Call Minutes Pro Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Call Minutes Pro Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Call Minutes Pro Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Call Minutes Pro Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Call Minutes Pro Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Call Minutes Pro Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Call Minutes Pro Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Call Minutes Pro Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Call Minutes Pro Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Download Call Minutes Pro for iPhone/iPad
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Paying too much for cell phone over usage? Take control over your phone bill.

Call Minutes Pro tracks your minute usage in real time, so you don't have to.

Unlike other apps, Call Minutes Pro doesn't require you to dial phone numbers within this app to track the usage.

It's all automatic. That's right. Call or receive your calls as usual, and this app tracks your minute usage, all automatically.

It measures the true usage after a phone call. So you know how many minutes you used immediately after your call, or during on a live call. And, not a day after, or not a month later, as reported by your phone company.

Also, it measures an unlimited number of live, joined calls or conference calls.

Open this app once to set your bill cycle date and set your monthly limit. And, that's all.

Just make your calls as you would. Open this app once a while to see how many minutes you have used so far in this month.

The app tracks cell minute usage by day, night, weekend and monthly.

For ATT users, it tracks rollover minutes.

It provides Call History and Call Locations too.

*Call Minutes Pro uses GPS in the background, and it may consume your battery. Although we optimized the battery usage by this app, we highly recommend our users to fully charge their iPhones before starting a new day. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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Excellent Posted by

Excellent! The battery usage is much, much better. I had it on my iPhone on my desk, and my iPhone dropped only 3 or 4% battery level over 8 hours at work. @luisgay: Sounds like iOS 6 on iPhone 5. You don’t have to configure anything to make it work. Just give it the GPS mode, then you are all set. In doubt, just follow the instructions on their website.

Great app Posted by

I have a 500 minute call limit. This app helps me keep track of my calls without having to call my provider. I wish there was a way to separate the callers that are in my contact list that use my same provider. Those calls do not count against my call limit. I love how the night and weekend calls are not counted! Great app!

Great App Posted by

This app does what they say it will do. It works in the back ground so you do not have to do a thing. I love it.

Awesome! Works on TMobile!! Posted by

Also, it's a great way to track where my girlfriend is calling from… hehe

Awesome Posted by

Simple, functional, easy to use

Oh you guys fixed the battery bug! Posted by


PV Posted by


Works well for me by dtherio 2013-11-22

Updated review: After using the app for a few months, it does track usage, however it doesn't (at least for me) reset my usage on a monthly basis. That for me, makes it not very useful. This is after using it for 4 months. So I feel I have given it a good tryout. Original review: Recently downloaded the app. Was a bit freaked out that it was able to pull my billing cycle where other billing monitoring apps can't. That aside, it seems so far to be doing a decent job at tracking minutes used. I entered my current usage and was off and away. Now if only they would add a Mobile 2 Mobile counter.

Doesn't work at all by Neolson2 2013-01-17

I've had this app for 3 weeks-- it has only recorded calls that go to my voicemail, nothing that I answer or outgoing calls. I always have it open in the background, but still, nothing. The tech support button takes you to a blank email without a recipient address-- not helpful. I don't recommend buying this app, it's been useless for me.

App does not count calls if it is off by Vargafx6 2013-07-06

This app does not count calls if it is off. A friend of mine does have another app which allows him to keep call counter even if the app is off. Programmers should consider to do something similar due to the fact that the users want to track calls as far as the iPhone is on

I don't understand.... by GenericNickname1234567890 2015-12-19

If, by the App Developer's own admission, this app won't work with iOS9 then why is it still in the App Store? I thought that, according to Apple's "hype machine", most iPhone users are using iOS 9?

Dont buy it by luisguy 2013-12-13

Doesn't work. Ot has to be rumming in order to work. Mine added minutes to the limited set. I wish i had a refund!!