CIH® Part II Exam Prep 2017 app free for iPhone/iPad
CIH® Part II Exam Prep 2017 app free for iPhone/iPad

CIH® Part II Exam Prep 2017 app free for iPhone/iPad

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How to install CIH® Part II Exam Prep 2017 app free for iPhone/iPad

Download CIH® Part II Exam Prep 2017 for iPhone/iPad
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To download CIH® Part II Exam Prep 2017 from our website on mobile (iPhone/iPad), follow these steps below:
Click on the “Download” button on to be redirected to the app on App Store
Download and start using the app
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Do you really want to pass CIH 2 exam and/or expand your knowledge & expertise effortlessly? This best-seller app guarantees that by the following special features: - Contain thousands of REAL EXAM QUESTIONS and TERMINOLOGY - Break learning materials into small sets of practice questions & terms - Master each set effortlessly by many ways: true/false, multiple choice, matching game, flashcard - Detect & separate automatically the most difficult questions - Track your learning process on every set and exam taken - Prepare for the Exam by REAL Exam Builder & Simulator Premium Features: +) Lifetime access to all Practice Questions & Terms for the most current exam. +) Unlimited access to the EXAM BUILDER & SIMULATOR. +) Automatically FILTER your most difficult questions. +) PROGRESS TRACKING for every question & exam taken +) Lifetime support & updates Free version: +) Hundreds of practice questions & terms +) 5 Free Exam Builder +) Free Matching Game +) Filter hardest and weakest questions The Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) exam is offered by American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH) to certify professionals. The eight-hour, multiple-choice exam includes topics such as: Air sampling and instrumentation; Analytical chemistry; Basic science; Biohazards; Biostatistics; Community exposure; Engineering controls and ventilation; Epidemiology; Ergonomics; Ethics; Health risk analysis and hazard communication; Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation; Noise and vibration; Non-engineering controls; Program management; Thermal stressors; Toxicology; Work environments and industrial processes. The exam is offered via computer in North America at Prometric testing locations, while paper exams are administered outside of North America where sites are determined by the number of applicants and available proctors. Immediately after the exam, the examinee will learn his/her preliminary pass/fail status and will receive official results in writing about four weeks later. It is not necessary to pass each individual content domain; however, examinees will receive a report showing their scores in each individual subject area. According to ABIH, a passing exam score is the total number of questions answered correctly, and there is no penalty for incorrect answers. Individuals may not retake the CIH exam within 3 months of taking the examination. This means those that fail in the spring must wait to apply for fall examinations. CIH, ABIH, Analytical chemistry, Biohazards, Community exposure, Ethics, Program management, Thermal Disclaimer: This application is just an excellent tool for self-study and exam preparation. It's not affiliated with or endorsed by any testing organization, certificate, test name or trademark.


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