Brella - Your Personalized Weather Forecast Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Brella - Your Personalized Weather Forecast Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Brella - Your Personalized Weather Forecast Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Brella - Your Personalized Weather Forecast Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Brella - Your Personalized Weather Forecast Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Brella - Your Personalized Weather Forecast Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Brella - Your Personalized Weather Forecast Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Brella - Your Personalized Weather Forecast Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Brella - Your Personalized Weather Forecast Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Download Brella - Your Personalized Weather Forecast for iPhone/iPad
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Meet Brella, a beautiful and thoughtful weather app that takes the "um" out of the forecast and delivers your personalized weather forecast daily! Beautiful, Thoughtful Design Brella streamlines the crowded weather forecast down to its most essential elements. Bold, vibrant colors indicate the temperature at a glance, while temperature and conditions are presented with crisp, bold text. The hourly forecast provides a clean, yet detailed look at the day’s weather, while the daily forecast makes comparing temperature ranges nearly instantaneous. Playful Personality While we were teaching Brella how to translate your wardrobe into a readable forecast, we might have let this super-powered AI spend a little too much time online. From pop culture and movie references to delightful messages and cheesy compliments, Brella adds that personal touch in a personalized daily forecast that will make you smile, cringe, or sminge. Daily Notifications Always checking the weather in the morning to see what to wear? Have the answer right on your lock screen when you wake up with Brella’s personalized forecast. You can choose exactly the type of information you want in your notification, from bare-bones essential weather to a detailed forecast summary. In addition, you can check out what wild wisdom Brella has to offer at any time through the Today Widget in Notification Center. Both Notifications and the Today Widget are free for a 10-day trial period, and together are the only in-app purchase. Powered by the Best We turned to the best available sources to find and deliver the weather anywhere, even Waldo’s hideout. Our backend server is powered by Vapor, a fantastic Swift web framework, and we send push notifications with OneSignal to ensure reliability. We also use data from Dark Sky, which uses its own custom hyperlocal forecasting system to calculate the most accurate weather forecast possible. Additionally, you can look up the weather in over 100 million locations with data from Google Places, the same database used by Google Maps. Our Work Is Never Over We’re hard at work bringing Brella everywhere, from Apple Watch support and an iMessage extension to Rich Notifications in iOS 10. We're also always working on algorithm improvements, as well as teaching Brella even more Personality all the time! Let us know if you have any suggestions or any other feature requests! We are Thrilled You’re Reading This! Not only does it mean you took the time to see what this app is all about, but it means we’re on the App Store for the first time! So much time and effort and love has been put into this app, from Austin teaching himself how to be a backend developer to Matt making the first version of the sentence algorithm during freshman finals. These achievements each have varying degrees of wisdom. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions, comments, concerns, or even just small talk about the weather :) .

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Notifications are a must! Great app! Posted by

When I first got this app I didn't think much of it. It was clean and sleek. Very pleasing. Not too crowded. I thought it was interesting how it customs to my weather tolerance. What I think makes this app unique is it sends me weather notifications of what it was going to be like throughout the day with a recommendation on what to wear. The recommendations are based on what clothing items you input which i didn't really take the time to do. So I turned off the clothing suggestions and I just had it send me the weather for the day only. I must say this weather notification thing is weirdly addicting. Not like in the sense where it gets your adrenaline pumping but I found myself reading the daily weather every morning. Once my free trial was over it felt weird not receiving a notification. I had to get the notification feature. Overall great app. No ad bs on the user experience which is a great plus. The basic version without notifications is still nice. Would definitely recommend to those who base their day on the daily weather. Before this I didn't care what the weather would be and would almost always be blindsided when bipolar weather hit, freezing one day blazing hot the next. Nifty simple app

Saves me from myself Posted by

I live in a town with variable weather so of course every morning I have to open a weather app if I want to avoid getting drenched or heat stroke. And sometimes I can't be bothered to open an app and figure out whether I need a coat or not. Brella's simple notifications save time and energy, I just see em on my morning scroll through the nights notifications, and I always know if it's gonna rain. The choose your own clothing and preferences feature is helpful too!

Dankest app Posted by

This app has answered all of my prayers. Every morning I struggle with what to wear. Living in SoCal is lit but it's hard to judge what to wear, especially this time of the year. It's nippy when you wake up and hot as heck at 11. This app is bomb because not only does it tell you what to wear but it gives you bitchin motivation every day. All in all 10/10 app, it's as good puppies Yessi out

It's LIT Posted by

So I'm a huge fan of weather and this app is hella convenient. It's unlike normal weather apps that are boring, Brella makes weather fun. I get notifications in the morning telling me what the weather will be like for the day and how to dress. 10/10 would recommend

Finally, a weather app that focuses on what I want to know! Posted by

So many weather apps bombard you with useless data. This app gives you exactly what you need to know, and you can control exactly what it sends you. Plus the colors are so pretty!

Bitchin Posted by

I love this app! I work as a letter carrier for the post office and it's very important to me to know when I need my rain gear for the day! As I said, so bitchin'!!!!!

I LOVE this ! Posted by

This is a very cool app. All you need to do is turn on your Location (settings)⚙️, select temperatures

Great weather app Posted by

Simple, clean, and amazing minimalist design, and packed with plenty of useful features :)

Sleek and Convenient Posted by

The app is simple, very useful for daily notifications and has a nice interface.

This app is dope Posted by

Very nice design and useful information. Best app I have on my phone!

Great weather app Posted by

Does exactly what I want with no crap in the way.

Very useful in the morning Posted by

I love using this to plan my outfit for the day

Love it Posted by

Great idea and beautifully executed app.