Blockwick Games for iPhone/iPad
Blockwick Games for iPhone/iPad

Blockwick Games for iPhone/iPad

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Blockwick Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Blockwick Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Blockwick Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Blockwick Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Blockwick Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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**Blockwick 2 is now available. It has 160 puzzles of increasing difficulty with a slew of new specialty blocks—including caterpillar blocks, flip blocks, entangled blocks, and more.**

There is a place with lots of blocks. It's called Blockwick

The blocks here are all different shapes and colors and have mysterious symbols on them. Everything is mixed up, but when you place same-colored blocks next to each other, their symbols glow! Organize the blocks to bring light and order to this world.

From the creators of Aqueduct, Orba, and Monster Soup comes an intriguing new slider-puzzle called Blockwick.

Check out Blockwick 101 and play through 48 puzzles for free before buying the full version.


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Compelling Posted by

I picked this game up because I was just looking for something to do on my lunch breaks. Now I'm playing any time I have some free time. I went to happy hour with friends from work and I played this game. One reviewer claimed there were no directions. I don't know what happened there but the directions were very simple and clear when I started. Move the colored blocks anywhere in the grid where all three can touch. That's it. In later levels you'll get more blocks and more colors. You may only touch colored blocks with like colored blocks. There will be times where you'll swear that there is no way to get your block where you need it to go but just keep trying. There's always a way. I never would have thought such a simple idea would be so addicting.

Really fun AND relaxing! Posted by

A lot of times the word 'zen' gets thrown around in reviews to describe iOS games. I won't use the word here, but this is a very fun, challenging, and relaxing puzzle game. The levels are all nicely designed so far and take some thought, with nice graphics and New Age ambient sounds. What makes this game relaxing is that there is no time or move limit, you are free to explore and try different moves out. In addition, there rarely is a need to restart levels back to their original places- if one approach doesn't work, you can just try something else without feeling that you have no chance since you veered off from an official solution. Me, my wife, and my mother in law have been absorbed in this game for days Really nice work here!


There is a fine line separating "fun" and "tedium". I went through the entire game twice--the second time to collect pearls, for which I was rewarded another level. I can do these puzzles for days on end, except for puzzle 13-10 which is not a brain's just sheer boredom. A waste of my time, because it's obvious that if you fill the playing area with black, there's no place to go in anything but quarter inch increments. Booooorrrrrring. I've been working on it for about four days, again, not because it's challenging, but because I can only get inspired to work on it for about ten minutes a day. Please don't make the sequal in this mold. You'll have an automatic loser.

I. LOVE. THIS. GAME. Posted by

Sorry to be so juvenile by using all those periods in the review title, but I do love this game. I could literally play Blockwick for hours on end, but since there are a limited number of levels (240), I normally force myself to stop after completing four of them. I really don't want this to end. Sure, there's a Blockwick 2, but after playing the free, introductory version of that game, I determined that it wasn't as good as this original version and I won't be buying it. Anyway, I digress. This game has entered my top ten all-time favorites and if you enjoy puzzles that don't pressure you with a time limit or a specified number of moves, it may well become a fav of yours as well.

Wow, I was not expecting that Posted by

I downloaded this game on a whim late at night, not expecting much out of it. Boy, was I wrong. It is incredibly fun, addicting and challenging. Most other puzzle-type apps out there are either stay too easy, get hard too quickly (in a way that requires you to guess what the developer was thinking), or they jump around between vastly different levels of challenge. This game, to my pleasant surprise, has probably the best learning curve out there. Just as you get used to one level of difficulty, it throws an increased challenge at you...but one that is doable, not one that eventually sends you to google in frustration. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to use their brain.

A simple puzzler with depth Posted by

When I picked this one up I was reluctant to pay more than $.99 for an iOS game. A year-and-a-half later, and I still come back to Blockwick now and again. Most iOS games last a month, tops, on my phone, but this is one of the few with a permanent spot in my games folder. The puzzles start out really easy, but they get hard, fast. The sounds and colors are pleasing and reward you for keeping at it. Sometimes, when I'm stuck, I have to give my brain a week to recover so I can look at the puzzle with a fresh perspective. You can pick this game back up after a break and it won't punish you. This is one of my favorites. I can't recommend it enough.

Best of class Posted by

Somehow the twist on the standard sliding block mechanism that Blockwick has makes this game fabulous rather then as mundane as I find the typical game of this type to be. Combine that with lovely graphics, fantastic sound, and the usual Kieffer Bros. attention to detail (I love how the level indicators in the menu gradually increases in brightness as more puzzles in that level are solved). Finally throw in 240 addictive and sometimes maddening puzzles to solve. If there is another sliding block game as good as this on the App Store I would like to know so I can smash the buy button. For me Kieffer Bros. equals insta-buy!

FANTASTIC Game!! Posted by

I just love this game! I have completed, deleted & reloaded this game about 3 times now (to reset game progress & play again). It's that good! This game is so relaxing, but challenging enough to keep players interested. The music is great & calming. The puzzles are varied & are challenging without overwhelming. The free trial version is an honest intro to the game, and if you liked it, you will love the full version! DL is highly recommended!

A great brain game! Posted by

Although I seldom read positive reviews because the negative ones tell me more, this game deserves positive reviews to be read. I like it very much for spatial analysis and for me, as an older adult, I find it does much to keep my brain exercised. Some of the puzzles can be quite difficult but persistence eventually pays off. I was fortunate to get this game free but it is one of the few free games I have downloaded that would be well worth paying for.

Perfect Puzzler Posted by

This was a delightful, often challenging game, but never so hard I gave up. There were a couple times I had to take a break or reload multiple times to try and get a different visual approach. I was completely absorbed for a few hours off and on, and am sorry the two level free trial is over :( I look forward to starting at the beginning again. No hints here, simplicity rules in this great puzzle game.

Requires focus & concentration Posted by

This is one of my favorite games for late at night to clear my mind of daily concerns as it requires my total attention & focus. Just when I am sure the puzzle is insolvable, I will have a sudden insight into exactly how to solve it. Both addictive and relaxing. I have only just completed two of the three free levels, so I imagine it will only get more perplexing and compelling.

FAV GAME EVER. Posted by

I love this game so much. Although it is addictive, it isn't stressful or irritating like some games (Angry Birds comes to mind). The chimes and percussion in the music keep you calm, curious, and engaged. I beat all the levels a few months ago and have now deleted and reinstalled it so that I can start over. I missed it too much! Kieffer Bros., please come out with another game!!

Skeptical Posted by

After skimming through all these reviews I thought the maker of the game maybe had ppl write awesome reviews about the game so more ppl would buy it... I downloaded it when it's free But I think it's worth it to download it for the .99 cents too... It's challenging, fun, easy to use and control... My review is that it's a great game ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Great puzzle game Posted by

After getting hooked on the free versions, I bought the bundle. I really like this type of puzzle game, as I find them to be simultaneously mentally stimulating and emotionally relaxing--it's kind of a zen thing, which the game soundtrack nicely supports. Now if I can only figure out what's the point of collecting the moon pearls...

Best Yet Posted by

Best puzzle game for the ipad. The only thing i dont like is how, now that ive beaten all levels several times, i cant seem to find another puzzle game as interesting to purchase. This game def deserves 5 stars, only thing that could make it better is a mode which allowed me to try and complete the levels in as few moves as possible.

 SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!! Posted by

Mind Bending Fun  anyone that loves mind puzzles this is the game for u I am going to play and play there's other leavers that u can buy for only $.99 and I will be buying them so have some mind bending fun and get this app it's FREE! but other leavers u will have to pay and it is worth it

Can't put the iPad down Posted by

These puzzles are not just challenging, they're beautiful. Keiffer brothers games are so polished and well thought out. The music is perfect too. Play the trial games and you'll see. Between Blockwick and Aqueduct, I can't put my iPad down. Thank you Keiffer Bros

Fun and challenging Posted by

This game lulls you into believing that it isn't hard, your not challenged and then you hit the screen with only on free piece, and the locks are all pinned and the rest aren't active. I have bought all the levels, we are hoping that new levels are available soon!

GET THIS GAME. Posted by

Everything. It's simplicity. It's complexity. It's visuals. It's soundtrack. OMG THE SOUNDTRACK. it's a game you can pick up and play for a few minutes, or grind out for hours. It's my go to iOS game. Every. Single. Time.

Good game but…? Posted by

I installed this on a new device and find all puzzles are unlocked. Does this mean people get iap earlier just wasted their money?

How do you play? by Hlwhm 2015-05-18

The first level guides you to move the blocks to spots with dotted lines....and then in the second level there is nothing. No instructions and no indication of how to solve the puzzle. After randomly moving the blocks around to try and figure out how the puzzle works I decided to just delete this app.

Fun by Hobyx 2012-08-27

More fun than I thought it would be from the screenshots. The only unintuitive part is that I didn't realize the gems are supposed to be tapped on when uncovered.

Nice UI but little instructions by LolitaLynn 2012-08-01

It's a beautiful game with a nice UI but I can't find any instructions. I just move around the blocks until it says solved. Maybe include some instructions.

Annoying repeat by phr0ze 2015-06-04

Beat the first three free levels on Blockwick 101 and now i have to do them all over again! Annoying to have to do that.

Sokoban by chmachi 2015-05-19

Good to while away some time. Limited moves count will make game play more challenging.

Awesome by iUser99 2012-09-25

I think it's great really mind boggling