Cars.tomizer Pro - Customize Your Ride! Apps for iPhone/iPad
Cars.tomizer Pro - Customize Your Ride! Apps for iPhone/iPad

Cars.tomizer Pro - Customize Your Ride! Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Screenshots & Video

Cars.tomizer Pro - Customize Your Ride! Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cars.tomizer Pro - Customize Your Ride! Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cars.tomizer Pro - Customize Your Ride! Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cars.tomizer Pro - Customize Your Ride! Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Cars.tomizer Pro - Customize Your Ride! Apps for iPhone/iPad

Download Cars.tomizer Pro - Customize Your Ride! for iPhone/iPad
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50% Discount until New Update!
Do you love customizing, tricking and pimping your ride? Customize your ride appearance with Cars.tomizer PRO!


1. The developer team are car modders themselves.
We know what's cool.
2. Cars.tomizer does NOT implement In-App Purchases
for profiteering. If you buy our app, you'll get EVERYTHING in our future updates!
3. Cars.tomizer is the first and the original Customizing app and released very early in the
App Store life. Other imitation comes later.
You know what they say, imitation is the best
form of flattery!


5 STARS *****
"this is a really cool app, its for anyone who is a import/tuner lover. you can pick any car you like and mod it out" - User review.

5 STARS *****
This is one of the best apps i have ever used for my ipod - Tyler Stark

Demo Video: (old version of Cars.tomizer PRO)


√ Select a vehicle from In-App Vehicle or load up your own vehicles from your Camera Roll/Photo Albums.
√ Now sports a total 33 CARS from around the world! More is added in each updates!
√ PAINT the vehicle to any color that you like. This is the most unique feature of Cars.tomizer PRO - it can paint the parts with great ease. No need to manually draw clumsily with your finger! Just select a color, and parts are painted immediately!
√ Add parts from the Parts Library such as:
- NEON LIGHTS! (undercarriage and wheels neon).
√ All parts are fully customizable - RESIZE, MOVE, MIRROR and ROTATE them.
√ PAINT the side skirts and rear wing!
√ For decals, brake caliper, and neon lights, you can CUSTOMIZE their colors too!
√ Change the backdrop of your vehicle (for IAV only) or load up your own backdrop.
√ You can also preview the work in full size of the vehicle photo (all photo will be 640x480pixels in resolution)
√ Tonnes of parts available for hours of Customizing FUN!

Not convinced? Download the Cars.tomizer (FREE) and try it for yourself. Though, the FREE version will have much much less vehicles and parts, and some features are not available and the user interface is using the old one.

Cars.tomizer Pro - Customize Your Ride! Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Current Version:
Varies with device
22.13 MB
First Tracked:
Content Rating:


For some simple car fun, you can't go wrong. Posted by

At first I wasn't too sure what to expect from this app, it looked very nice, but I didn't know if the actual customization element would be all that good. I was wrong. It comes with a few nice cars, but of course you can use your iPhone camera to grab pictures for it. The selection of parts works very well, and the colour pickers are quite nice. It's got a good range of decals, but it would be nice to be able to use your own. The interface is clean, and really easy to use, all in all, I'd say it's worth the price.

Please fix... Posted by

All i ask is you (developers) to review your own app and fix all bugs in it... Its a really cool app, but all the constant crashing and all the constant bugs keep me from enjoing it... Bad reviews doesnt do any good, so if it its not fixed in about 2 weeks, 1star reviews will start to appear... And that isnt good!! Im not doing it becouse im mean or bad or anything, i just want you too fell what the people that pay for your apps feel... Thank and have a really nice life to everyone in the team... ;)

I love it Posted by

This update is da bomb! seriously its like a totally different app. I got this for usd1.99 for ver1.0 and gave it 2 stars.. for obvious reasons. but with this update just earned my 5 stars!!! since the developer willing to improve this app, i'd like to see more decals and stripes.. and as beamerdude said, ability to paint our own vehicle would be a great addition. thanks.

Needs polishing(literally). Posted by

Some of the components and cars have poor quality and resolution. Also, the Ford Mustang isn't even a real's just the concept. Could use an iPad version, as well as more content and versatility. It's an outstanding app concept and I really hope you guys optimize it, before someone else does. Thanks.

Amazing Posted by

Please put more Cars in. Us buyers need more cars... We need the pickups, the SUVs, and the supercars. Also u should add classic cars. We should be able to change the body style of the car too. There should be more options to choose from fer the Car brands and more parts to choose from. Just put more cars in please 8)

Carstomizer very nice Posted by

Love the app. Very easy to use. Extremely fun to modify the cars in the app or ones you have downloaded. If you love to create custom cars or want to see how your car would look customized, then this app is worth a try! Only thing I'd like to see is more parts, wheels,body kits,wings,graphics.

More options Posted by

Pretty cool just needs more. Be able to actually take the car apart and add new stuff like headlights and tint windows. An more cars like everyone else says. Hopefully updates will give us more to offer :)

Please Make iPad app Posted by

I love this app for my iPod, but i would love it even more if they made it for iPad. It's so much better after the update. Well worth the money.

Car customizer Posted by

Love this app. It could use more features. Make it feel like westcoastcustoms on iPhone. I await the updates. Great to past time in airports!

Please.. by Nicospa 2010-02-06

This app has a lot of potential. But, it's way too hard to operate. First of all, there needs to be BUILT IN pictures of cars you can choose from. If you don't have any car pictures, it's basically pointess. Second, please make a new user interface; it's not organized at all. Everything is too crammed together, and you really can't tell were anything is. Third, make more selections, and graphics better to make it more realistic. Because this would be an amazing app. This app can be a fun and creative app, but it needs impovements. Thank-you.

I wish people would rate correctly by meehmeeh 2011-01-01

The only reason I bought pro version was in hopes that I could paint my creations. Well, I wasted $1.99 and got the free version with a couple of cars. This app has potential but needs work. I even tried to email support and never received a reply. I thought maybe it was an issue with the 4 os so I downloaded it on my girlfriends 3G (running 3.1.2) and It worked. I was able to paint the car but the app was still crap! I have to say, this is the worst app I've seen yet. They need to remove this from the app store!

Can be better by Jaevone911 2011-10-02

I think this app was a great idea but need to tweak it alot more because you guys are missing so much that can be done to a car like tinting the headlights and taillights now, and powder coating the wheels not just the calipers and also bigger sizes on the wheels and spoilers and front and rear lips. I play with it from time to time but feel like it was a waste of money but I think you guys can get this on track!

I don't know•••**•••**••^ by Dezz916 2010-07-10

This is a good app but for 1.99 you only get a couple of cars to tune up and you use the same rims decal and body parts..... After you build about 3 cars you are going to see that you use the same parts but diffrent colors.... It's a 5 star game but come on now give us a update with more parts and decals.....!!!!!

Can't paint the cars!! by BeamerDude6463 2010-03-17

This is a fun app, don't get me wrong but it won't let me paint the cars different colors! It's kinda pointless if u can't customize the cars to their full potential! Please fix this problem and this app is a 5 star app! I customized my 1995 BMW 325i. It's really fun! Thank you for your time.