Building The Great Wall of China 2 Games free for iPhone/iPad
Building The Great Wall of China 2 Games free for iPhone/iPad

Building The Great Wall of China 2 Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Building The Great Wall of China 2 Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Building The Great Wall of China 2 Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Building The Great Wall of China 2 Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Building The Great Wall of China 2 Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Building The Great Wall of China 2 Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Embark on an epic quest to build the greatest structure in the history of mankind – The Great Wall of China – in this addictive and fast paced time-management game. The nomads are attacking once again, and it is up to Kong Boatu to stop them. Accept the challenge to build The Great Wall of China in 4 unique locations and 40 exciting levels. The journey will take you from the golden plains and snowy mountain cliffs to the sun baked desert and other mysterious places. Build unique buildings, mines and structures. All buildings can be upgraded to reach your goals even faster! Use bonuses to help you! Find more than 15 unique collectibles and learn about their role in Chinese history! Gather food and stone, together with the new resource – coal! Use them wisely to survive the nomad attacks. Finish the epic story of emperor Kong Boatu and write your name in history by building the greatest structure known to mankind – The Great Wall of China! Features: * 4 locations with 40 exciting levels * Lots of extras, mini-games and new storyline videos * Fast paced and addictive time management game * Lots of new bonuses and power-ups

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Good strategy game Posted by

I have played both the first and latest game. The latest version is improvement in terms of graphics and richness of the game. I would recommend the collectors edition to be $0.99 cents instead $1.99. Historic facts isn't important than a gameplay. Some levels you have to uncover the items from the list, which I'm not a big fan of it. If you want to keep improving, I suggest exploring other cultures like Babylon, Trojan wall, etc. if you want more ratings for your game, offer 5 extra levels for the reviews.

Fun time killer Posted by

I'm on the second area around the 14th game. Its an order your minions to gather things to build buildings to gather different things to build a wall kinda game. So far I've enjoyed enough that I bought it. It doesn't really upset me that I had to buy it for the all the levels as I prefer that then to spending an infinite amount of money on packs of gold. I would give it a try and if it doesn't seem worth it to you just don't buy the rest of it.

I too downloaded it from Cooking Fever Posted by

But IMO this game is not an equal TM game. I do not think this is a good choice if you love Cooking Fever, they are not the same actions. This is much more along the lines of - give the character directions and wait for the end results - i.e. Chop wood, gather food, build a building, crack rock, etc. to equal goals. I personally don't like these type of TM games.

Fun game Posted by

I really like this game but it keeps crashing. The worst was when it crashed literally at the last second of getting three stars. It doesn't always save the caravan collection which is frustrating. If it weren't for all the crashes and losing what's been stored to help in the next level, I'd be really hooked!

Fun like Cooking Dash Posted by

I downloaded this through the Cooking Dash game, which I love. I think if you like that you will like this! I have no technical issues with it and I can play forever without getting bored. Also, I strongly prefer this pay style - $5 upfront (after a lengthy trial play), and the NO pay-to-play! Hooray!

Still starting out Posted by

I'm only a few levels into the game, but so far it seems to be a very nice successor to the original game. The graphics are much nicer. However, on these first few levels, the range of objectives is still so small that no compelling complexity is seen yet in what I have played.

Love the game but... Posted by

I love the game but I went through it pretty quick. Also I know there are still achievements I still need to reach to get full rewards (I'm a little OCD with that I guess) but did I miss the explanation section for each?

Fun Game Posted by

I've enjoyed conquering the various challenges...have created 3 identities and have completed all achievements... Please add more levels... even if they aren't part of the wall! Or create a new game that is similar!

Awesome!!! Posted by

Fun and addictive game. Thank you Nordcurrent for continuing to make great games. Only beef, the iPad version isn't compatible with Game Center so it doesn't sync with iPhone profile. Besides it.

Not enough levels Posted by

This game is awesome but there are not enough levels and the mini games are stupid and irritating. Why have these mini games? All they do is interrupt the game and nobody wants them. Read your reviews!

Really fun Posted by

I really enjoyed this game. My only complaint is that it was too short! Would love more levels. Fun, classic time management game, with nice graphics and an interesting story backdrop.

Get rid of mini game!!! Posted by

The game is amazing. Music, graphics, gameplay... I get so into it but get so annoyed when that mini game pops up and ruins my concentration! And it's not a fun mini game either.


I find myself with challenging previous scores once I got warmed up. It gets off to a slow start like most games, but stick with it and challenge your mind and your speed.

Very relaxing and fun Posted by

I love this game, as well as cooking fever, I just wish they would keep building levels like they do in cooking fever, I love the relaxing music in this game as well!

Great Wall of China Posted by

Great game. I love that there is so much to be working on at once. I just wish there were more levels to do within the free app.

Engaging time mgmt game! Posted by

Love the graphics here. Grateful for the tutorial, it's my first time playing a game like this on my iPhone.

Loved it Posted by

I tried the free levels. I really liked it. Will probably buy the whole game

Decent game though overpriced by Wahmeya 2016-12-20

Pros: Fun game Lots of levels Nice graphics Love the little tidbits of information and fun facts they give. Cons: - Overpriced. I finished the game in one evening. - Very very similar to their first China wall game. Not enough of a difference, really. Just better graphics maybe. - I hate the stupid mini game they force you to play when you build a fort. It is very poorly made because it doesn't respond to touch well, and it's annoying because it breaks your train of thought and sets you back. If I wanted to play a stupid game like that there's a ton of better ones on the store. Don't force me to play it just because I built a fort! :-(

Overpriced or a Rip-off: You Decide! by Petunia McGoo 2016-11-14

Ten levels for free. Twenty levels for five bucks. Another $2 for a mere 10 additional levels and an unenjoyable "mini game." I enjoyed the game but I got through it in a weekend. For $7 it should have included far, far more levels. Or be mind-blowingly beautiful. It's cute. It's fun. It is way, way overpriced. If more levels are added without additional fees, I will happily change my review. I'm hoping that will be the case as earning coins is a pointless effort. You will quickly upgrade the few buildings they have and then proceed to collect loads of useless coins.

Fun but not free by Sirhin 2016-09-12

The game started on the slow side but is pretty quick to pick up. It's fun and a bit addicting past the first few levels. You'll likely need to upgrade your buildings which requires coins. These are earned when you pass a level - the more stars, the more coins, but not much. The problem is that this game isn't free. At level 10, you're required to subscribe to their newsletter to play it. After level 10, it's $4.99 to play the "full version." I'd love to play more, but I'm not sure I want to pay after only trying out a couple of levels.

Supper BUMMED by ~!~Melz~!~ 2016-11-19

I love the game. Beautiful and super fun. I purchased it all! I think it was around $7 for the upgrade and the collectors addition. I was excited and on a binge. I played it non stop!!! ... and then I came to the end I was like "that's it!?!??" It ends. Just like that!!!! If you sit thru the game and play non stop you will probably finish it in a day.

Okay, but could be better by Bmrugger 2017-02-01

The game is good, but could be better. Once you've upgraded everything, there is nothing left to spend coins on. Yet you earn the bulk of your coins on achievements after you've upgraded everything. This doesn't seem right. Minor bugs here are there, but all in all the game is fun. Just some bugs and kinks to be worked out.

Not a full game, just a demo. by Uncle Slim 2016-11-29

This game doesn't slowly make the game terrible without paying like cooking fever does, it literally does not let you play past level 9 without paying $5 or installing another one of their games for 1 extra level. I'm tired of these games that have pushy business practices and I won't support this.

Fine until forced to pay by Tp3115 2016-10-11

If you want a fun game to entertain you for more than 30 min total look elsewhere. This game was fun but I'm not interested in paying upfront for a game that's just okay. Very quickly completed the levels available and wasn't able to continue further without paying. Not worth the time or money.

Very difficult levels by Jansmca 2016-11-19

The levels are soon too difficult to master and there are no hints or "helps". I've played several levels repeatedly and get the same results . . . No progress. There are no ways to gain an advantage so that I can make progress.

First purchase will not be your last purchase by Lizz853 2016-10-13

This game was fun at first and worth the money, then you pass the first set of levels and it asks you to purchase the collectors not worth the money to begin with. Why purchase a game to have to continue to purchase levels?

Fun but.... by Emcatamca 2016-09-30

Ok...purchased the 30 levels and is kind of fun but crash alot and with one guy there you are not able to finish with any star at all! Its kind of boring, as you are waiting and waiting and me waste of the money!!

The Chinese wall by K.Loffio-Wostal 2017-01-29

It's agood game but I will have to terminate you if I have no money to buy the chinese money you need. Not all of us can pay for in-game purchases. I'd feel sorry if that happens. That is whyI gave you only 3 stars.

Was Good by Camille Neuman 2016-11-06

This game was awesome until it started shutting down when I was close to the end of each level. I can't advance now. The minor bug fixes from November 4th seem to have made the game have bugs not get rid of them.

Only a Demo by [Animus] 2016-09-10

While the game is visually acceptable and easy to navigate, this game is only a Demo. There are plenty of clone games that are free and just as mind numbing. I don't think it's worth the cost.

Not free by Mike Konkle 2016-10-27

I play the cooking game and tried this it ok but there is no way to keep playing without paying I don't want to buy the full version at once there should be a way to keep going with out cash!

Not cool to tease. by Me1me1me1 2016-10-19

Similar to Cooking Fever, but this game is a ripoff. You get 8 levels/puzzles/games for free, then you have to cough up $4.99. No thank you. It isn't that great. I might go $1.99 tops.

Meh by MI-Ogre 2016-10-24

It's ok. The previous version was better. In this one the addition of the upgrades screen is a bother and the graphics are substandard. Won't be paying when the free games run out.

Bully tactic by Skyflickr 2016-09-19

After level 10 you can't play anymore without buying the full version. If that's not bullying, I don't know what is. Don't bother downloading the game.