Capto - Screen Capture, Recording & Editing Apps for iPhone/iPad
Capto - Screen Capture, Recording & Editing Apps for iPhone/iPad

Capto - Screen Capture, Recording & Editing Apps for iPhone/iPad

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$19.99 $29.99 2016-11-30 11:00:00
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First Tracked $29.99 2016-04-28 04:00:00

Screenshots & Video

Capto - Screen Capture, Recording & Editing Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Capto - Screen Capture, Recording & Editing Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Capto - Screen Capture, Recording & Editing Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Capto - Screen Capture, Recording & Editing Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Capto - Screen Capture, Recording & Editing Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Capto - Screen Capture, Recording & Editing Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Capto is a new screen capture, screen recording and editing app suite that’s perfect for creating informative and compelling captures. Instantly record a video of your screen or take a screenshot, edit it and share at the press of a button. The app has a broad range of image and video editing tools as well as an easily navigable folder-based organizer for your screen captures. You can also setup instant sharing to all popular platforms like YouTube, Dropbox, Tumblr, FTP/SFTP servers and more by signing into them just once inside Capto. Your imagination combined with rich onscreen content can be effectively used for designing Professional Tutorials, Vlogs, Educational Lessons, Design Concepts and more. Fullscreen and Selection Capture | Webpage Capture You have the choice of taking fullscreen image captures or select portions with Capto’s flexible screenshot options. For saving a webpage with one click, use your own supported browser or use Capto’s easy-to-use browser. Fullscreen and Region Recording |Timed Recording Record your entire screen or select portions in full HD at 60 FPS along with clear audio. Capto also has a video capture feature for your iOS device. You may also set up a timed recording that records for a predetermined amount of time. Video Recording | Tutorial Video Making Make your tutorial videos more interactive. Record your own video while the screen recording continues in parallel. Get to choose from either the system camera or an external recording device for desired input. Resize the video as per your need and re-position it across the screen to make the tutorial more effective. Video Editing | Annotations Capto’s powerful video editing suite gives you all the tools necessary to Cut, Join, Trim or Crop videos. In addition, you can add annotations to make your captured videos much more professional and detailed. Audio Recording & Editing | Individual Track Control Record crystal clear audio from either the system or the microphone and get better control over the output. Use the individual track control to adjust the inputs from the system and the mic separately and bring the best out of the audio. Image Editing | Annotations Capto has a fully featured image editor to enhance and create informative images. Highlight, Annotate, correct, or adjust the properties of your captured screenshot and make them stand out. Smart Collection Folder | File information Capto comes with an easy file manager for easy storage and retrieval of screen captures and recordings. Every screenshot and video you take is sorted into smartly labeled folders that can also be customized. Online Platform Sharing | Server Sharing Instantly share or upload screenshots and screen recordings to your favorite services like Facebook, Tumblr, Dropbox, Evernote, YouTube and more directly with a single click. Capto also supports FTP/SFTP server uploads. Please follow Capto on social media for news, updates and tips. Twitter - @CaptoForMac Facebook - CaptoForMac You can email us at [email protected] with your queries or suggestions and we will be glad to assist you. If you like Capto, please keep your support coming in by leaving a positive review and rating on the Mac App Store. We appreciate it!

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Love it. No problem on El Capitan Mac OS Posted by

I am moderately tech-savy. This app can be used by average joe who may have used iMovie in the past. It is pretty intuitive. The video capture is so awesome. You can capture video by capturing the entire screen or by your custom cropping. If you pick custom cropping, you set your NW cropping point by the first click and the SE point with the 2nd click. The video quality is pretty good. I have been able to capture video from online sites. You can trim the captured video later. To stop the recording, you do have to press Command-SHIFT-ESC to stop it. This hot-key setup is a very thoughtful idea. I have not played with all its editing capability. The captured video is a MP4 file that can be directly imported into iTunes.

Soooo Close! Posted by

I was getting very frustrated with Snag-It, so I gave Capto a try. I very much like this application much better. The only addition I could use is the Cutout or Trim capability. There is no easy way to remove large chunks of the screen capture either vertically or horizontally. This would make this application perfect and a 5 star for me. The video capture is great, this is full of functionality and features.

Works Great! Posted by

I make reaction videos so I needed something to record the screen and the screens audio. I couldn’t find anything cheap that didn’t have people say the program gave viruses. I knew I had to spend money in order to get a great recording software and this app was the first one I chose. Does everything I want and more! Highly recommend this app if you do reaction videos or whatever.

I Love This Version - Viola was cool, but this is epic! Posted by

I use this app every day! Multiple times… and I’m just scratching the surface of everything it can do. I wish it automatically loaded everything into an icloud library so these shots were automatically everywhere. Even without that feature, this is the coolest app ever. My PC friends can never get a good screen shot like this...

Just love this App! Posted by

I assigned my own hot keys to make it easier to use. It is dead simple and works great. I use it daily and have come to rely on it for all my screen captures, markups and video recordings. It is my go-to Utility for capturing documsntation and learnings from the Web.

Great Posted by

Says what it does… does what it says, and does a great job of it.

Great App! Posted by

Great App! Easy to use and works great. I highly recommend.

Disappointed with my PURCHASE… A CHALLENGE TO USE... by shanghai road 2016-09-26

I’ve been using VOILA for more than a year. I couldn’t upgrade to CAPTO because VOILA was frozen and I couldn’t get any information. So, for $29.95, I said, “What the Heck.” Well, what the heck… it’s like the developers don’t use this product… I can’t resize the canvas on the fly anymore. I can resize the image on the fly which I couldn’t do in VOILA, I can’t change the color of text by character, I can’t reposition text vertically, I can’t create vertical text … this is very limiting…. and if I had to do over, I would not have purchased…. at this point…. VOILA is more than adequate when compared to CAPTO… When I purchased I thought I would get a GREAT product, after all, they will improve on Viola which is a great product…NOT SO…. If I’m incorrect with the short comings listed above… then please correct me… I think VOILA is a better product… developers, you have some work to do on CAPTO…. so get to it... I will update as I get more information… The highlighter tool works if you flatten your text box and also work on an image... … . windows are pinned and you can’t move them… makes NO Sense…. …. the crashing issues that i have in VOLIA have not been resolved …. still crashes frequently…. the crashing occurs when I try to save an image… not sure if new or replace the image… not as frequent a viola crashed... FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO UNROUND THE CORNERS ON A RECTANGLE… SLIDE THE SMALL RED DOT.. ONE DOWN AND MORE TO GO… UPDATE: I’ve used now for about 4 days. I didn’t upgrade but purchased CAPTO. With a prurchase I still have access to Viola.. not sure if this is the case with upgrade… There are some useful tools with CAPTO… the spotlight tool… some tools that were abailable in VIOLA are no longer available in CAPTO… I also use snagit… between SNAGIT, VIOLA and CAPTO, I can accomplish the task I need to… would be nice to be able to do so in a single application… but for $30 what the HECK…. If you lose access to VIOLA with an upgrade, I think I would purchase… some of the tools in viola are useful and I still use…I’m going to change the rating to 4 stars.. and would give a 5 star if some of the tools I complained about were added...

Well thought-out UI, but buggy implementation. Missing some features as well. by ajay.ganapathy 2016-05-23

Capto isn’t just a screen recording utility - it is a full capturing and cataloguing solution. You can capture screenshots, entire webpages (even if they are taller than the height of your screen), and more. However, there are some bugs and features that really ought to be there, but aren’t. For example: Sometimes when you trim a video from the beginning, instead of moving to the front of the timeline, it gets stuck where you trimmed it. Other times, video does not show up in the scrubber view. Sometimes, videos don’t export. Additionally, this app does not quite work with El Capitan’s split screen feature - it takes up most of the screen, rather than resizing to half of the screen. It also doesn’t have a share extension, meaning that you can’t send a webpage to capto from safari using safari’s share menu. On the bright side, it’s only $30 - that’s a lot cheaper than competitor Screenflow, which is $100. If you’re willing to put up with bugs until the software gets updated, then you will appreciate the time and thought they put into the app’s UI.

Always captures my cursor, even when I uncheck “capture cursor” by eliyguygy 2016-09-30

I’ve disabled capture cursor both in settings and when recording, but Capto ALWAYS captures my cursor. This makes it completely worthless, because all my videos have a cursor in it, and I need the cursor to navigate in my videos. Wasted my money on this.