Christmas Wallpaper √ Apps for iPhone/iPad
Christmas Wallpaper √ Apps for iPhone/iPad

Christmas Wallpaper √ Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Christmas Wallpaper √ Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Christmas Wallpaper √ Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Christmas Wallpaper √ Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Christmas Wallpaper √ Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Christmas Wallpaper √ Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Christmas Wallpaper √ Apps for iPhone/iPad

Download Christmas Wallpaper √ for iPhone/iPad
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HD Wallpapers All Optimized for iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C & iPod Touch 5 (640 x 1136), iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 3rd Gen and all other iOS devices.

Christmas is everywhere and the magic of the holidays is contagious, Double you happiness with the best. picked wallpapers of the season. Download "Christmas Wallpapers" for free



√ Swipe through the collection of images to explore them easily and zoom in on ones you like

√ 1000’s of High quality Christmas Wallpapers huge variety for all tastes

√ Cool Graphics and amazing illustrations designed by Artists Exclusively for Christmas

√ Save the images to your library and set them as your own wallpaper

√ Super fast downloading of photos with less memory required

√ Fast and Easy navigation with user friendly interface

√ Share your favorite Christmas images through: Facebook, Twitter, and Email

√ Update with the newest Christmas wallpapers throughout the season

√ It’s 100% free


Christmas is the most awaited time of the year and it’s just around the corner keeping this in mind we have collected really beautiful and aspiring Christmas Wallpapers to give you the warmth of Christmas and the coziness of the season



All the contents are collected from different sources those doesn’t violate copyright law and the purpose of this application is fully non-commercial.

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Christmas Wallpaper √ Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Gift Posted by

This is a wonderful gift to anyone who enjoys dressing up their device during the holidays. You can change wallpaper everyday to cheer anyone who sees you phone or tablet. There is something for any taste

Christmas joy Posted by

This app is colorful, festive and a background for lovers of this wonderful season. This is easy to use and am enjoying the backgrounds

Keep Fresh my Screen Posted by

I love changing my phone background I am never bored by then the app allows me to keep my screen fresh for whole Christmas

Best one Posted by

This app is so much attractive, one of the best ones I have found, you did a fantastic job, thanks so much!

happy user Posted by

After reading reviews I decided to buy this app. Not Bad at all. Some wallpapers are really very good

A must have Posted by

Lots of beautiful, abstract, inspirational, fun and interesting Christmas images. A must have!

Merry Christmas Posted by

Christmas season has been started in my phone. What a fun to enjoy festive holidays.

Ehhh.... by Herman Cain 2012 supporter 2012-12-10

This app is definitely not made for the 3rd generation iPad. The images are grainy, elongated, etc. I only saved one image off of it and am going to delete it. Good thing it was free!

Can't get rid of Ada to see the full pictures by Cluffy88 2013-12-15

Really nice pictures, but even after paying to get rid of the Ada, they're still there And in the way. Fix this please!!

Don't work right by Virella1959 2013-12-17

Pay to remove ads, why ads still here. I want my money back.

All Right !!!!!!!! ;) by Ylrebmik - my name is 2012-12-14

It doesn't what to pass the wallpaper to my photo album

This app needs an update by Vijay Andrew 2013-12-14

Full of ads & save option not easily accessable

C by Planter2015 2012-11-12

Does not let me use as wallpaper

Waste if money!!! by YoungFamily1 2013-11-30

Waste of time and money