Christmas List Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Christmas List Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Christmas List Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Christmas List Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Christmas List Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Christmas List Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Christmas List Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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*Featured by Apple during 2008 Holiday Season*

LA Times Appiphilia raves about Christmas List, saying "It's a gift to holiday gift-giving."

Harried and hurried over the holidays? Simplify and organize your holiday shopping with Christmas List. Its intuitive and user friendly design will keep track not only of the people on your list and their presents, but also notes and budget. You can even comparison shop and find the best price for whatever you are looking for with the tap of a finger. So throw away your pad and pencil and get Christmas List today!

-Imports people from your Contacts
-Add unlimited entries
-Stores and organizes people and presents
-Saves multiple presents for every person on your list
-Keeps track of which presents have been bought, wrapped, and mailed
-Click on a name to see details which include: present, notes, and budget
-Order your Christmas List however you want: delete those who are naughty and move the nice to the top
-Displays “Days til Christmas” so you know how many shopping days are left
-Budget feature displays: Total Amount Spent and Total Left to Buy
-Currency support for all countries (automatically detects your currency)
-Find the best price for the present you are looking for and even buy online
-Badge icon keeps track of how many presents you have left without having to enter the application
-Easily edit entries to change presents, add notes, or adjust budget
-Built-in Password Protection so others can use your iPhone or iPod Touch and your Christmas list will be protected from prying eyes! Forget your password? Don't worry, Christmas List will email your password back to you.
-Professionally designed seasonal graphics help get you into the Holiday Spirit

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Finally! A list I remember to carry! Posted by

This is the best Christmas app I have bought! It lets me carry my list with me where ever I go. I love the integration with my contacts. I like how there is a different marker for buying, wrapping & shipping gifts. Being able to put a budget on each gift is also beneficial. My only complaint is that I can only list one gift per person. Some suggestions for future updates: * to be able to see my budget before I enter gift ideas (I set my budget first, then think of gfts.) * the ability to list more then 1 gift and budget line for each person (e.g. Johnny-toy car $20, bike $100, etc.) * the ability to tag my list (e.g. family, friends, work, family name, etc.) * the option to have a person move to the bottom of the lst once their gift is bought, wrapped, or shpped * the ability to put a gift due date (my gifts for work need to be bought & wrapped before other gifts) * automatic sorting of the list (by name, tag, completion status, store type, price of gift, due date, etc.) * ability to see a list of purchased items (like you can see in "items left" list)

Almost there (take two) Posted by

I had to go back to my original review and add another star. With the newest upgrade you can now add multiple gifts per person. There are just two things missing before I can give this app 5 stars. First it would be helpful to have a sort feature on the Christmas list page. That way you can go through your list by name, presents you still need to wrap, etc. The other feature that just needs some minor tweaking is the password display. It shouldn't display the entire password. Like most apps it should display just one letter at a time before changing to a dot or star. All on all it is now a great app and well worth money.

Santa's best helper Posted by

Nice features, but don't use an email address on your iPhone to send your forgotton password to. It was too easy for my techo-savey children to find my password. It's easy to add names and gift ideas; easy to look at your shopping list and remind you about your budget, too. This is the first year I haven't spent hours aimlessly wandering around the stores wondering what I was looking for and I finished my shopping early! I would like to to see a list of typical gift items that you could select from, but that's just on my wish list.

Solid, useful app Posted by

I used this app for about a month to handle my entire Christmas list, and it was quite useful. I liked being able to add people from contacts, and the interface generally works quite well. Worth the money, and did what I wanted it to. One feature that it needs is the ability to file this year's list for next year. That would allow me to see what I gave peole in the previous year, and save me needing to manually delete everyone's gifts (and lose that data).

Great app but I would love to have budget totals for each person! Posted by

Great app but I would love to have budget totals for each gift receipient. Love the bought, wrap and mailed columns. That alone is what made me choose your app over others. Would also like to edit the name on a gift entry. As of now, if you enter a name incorrectly, to get you gift listed under the correct name you must delete the entire entry and enter it again. But even with these issues this is still a good app. The above changes would just make it perfect!

Loved it, but wish... Posted by

I loved this app, worked wonderfully for me this year. Did everything it promised and helped me stay on budget. I wish it offered 2 extra things 1) edit name after entry, only way to do it is to delete and add again 2) wish I could store this years info and start a new one for next year without having to delete, this way I can compare next year and remember what I gifted so I don't gift similar item. Perhaps feature to store by year.

Love this! Posted by

This is SO great! However, I do think that 5 things should be modified. 1) Make the password screen that shows up when you turn it on more attractive 2) Put "dots" on the letters of the password 3) Do not show the ACTUAL password on the options screen 4) Alphabatize the names on the list 5) Allow more than one gift per person If you do this, it will be excellent!!!!!!!!!!!

Update App and fix the budget accessibility from lock screen by Concerned Santa 2012-10-10

Please update the password so that the budget isn't accessible. If my kids get into this phone that would be a nightmare for them to see that and for the money I spent on this app it should be an issue to be resolved. And i like the archive idea too of Looking at past gifts over the Years. Otherwise I love the organization of the app.

Need archive option! by Puppeylove 2010-09-25

This was an outstanding app last Christmas. I was planning on using it again this year until I realized that I would have to manually delete every single entry and start all over again. Please provide an update that allows for starting a new year while keeping the previous one in tact, so that I don't need to buy a different app.

Not password protected by Blacfiure 2012-10-28

My son alrady knows part of what he's getting for Christmas because the password entry can be bypassed by hitting the "budget" tab. The password feature is useless. Overall design and functionality is good, but I'm going to have to delete the app and go with a competitor whose password feature actually works.

Needs improvement for the price by amp1276 2008-10-26

Please add multiple gifts for each person with a place for the price of each gift that would deduct that amount from that persons budget. Put a total on the shopping list so we know where we are in our budget. Adding a Christmas Card checkbox would also be nice. With those changes I think this would be a perfect app.

Doesn’t communicate between devices! by cd47 2013-12-12

App downloaded to iPhone and iPad at the same time, but after creating the list on my iPad, i tried to open it on my phone while shopping and nothing was there! I would think that it should be able to add or at least check list on phone, even if list was created on iPad. Useless as far as I’m concerned!

One good thing but several bad and a big bug by Avazanne 2013-12-15

The positive of this app is that it lets you easily mark things on the shopping list as bought wrapped and mailed. However there appears to be a bug. When I tried to add another present all of a sudden the keyboard will go away and be shrunk in the corner and inaccessible. Makes this app useless.

Good but..... by Ihateworkin 2010-07-22

I've had no updates since I bought this app. months ago.  Also, the password feature does NOT work with iSO4. Anyone can walk right into my app. and see everything!!! Makes it pointless to have it. Please work on a update to fix this Then it would be a 5 star. 

Won't sync to phone ☹ by sksnadine 2015-12-14

I spent over an hour adding info on my iPad only to find out this app will not go to the cloud or my phone! Totally useless if I can't use it on multiple devices depending on where I am.

Nice App-BUT-needs minor changes by Lifeisgood_ttfn 2008-10-26

I like the idea to have my list available on my iphone but without the ability to list multiple gifts per person doesn't work for me. Hopefully this can be changed. Thanks!

Good idea but doesn't work by No Fences 2009-11-27

Each screen freezes after entering data. The password feature doesn't work either. It was a nice idea but would be even better if the app worked as it should.