BigHairyGoal Apps free for iPhone/iPad
BigHairyGoal Apps free for iPhone/iPad

BigHairyGoal Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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BigHairyGoal Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
BigHairyGoal Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
BigHairyGoal Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
BigHairyGoal Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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BigHaryGoal is a mindmapping, brainstorming and progress tracking tool for creatives and software developers. It's build to be simple and effective to use, so you can just let go your flow of creativity.

** What is Big Hairy Goal?
Big Hairy Goal is an easy-to-use tool for getting your ideas down and to arrange them in a way that gives you more insight. The approach is much like a mindmap, but connections between cards can be non linear. It's more like a brainstorming whiteboard you attach note cards to and connect them with lines or reorder them. Big Hairy Goal automatically moves cards aside if you insert a new one somewhere. So when your paper notes ever required a total rewrite because things have gotten too crowded and no space is left to add new notes, you can imagine what Big Hairy Goal does.

** Creative Thinking
Big Hairy Goal does not require you to connect notes, you can easily just add them to the board, move them, group them and later connect them in any sequence that leads towards your goal. Big Hairy Goal is also about to pin ideas down fast. It's loaded with interaction minimizing gestures and shortcuts to support your flow of creativity.

** Visual Investigation
If you are a researcher or programmer, you may often need a picture on what is going on, how things stand to each other or things flow and interact. That's normally done using drawing apps and visualized with flowcharts, UML or organizational diagrams. But many of them are cumbersome to use and stand in your way to achieve the most important goal of the task: that you get the idea of what a system is about and to achieve the insight over a hidden cause or solution. And therefore don't bother with complex drawing tools but use BigHairyGoal to create a rough sketch on what's going on.

** Visual Thinking
Big Hairy Goal supports three different types of cards: text, image and url. Drag resources from any location like Finder and Safari or paste a screenshot into your workspace.

Create mood boards, inspiration boards or lightboxes on the fly. Move lesser attractive candidates aside and create groups. Zoom into images by selecting any and pressing the space key, just like what you are accustomed to in Finder.

** Getting things done
Big Hairy Goal is a very small progress tracking board. To design your approach and to measure your progress, cards have attributes like status, size, importance, dependencies, relations and grouping. To keep you focused, all attributes are visualized in clear colors, without distracting visual styles.

Big Hairy Goal supports your creative thinking process on what to do, what natural approaches may exist and finally getting things done.


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Important for use as a Visual Thinking Environment UPDATED Posted by

Original: I have made a number of blog posts about this program. It is one of just a very few that I highly recommend for use as a Visual Thinking Environment on the Mac. The blog posts include many examples of the program’s use. Updated to Current Version and After Use for 9 Months: This is an exceptional thinking environment. I find it extremely valuable as a first (and sometimes final) step in organizing huge amounts of information extremely rapidly, accurately, and in a format extremely easy to think about. This program supports the following process better than anything else I have yet to find of the several dozen similar visual information environment, mind mapping, and concept mapping programs I have used extensively. Process for information evaluation and drawing conclusions: a) draw information sources (quotes, web links, data, images) onto an unlimited canvas b) draw relationships among the information items c) rearrange the information items to build clusters (manually or automatically forming neat clusters of information “cards”) d) color code e) break cards apart into several cards and rearrange f) sort in various ways The old analogy is placing many (hundreds, thousands) of pieces of information on file cards and then arranging them into “models” of information and conclusions. This program is light years ahead of that analog and makes extensively use of modern web-based methods of retrieving information as text, images, and links. Scapple is an alternative program with similar goals. While similarly excellent, I prefer BigHairyGoal because it is easier to use, includes a few more bells and whistles, and makes it really simple to create compelling summary images showing models of information.

Great Overall Posted by

Good: The developer is very responsive and continues to refine BHG. The software works great for organizing information visually. Overall it’s a great tool and it’s exteremely useful! Bad: The controls are bad when combined with the Magic Trackpad 2. The software requires you to click and hold to create a connection between cards, or click and start dragging right away to move a card. This works quite well with a mouse, once you get used to it. With the trackpad, clicking and moving right away is not reliable. You create a connection (and a new card) at least 30 to 50% of the time when you want to move a card instead. You then have to first set the text (which is pre-selected on the new card) before you can delete the new card, select the one that you intended to move, and try again. If instead you press delete before setting the text, you then have to enter new text and set it before you can delete the card. Terminology (and functionality) is very confusing in the context menus. You can “Group” a selection (Group->Group Selection) or “Collect” a selection (Listed Cards->Collect Selection). Once you’ve collected a selection, you then have to go to Group to change the layout of the collection, and go to Listed Cards to change their order. If you want to separate the cards then you have to go back to Group->Dissolve Group. As a collection seems to be able to do everything that a Group can do and more, then why have a Group at all? It would be much better simplified and condensed.

Good app, responsive owner Posted by

I like the idea behind the BHG app. When brainstorming / ideating you need a tool that enables you to encode and persist ideas and connections in a quick and fluid manner. Earlier versions BHG were very slow and CPU intensive. After a couple of negative reviews the owner quickly put out a new version that fixed many of the performance issues. The new version is much more responsive and enables the quick and fluid interation a brainstorming tool requires. Thanks! I would say, the options in the Editor menu should either be a pane in the app or a floating window. Much the same way as image editing tools often are designed to have flowing windows to hold and organize context sensitive actions for manipulating the image. its a bit cumbersome to always have to move the mouse up and click through menus to get the desired option when a floating context window would make this so much easier.

Excellent! Posted by

This is the best, simple, freeform mindmapping/brainstorming tool out there. There are much more complicated apps, to be sure, but this one hits the sweet spot on enough features to be useful (and a joy to use), but not too many to be intrusive and bewildering. Copy/paste allows you to get flat text into Evernote or some other task management app.This is great, though a few more export formats would be helpful. As it is, PDF is the only one but there are times when I’d like to be able to drop an outline into Word. An accompanying iPad app that can reach into DropBox, iCloud or other cloud storage would make this system complete! PLEASE!!

Great Brainstorming App Posted by

I have really gotten a lot of value out of this application. It has it’s features, but for what it is, and at such a resonable price it is a fantastic app for just getting boxes out in front of you and sorting them out. This is my go to app for “storming” - just dumping a huge problem onto a space then organizing the blocks after I get them all out. I find mind mapping to be a challenge because it forces connections there there may not be any, and sometimes / most times I want to connect the dots later. It could be a little faster I admit and sometimes the dragging is boggy, but at it’s core I find it extremely useful.

Phenomenal program! Posted by

Simple to use, powerful and, best of all, a developer who is open to suggestions and makes improvements based on them. The developer is quick to respond to suggestions and stands really fast on keeping the program simple to use. In a world where “even more powerful” really means more complicated to learn and frustrating, this is a breath of fresh air.

One of My Favorite Apps Posted by

This is one of my favorite apps that I have purchased recently. Where it really shines is speed. If you don’t want or need the structure of a mindmap, and just want to do something quickly, and a little more free-form. This is the app for you. Keep up the great work.

Useful action thinking environment Posted by

I have licenses for several similar apps (OmniGraffle, Scapple, MindNode, iThoughtsX, Diagrammix,and Curio), but BigHairyGoal provides a unique action thinking environment.

Was a useful action thinking environment, no longer by bobembry 2016-12-26

I have licenses for several similar apps (OmniGraffle, Scapple, MindNode, iThoughtsX, Diagrammix,and Curio), but BigHairyGoal provides a unique action thinking environment. 12/26/2016 The last two releases crash frequently and there are major bugs in the user interface. It has become useless I couldn’t find a customer contact address — only a Facebook page.

Great application but SLOW! by magicsoap 2016-04-28

I would love for the developers to improve the responsiveness of the application. Whenever I try to click and drag an arrow, there’s always a wait time and that can be very annoying when creating making boxes and arrows quickly. Using a 2012: retina macbookpro 2.6 ghz quadcore

Updates galore by MrYMath 2016-05-06

It appears as if this version is problematic. It seems that not a day goes by in which there’s another update. Perhaps it pays to wait a while to see if the problems are solved before shelling out $15?

Forces you to review by the_real_bpo 2016-03-29

This app annoys you until you post a review for it. Very frustrating and distracting!