Brave Guardians TD Games free for iPhone/iPad
Brave Guardians TD Games free for iPhone/iPad

Brave Guardians TD Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Screenshots & Video

Brave Guardians TD Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Brave Guardians TD Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Brave Guardians TD Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Brave Guardians TD Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Brave Guardians TD Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Brave Guardians TD Games free for iPhone/iPad

Download Brave Guardians TD for iPhone/iPad
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"A magic and impressive tower-defense game with wonderful graphics" - Appszoom, 8.8/10
"A gorgeous, lush game." - Tapscape, 9.2/10

Brave Guardians is an epic 3D action fantasy defense game that narrates the story of four heroes (Pepo, Tiko, Zagi & Rapu) -- each with extraordinary abilities.

Be prepared for an epic journey to defend your world against nasty fiends. This time you will take control of the brave guardians to lead them to the victory. Because Brave Guardians is not just another Tower Defense game!

- 2 Game modes (Campaign and Guardian)
- 4 different worlds (Forest, Desert, Winter, Lava)
- Over 22 unique levels with beautiful 3D environments
- 4 Guardians each with extraordinary abilities
- 6 ingame upgrade levels of the Guardians
- 4 specialized towers (Arbalet, Thunder, Cannon, Catapult)
- 6 upgrade levels of the towers in battle
- 6 ingame upgrade levels of tower's properties
- Many ingame upgrades of game properties
- Over 30 different enemies each with their own skills!
- 3 wizards enemies that will make your life harder
- Intense boss fight in each world (4 Bosses)
- Hours of gameplay with over 30 achievements

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** Note: Brave Guardians TD is a graphically intensive 3D game, therefor we don't recommend iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad Mini devices, due to lack of memory you may face crashing issues. iPhone 3GS and prior, iPad 1 and iPod 4th Gen devices are not supported**

If you encounter any problems with the game, the most direct way to get a resolution is to email us at [email protected]


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Great little game, but... Posted by

It's a fun tower defense game. The original aspect is the four individual warriors that you can put on the path, which have nice graphics. And, at least so far, they've not pushed in-app sales, which is a relief from the nagging common in apps these days. The only negative is that they got the pinch-and-zoom gestures backwards, which is disconcerting since it's the reverse of all other iPad apps, for no particular reason. The rotate gesture, and the rest of the app, work fine. Hopefully they'll fix this minor annoyance, and I'll add the fifth star.

Great game, one (BIG) flaw Posted by

Great game, not just as a TD one but easily one of my favorite iPad games in general. Classic TD + controllable heroes adds a really cool element to your strategies. My only issue, and it is a big one, is that the game is beginning to crash very frequently. I'm at the last world, first level, and I haven't been able to make it to the end once because the game crashes a wave or two right before I can beat the level. Someone please get a fix for this and earn the five stars the game deserves!

You took the lead with this one! Posted by

Awesome TD game!! My new favorite and I have them all! I would like to see more towers & levels but who doesn't love towers with more play time? I'm really impressed with your difficulty settings not many developers get it right!! Believe me on that issue, I've been disappointed til I'm blue in the face with other TD games that ultimately fail the game due to difficulty settings. Kudos to you folks! Thank you for hours of enjoyment at a low price!

Great! Want More Posted by

It is refreshing finding good tower defense games. It is original and has beautiful graphics. I am shocked it is free. No ads or lengthy unnecessary tutorial.The only downside is it is quite short and fairly easy on the harder difficulties. In thirty minutes I maxed out a tower. Hopefully there will be a longer sequel with more upgrades. The only tower defense I've liked more was the Sentinel series.

Fun TD Title Posted by

Played this to the end and enjoyed the new elements it brings to the tower defense genre--spammable hero units for one and well executed 3D art. Ends(?)abruptly on Lavastan 4 when it seems like there should be a 5, but the levels are good, and the IAP unnecessary if you're a decent player. Had a good time with this.

Fun but a little glitchy Posted by

I have an iPhone 4, so maybe that's why the game is a little glitchy. It seems like a really fun tower defense game so far, but my guardians, my towers, and some of the enemies flash off and on like a strobe light. So far that's the only bug I've come across. Keep up the good work!

Almost done! Posted by

Really fun TD game! Graphics are really good and it's challenging enough to make it fun and hard. Game crashed twice on my iPhone but overall plays well and smoothly. If there are any suggestions would be to add more levels or make a part two and add more pan & zoom viewing controls.

Just a great TD game! Posted by

I loved the combination of standard TD strategy with guardians that you place on the paths of the enemies. Tower variety is cool, graphics is just amazing and looks great on retina, no need IAP to complete the game. Excellent!

Awesome Posted by

Nice game with awesome 3D graphics, iCloud sync support, good balance over in-app and free play. I'm not disappointed bought it. Recommended to people who like towers defense game

Fun TD Posted by

I play on the iPad and have had no issues. Fun little TD, creative concept.

Need a fix!!! by 148164 2014-04-11

Pretty good game but... 1) game crashes when too may objects and effects on the screen. Tested on iphone 4 and ipad mini. Need a fix to disable effects. 2) need more modes to play ( endless mode and others) 3) i wrote a letter to developers a few weeks ago, they still did not answer. This game will be 5 star when at least crashes be fixed

Glitchy..... by Xazilizax 2015-04-10

It's a good game, but glitchy. On an iPad Air 2, the characters have black squares under them. I think it's meant to be their shadows. I can't enjoy the game properly because of this and I paid for the full version. Please fix and I will give 5 stars.

Great game, constant crashes by JihyeLee 2014-05-19

A few levels need to be replayed due to crashes that occur right after level completion, but the gameplay itself is very impressive. Looking forward to giving it a full 5 stars after the update.

Nice game but too buggy by Benson2012ppt 2015-03-08

I like this game and quite enjoy playing it. However, it crashes over and over again, and this has weaken the gaming experience. I hope the developer could fix this issue asap.

Great game however... by Rommel Pottiger 2014-10-21

I had to restart after I bought the game.. Wouldn't let me transfer my progress from the free version.. Otherwise it'd be 5 star

Crashes after I finish a level by Mpustelnikas 2014-08-02

Really fun game. My only problem is the game crashes after I beat a level and I'm forced to replay it. Please fix.

? by Windermere007 2014-04-03

Downloaded the update but still crashing. Great game besides that.

Lavastan 3 stage doesn't work by Review8263527 2015-05-27

Lavastan 3 stage doesn't work. I use latest iOS on iphone6.