Christmas Mahjong AD FREE Games free for iPhone/iPad
Christmas Mahjong AD FREE Games free for iPhone/iPad

Christmas Mahjong AD FREE Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Christmas Mahjong AD FREE Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Christmas Mahjong AD FREE Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Christmas Mahjong AD FREE Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Christmas Mahjong AD FREE Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Christmas Mahjong AD FREE Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Celebrate the season with FREE Christmas Mahjong Solitaire by 24/7 Games!

This Christmas-themed board game features fun and festive artwork and puzzles--is great for kids and the whole family--and comes with all the best Mahjong Solitaire features:

* 11 Christmas-themed Puzzles
* Hint Button
* Shuffle Button
* Undo Button
* Simple interface (great for kids!)


Current Version:
Varies with device
13.35 MB
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Christmas Mahjong is fun but could stand some tweaking Posted by

I do enjoy playing this game quite a lot. It's taken some getting used to the keys regarding which to use when you are out of moves, etc. Many times I've hit the wrong one and been taken to a brand new game, UGH! Couldn't find any way to undo this and return to my I unfinished game...very frustrating! Also wish there was a progress level board to show contestant how he/she is doing. A different Mahjong app I use does this and it's very helpful in tracking one's progress. These are the two major disappointments, so far for me, and the reasons I gave 4 stars .

Love it Posted by

This has been a favorite for some time. Several layouts, hint key and no noisy adds. I like to play while I listen to an audio book. So many games out there now have noises adds that pop up. Not this one. I can hear my stories while I play with no interruptions. No noisy adds disrupt my music or audiobook that I listen to while playing. Thank you for that!

Great! Posted by

Can't thank this dev enough for his/her kindness. I love all of his/her Mahjong games. You can high light the chips and also play your own music while playing. All you have to do is turn on the mute within the game. Would love to hear a different sound in each game and wish this dev could combine all the games in one app. Thanks!

Christmas Mahjong AD Free Posted by

I love this game. I like the puzzles. I love the sounds. I like the theme. I don't even care that it is timed. A glitch has come up. There are times when I get down to the last two tiles and they don't match. I mean they are literally the last two tiles. Please fix this.

Great game! Posted by

Found these games they the web version. Beautiful graphics tough but fun. Would like to see instructions esp for wild cards & it would be good if I lose a game, the replay allows me to play the same layout. Otherwise good app and the latest updates are fantastic!

247 Christmas mahjong Posted by

This game is highly addicting! My Husband showed me this game last night, Tonight instead of wrapping gifts we are both on our iPads playing this game.

Christmas Mahjong is fun reminder! Posted by

For the Christmas season this game is great. Enjoy the pics and matches. Hope to get more free mahjong games for other holidays.

christmas mahjong Posted by

Clear drawings, easy to detect what tiles are available. I like this one best of the free mahjong games I've tried.

Fun Posted by

Love mahjong. Only problem was sometimes game seemed to freeze up.

Fun! Posted by

Such fun! Great free app.

Lots of fun! Posted by

Great free app!

Lots of fun! Posted by

Great free app!

Fun Games by kwedje_1 2012-12-06

At first it wouldn't work, I tried using my finger & my stylus. Neither worked. Finally I could occasionally get the tiles to react if I used a lot of force with the stylus. I was going to give it one more shot. If it didn't work any better I was going to delete it. When I tried it this morning it worked with a light tap of the stylus. You do have to enlarge it. LOVE it!!!!

Can't play because tiles have little to no active/inactive distinction by Book guy FL 2015-11-28

I was all excited by finding this game for Christmas, but soon had to give up on it. There is so little difference in color/shading between active/playable tiles and inactive/unplayable tiles, that it eventually became not more than a blind stab in the dark. I play this type of game a lot, and this is the first time that tile shading has ever been a problem for me. What a bummer!

Having fun so far by tandramarie 2013-10-20

I just got this game. So far I like it. It reminds me of concentration a little, cept you can see cards, just need to match. I am just learning, all though it seems easy. Some of the matches I choose, aren't matches, but I hope to figure it out as I play the game more.

Snowman tiles don't work right by Stitch Chick 2014-12-31

I've always liked Mah Jong and this game is nice, however, the snowman tiles don't always move off even if they are free to move. I just 'lost' a game with two snowman tiles free but it told me there were no more moves. PLEASE FIX THIS!

keep looking by Hbsa 2012-11-26

The board wouldn't tip to see some of the available tile so you have to remove the top layer and you can't remove the top layer when you can't see the tile to match underneath..

Won't work by RoadsRose 2014-10-04

Screen is blank. Doesn't load game anymore to play. Deleted n downloaded again, but same, blank screen. Is there a time limit to play for free?

Freezes up by Beagle930 2015-01-14

Fun, but after a couple of plays, freezes up. Have to log out and starts a new game. Frustrating.

Please by msphotoeye 2016-12-29

Please update for iOS!