Capo touch Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Capo touch Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Capo touch Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Capo touch Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Capo touch Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Capo touch Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Capo touch Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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With Chord Intelligence, beat detection, and other sophisticated technology that was once reserved for full-size computers, Capo touch brings the power of our award-winning Capo 3 to musicians on the move.

World-class musicians are praising the speed and reliability of Capo and consider this a must-have tool for learning and experimenting with music.

“Capo’s a lifesaver, it truly is! I always carry my iPad, and now I can use Capo there and on my computer. I love the initial auto chord detection and the Add Chord button to catch every detail of the performance. It takes all the guessing out of learning transition notes, intros, outros, etc. I check everything in Capo!”

—Kenny Wright, bassist for John Legend, Pharrell, Wiz Khalifa, and more


AUTOMATIC CHORD DETECTION: Capo saves you time by automatically detecting chords when you open a song. Our chord detection engine is based upon machine learning technology, and will have you learning to play your songs faster than ever.

SLOW YOUR MUSIC: Slow down your favorite music without affecting its pitch, so you can practice along with solos at a comfortable pace. Capo employs a very high quality time stretching engine that makes your music sound great at any speed.

LOOPING REGIONS: With a tap of the region button, you've got an instant looping region around a bar of your song—locked to the beat! Tap and hold the play button to enter region looping mode, and practice in time with the original recording. Editable region colors and names help to keep you organized.

TRANSPOSING MADE EASY: Instantly change the key of your songs using an easy pitch slider, and watch as the chords and chord boxes update to reflect the key change instantly. Now you can quickly transpose your music to a key you're more comfortable playing, or singing along with.

INSTRUMENTS: In addition to guitar, Capo shows chords for ukulele, banjo, mandolin and 4-6 string bass.

CAPO AND ALTERNATE TUNINGS: By adjusting the tuning of your instrument, Capo will adjust its displayed chord shapes accordingly. You can also add a capo and select from different capo positions, which will automatically adjust the chords such that they are displayed in relation to the capo.

EFFECTS: Capo lets you modify panning, adjust a 10-band graphic equalizer, and apply vocal reduction to help you isolate the parts of the music you wish to learn.

iCLOUD SYNC BETWEEN DEVICES: When learning a song, Capo will save all your adjustments, changes and effects that you’ve applied to a song for future use. If you utilize Capo on multiple devices like your iPhone, iPad and/or Mac, your song changes can be synchronized to all your devices automatically.

TESTIMONIALS: Capo is inspiring some of today’s top musicians in the industry.

"Capo is AMAZING!!!! Very clutch. Especially when parts are kinda tough in the mix that I can’t make out easily. With other apps you lose quality, this still sounds correct. I could figure out without, but it’s awesome. Even when I’m tracking and need to get the BPM, it’s quicker than in my DAW. It’s so simple, user friendly... really impressed! “

—Omar Edwards, keyboardist/music director, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kanye West, Eminem and more

"Quite simply the best and only app you need to learn how to play a song. The chord detection is accurate and having Capo touch on the iPhone now is great, where I need it the most —on the fly in a rehearsal studio. Useful, easy to understand, and packed with features, Capo is the secret weapon for figuring out how a song is played."

—Billy Morrison, guitarist for Billy Idol and Royal Machines

“I have been wishing for this software for years. It’s incredibly useful, whether I’m charting my own songs for the players who join me, or discovering exactly what is being played on a recording I love. So happy that the future has arrived!”

—Kristian Bush of Sugarland, Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist


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Very useful in music classroom Posted by

As a music teacher his app has been extremely useful. The main feature I've appreciated is the ability for the app to change the key of a song without changing the tempo. I use this feature for my classes to play along to songs they know and love when the song is in a difficult key for the instruments we're using. For example, if the original recording of a song is in C#, the Capo app can adjust it down a half step to C and instantly easier for my students to play along to the song on steel pans, marimbas, guitars, keyboards, xylophones, etc. The key adjustment feature is also be extremely useful for singing groups. The other useful feature is the ability to loop any section of a song, which comes in handy for rehearsing sections of songs. You can also slow looped sections down, without the key/pitches changing, so you and/or your students can slow a difficult section down to reverse it, and slowly increase the tempo until they can play it up to speed. You're also able to label the verse, chorus and bridge of a song for looping and/or just knowing which section is which. Just AWESOME features that have instantly made lessons better and my students more successful. The kids also really enjoy being able to play along to the songs as they're learning their parts. I give the app 4 stars because I've found the chord and beat detection features to be unreliable. I pretty much ignore those aspects of the app. But the other features I mentioned above are perfect for use in my classroom! Thank you Capo!!

Amazing Music Ap Posted by

Capo Touch, along with it Mac brother Capo 3 are an incredible music application. Both applications are chord recognition applications, which allow you to load music from iTunes and return the chords that are recognized by Capo. Although not all the chords return with 100% accuracy, the majority of chords are or have a slight different voicing. Capo also will give suggested potential chords and voicing selected from a drop down menu. Capo Touch and Capo 3 have many other features such as pitch, tempo, capo placement and many others. One amazing feature is that all your songs in your project are stored in the Cloud, so they can be shared and synchronized with all of your Mac or iOS devices. The developers are excellent at taking user's suggestions and incorporating ideas from the users. A must have application! George P.

Capo seems awesome Posted by

Of of the first few songs it seemed like it functioned accurately enough, and by no means have I gone in depth with it but it seems to just get the gist of songs it doesn't seem to get the little grace notes... As mentioned before is just got this and just tried it and I'm sure there are tons of things I haven't learned yet. Definitely a great buy for people that love playing their favorites on a guitar or other stringed instruments (and haven't been classically trained or can play by ear). It eliminates the hours it takes to sit down and try to learn your favorites... Plus it gives you the tempo time signature and other great info in case you like electronically remixing old favorites (and are a complete novice like me). Seems awesome I'd say buy it, especially when it's on sale.

Better for Advanced Players Posted by

If all you're looking to do is figure out the chords to a song, this probably is not the app for you. The algorithm, while very good, it's not perfect and you won't get the exact chords every single time. The developer acknowledges thisWhere this app shines, is the ability to help advanced guitar players learn extremely difficult songs quickly. It instantly give you the tempo and the key to any song, which in and of itself is very cool. What makes this a must-have is being able to slow down very fast riffs and isolate the guitar. If you want to learn Cliffs of Dover, this will help you do it. If you're not at that level, you'll probably to be disappointed

Very Good Posted by

Capo exceeded my expectations. People are upset it misses chords, but it's detecting beat, key, chords, and more as quickly as possible when it loads. If it misses some, you can insert chords, and adjust its variations. I don't mind that small effort on my part. I'm just grateful it has the ability to adjust them to begin with. My favorite feature is the ability to slow it down without degrading the song in that typical "slo-mo" sound. I learn lots of finger picking, and it really helps I can slow it down, and remove the vocals. Making sure I get each note. It's awesome.

Major, spectacular, upgrade... Posted by

This is well worth the bucks to upgrade. It takes the already very useful Capo app and adds a ton of very well thought out, very useable features. The biggest addition is bringing chord recognition to the app, and it works exceptionally well. And it allows you to change and move chords quickly and easily. Still has it's excellent slow down and/or pitch correction chops. Easier to loop a whole song now too. Teachers and pros will tell you to "learn it slow before you speed it up". This makes it easy to do just that. Worth every penny.

Love Capo Touch! Posted by

I purchased Capo Touch for my iPhone Plus and I love it! I am using this for my own composing and performance and also for my clients and students. This saves so much time in my sessions - the chords are quickly available so we can spend necessary time working on technique, writing, and performance. I wish I had this years ago but am so glad I have this now. I highly recommend Capo Touch for all professional musicians and students - it will save so much time so you can focus on skills, technique, artistry, and creativity.

Update broke app Posted by

So I really like this app. There are a few things that does need improving are features that need to be added. But I usually use this on my Mac and open up projects on here when away from my computer. With that said, this new update doesn't allow me to open my projects. It crashes every time I try to download a project from iCloud so this is pretty much useless for me at the moment. My rating is based on the app itself and doesn't reflect the fact that the app is not functioning properly at the moment

Powerful Tool! Posted by

This app is a great tool and time saver if you need to learn a large number of songs or prepare for a session. It may not give you all the fills, licks or arpeggios between the chords but it gives you what you need to let your ear fill in the rest. The advanced features add more power than you might expect and once you use them it becomes clear how handy and powerful this app is. My biggest add would be Nashville numbering and if possible with publishing rights a way to print. Bravo!

Best app for learning songs Posted by

[update for newest version: This app is literally unbelievable. I can't believe what they are able to do on an iPhone.] Seriously. I can't believe they managed to make this app work on a phone. Literally impossible on the computers I worked with in college and now it lives on my phone. Welcome to the future. I play along with songs at home on my iMac and then drop out the vocals on my phone and sing along while I drive. Awesome.

Incredible App! Posted by

I don't want to date myself too much, but I used to play my records at 16 speed to figure out the guitar solos. So when I saw the Mac version of Capo several years ago, I bought it immediately. It was great then, and it has only gotten better. With this latest update the iOS version is even more useful than its Mac cousin if for no other reason than I can easily take it everywhere. Terrific job!

Feels like the future Posted by

I don't understand why this interface feels strange to some... I find it very easy to use. The capabilities of Capo are simply beyond belief. It really works as advertised and does the looping, tempo and transposition all in real time and simultaneously. It really is futuristic. It's almost a reason to buy a iOS device all on its own.

Classic app, but with great new features Posted by

This app is great for learning songs and solos, sure, but I love it just for analyzing songs I love—listening to different parts of the stereo field, slowing it to where I hear effects more clearly, and discovering new chord progressions. The iCloud syncing with the Mac version is good, and I highly recommend buying Capo for both iOS and Mac!

Just Plain Awesome... Posted by

I've been using the desktop version for a couple of years and I'm so happy with this app. I have an iPad pro and this app alone almost justifies the pro and its 4 speakers. Must have for anyone trying to learn a new piece of music quickly.

Looking forward to update. Posted by

Unfortunately I'm getting a lot of stuttering on an iPad Pro even with the quality turned to best. Also, I miss the spectrum analyzer view that the Mac version has. I hope you plan to add it to the iPad version!

Capo, where have you been all my life! Posted by

I can hardly believe it. This is a blockbuster app. Detects chords, let's you slow the difficult areas and repeat them over and over. And it runs completely smoothly on my iPhone 5s!

Great app and great update. Posted by

Loved the app before but so glad they updated for the iPhone 6 Plus.

Great sound, but incomprehensible by John-_-D 2017-02-11

I've had Capo for years. Used to use it a lot, but due to an injury couldn't use recently. Pulled the new version out to learn part of a song, and the interface is completely different and not at ALL discoverable. I will go look on the web for an introduction to this inscrutable layout. Here's an example. You've got a popup control called R+. When you press on it, it pops up more buttons: B+, V+, and C+. No explanation of what R, B, V and C are. And guess what? It's a popup! You could actually use words, they'd take no room except when you had them popped up. The main controls have to be swiped back and forth. There's plenty of vertical room to put everything in the bottom 1/6 of the screen, but instead you have to swipe left and right constantly and look for where options are hidden behind all the controls. You used to be able to loop an arbitrary portion of a song. No more. It "snaps" to measures, even if you don't want it to. Want to fine tune your "A" and "B" points? No more. Press R+ and it creates a region. But the region doesn't start where the cursor it, it goes back to the start of a "measure". Maybe that's accurate in pop music, but it's deplorably bad in classical music with continuous tempo changes. After you've defined a region, you can edit it, sort of. You can move the start of the region, but not the end, if it's at the end of the song. You can't access help while you're still in a project. Want to figure something out? Quit what you're doing! Go all the way out to the main menu to look at the help (which isn't available on the web, so you can't look at it on your computer while you work on your iphone). Then reload your project, and nothing that isn't persisted with the project (button states etc.) is as you left it. My hobby isn't Capo, it's music. I'd bet cash money they didn't test this redesign with a single user who wasn't already a Capo lover. To get around the horrible looping, I guess I'll have to load a song in a waveform editor, then save the section I want and load THAT in Capo. I assume it'll loop the part I want if I've created it as a separate file, though I'm nervous it'll force the repeats to its randomly-selected beat detection instead of just looping the whole thing. I'm fortunate they renamed it, because I can still use the old version. But that horizon is limited - iOS already warns me the app is outdated and may decrease performance...

Wow, what happened to your great app??? by Z-man7979 2014-11-13

My old version of Capo stopped working, it just kept crashing. I’m going to assume it was because of this new version. I would say old Capo was my absolute favorite app of all time. I’ve been using it for several years. I loved how easy it was to identify sections of songs, repeat, skip to the next section of song I wanted to work on. I am no at all a fan of this new version. Aside from it is clunky and doesn’t upload songs consistently and sticks constantly. Much of the functionality I used to love is gone. Bookmarks was way way better than regions or whatever it is called. skipping to the next section of bookmarks was a breeze. Tempo changes and repeating a section was easier way way too much need for scrolling around. If you didn’t shut off the old app that I happily paid I think 20 bucks for, I’d have tried this one out and just said meh I don’t need the functionality but to take away such a great app and remove many of the best features is just disappointing. I’d happily pay more money to get the old Capo back on my phone.

UI mars an otherwise good product by Skyler A 2016-06-11

For what it is, this app is great, but the UI really makes it hard to use. 1) the region loop/play controls are horrible. Even after reading the guide I have no clue when I'm going to pause/play the whole song or a loop after changing regions. I just use the play button on headphones or a Bluetooth speaker now cuz that's actually consistent. 2) This needs either over lapping regions or multiple projects for the same song so I can break down a solo into parts to learn and then loop the whole solo without having to kill the mini regions I worked so hard to create in this UI. 3) The tempo control barely works. If you drag if far left, it will never drag back because the ui keeps thinking you're trying to swipe the whole control. Only way I can fix it is by mashing the thick bar for 100% tempo and even that takes about 20 presses before it registers. When the UI isn't getting in the way, this app great, but unfortunately the UI is in the way about 80% of the time.

Great idea by JRock SLATER 2014-07-22

But when I try to play back audio it just stutters and plays back at 1/10 speed. The first song I started it played back fine and everything since then has played back screwed up. I've tried everything and there's no way to fix it. The other big problem I have with the app is when you first open it it asks you if you want to get your songs from the cloud or locally,I chose the cloud and there's no way to switch back to local to see if that might be the issue. I HATE paying my hard earned money to be a beta tester for these companies,my my time is worth a fair amount of money,I bought it because of the rave reviews it got from other pro's,I guess they got a copy that worked,or were paid to give it such high praise. For now I have another unusable music app taking up space on my iPad. I give it two stars because it's a great idea and will be very useful once it works,but for now it's useless.

Waste of money by Steplander 2014-07-11

Every once in a while an app comes along that looks great on the surface and then just falls flat when applied. This is one. Great idea but it really doesn't work in the real world using even the most basic songs. 1. The chords aren't properly detected. In most cases, during my tests, they weren't even in the ballpark. The poorly detected chords don't even appear on the timeline where they should. 2. If there is any movement in the arrangement, beyond a chord being held like a droning pad, the chord is never detected properly. 3. Even if it did work, and did detect the chords properly, who wants to see scrolling chords at the bottom of a screen with no option to export the chart? I have to scribble these manually? I hate when I waste money on an app because there is little hope of getting a refund on bad one like this.

So bad... by DADGBE 2014-08-15

So bad it should be required to display the disclaimer "The chord detection in this app is intended for entertainment purposes only." I have used it with extremely simple recordings of open chords, 5ths (power chords), major and minor triads, made on a single electric guitar into a pre-amp on clean and from there by balanced 1/4" TRS into a Thunderbolt audio interface recorded to a single channel track in Logic Pro X, and exported as ALAC to iTunes. Then brought into this app, which like it's predecessor of the same name can only slow down or speed up tracks, it cannot detect chords. I say this because it got none of the chords correct, in any of my numerous trials. It also gets the key wrong most of the time. BPM is frequently wrong as well.

Beyond Disappointment by Neema Agha 2016-01-02

I used to love Capo. I have used it in various versions. I use the desktop and the iOS versions. The "Touch" release is just a money grab for a new and inferior interface. It is too many steps backwards for too few improvements. The worst part is that the developer acknowledges these shortcomings but released it anyway. There is no way to move forward or backward in song beyond scrolling manually. That was a feature in prior versions. It doesn't respect the volume settings. I can't even begin to explain how dumb that decision was. Someone needs to sit down with the team and explain to them that usability matters beyond gee whiz features. I hope that the next upgrade restores vital functionality.

I think my ear is better... by KCRW Addict 2014-07-15

For a test, I loaded two basic AC/DC songs that everyone knows how to play. Sure, you might be able to play along with the chords that capo "discovered," but it wouldn't sound remotely like Angus Young. Then I tried a fairly simple Brazilian classic from Os Mutantes and that rendering was nowhere near what I heard. Bottom line, the slowing down function is useful for learning something you've never played, but as a reasonably accurate chord detector, it is sorely lacking in this version. I'd been told about the desktop version of this before, so I was excited to see the launch discount and try it out. I keep checking the updates and see if it improves, but this is a huge disappointment.

Song key, chord, and tempo calculations about 30% accurate by Red Hot Chili Popper 2015-02-19

Would be a solid free app but needs much improvement to be paid. BPM/tempo detection is consistently incorrect AND you are not able to edit Capo's whack calculation. Doesn't seem to matter which genre the song is. So if it reports a song is 90 BPM but it's actually 120 the bars will be completely off. Chord detection and the song key are not accurate even on simple songs. Will improve rating if improved but would not recommend to anyone currently. You'll be much better off putting in the time to learn to detect all this with your ear and brain.

Horrible at guessing... by Daevski 2014-07-27

This app is NOT what it sells itself as. I can't learn songs from it. It doesn't guess chords correctly at all; it puts chords in random places, not on the chord changes (maybe the beat, but not all beats...); the iOS version is not able to display notes, only chords. I don't think there was anything useful besides the song slow-down feature. It also can't play through Bluetooth. I can't even give it 2 stars :( -- and I don't want to try the Mac version either...

Zero stars if I could by M_911 2014-08-09

I chose the option to use songs that are stored locally on my device rather that using iTunes Match. Not ONE single song shows up in my library and the UI is so clumsy I can't figure out how to search. Developer website is even worse, not one single topic dealing with this issue. Save your money until they get to their "very long TO DO list" of updates (their own words).

Meh by Marvive 2014-07-22

The update has improved the app significantly from the original iteration, but certainly not worth being paid for again. Loading times are absurd. I understand why, but it took out the simplicity of the app. Perhaps I'll be more satisfied when the iPhone 6 comes out. Until then, 3 stars.

Please let me import! by Helen Lewis 2014-07-21

Most of the music I play is in my Ultimate Guitar account. I would love to be able to import from it. Do you see that possibly happening down the line? Or am I forever married to my iTunes account (purchases) with this app?

No instructions included? by Jimmylhhh 2014-07-11

I just downloaded this for the Ipad. I think it could be a useful app, but where is the help function? There are buttons and features that I don't know what they are for or how to use.

Cannot load songs from iTunes library. by jgarett 2015-07-11

Cannot load any songs from my phone, iTunes or otherwise. Requires a subscription to a website? Would have been nice if they WARNED us first, before shelling out $10.

Not as good that Capo 3 by Globetrottet 2015-12-17

1- you can't use your music from app Music on your iPhone and iPad. You just can if you pay for Match 2- you can't send the MP3 slown-downed or detuned.

Lacks Apple Music Support by rcolinray 2015-12-13

The app seems to only work with songs that you have purchased through iTunes. It does not work with music downloaded with an Apple Music subscription.

Crashing on iPad by Kikowaka 2015-10-21

Used to love this crashes whenever I open on my iPad Air running iOS 9. Can't even begin to use it :(

Solid Freeze-up by Musicbufff 2014-07-17

This version bricked, caused me to delete the program and re-download.