Came To Believe app for iPhone/iPad
Came To Believe app for iPhone/iPad

Came To Believe app for iPhone/iPad

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Sobriety is a journey towards spiritual awakening and living as the person our higher power intends for us to be. Came to Believe was designed by and for alcoholics to support your program of recovery. Each week you are guided by a wise old owl who encourages you to set goals, record your progress, and receive stars to celebrate your hard work. Every day you’ll have the opportunity to check in, take your emotional temperature, practice prayer and meditation, read the Big Book, complete a daily inventory, set reminders to call your sponsor, do step writing, show up for service commitments and more! Before you know it, you’ll be reaping the benefits of our simple spiritual program and living a life beyond your wildest dreams. Sounds great, right? What are you waiting for… Features include: Check in: Take your emotional temperature three times a day. Steps: All 12 AA steps, including prompts for writing on each step. Traditions: All 12 AA traditions, including the long form of each one. Tools: All 7 AA tools, and the opportunity to set reminders to use them. Progress: Sobriety counter and chips for length of abstinence from alcohol and drugs. Goals: Set goals for the day, reminders for appointments, medications, meetings, and more. Big Book: The second edition of the AA Big Book including all stories and appendixes available at that time. Writing: Prompts for daily writing exercises: Gratitude list, God letter, Plan of Action, the Bedevilments, and more. Email: You can email writing and your weekly list of accomplishments to anyone you wish. Sometimes it’s hard to reach people, but you can always reach for the phone and find Came to Believe. This app is not intended to replace a sponsor relationship or going to meetings, but rather as a compliment to your existing program. We were never meant to recover in isolation and we hope this tool will help you grow in your recovery and fellowship. We charge a one-time download fee, do not track your information, and you will never see an advertisement while using the app. If you have suggestions for improvement, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]


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