Buienradar app free for iPhone/iPad
Buienradar app free for iPhone/iPad

Buienradar app free for iPhone/iPad

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How to install Buienradar app free for iPhone/iPad

Download Buienradar for iPhone/iPad
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Wondering whether it is going to rain today when you leave for work, or when you come back? Should you bring your umbrella with you tomorrow? Taking the car to work or going by bike? Choices! With the Buienradar (“rain radar”) app you don’t ever need to worry about these questions anymore because you can check the rain radar and the rain graph real-time yourself to see if (and when) bad weather is approaching you. De Buienradar app opens with either the 2 hour, 3 hour or the 24 hour rain radar forecast. The rain radar image will show you whether it is going to rain in the next upcoming hours or even the next day. Below the radar is the rain graph. In this graph you can see exactly when it is going to rain and how much rainfall is predicted (in millimeters). If you prefer an even more detailed image of your city or town you can press the magnifying glass icon to zoom in. The Buienradar app is now available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. By using the watch you can see in an instance whether there can be rainfall. By using the handy widget (with rain graph included) in your Today screen/view you can check the radar, without having to open the app. You can also make the widget appear with 3D-touch: press the Buienradar app icon a little bit harder in your app overview to make the widget appear instantly. Besides the Buienradar you can also find other radars and maps: - Thunder radar - Sun radar - Satellite images of Belgium - Buienradar of Europe - Satellite images of Europe You can find personalized weather info in the table “Komende 24 uur in” (Next 24 hour weather prediction) for your favorite location (even abroad!) like hour-to-hour predictions for: temperature, the number of millimeters of rain per hour, the chance of rain, wind direction and wind force (in Beaufort). Besides thunderstorm, sun, wind and temperature data we also offer wind chill, sun intensity, and humidity data, with the exact times of sunrise and sunset for your location. In the section “14-daagse” (14 day forecast: below in the menu bar) you can find the weather forecast (in a graph) for the upcoming 14 days. You can also see a detailed view in the tab “Lijst” for an hour-to-hour prediction for the next 7 days and a daily average for the following 7 days. In the “Alerts” section you make your own rain alert (free push notification) customized to your daily time schedule and most visited locations so you will never be unprepared for a storm. If you don’t want ads, we also offer the Buienradar Plus plan for 1,99€. You can find this easily in “Over Buienradar” (“About”) and then press “Meer informatie” (“More information”) and “Neem Buienradar Plus” (Get Buienradar Plus). We are continuously improving our Buienradar app. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve or if you have a question, you can always send us a message by using the feedback form in the app or by sending us an e-mail via [email protected] Thanks!


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