Calendarium – Everything about this day Apps for iPhone/iPad
Calendarium – Everything about this day Apps for iPhone/iPad

Calendarium – Everything about this day Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Calendarium – Everything about this day Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Calendarium – Everything about this day Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Calendarium – Everything about this day Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Calendarium – Everything about this day Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Calendarium – Everything about this day Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Calendarium is new, easy to use calendar which gives you a new way to discover many interesting things about this day.

Calendarium combines calendar of historical events with times of sunrise/sunset, number of week, day, day length, moon phase and more.

–– What our users think ––

" Fascinating!" – Snaarl

"It is a great way to see the history of the day. I always learn something new." - Nancy Rohe

"Use this app every day! Fun to learn new info from a wide time range of history." - M1d2i3v4

"This is a trivia nerd's Nirvana, and a history buff's Beulah! Bravo! to the developers of this app!" – jmhillpresley
• #1 App in 3 Countries
• #1 Reference App in 40 Countries
• Over half million downloads

• On this day in history - Discover historical events and holidays and share it with your friends via mail, Twitter, Facebook or text message
• Sunrise and sunset time
• Planets View - Shows how all planets of solar system are aligned right now
• Week number, day number, weekday and year
• Number of days passed from 1 Jan and days left until 31 Dec
• Moon phase
• Day length
• Geographic coordinates
• No Internet connection required

-- Calendarium uses your location only to provide accurate information about sunrise, sunset times and length of the day. We do not store it in any way. Disabling location settings will disable only these features --

Za pomocą aplikacji "Kalendarium"możesz dowiedzieć o wydarzeniach, które miały miejsce w przeszłości danego dnia. Znajdziesz tez informacje o godzinach wschodu i zachodu, fazie księżyca i długości dnia. Aplikacja jest w pełni spolszczona

Calendarium – Everything about this day Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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An app for an inquisitive mind! Posted by

This app is extremely interesting. On a mundane day when your life seems boring, open this app and relive the past. It tells you what happened on the exact day thousands of years ago. Isn't that interesting? Of course it is. But, I have a recommendation for the developers to allow this app to be on Notification Center's Today's View. So you can easily see what was the historic even just with a drop down of the Today's view. I'd be so happy to see this feature being implemented in the upcoming updates. Other than that, this app is top notch for every inquisitive mind craving for something to learn.

Hooray history! Posted by

This app is cool with the wide variety of history facts it includes, from meteor strikes to business starts and entertainment news like when Pac-Man was first released. Plus it has the normal history of world events, but not just from a western civilization point of view it also includes eastern cultures and the Middle East. I wish however, that we could scroll through the days of the calendar in case we miss a day or want to look back at another day. Would love to see the source material as well from where the information is coming. Thanks for making such an exhaustive history app. This is really cool.

Good, but Posted by

I need the function to know what the number of the week is from exact day, because in my university we have classes sometimes in 1 week of the month (we start counting the number of the week from October and ahed to July every week), i need to calculate it from one specific month ahead, not from every month alone. So when I read on description this program shows the number of the week I was soo happy, yet dissapointed because it's not what I exactly need. :)

Pretty cool! Posted by

A nice simple app that tells you past important events that happened on today's date. I like that you can't flip the calendar back or ahead... it keeps you focused on today and gives you a reason to check it out every day and see the new info! Extra info like which week number you're in and how many days are past/left in the year are cool. The previous review is a bit harsh. I haven't come across any spelling or grammar issues so far!

I like it Posted by

Redundant with some features of another app, but all around good. The history of the day and other time features are nice. To be more unique, focus on the time aspect: add different calendar types as well as the Julian date. Being able to change the date and see the events, sunset sunrise, Julian date, etc would be helpful. Seeing the Julian date would also be helpful for calculating the amount of days between two different dates.

Love this app Posted by

I absolutely LOVE this app. It's got a great mix of "this day in history" events spanning from classical antiquity to just a few years ago. I like that it covers events from around the world. The sunset/sunrise times are really handy too. I like the design and am impressed by how smooth the scrolling is within long lists of events. Wonderful app for anyone curious about the world!

So awesome, but could be better. Posted by

As a history nerd, to me this app is beyond awesome. Just learning about what happened around the world on this day in history is exciting, but I find myself tapping on each event, wanting to read more about it, but it doesn't take me anywhere. This app would be perfect if the events were linked to web pages so I could read more about them.

Great for Trivia Buffs Posted by

Lots of cool daily info. Great to share with other trivia buffs in your life. Used to be able to message or email something of interest to a friend but that no longer works for me (iPad 2, iOS 8.1). Very disappointing.

Nice app but doesn't handle larger fonts Posted by

Great lil app with interesting info but I have increased font size on my iphone and the app text is cluttered and jumbled. Small bug. Fix this and it's a 5 star app.

Nice Posted by

Could be made a little prettier I guess but has some pretty good information on any given day, all it needs to be updated for iOS 8 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Clever Posted by

ios7, "running apps" view. Clever. Seriously. Well done sirs

UniQ app Posted by

This is one app I show to my friends to show off what iOS can do

Very cool! Posted by

Very informative and worth the download!

Ditto other reviews by NurtureWarrior 2013-03-28

It is not what I was expecting I was hoping for listings of things like; "Today is National Ice Cream Day", "February is Black History Month" etc. It is simple / limited. I to would expect to be able to look up other dates to see what is listed there. It is depressing If you look hard, you can find non-bummer news but they are few and far between.

It's ok. by Stefanos Gatdoulos 2013-01-15

This app shows only one event per year. I'm sure more interesting events happened than just one 'big' event each year. It would be nice to be able to touch each event and be taken to an article via google or Wiki or something! Overall, it's a nice concept yet I wouldn't pay for this app. It needs more features. It's free today.

Great info, but issues with app by YeloRose 2015-12-18

The daily info is fantastic. I'd love to share some of the info on Facebook, but every time I try, the post becomes the link to the App Store rather than the info. Sharing by mail, message, or Twitter works. I couldn't find a way to get help with the issue. So, my FB friends will continue to be unenlightened.

Learn something new everyday by Adrathea 2012-09-06

It is a nice to learn something new everyday and on that date, but if you forget to read it there is no way of going back. Perhaps include a search of a particular day (like your birthday, anniversary, etc) as well as a month or even a week to look back on, if you were too busy and forgot a few days.

Interesting concept by Mdghouse 2013-10-09

Interesting concept, but it needs two more things to go from 3 to 5. I should be able to select any day on the calendar. It only shows me today. And it should tell me holidays; Not just major holidays either, but world wide holidays and even those quirky holidays, like "rate an app day".

Could be better, could be worse. by aledtje 2013-03-27

I do like the app. Informational and interesting. A nice app to check daily for little tidbits here and there. Cons are that you can only view the day of and yes, a large portion of the information it gives have to do with death and mass deaths and killings and mass killings. But that's okay.

Errors by WaylonM 2012-03-19

My first review was "harsh" because there was a number of mistakes and spelling errors. Some errors like Fabuary are hard to ignore hahaha However, they corrected the errors with the last update. For the most part this is a good app. Would be great to be able to select different dates.

Downer by SisKiddo 2013-03-28

Too bad. The majority of facts are about death & destruction. Don't need or want to know the anniversaries of every car bombing that ever was. Also not good that you can only view the current day. So glad i got to try this for free. Deleted.

Fun but sneaky by Pixietale 2012-09-26

A fun app. However, if you share anything, the app SNEAKS a link to itself in iTunes = BAD. You could face the vitriolic wrath of your non-iOS followers and friends. Only one star because of this alone. Otherwise I'd give three or four stars.

Interesting but... by SeattleSoundersFan 2013-03-27

Downloaded the app and looked interesting. However after scrolling down down all I kept reading was about killings. How depressing. Wasn't what I was expecting from this app.

Free? No thank you by shazam214 2014-10-23

All of the day's events are overlapped - can't read any of them - this was the biggest reason to download. I have apps that provide the other info. I have iPhone 6.

Remove link to ITunes Store by Tink483 2014-11-24

When posting an item to FB, a link to this item in the iTunes Store is included. Needless spam and makes in unusable. Get God of that and it get 5 stars.

Free? Little wonder... by Winephile 2014-10-22

IOS 8 on a 5s has the text entries overlapping, rendering display tangled & confused, & mostly illegible.