CloudlightFPV Apps for iPhone/iPad
CloudlightFPV Apps for iPhone/iPad

CloudlightFPV Apps for iPhone/iPad

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$14.99 $6.99 2017-12-06 12:33:20
$4.99 $14.99 2017-11-29 11:56:23
$14.99 $4.99 2017-11-05 11:49:07
$4.99 $14.99 2017-10-25 10:53:38
$14.99 $4.99 2017-10-18 10:11:40
$9.99 $14.99 2016-12-29 12:00:00
$14.99 $9.99 2016-12-23 12:00:00
$9.99 $14.99 2016-06-12 06:00:00
First Tracked $9.99 2015-09-22 09:00:00

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CloudlightFPV Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
CloudlightFPV Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Enter the cockpit and see with the eyes of your drone - CloudlightFPV turns your VR headset into high quality FPV goggles.

- First Person View (FPV) optimized for VR headsets.
- On-Screen-Display (OSD) shows live telemetry data such as battery level, height or camera orientation.
- Pilot FPV mode allows to instantly switch the video signal between the drones point of view and that of the pilot.
- Head-Tracking allows you to control the camera by turning or tilting your head. (2 axis on Inspire1, only vertical axis on Phantom 3)

CloudlightFPV is build on the official DJI Level1 SDK which means that it will not and can not send control input to the drone, only read and display data from it.

Supported Platforms:
- DJI Phantom 3 (All Models)
- DJI Inspire 1 (All Models)

Please note that with DJI no longer offering SDK support for the Phantom 2 models, CloudlightFPV with the release of version 1.4 no longer supports Phantom 2 as well.

Supported VRHeadsets:
- Zeiss VROne
- All cardboard-style headsets

- A VR Headset
- One of the supported drones


Current Version:
Varies with device
82.96 MB
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Works like a charm! Posted by

I've not used any VR applications before, but bought a cheap headset to try with this app. As a new Phantom 3 owner, I'm still a little timid at the controls. I thought that looking only through the drone's camera would make it easier to avoid confusing right and left directions when the drone is moving my way. The app works very well! I'm much more confident flying, especially in tight areas. I wish the app had direct access to photos and videos the way DJI's app does, and I really miss not having my flights logged as DJI's app always does. I've had minor problems connecting to the drone after shutting off my phone or the remote, but exiting the app fully and restarting solves that problem. I'm using a iPhone 6 Plus, and have no problems with the app, as other reviews have indicated.

Does not work with Phantom 4 yet Posted by

As it says in the description, the app only works with P2, P3 and Inspire 1 (as of 04/02/16). I tried it on a P4 and it won’t work properly, which I guess is not surprise. I hope the developer is on the case and will bring us an update shortly, because it seems like an awesome app. I managed to crash the app fiddling with some settings under P3/Adv, so it is not entirely bulletproof. Had to reinstall it to make it work again.

Great FPV for the price! Posted by

This is a very good FPV experience for the price. Other solutions are maybe 10x the price. Together with Zeiss VR, you are spending a pretty minimal amount of money to get a first-person experience on a DJI drone. I'd say it's worth every penny.

W2 toggle Posted by

I didn't realize until today that the right wheel was a dual use switch and needs to be pressed to be activated. It works perfectly once you do it once :) Still testing but could be the glare killer we all want as a viewing option.

It works! Just wish head tracking was available. Posted by

The app works well. I'm purchasing the VR One set as the Google Cardboard isn't the best. I'm looking forward to the head tracking in future updates. Check out my work on Instagram @highdrone

Amazing App, Customer Service Astonishing Posted by

I have been in touch with the app developer to get the app working correctly. He has responded within 30 minutes to every email I've sent. The app has a sleek design and is an amazing concept!!

Almost perfect Posted by

Works properly on my iphone 5s . But missing the yaw axis support for p3

Works, but flawed and no support by VL0684 2016-09-04

First off, this app does work, at least with an iPhone 6. It is a bit buggy get up and running, but closing and reopening will usually fix the problem. And in a $20 headset, and instant FPV VR. The app is still lacking, such as there is no way to start or end a recording from within the app itself. My real issue is with apps ability to display both my remote signal strength and GPS signal strength. It will tell me my battery percentage, but that is all. If I don't know the signal strength, this basically negates my ability to fly longer distances. I won't fly blind, without this information. What's worse, is that I sent this information to their support department weeks ago, and have never heard a thing. If I could actually contact these people, I'd ask for a refund. Buy at your own risk.

COULD BE GREAT by Luroyale 2016-03-09

When CloudLight works it's PHENOMENAL, however since I first purchased the app it always works for a couple mins and then crashes over and over. Anyone complaining about the actual optics, or Zeiss compatibility isn't enabling pre distortion or something else on their end. We've tested this app with just about every combination of phones and VR headsets. Only problem here is functionality of the actual app. Head tracking is also spot on--so long as your gimbal settings in the advanced configurations are set correctly. If you have them set too low, the gimbal can't keep up with the speed of the head tracker

Won't Split Screen - Low iPhone6 Rez by Mymarch 2015-11-01

Application works ok, a little different than the images shown before purchase which could be the settings within app. The issue, unrelated to the app is iPhone on the Zeiss VR-One is extremely low resolution. Being that iPhone6 has a high res Retina display, the Zeiss VR will magnify it so much that you can see every pixel as if you are zooming into an ICON!!!! Very bad. This shows iPhone6 resolution is not ready for VR.

Fpv toggle between p3 camera & iPhone not working by Smahanto 2015-12-14

The W2 button in p3 professional can't be used to toggle between phantom camera & iphone camera as stated in manual. Tried contacting customer support multiple times but no response!! Controller button should be able to reconfigure! Other thing that is scary sometimes connection got lost when u are in flight! And cant reconnect to your phantom.

Money waisted by Standard chic 2016-06-04

The app works, however, the latency goes from bad to horrible. The longer you use the app, the further behind the image becomes. This app does not provide anything near realtime head tracking. The video quality is great, just need to get the latency out. After just 2 minutes of use, video was almost 15 seconds behind.

Need support -poor image quality by Nola Huckster 2016-08-27

I will change this rating when I get support on the poor image quality I am getting from my Dji P3 drone w/headset (Zeiss vr1) using iPhone 6s. There is no good support or troubleshooting for this app. Expensive app but no help.

Total garbage by Who fincares64 2016-09-06

Purchase this to use with my Zeiss one plus goggles and the app crashed while my drone was 250 feet in the air. The app does not display vital aircraft information properly it's out of the field of view. Do not buy.