Bit City Games free for iPhone/iPad
Bit City Games free for iPhone/iPad

Bit City Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Bit City Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Bit City Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Bit City Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Bit City Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Bit City Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Build your own Bit City! Start from a tiny town and grow to a thriving metropolis in this city building idle game from the creators of Tiny Tower. Collect profits and invest in upgrades that keep your city growing. Fill your city with new types of cars, planes and ships. Unlock cool new buildings, including famous landmarks to customize the look of your city. What are you waiting for? Start building YOUR own Bit City now!


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Great Game Posted by

Iiiii think this game is great. I love playing Nimblebit's games, and still play a bunch of their older ones. I think this is a great addition to their collection. The gameplay is fair, grinding isn't utterly ridiculous, it's entirely possible to play without purchasing anything, though that pension pig is starting to look mighty enticing. Pricing for purchasing buildings and stuff with in game currency scales nicely. It's not much of a battery drain, so it can be played for long amounts of time. My only problem is that buying property is way to easy. Sometimes I'm trying to tap on cars and accidentally tap on a space and since I'm tapping fast I accidentally tap to build a property. This is annoying if I'm trying to save coins to buy an upgrade or vehicle or something. It's also annoying if you want to try and divide your city into different zones because something might accidentally get built where you don't want. And the bulk build option only increases this frustration because it's one more button to be able to hit, and it selects and randomly places the as many zoned buildings as you have money for. Then you're really out of luck if you're trying to save money. It would be nice if there was an option for two step buying, like a confirmation screen, or if there was an option to tear down a building or even just rezone a property. Tldr: great game, only one issue that's not game breaking, just slightly annoying, and cars sometimes drive in several circles in intersections which is kind of funny.

Amazing and very addicting! Posted by

This is defiantly one of my favorite games at the moment. It's so addicting and I can't put my phone down when I start playing(I'm like, I have to get the next city! Lol). Here are some things that I think would make the game much better. First, I really wish that you could spin your buildings cause sometime when I build something it's facing the wrong way and I have to go through all the building again to get the right building facing the right way(I like my cities to look decent so I can take pics of them). Secondly, it would be awesome if you could pick which building you want to build so you don't have to go through all the buildings to get the one you want to lock. Lastly, of course more cities/cars/planes/boats would be awesome cause I'm almost to the last city and I've built all the cars/boats/planes already. A couple ideas for cars I have are sports cars like some sort of Lamborghini or Ferrari and an idea for a new boat would be like the Titanic or a navy carrier. Anyways this is an amazing game how it is those are just some things I think would be awesome if they got added sometime. Thanks for reading if you did! (:

VERY ADDICTIVE But one problem... Posted by

Overall this is an Amazing reincarnation of Tiny tower,in fact I might even say it was educational in a way,but here's one problem.You know the Tier 3"Builder bots button?Well basically I got that upgrade and at first I was quite confused because by building looks we're changing automatically,Then I become concerned because I was doing a mission that said to make to star tower buildings,While I was making the first and then the second building...the upgrade changed what the first tower looked like and I had to spend all my bucks to change it back,even though when i was finished changing it back to its original look.the second building changed and it was very frustrating to finish the mission I think you should either add two things...One,You.make it so that that upgrade only builds buildings automatically instead of it changing you existing ones or,Two you could add a tab to disable that specific upgrade or all at most... Hopefully a a developer is reading this right now,You make amazing games and I'm just telling you what you need to improve on...Keep up the good work Nimble Bit

Love the game....however beware Prestige Posted by

While this game is far from perfect, it's absolutely amazing! I've played a lot of games from this developer and this game doesn't disappoint.(Also, I don't think that some people understand how the game works. You increase your population, not just w/ residential lots, but with business & service lots. The population increases when you add service or business lots as well) However, the gameplay becomes ruined the minute you collect your prestige keys. The game promotes prestige and *says* that it'll improve your gameplay, but it does the exact opposite. When you use prestige, you go back to city 1(as it intended) but all of the lots & everything else becomes way more expensive than in your first go. I'd advise to not do prestige and just continue on without it on your game, especially if you don't use real world money for these types of games. Honestly, I just redownloaded the game so I could have a fresh start because I couldn't deal w/ the slower gameplay that came w/ having to wait(longer than usual) for more money.

LOVE Posted by

this app is incredible. So adorable! Love the features!!! HOWEVER, I would love if you would add a swap feature and a rotation feature. Because sometimes I love the building but the location doesn't work or the rotation of it doesn't work. (Aesthetics wise) or even if we can chose what building or about what building to place. For example themes. Like farming, offices, apartments, houses..etc. so we know what we're getting into. this would just make the game THAT much better. Another thing is id love if you'd add more buildings. There are only 134... I would love to see more. The special buildings just cost so much buxs it's hard to get all of them :/ I hope you add these features to make the game even better. But if not it's chill the game is so sweet so yeah keep doing what you're doing with you're apps!!

IT'S SO TINY!!! Posted by

A fantastic game from the creators of the Tiny Tower franchise! As usual, they managed to build an excellent installment that's addicting, simple, rewarding to play, and doesn't need to be a cash cow like other games on the market (*cough-cough* Mobile Strike *ahem*). Anyways, it's a great deal of fun to sit down and relax for five minutes or an hour building a small city and watching it slowly populate with cars and unique architectural feats. It's really fun to watch an empty field come alive with every upgrade you make. The one recommendation I have is to make pedestrians walking around the streets (likely two-bit sprites) to make the towns more lively and pay homage to the game's granddaddy Tiny Tower. Even so, this recommendation is minor. This is still a simple, yet a surprisingly enjoyable game anyone can love!

Building Cities Posted by

I gave this four stars. I have played all Nimble Bit games and enjoy them. Unfortunately I felt there are a couple things in this game that were unappealing. Why do we have to pay real money to open the piggy bank? Also the cost of the exclusive buildings are a bit much, if you compare how much game bucks are needed to real dollars spent to buy in game bucks some of these buildings will cost $10 in real money! Understanding that majority of games now require "in game purchases" it's just amazing how much these purchases are costing. I wish for the days of just purchasing a game and being free to play with all the items in the game. I do enjoy playing this one but NOT the exorbitant purchases. Also I like the idea of restarting a city not wiping out all the cities. A map to go between cities to rebuild would be nice.

Another Great Game From Nimblebit Posted by

I saw this game on the App Store and decided to give it a try, I'm not regretting that choice, I'm hooked on this game. It looks like Nimb took a step out of their 2D comfort zone and went into a 3D-Pixel look and I love it. It's is just as addicting as Pixel Planes and Pixel Trains, as well as Tiny Tower. I would definitely recommend this game to anybody who wants a calm game where all you have to do is press a few buttons... Gonna be playing this for a while. Suggestions: I think you should add the ability to pay 50 (in game) Bux and select which building you want exactly, like say I got a cornfield but I want a Starbits Coffee, I just pay 50 Bux and get it (And you won't be able to select buildings that are part of a quest) Meh, just and idea... Keep up the work Nimble Will B- Addicted

Me encanto, Muy buen Juego Posted by

El juego es muy bueno y bastante sencillo de jugar. Te dan distintas ciudades y tu misión es aumentar tu presupuesto para invadir a la ciudad con nuevos ciudadanos, creando sus casas, negocios y servicios. También se pueden ir desbloqueando Autos, Aviones y Barcos para que transiten por la ciudad y te den dinero. A medida que las ciudades van aumentando su población adquieres experiencia lo que te otorgara un nuevo nivel y con esto ultimo una nueva ciudad, mucho mas grande y ambiciosa que la anterior. El juego me encanto y si tuviera que pedir una sola cosa mas seria que agregaran personas caminando por las calles, sería magnífico. Las ciudades se ven coloridas y llenas de vida, y te darán muchos minutos de entretenimiento. 5/5

Fun Repetition... Posted by

Overall a fun game albeit a bit mind numbing. I'm sure it will lose its appeal eventually however in the beginning it's quite a captivating game if you're into an easy going, waiting type of joint. I'll give it the five star for now as from what I've seen, there is no need to pay to have a bit of fun. Just need patience and the will to click away at the cars and planes and eventually boats that will give you the coin to continue building. Give it a try...won't hurt ya. If you don't like it...delete it...simple. EDIT: I know devs need to make money to continue making the games but I agree that the $4.99 for unlimited 2x and $2.99 to unlock the money pig thing may be a bit steep...just my .02 sense...

You three programmers are great Posted by

Thanks for making a fun game. It would be wonderful to add more diversity to the mechanics and special event like disaster recovery, Olympics or something other than just building a City. Also it doesn't make sense to have random buildings every time it's rebuilt. How about requiring parts of a City like a treatment plant and hospital, etc that you need to unlock additional areas as you expand. Last thought, what about adding a green belt for habitat and recreation? I mean one that you build not just as a random perimeter. One that can augment interactions with your bitizens and surrounding towns and environment. Some bitizen humor would be great (car chases, fishing on the bay, etc.)

Awesome game, but would love an added element Posted by

I'm having a lot of fun playing Bit City, finally got to level 8! However, from about level 6 on, I'm finding it's starting to get repetitive. I would love the option to be able to choose what buildings I want in certain lots so I can get it looking how I want aesthetically. Maybe once you finish a level, there's an option to go back and play around with an earlier level. It would be a nice balance with the game play, and I'd spend more time in the app if I could have more control over the lots. Maybe charge bux to change lot type (business to residential, for example), or to specifically choose a building.

City Clicker Posted by

As a former avid SimCity player, I was excited to see the guys behind Tiny Tower come out with a city management game. Once I overcame the initial disappointment that it's more cookie clicker than SimCity, I have found it enjoyable and use it as a fun way to pass the time. I like seeing the different buildings that come up. My only gripes are that some of the randomly generated challenges are extremely hard to get through the randomly generated buildings you will receive, and that they didn't name this game Tiny Town. Overall I am enjoying myself, and I look forward to playing more to see where it goes!

New and unique Posted by

Brings me back to sim city days, but the feel of a tiny town is unique. I love the designs of the different residential, business and service buildings. I like the concept of building the city to bring more money and population. It's a fun pastime during my post operative recovery. Lol I do wish that if I build an apartment building that it brought more population than just building a villa. It would make more sense if it did. And perhaps another feature that would be nice is a meter on how happy the tiny townspeople are with what's available to them. But enjoying the game!

Sensational! Posted by

This is the only idle game I like. It's addicting, fun, incentivizing, and whole hearted! I only recently downloaded but have amassed huge cities and can't wait to govern the next. They offer amazing deals with in life currencies, but I've never felt the need to use them! Comparing to other games which get you in a rut every time you don't spend a few dollars, this game let's you flourish at 0.00€$£¥!!! Another great release by NimbleBit❤️

Outstanding Game! Posted by

I've been playing Bit City on Android for a few weeks (beta, I believe) and am STOKED it has been released for iOS. Also, with that point, the game play on iPhone/iPad seems to be far superior than on Galaxy Note 5, (probably due to the phone) but don't think for a second that I'm knocking the beta version. This application is very well written both conceptually and architecturally. Great job guys!!

Love it Posted by

Awesome game, love the variety of buildings you can make. It's pretty fun to try to work with a certain type of town in mind. Would be cool if you could freely alter the main color of the buildings (just so I could make more cohesive neighborhoods without waiting forever for 4 of the same house to pop up). I'm hoping y'all continually add new buildings and stuff, the style of it all is so cute.

amazing Idle Clicker game Posted by

This is a great game if you like Idle Clicker games. If you don't know that those are look for "Cookie Clicker" or "Clicker Heroes" on the web. This isn't like Tiny Tower. I enjoy Idle Clicker style games and Niblebit has nailed the format. It is super fun and I anticipate being drawn in to waste many many hours with this.

Awesome game!! Very addicting!!!! Posted by

I love this game! It isn't my main game that I play on my iPad, but it is certainly a very awesome side game! I thoroughly enjoy this game and would recommend it to anyone!!!! If you're skeptical about it, just try it! I don't think you'll be disappointed!!!!!! Enjoy!!!

This Game is Amazing Posted by

I can tell that you devs at NimbleBit studios put in a lot of time for this game. It's not terrible but it's not perfect either. Five star ratings are for those games, that with a few minor tweaks, can become one of the greatest out there.

Fun at first then frustrating by Takkenne 2017-04-07

Seriously, when I first downloaded this it was insanely addicting. Although you make money real time, you can burn literally over an hour on the app, tapping cars, planes, and boats for coins. In fact, you make twice as much money that way. Also, this app has the best incentives for watching ads that I've ever seen: watch an ad, and then make double the money for ten minutes. The concept was perfect. At first. As I progressed through the levels, it just got...annoyingly hard. I was on the seventh city, and it was so irritating to me that even though I'd pay for every tax increase or whatever and bought a ton of cars, planes, and boats, I still wasn't making money fast enough to pay for even the small lots in a reasonable amount of time. I was having to wait for the first time in the game, and there was no way to decrease the wait time. That got old really fast. Also annoying is that it seems like when I am not actually on the app, when I return to it, I swear I don't get as much money as if I'd been on it. (Meaning: on the app, I might make a trillion an hour. Off the app, I only make a quarter of that.) Even if I watch an ad to double it it doesn't seem to add up. Which only added to my aggravation and my belief that it was obnoxiously hard to make money. And, ultimately, I just deleted the app. It got too frustrating. It was an awesome recipe for success, but it's not worth waiting around for an hour to buy one or two small lots. That's ridiculous.

Disappointing coming from NimbleBit by Another Former Player 2017-03-20

Going with the minecraft gaming block style was a bad choice. Would have been visually more appealing if Bit City was actually designed with their previous 2D 8-bit retro styling. They basically created a franchise in the 'Tiny' and 'Pocket' games, but don't leverage that to this game at all. This game visually looks like an amateur made it, complete overhaul recommended. Also there are confusing game mechanics; why do the buildings cycle through when upgrading? I have 3 lvl 10 buildings and buy a plot that makes a new lvl 1 building. The lvl 10's take very long to upgrade compared to the lvl 1, why would I not want the lvl 1 to quickly lvl up and hold off on the others until I got them all to the same general lvl so that the process gets gradually longer, not jerky. The gameplay mechanics are poorly explained and there's a lack of immersion. The historical check box must be bugged, because it seemingly does nothing. Any building that was marked was demolished for a new one anyway. Also, 10 minute ad bonus is a joke. Bottom line bugs need squishing, the gameplay needs better explaining/overhauling, and a total reskin to their trademark 2D retro styling needs to be done for this 'game' to become even remotely entertaining.

THEFT! Apple ID used without my permission. by Kitcatcraze 2017-03-29

I can't quite be certain of what just happened in my game, but from what I can tell, upon entering, 3 back to back prompts to purchase bux showed up, and before I could hit accept or cancel, would disappear to show the next one. Then, when I tried to close the app, it conveniently took my finger print as "confirmation" of the 3 purchases it thinks I was trying to make simultaneously. I'll be disputing this and hopefully Apple will refund me whatever was spent (probably not an overly large amount) but BEWARE!!! This all happened so quickly on my device I could not even read what each prompt was asking me to purchase. This seems like a huge problem and over users need to be aware that it's extremely easy for this app to mysteriously make 3 simultaneous purchases.... I will amend this review once I go through all my options to be refunded my money, but until then, this app and creator pretty much sickens me. If you have to steal you're trash. And if it's a bug it should be looked into immediately. Maybe instead of making it harder to accidentally progress, make an effort to make it harder for you to "accidentally" steal people's money.

Real person reviewing by NathanaelB 2017-04-07

I've played many nimblebit titles and always find them entertaining for a time. This is fun to come back to every now and then and do bulk upgrades (thanks for mass build), but I generally find the upgrade system and alternate advancement via vehicles disjointed and meaningless. Many upgrades far down the tech tree might only improve economy 0.001% whereas a similar cost upgrade might make a 5% impact. There really isn't any specialization roads the player can follow. Premium buildings (of which there are probably $1000s worth of) can gradually be earned via quests but the thought of tapping 5000 cars with the buck bonus for one solid unlock is disheartening. Nimblebit: love you guys and I know you need to monetize to make it in this industry, but seriously question what meaningful choice you are offering players in their strategy. If you miss that component this is no improvement on any kong idle game and you will churn like crazy when the players realize their input doesn't matter. Consider zoning syntheses or map specific challenges and strengths. Consider some specialized buildings or 6 option tech tiers with multiple valid approaches.

Confused by Petit fromage 2017-03-21

Why is it that I am supposed to reach a population of 10,000 and I only have 10 small spaces to build on? Each small residential area is 1,000 people, so everything I build has to be a residence to advance? That's not realistic at all. A city wouldn't have all residences and no services. Having mostly residences cause the me to get -10% earnings on them since demand is so low. What is the point of having limited space to build on? Why do the appearances of buildings change so much from level to level? I can't tell the difference between a level 10 building and a level 40 building. Where is the customization? I saw some others comment on adding friends and visiting their cities, but what would be the point? They would all look the same. I have so many questions. I really like Nimblebit as a company but I feel like this one falls short. SimCity Buildit is wayyyy more fun than this is.

So much fun...but with issues by Skylite22 2017-03-25

This is like Egg Inc and Sim City put together. I've really enjoyed playing the game but one issue is realizing is making me not want to continue. Currently I have 323 keys which means I should be making 323% of my income/second. But it's not counting. I wish the income per second showed the 323% increase. If that's what it is, it needs to be clarified. The other issue is the ads. Ads are fine. I'm really ok with it. But there are drug ads that last 60 seconds. Or Botox ads that sometimes allow you to skip, or sometimes not. Also sometimes I have to click something before the ad will begin to play. It then starts to show a YouTube video but the ironic part is, you have to sit through a 15 second ad before you can actually watch the ad. Other than those two things, it's really fun. But a few things need worked on.

Looks fun but that changes fast by jarland 2017-03-31

Given how long it takes playing casually to progress, it took me about a week to get to city 5 I'm in no hurry, of course. But up to this point the entire thing consists of watch counter, pay or watch ads to speed up counter, and tap to build houses until all squares are full. Repeat with new city. You can build business and service building as well, and there are achievements for doing so. That is, if you don't want to progress to the next city. The only way to meet your stated objective is to fill 100% of squares with houses. If you fail to do that, your only option is starting back at city 1, you can't repurpose a square. So it's just another game of "watch these timers move" and "I bet you wish the timer moved faster, pay here."

Great at first... by chainedlightning 2017-04-08

....and then you get to larger cities. Once you've upgraded just about every facility, there's nothing to do but wait and fill in your population little by little. I'm on city 7 (pop 544,000) and I can either sit there all day tapping cars, boats, and planes, or wait for the bank and fill in a few blocks every 8-10 hours. Kind of like... I've proven I can do this. Now there's literally nothing productive to do for a week or two because I've got a million little plots to fill in. Later in the game, you don't so much as look forward to playing as you do check in when you remember. And that's a fast way to lose interest. I'm terrified to see what city 8 looks like. Might be the end of the line for me.

Spin off of Adventure Capitalist by Zaneoneal52 2017-03-21

The entire concept of the game is based off of the mechanics for adventure capitalist which in return makes me feel like I'm playing adventure capitalist city or something not a game devolved by your company . Some similarities between the two games include the, city level up menu which are similar to the same style level up menu manufactured in adventure capitalist, also the keys that you obtain for a so called prestige to better profits. Yeah well In adventure capitalist they have angels. Although the physical appearance of the game is different between the two and they due have there differences there are just too many similarities for me to feel like it's a stand alone game and not a secure to someone else's.

Good game Bad upgrade system by Wasted salad 2017-04-07

The game works very well on a small scale, but once I got to a map with a 138k population win condition i noticed a major problem. The big yellow build button keeps upgrading the same buildings meaning i have large level 70 buildings that take several minutes to upgrade and newer low level buildings just wasting space which almost never get upgrades. The cost of buying new buildings is really high, but nothing built there will ever do more than fill the population quota. From both a city builder and an idle game standpoint this is very irritating. Some way to choose which buildings to upgrade would make this game much less frustrating and more satisfying.

New Update Spoils Fun by ItsSchiz 2017-03-25

I really enjoyed this game until the recent update. To advance to the next city you're only given a certain allotment of land to build your population. The problem is that from the very first level you can't build anything other than residential buildings, otherwise you won't achieve the population needed to progress. Then the buildings earnings are lowered because your city isn't balanced between residential, business, and service buildings. It's a major error in my opinion and incredibly boring to look at hundreds of lots that are the same type of building. I hope this is something that is fixed because I truly do enjoy this game.

Really needs a few improvements by MrMcBane 2017-04-06

This game really needs a way to *disable* buying, so I don't accidentally do it while tapping on coins. Right now, it's waaay too easy to randomly place things I don't want to. The bulk buy feature has actually made this problem way worse! Now I can ruin large chunks of my city at once! There should also be a way to temporarily hide all historical buildings, so I can easily see if there are things I want to mark as historical that aren't already marked. Finally, there needs to be more Starbits buildings. Maybe a Supremo Starbits for large lots, Starbits loft apartments for Residential, and Starbits Rehab for Service.

Repetitive and shallow by IDHSBDJFHSBS 2017-03-20

I loved tiny tower but this is far from it. After city 2 you realize you are just doing the same thing over and over each time you unlock the next city. You get the green currency at a decent enough rate but if you want the big upgrades you will need to put in a lot of real money. Also the upgrades you get for using the green currency are hardly worth getting. There's also hardly any strategy to the game. It's just get money, buy buildings, level up. I realize it's a free game but after playing for twenty minutes you have seen the whole thing. Try it out if you're bored but do not spend a single dollar

Turns into a huge cash pit. by MommyofBoogie 2017-03-23

After playing this game for a while or so and spending some real money I've come to realize that the harder you work at the game to make it easier (like prestige) the more the game becomes a cash grab. It should get easier not more time consuming. I saved up 110% prestige and restarted I think 5 times and now level 4 has taken me 3 days and I'm not even close to being done with it. With 0 prestige it first took me a few hours. They set it up to the point where the more you spend the more it takes. I'm pretty ticked off about this and feel abused as a consumer. Skip this game it's not worth it.

It's... eh by Woooooooooooo0 2017-03-21

It is what it is... this game will be interesting for a little bit but not long... it's been a few days of playing when I'm super bored and I'm starting to lose interest. It's the most middle of the road, free to play game I've ever played. Play it, enjoy it for what it is, and move on... yay throw-away economy made mobile. I wish I could give this 2.5 stars.

6,000 "bux" vanished by RobNixon 2017-03-30

Last night, I had 7,458 bux that I've been saving up. This morning, I have 1,458. No accidental building unlocks. These were all bux that I had earned, but read assured - I'll NEVER be buying more. And if it happens again, I'll be uninstalling this and every other Nimblebits game. Disgraceful!

Just alright by JSwicker 2017-03-21

Gone are the little people and in comes little pixel cars and building. The game play maybe fun for most but this game does not offer the kind of free gameplay as in other titles.

this game is trash by Adada1234 2017-04-08

i would put 0 stars if I could but i cant this game made me restart on its own never download buggy and boaring

MOVE THE MISSION BUTTONS BACK by lwrnc.h 2017-03-25

Don't clutter the screen so you can push your freemium packages on me.