Cat Games Apps for iPhone/iPad
Cat Games Apps for iPhone/iPad

Cat Games Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Cat Games Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cat Games Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cat Games Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cat Games Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cat Games Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cat Games Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cat Games Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cat Games Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cat Games Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cat Games Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cat Games Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cat Games Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cat Games Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cat Games Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cat Games Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cat Games Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cat Games Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cat Games Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cat Games Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cat Games Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Cat Games Apps for iPhone/iPad

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*** To exit a level tap the X 3 times to access Main Menu.

Cat Games for iPad is a game for cats and kittens.
Stimulate your cat with these cat games on your iPad. Watch your cat try to grab fish, foil balls, bugs, strings, mice, and lasers.

Is your cat a mouser? Is he or she like Tom from Tom and Jerry? It's better than catnip. Don't let your cat be grumpy! Make your little fur ball purr. Cats will love chasing, and swatting at the mouse, the ball on a string, feathers, and after creepy crawly spiders and much, much more!

The Critically Acclaimed "Cat Games" for iPad gets a big update.

Kitty Korner Pick for The TouchArcade Show #14

"My cat loves the bug one." -Eli

"Success! This is Working." - Jared

"Who needs to buy a dollar string and ball toy?" -Jared

"I was super jazzed that my cat liked it and was entertained for a long while." -Jared

To prevent kitty from exiting the app go to Settings/General and turn off Multitasking Gestures. Turn Multitasking Gestures back to on when your cat is done playing.

Cats are finicky animals. As a cat owner you probably know this and find it part of their charm. With that in mind you need to give your cat multiple chances to enjoy "Cat Games" for iPad. Even our cat testers are like this. Sometimes they go nuts attacking the iPad while playing "Cat Games" for iPad. Other times they are lazy and don't give it a second look. Be patient and try different times of day, try again after a few days, try when they seem to have more energy. Obviously a cats age plays a role. A kitten is much more likely to go crazy chasing things on screen than a 15 year old Cat. Don't give up. If anything it gives an older cat some stimulating things to observe. The most important thing is you and your cat are spending quality time together. Get the kids involved too. Don't let the fun be all paws.

Video Review by A Byte of This-N-That -

Sit with your cat and interact with your cat and the games.

We researched colors and movements that cats are attracted to. Cats have a limited color range that they can see and we tried to incorporate that color range in this app where possible.

Cats in particular "indoor" cats crave stimulation of their hunting instincts. For the price of a cheap catnip based toy you can have an app that will entertain your cat for long into the future.

Kat fishing scratch plush animal shelter sanctuary kitty daycare


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Give me my iPad back, please Posted by

We have two cats. The hunter will not even look at this app. The lounger is obsessed with it (and, as a result, the iPad in general). She will dig under it, dig on it, and turn it over when I'm playing a game or reading an ebook. As soon as I turn this game on for her, she starts purring. She'll fall asleep on it, but she also likes playing the game. The fish and mice are her favorite. She also liked the chicken from a previous version. She loves the app. I'd like my iPad back.

This game gets 2 paws up!! Posted by

My cats have a few iPad cat game apps but this one blows the others out of the water! Now we have to fight over who gets to use the iPad; them or me! Love the charity-tie in as well, as helping out our furry little friends in need is always a good decision!

Amazing!!! Posted by

Both of my cats adore this game! At first I thought that the people who made games like this just had too much time on their hands, but now I spend hours on end watching my cats tap at my iPad. This is worth the 99 cents I paid for it. It is amazing!

Cat app Posted by

My cats love this app. Our new kitten will sit and play with it non stop!

My cats are obsessed. Posted by

They'd destroy my ipad if I left them unsupervised!!

My cats love it! Posted by

I let my cats play this all the time and they love it!

Cats love it! Posted by

Flippin' great app. My cats love it.

Fur kids love this app! by Shelley Wooley 2012-07-25

This is by far, my cats' favorite app. I hate to admit it, but I have purchased a few. They love the fish. Other apps can't keep their attention for more than a few seconds at a time. They are able to close the app, wish there was a "fix" for that. I constantly have to restart it for them. And just recently, I'm unable to get it to load at all. I've tried deleting and re-installing it, but it's not working. I'll keep trying.

Cool game, glitches. by Metzcam 2013-07-18

My cat loves this game. I have to keep my hand over my iPad when I do anything else. Glad I have a Griffin protector case! I am pleased with the animation, and if the sound it distracting I turn it off. I have found that when my cat plays he is able to get to another screen? Don't know what it is. Looks like adds, or other apps. It does not take the two finger cats to turn the app into something else. Glitch needs to be fixed.

Disapointed by Unhappy1234abc 2013-11-25

I have 5 other cat games and this was my cats favorite game. My cats loved the game with the fast paced feather toy. In the new version it is missing. Please bring it back. Luckily I have a 1st Generation iPad that still has this game on it. I would give it 5 stars if it had the fast pace feather game but with out it is just another cat game.

Disappointed by Riorio69 2012-05-08

Expected more options than 6 especially since it cost $1.99. Cat was only interested in the fish and then only mildly, but I can chalk that up to his age (14) and general nonchalant manner. But I did want to try out more options with him than this version supplies. Good idea, soso execution.

It's so so by Crazdwriter 2012-04-20

I tried to have my cats play this and they weren't interested in it before. Now that they have redone it, it's harder to catch my cats attentions. And when I do, they tap on something but it's seems harder to make the game they are playing move.

A Waste of Money by KayakBliss 2012-07-01

Our cat showed no interest in any of the screens. Sounds are arbitrary and design is busy for busy's sake. If priced at 99 cents I might have absorbed the loss as an experiment but at $1.99 I definitely want to warn others.

... by Suzbaku 2013-05-19

I don't know, my cat doesn't like it, although my cat doesn't like anything... My cat is old, if your cat is young or playful unlike my cat, you should get this app...

So so by Marcyleft 2013-02-16

Exiting with the 2 fingers simultaneously is not sensitive enough. Takes a few or several tries to get back to menu. Animation is ok. Like the dog one so far.

Waste of money by WristyBiz 2015-02-04

This app is pointless. Friskier has a much better app; more movement and more natural modeling of creatures and is free.

It works! by Mcideb 2011-09-01

I was wrong I finally connected with the site master and he talked me thru fixing the site. kitty loves it!!!

Could be better by Vixster44 2013-08-08

Needs more sounds and the objects move too fast.

Where is the sound? by Bokkaku 2013-04-09

Add sound. Cats respond great to sound.

Poor by Cooca2002 2014-05-17

Don't waste your time or space

Sound by Paige32 2013-05-15

The app needs more sound effects.