine on my wife's iPad 2 but not on my iPad 3. I hope you guys fix it.

Bigfoot by John2959 2013-08-14

This a beautiful game. However, it crashes all the time on my 4th generation iPad with Retina display. It crashes so often that it ruins the fun of trying to play.

DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!!! by Logan55551234 2013-07-07

Crashes all the time on the ipad and makes you completely redo the level it crashed on. Makes it impossible to play the game. Not even worth the money at all.

Can't continue by Johnscotlink 2013-07-27

Game crashes every time after pouring the coffee and putting in the sugar. Says "viewfinder" in the items to find list then freezes.

Crashing by épousseter 2013-06-29

Still crashing! Please update! $5.00 crashing app dose not reflect well for Apple, iTunes or G5 Entertainment.

Crash by Uhav2bkidding 2013-07-06

Really like the game but keeps crashing on ipad. Restarted, closed all other apps, reinstalled. Same problem.

UGH by Desilouu 2013-07-08

Keeps freezing after you pour the coffee and sugar! Tried it so many times! Needs bug fixes asap!!!!!!!!!

A fun game it it would stop freezing and shutting down. by 1jeepboy 2013-07-13

This game freezes at the same place every time I play. Up to that point it is great!