Caato Time Tracker Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Caato Time Tracker Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Caato Time Tracker Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Caato Time Tracker Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Caato Time Tracker Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Caato Time Tracker Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Caato Time Tracker Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Caato Time Tracker Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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+++ Time Tracking for your Mac – finally done right! +++

Time tracking should be easy and effortless. That's what Caato Time Tracker is about! It's reliable, easy-to-use and hassle-free. It’s perfect for you as a small business owner, designer, consultant, developer, architect, lawyer or freelance worker for tracking your worktime and billable hours as well as your projects and tasks.

The new and improved Caato Time Tracker features a date range filter that lets you see just the tracked time you are interested in. Getting the report you need for billing your clients is a matter of seconds with filter presets like "Last Month" and our new Excel export.

The visibility toggle (Pro Version) allows you to hide certain projects so that you can focus on what's important right now. And, if you’re wondering how many hours you’ve already worked today, just take a look at the app icon and you'll know it.

Our customers around the globe love Caato Time Tracker for its simplicity:

“Wonderful app! Simple and efficient! I love this app.“

“I seriously love it for its simplicity.“

“This is great and simple to use.“

Easily stay on top of your time: Caato Time Tracker features a 3-tier hierarchy of projects, tasks, and detailed time entries. With the date filter you can quickly check how many hours you worked on your projects and tasks in a defined timeframe.

Relax and let Caato Time Tracker keep your time: You can always add, delete or edit entries on every level for maximum flexibility. Excel and CSV export options enable you to easily build reports with your favorite spreadsheet application or send them directly via email (OS X 10.9 and higher).

- Start and pause button
- Tracks projects, tasks and detailed time entries including seconds
- Show and hide projects
- Setting for automatically converting hours to days
- Tracks multiple projects at once (Pro Version)
- Allows editing of entries in the past and adding entries in the future
- Context-sensitive totals in the status bar
- Date range filter with presets and individual date range picker
- Shows today’s working hours or the number of currently tracked projects in dock icon
- Clean user interface with complete date labels
- Easy Excel and CSV export with formatting options and email feature (OS X 10.9 and higher)
- Retina resolution support
- Auto-Backup (please contact Caato support for data recovery)
- Quick and friendly support

How you can use Caato Time Tracker
- Track time for several projects (Pro Version)
- Track time for several tasks of one project
- Track time for your personal projects
- Track time for your hobbies

In-App Purchase
- With the one-time "Pro Version“ in-app purchase, you get access to full functionality and the ability to add and delete as many projects as you like.


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I love this app & some usage tips Posted by

I provide tech support for a company's customers. I have over one hundered fifty customers that I time track in my free Caato time tracker. I am able to export a monthly Excel file to break down and sum the time I spend on each customer, where I turn that file in to the company for my billing. You can fully edit the names as well as the time entries, say like you forget to start or stop the time, you can go back and fix that. The free version works great as I am only working for one company. I had to do a little googling to figure out how to get the Catto export data file's time value format to read and sum properly in Excel, but once I worked that out I'm golden now. You can give it a day, month, year, or a custom date range for exporting your time data, and the export function provides what you would normally need. For the feature wish list I would ask them to add a search function that would parse the name field that's on the face of the application, as having over 150 user names and company listings makes it difficult to locate an older entry just by scrolling through such a big list. I would need that if x-company calls me again for support two months later and their entry is now burried down the list somewhere. The format I use is: "John Smith - Company Name". I did something to munge the preferences once and it was a giant pain trying to recover the application back the way it was. So I would recommend at the beginning you add a couple entries and some times and then make sure you learn how to recover the preferences properly to get it back to current working state. All in all this app works absolutly great for me and I have been using it five days or more a week for about six months now. Two thumbs up!

Not bad Posted by

The simplicity of the software makes it easy to use; there a few changes that I would make at this point. 1. When you switch to a task in another project, it leave the task in the first project running (not so if you just switch tasks in the same project.) I’m not sure if this is an oversight or an intentional design ‘feature’ but having a parameter like ‘Run concurrent tasks 0|1’ would allow users to select the behavior they desire. 2. When traking time on a specific task, it would be nice to make comments as to what I was specifically doing during that time period. Especially since I have some general administrative tasks, it would be helpful to have some additional information about the time pair specifically (but it doesn’t make sense to break into a new tasks.) 3. The ability to have some team functionality would be great (I understand this greatly complicates the design and mechanics). I would start with the ability to import projects/tasks/timepairs (with some parameters to decide how much detail) to other team members so that recombining data later has standardization. It would then be nice for a manager to be able to import the team members time data (even manually would be fine to start) and then view the complete team picture. Right now, I’m doing this externally into Excel (functional but clunky.) Of course, this could extend quite a bit further but in the interest of staying true to time usage tracking, I think project planning/scheduling is beyond the scope of this app but might be considered for an expansion app.

Great and super functional app! Posted by

I don’t know what the problem is with the person that apparently wants everything free without any strings attached (too bad for him I guess lol), but I can say this app is NO backup app, it’s the main one, and if he’s using this one as he says as a “backup” to 2 other apps, and he’s as frustrated as he says he is, he would just stop using this one, so apparently this one is pretty good. I’ve checked out almost a dozen different timer apps for Mac, and so far this one has the most features and a reasonable price as well. It does exactly what it says it will do and it does it well. I work at home and need to bill clients for time on spent on website projects, and this app works great for that. … Having said all that I’d love to see one thing for sure that Mr. “I use this as a backup” suggested as well as one of my own: - Please give us the ability to input the time to start/end when editing a timer instead of having to calculate the minutes/hours to get the right time. - Please also give us the total minutes in the window of the timer we are editing as there is no way to identify which one we’re editing, to be sure we’re editing the correct one, other than looking at the timers which can be boggling at times. These really are the only Cons I’ve found in this app, and that’s pretty minimal and definitely they do not hinder the use of the app in any way, just could be more convenient for the user. Kudos to the developers!

Surpassed expectations Posted by

Sometimes you just want a simple job to be done simply and this app does that. The straightforward task of timing tasks and projects is easily at hand. The app runs discretely on my desktop when I want it to, can be read at a glance. Behind this simplicity has to lie complicated mechanics and planning, but I have only the elegant interface to deal with. Setting it up is equally strightforward and simple. And when I am ready to clock out I can export the info and create invoices which I can customize because the data is in Excel. I've tried a number of hours/time keeper apps and this is the first one I have actually be able to use for more than a week. In fact it was so easy that I thought maybe there was something even easier (like one to do the jobs for me) so I kept searching, tried two more and then realized this really is the best. If you want something that needs a lot of babysitting and updating (busywork) to use this is not for you. All your work energy can go to the job. And BTW I was really surprised to find myself more productive because I could see the timer and felt the need not to dawdle. Buy it!

Straightforward, simple, easy to use. Posted by

I love this app. I’m the only person at my college whose job requires odd hours and responding to emails/text/phone calls at all hours of the day and night, and I have to track this activity separately (emails to this group of students now, respond to a text, emails to colleagues next, etc.) to report each week. I tried several free apps, and none of them would export to Excel. Tried the free version of Time Tracker first and loved it. I was happy to pay the money for the upgrade to Pro so I can add as many projects as I need. Enter project, create a task, then hit “play” and the timer starts. Hit “pause” and the timer stops. At the end of the week, export a custom time range (date ’X’ to date ‘Y’) to Excel and email it to your boss. Simple and sweet. The only downfall I can find is that it lacks the ability to sync between computers. I have to run the time tracker on my laptop, regardless of whether I’m actually working there or at my desktop. It makes changing times between different projects a bit complicated, but nothing that I can’t handle. Definitely the best app for the money!

Decent little time tracking app Posted by

There are other apps that offer more detailed reporting information and options than Caato, but if you just need something simple to track your hours for multiple projects (and sub-projects), then Caato does the job just fine. It’s very easy to use and the icon in your menu bar will show either number of projects open or it will show number of hours worked so far. I use it to track time spent on client projects as well as time spent doing admin work and non-work stuff like doing laundry or running errands (finding out how many hours you spend doing laundry in a week can be pretty depressing, so I’d advise against it - lol). There’s no graphing reporting type feature, so if you are looking for comparative results of time spent doing this or that displayed as a chart, you’d probably be disappointed. If your needs don’t extend beyond a spreadsheet or just documenting hours to bill clients accurately, then you’ll probably be satisfied with this tracker. I am :)

Very helpful app - Search function? Posted by

I use the free version of this app to track the time I spend doing phone tech support with our customers. The app is very easy to use and allows me to export the time I spend for each call into an Excel spreadsheet to sum up each month for billing. I have about 375 customers in the Catto application. A feature request would be to have a *search function* available. When I need to add time to an existing customer, I have to scroll through some 375 entries to locate the one I need. Scrolling the list is very tedious, and because of the UI it generally takes me several tries to locate a specific record. Search function please. I would definitly purchase your already great product with that enhancement.

Great time-tracking app but needs to sync across all devices Posted by

I’ve been using the app for about three weeks now and have found it to do exactly what I need it to do, however, I really need it to sync across all my devices. I primarily use one desktop but would like to be able to also use my laptop. I have worked around this by using the free version on my secondary computer and then just am manually entering time into my pro version on the desktop at the end of the day. Definitely not ideal, but I can live with it for now. Features I like: -Multiple projects with multiple todos within each project -Ability to export my data to a spreadsheet for a specific project and specific timeframes -Easy to start and stop and navigate to other tasks

Does the job, but I’m not ‘wowed’ by it. Posted by

I’m coming from using Billings and there are features I’m missing - it doesn’t seem to detect inactivity and turn the timer off, which is a great feature if you get interrupted with a phone call, etc. I find the interface a little nonintutive, although I’m getting used to it. I would really like a way to attach notes to my time slices, a title isn’t always sufficient, so I’m having to keep a separate ‘what I did’ notes file which is annoying. It doesn’t look like there’s any way to move a time slice from one project to another. Or show the current time without opening the app window. Being able to manually adjust time add/delete is very useful, though.

… finally done right! Posted by

I have owned various time tracker apps over the 15+ years as a freelancer. Caato Time Tracker finally is the one that works best for me. I have many large projects and I want to breakdown the time spent on specific aspects of each large project. So far this app does that and more. Only a couple of things I would like to have but maybe it is already in the works. I would like to be able to make notes to the items, a long shot is being able to apply colors to each projects and lastly be able to use this from the menubar. Other than that, I would have paid double to for this app, so well worth the 20 bucks. :))

Great App!! Posted by

This app is what I needed. Im a freelance video editor and animator, and this helps me keep track of time as I work on different projects each night. I would make a couple of suggestions, I would like to see an activity track button. You could look at this suggestion two ways, either when you are absent from your computer and a time threshold is elapsed the tracker stops until you resume typing or mousing. The other way for an activity track is to track what programs you were working in the most. Both od these would be a great benefit to the program. Thanks!!

Great but could be better Posted by

This is really both a task time keeper and a task/project to do list rolled into one. It's very good, simple, clean. My only issues with it are that its window limits you to 11 projects before it starts scrolling - regardless of how large your screen is. Also, each project takes the same amount of space (plenty) in the list, meaning you can only fit those 11 projects into a window that could hold nearly three times that many. Otherwise, this is a wonderful and valuable app for anyone who has a lot of projects to work on . . .

COULD be a great app, but … by Daniel a Koënig 2016-12-16

I like this, overall, but here are a few concerns: 1. The ‘nag” to upgrade is totally annoying, popping up about every fifth time (sometimes less) that you interact with the app. If you want to nag me once a month or once a week, okay, I get that everyone needs to earn a living; BUT, this app NAGS you ALL THE TIME! Because of this irritating behavior, I will NEVER purchase this app. I have two others that I use (this one is a backup to Harvest, which never nags, nor does the simple TimeTracker), so if they take away the free functionality I will just trash it. I may do so before that because of the nags. 2. The window is only miinimally resizable, and since I take screenshots to keep records, that makes it hard to get a screenshot I can read. This is just a backup app for that reason, as well. 3. To edit an entry, you have to go through several hoops. Just give me a widget that allows me to directly input what my time actually is, don’t make me figure out how many minutes or hours I need to add or subtract. If I’ve worked 5 hours but had forgotten to punch out and want to correct it, I have to figure how many minutes to subtract, and whether to subtract from the start time or the end time, then … oh, it’s just a MESS! Like the title says, this COULD be a great app, but as it is, it’s just “Meh” for mediocre.

Good Idea by bjru 2014-09-11

I love the idea of this app. Unfortunately I’m not very happy about in the daily business. I need to know how much I worked for every day. So at the end of the month I need to have an overview. This is only possible with an export. Also if I want to know from when to when I already have booked something, I need to navigate all the time back and force. Sometimes it would be a lot easier, if you could enter the time and project in one view and don’t have to navigate through all projects. Also a comment function for the actual work is missing. You can e.g. enter a project work “Software installation” but afterwards you have no possibility to enter a separete comment like, “on testserver”. Also to enter the time is not logical. If you press the tab you can enter the start time, but at the end it doesn’t go further to the end time, rather starting at the beginning of the start time again…You need to click with the mouse to the next time field. I like this app, but at the moment I won’t use it anymore. For me, it’s not worth the money. Perhaps I just have to many projects…

Very disappointed in export function by MyOpnionIsOfLimitedValue 2015-02-06

This seemed to be a great program when I first started using it, as it has a nice interface and easily keeps the aggegate time for any number of individual tasks and separate projects in the $19.99 paid version. Unfortunately, it won’t generate a proper report usable to bill clients because the .xls and .cvs reports list the dates and start time and end time of each separate task but don’t state what the AMOUNT of time was that was spent on each task so one is left with the necessity of going over start and end times for a mutlitude of individual tasks and create a separate time report using a separate program before one has something one can actually use to bill ones client’s. A very fundamental and nearly inexplicable oversight that ruins what would otherwise be a great program. Guess I’m going to have to try (and spend) again.

Needs its promised upgrade as soon as possible. by Reasonable Person 23 2015-05-12

Though the company has been promising a release that syncs across devices, we don’t have it yet. Consequently, it is a pain to work on a given project if you have a desktop and laptop machine. There is no way to share or move the program’s internal database of what is being tracked. WE NEED THAT UPDATE!!!! Also, there is no way that I found to mark time which you have billed already. This is messed up because billing for your time is the whole point. Why should I have to delete my records in order to get a clean spreadsheet of what remains to be billed on a given project? You should be able to mark data as having been billed out and be able to hide the billed data so you can track what current.

Free version is useless and too expensive for full version by HeIsAudiHere 2015-08-19

Was excited to try this out and I’ve been using a mobile app to keep track of project hours. Really wanted an easy/simple one for the desktop. You can only create ONE project on the free version. So, the free version is basically just a timer with a title - useless. If you want to add TWO projects, they ask that you pay $20.00 for that functionality. WAY too expensive for casual use. Powerusers, sure - this does a lot of addtional stuff that I don’t need. Casual users, go look elsewhere or use one of the many (and free) mobile apps to track multiple projects if you don’t feel like paying $20 bucks to unlock the simpliest of features.

Cannot Make In-App Pro Upgrade Purchase by Jimbo724 2014-10-05

I downloaded this with the intention of buying the in-app upgrade to Pro. However, I repeatedly get the error message that “We haven’t heard back from the Mac App Store so far.” I tried logging out and back into the App Store, rebooting, logging out and in again, with and without the App Store app itself open. Nothing works. I give the app 1 star because it is useless to me without the Pro upgrade, which, for whatever reason, I cannot purchase. If this is fixed and I have a chance to use the Pro version, I will change this review appropriately.

Good except for one thing... by funkythumb 2014-04-08

Not a bad basic and simple time tracker - only gripe is you can’t label or add notes to time entries. I freelance and need to account what i’m doing for each time entry. Yes, I know you can export to Excel and then add info, but I’m working mulitple tasks and projects at a time, and some projects go for a couple of weeks before I’m ready to export for billing. No way I’m going to remember exactly what I was doing for each time entry. Please add ability to annotate each time entry!

Reviewing the free app, not the paid software. by AaronGHawkins 2014-09-16

Since this review is for this app, the free version of the app, it needs to be stated that the free app only allows the tracking of one single project at a time. To enter and use all the awesome biilling features, you need to buy the $19.99 version. Otherwise, you can have unlimited tasks under a siongle project and all your time will be tracked under that single project. Seems like an ok app, just kind of lame as a free tracker.

Very Misleading!!! by Kiogalia 2016-06-07

The app has a free and a pay version. They strongly imply that the functionality of the free version includes tracking multiple projects. Screenshots need to show the truth. You can only track one project for free, you have to upgrade to the pay version to get any of the cool functionality it talks about.

Only one Project by ness&giu 2015-01-29

The free version will only allow you for 1 project and tasks inside of it. You could use the tasks as different projects I guess, however I prefer to pay a little bit more for a program that allows me to have more projects that 19.99$ for the pro version of this program.

Pretty useful for tracking study time. by c.holt 2014-11-05

I like to use this for tracking study time, but I’m not willing to pay $20 for the full version. If it were $5 dollars I would definitely consider it, especially when the iOs app comes out. Adjusting the times isn’t the most user friendly experience.