ColorStrokes Apps for iPhone/iPad
ColorStrokes Apps for iPhone/iPad

ColorStrokes Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Special price. Back to $7.99 shortly.
Over 3 000 000 people use ColorStrokes - the world's most popular app to create beautiful photos with selective colors.

Pick a part of the image to leave in color and the rest of the photo will turn into monochrome snap. Add more drama with special effects or vignette.

Enhance images even further ColorStrokes features a set of handy tools that let you enhance the look of the image, so purchasing a color splash app you get a powerful image editor as well.

Share your masterpieces Instantly share your photos via Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr or Email. ColorStrokes is also integrated with iPhoto and Aperture, so you can easily export pics to your libraries.


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ADDICTIVE!!!!! (update) Posted by

This app is a blast! I recently go a boatload of old B&W family photos - some as old as 1880. Several were quite faded so I thought I’d give them a bit of life with a little tinting here and there. Well! Suddenly, my Great-Grandmother looked like a 19th Century Grand Dame. One thing led to another … Before I knew it, my Aunt Esther out on the prairies of 1940 Montana looked like a heroine from a John Steinbeck novel! I tested a few other similar apps but they didn’t provide the same Oomph and were no way as easy to use. I do have two issues that may be due to my inexperience: the colors occasionally bleed into each other, and after about 1/2 hour of use I can’t click & drag a color - I have to “dot” the color, which is tedious. Having said that, the ability to alter the saturation and to sharpen or blur as needed, is excellent. Oh - there is one other thing I don’t care for: If I have to close something I’m working on, when I bring it back all my work is undone. The only way I’ve found around this is just don’t close the file. That can’t be right, right? I’m probably doing something wrong… Time will tell. UPDATE: Some of the issues I had seem to have been fixed since I bought a new computer and re-installed this app. Or I’ve just gotten better at it. One thing, though, that has become an issue is getting deep, rich colors. I played with hue & saturation, but I don’t seem to achieve a really good ruby red or an emerald green or cobalt blue - these still still elude me. AND, I still can’t get a colored picture back to re-adjust something if I’ve closed it. That is annoying.

More Fun Than Prom Night! Posted by

This is where being an photo artist or a photo techie draws the line. What great creative fun without boundries. This is the most fun for ten bucks ever. It's like digital crayolas for adults and you don't have to stay within the line if you don't want to. I've dug into my old files and breath new and exciting life to some of my favorite images. This program is super intuitive from the start. I found having a Bamboo pad and stylus to be a huge advantage for fine detail coloring. It would be helpful to be able to isolate portions of the image, i.e., control specific parts with effecting others with the slide bar controls. Perhaps a "Save" and proceed function, thus keeping previous work done while concentrating on other image segments. I've posted some of my creations on my FB page and they drew lots of likes and raves. I haven't had this much legal fun since I took Mary Ann to the senior prom. Buy it, you'll love it. Same for all of the other Macphun programs. Five stars is an understatement.

Great for the $$$ Posted by

This is a great App! I've used it to add dramatic effects to a lot of my photos. I'm an amateur photographer and shoot a lot of outdoor/scenic shots. This app transforms a simple photo to a dramatic, eye-catching photo. All that's necessary is a thorough understanding of how the app works and plenty of patience, especially when working around a lot of edges. The only reason I didn't give this app 5 stars is because I find that the brush doesn't go quite small enough for me, I tend to want to get VERY detailed and this app has limitations with that aspect. Also, on a side note: There seems to be a lot of reviews stating that they cant change the color. Think of it this way.....the app basically lays a black and white layer upon your color photo. You then use the brush tool to scrape away the black and white to reveal the color beneath. The app also allows you to play with hues of your photo's color, adjust sharpness and contrast. I hope a smaller brush is in store for the next update!

A lot of fun, but... Posted by

I saw this app and thought "this looks like it will be fun." And don't get me wrong, it is…when it works properly. I bought it last night and not even 10 minutes into using it I had to restart my computer because it completely froze on me. Any time I click on anything with this app I get the spinning beachball of death! It's not a huge app, so I'm not sure why it seems to run so slow. I have a ton of room on my computer so I know that's not the issue. I think it's just really glitchy for whatever reason, but it's super frustrating to be in the middle of editing a photo just to have the app crash or freeze on me, especially when I haven't saved my work. It seemed to work a little better this morning, with only minimal freezing, but it still happened. If it keeps this up I might have to ask for a refund! But all in all good concept, I love color splash and it's fun to be able to do it from my computer and know that I paid virtually nothing for it!

Worth $2 Posted by

For hobbyist photo enthusiasts, this is most definitely worth $2. You'll be able to have a lot of creative fun for cheap. Just make sure you have a steady hand with your mouse or Wacom tablet (CS hopefully supports this?). As a Photoshop daily user, I was curious to see if these specialized graphic programs can do their one thing better than the big, bad boy, all-around king. Well no, sorry to say. Photoshop can do this far easier and better with, among other things, its wide arrange of selection tools. So rather than having to hand draw in the color of an object, select it with one of PS's tools and the task is accomplished far quicker and easier. But hey, $2 is far cheaper than PS's 600+ (duh!). Have never used Photoshop Elements but am imagining that it could do this and A LOT MORE for a very reasonable price. For hobbyists wanting to develop their creative skills, that may be the most bang for the buck over the long haul. Or try out Pixelmator.

I Like What I See Posted by

I love photo manipulation software. Have about 10 different apps that I play with, depending upon my general goal for the image. This is great for placing emphasis on a single object within the photo: perhaps the eyes of a person's portrait, or a single bloom in a garden. You're given a simple tool to separate the subject from the background. You then can set how you want each to appear: a b/w background with a color-satuated subject, like you've already seen. Or maybe a finely focused subject with a blurred-out background. There are several different tools to play with. One gap I've found is that I wanted to wash the background in a single color wash. There's sepia, there's a purple-blue tone, but I haven't (yet) found a way to select a color on my own to just wash the background. Why not 5 stars? It's good, but I've found more potent apps at the same price. JixiPix has impressed me.

Simplistic & Useful Tool Weather Pro Or Touch-ups :) Posted by

I have to say,- this app has an artisctic advantage over other apps of its kind with the ease of use and touch-up approach. It’s blending effect allows discreet alteration of anything your taste. Most of my collections were upgraded slightly above a moderate improvement,- even if I wasn’t a perfectionist going for the seamless sculpture. The app allowed me to do things from changing the color of the eyes to completely retuning/color filling with little to no evidence of alteration making it invaluable for finishing touches,- as the name states. I use to upgrade old social media photos. Another great thing is the Save feature,- setting the File Type and Quality,- a must for anyone processing files wishing to send them to various portable devices not designed to hold massive amounts of large files but still retain detail. When used beside iPhoto, Picasa (Touchup/Resizing), and Skitch, it’s an awesome tool.

Great Ap Posted by

Great Ap easy to use however I was under the impression (mostly from the ap icon) that I would be able to select the colors I wanted to use. It seems I am only able to use the orginal color of the photo and enhance that color. I wanted to be able to edit make up and such on models by changing selecting the colors. I also seem to have an issue with not being able to adjust just individual sections of the photo. For instance, making eyes very bright then lips soft. I tried saving the image and reopening to do more editing and the ap adjust all areas that have been edited previously. If it were not for these two things I would give 5 stars. If I am wrong about the above please feel free to comment and I will adjust my review.

You can't buy a soda for $2 Posted by

It does what it claims to do. You import a color photo and it appears as a black and gray image. You use the brush circle (via the mouse) to reveal the color parts of the photo you selected. You can change the diameter of the circle and other settings via the selection bar. This coupled with their other clever software app called FX Studio provides a wide range of creativity not normally available. It may have some bugs to work out (e.g. when I select the export to iPhone menu option it exports the original picture but not the changes I just applied. Even so, it is worth $2. If you want more than this buy PhotoShop and spend a few years learning the program - otherwise ANYONE can do this.

Just what I wanted! Posted by

I am having loads of fun with this app. I am recoloring photos in an artsy kind of way, learning more each time I use it. The response from people who have seen my work is very positive. Makes it look like it was a lot more intricate than it is. And I can get really detailed by enlarging the picture significantly and making the brush really small. I am going to get this app on my iPad as well. You can’t share it, but for the price I don’t mind.

Multiple Layers? Posted by

I downloaded this program 20 minutes ago and am already an "expert" at using it. I guess this shows that its intuitive and easy, which is great, but i quickly ran into the problem of not being able to selcet two or more different areas of the picture to "color splash." The app is great and easy to use, but it sorely needs the ability to change the colors in multiple areas.

Amazing, easy use! Posted by

When I donwloaded this app I expected to take thirty minutes trying to figure it out. Once I had downloaded it and started it up I was surprised by how simple the interface really was, and it didnt skimp on the effects either. Such an amazing app and for only two bucks! I'd reccomend this for anyone who wants to add a little "pop" to their picture!

Just a Thoroughly Delightful App! Posted by

I”m not surprised that this app has such rave reviews. We thrill whenever a developer creates an application that has a sensible, delightfully functional, beautiful INTERFACE. It has all the applicable tools also, sitting right in front of you. I also like that it exists accross platforms - Mac, iPad, and iPhone… Marvelous and great!

Best Photo App Ever. Posted by

I have on this on my iPad when it first came out more than a year ago. I still use it and I enjoy using it. It is better than Photoshop in terms of Color Separation. Very Easy to use. Highly recommended to all. This is a must have App for a Macbook Pro as well as the Ipad and Iphone. Kudos to the developers!

Awesome! Posted by

I love this app! Its very easy to use even if your not into editing pictures. Thought I was going to have a hard time but nope. Its worth the $$. You can change the colors around, blur it, make it black and white then restore color to whatever part you’d like, its just great! Definetly worth download.

ColorStrokes Posted by

Just downloaded this App, Wonderful - Very easy to use - great results.. I would recommend this to any person who loves iPhoto. Just pick your picture from iPhoto, select and drag to ColorStrokes. Then the fun begins! You can undo any changes you do and don't like. Great App for the money.. G

simple and cool app Posted by

had something like this on my iphone and always had an eye for great pics. this app sucked me into going to the Apple store and buying an Intuos palate to do the tight work. worth the $10 just to be able to post and share nature/family etc pics and give them a different, creative look

Perfect App! Posted by

I have been looking for a computer version of the Color Effects App on my phone! I love how easy it is to use and how quickly images can be made to pop! This is it…plus more! I love all the different things you can do with your pictures! I highly recommend it!

Easy to Use Posted by

As a professional photographer who spends an inordinate amount of time in front of a computer processing my images, this app makes my life really easy. This is by far, the best reviewed coloring application for a Mac, and it deserves it’s reputation.

Awesome Posted by

I know nothing about computer graphics or special effects, or any type of photography. This is so easy to use, and you can start immediately. Super fun, super easy, i highly recommend it!

First Attempt by FunkRenegade 2011-10-16

Ok, I get it, its only $2, but this program didn't work as I had anticipated which was disappointing. Seeing photos with color splash done by friends previously made me think that these types of apps would identify objects within photos such as faces, sports equipment, cars, anything really that you wished to accentuate. The idea of sitting there using a "paintbrush" seems outdated and was an outright pain. It took me well over an hour to simply outline myself in a photo. Admittedly I did get better as I went along figuring out the best techniques and so I am sure if I had to do it again I would be faster (but still not as quickly as ten minutes as others have suggested). I looked into getting the FX Photo Studio program considering it is only $10 but it appears to use the same masking technology as this program (it may be more accurate, however I doubt it). Having no experience with photoshop or any high end photography program for that matter, I would have no idea if this technology is less advanced than any other (i.e. if other more expensive programs can identify specific objects, colors, etc.). So with this review, I have two take-aways for the potential consumer. Wear a wrist-brace on your first attempt to avoid spontaneous carpal tunnel and don't be tricked by the advertised photos because getting yours to look as outstanding as theirs will be a major task to undertake. Final thought: I would have been much more pleased if I was given some form of a trial period to give this app a test run. A program of this nature is bound to be being purchased by first time amateurs and testing how it works first-hand before making the purchase would have enabled me to realize that this app didn't accomplish my intended goals. It's not the two dollars that worries me but rather the two hours that I spent assuming there must be a better method.

PhotoManiac by fdsatry 2013-08-15

Pretty nice program - fun to work with. It doesn't have a ton of features though. Needs more editing options. Maybe I am having the same trouble as another review remarked about saving correctly. It needs to be updated so that after you save and then want go back later to re-touch or change some things it loads the updated picture as it was when you saved it. It's like you must finish it all in one sitting. It re-loads the touched up version in black & white again instead of loading the version you were working on. It still saves the new version as you made it, you don't lose that but it can't seem to re-load the new version so you can keep working on it. Maybe I'm missing something but it seems the program should not load EVERY picture in black & white, Should give a choice to load it in color if you want and then change it to black and white by choice. If I'm missing something pertaining to saving and re-loading to continue editing and anyone has more insight that would be appreciated. Otherwise it's easy to use and makes some cool pictures.

Color Splash Studio is buggy by Mervich 2011-09-29

Downloaded Color Splash Studio v1.0 from the App Store and discovered the app would not export properly to iPhoto. Export would be either all grayscale or all color…no splash. Contacted MacPhun via email and promptly got reply from Alex Ivko. He admitted there is a bug in the App Store version of Color Splash Studio and sent me a link to an updated version. The updated version (1.0.19) was better as long as you know to save the photo prior to exporting to iPhoto (there is no documentation instructing you to do so). Occasionally though, the updated version will not either save properly nor export properly, no matter how many times you may try. Could not get it to repeat the fault with regularity…just sometimes the app becomes unfriendly and will not save/export both layers properly…same problem: all color or all grayscale, no splash. Really, the same effect can be accomplished in Photoshop or PS Elements…I just thought this might be simplier.

Makes colorization easy, but saving is BUGGY by Jon123243537 2011-09-23

UPDATE 2: Next time I tried, it failed to save again. Just be careful spending any time editing photos. Save a lot. Back to one star for now. UPDATE: Two minutes later, I tried it again, and it worked like intended. Not sure what happened the first time. If you get this, just quit the whole thing and try again. I recommend trying a couple photos and do them quick and sloppy, then saving them, just to make sure it works. If it works, then its a terrific, easy, well designed app. Changing to 4 stars. Bought this app, tried coloring a photo, which was really easy. Then saved the photo, and quit the app. Opened the photo in Preview, and it was the original Black and White photo, none of my colorizing was saved at all. Kind of defeats the purpose of the app completely. With this bug, I'm giving it one star. If this gets fixed, I would give it four or five stars since it is a great experience other than this one, huge bug.

A Complete Waste Of My 99 Cents. by Angelheart Ravenheart 2012-12-29

LET ME PREFACE BY SAYING THAT THIS APP IS FAKE. DO NOT BUY IT. IT DOES NOTHING WHATSOEVER. That said; in all my time on the App Store, I have never run into an app as useless as Colorstrokes. None of the controls for the app do anything whatsoever. I can change brightness: nothing happens. I can change contrast: nothing happens. I can change blur: nothing happens. I can change amount: nothing happens. I can change effects: nothing happens. None of the changes you make in the control panel affect the photo you're *trying* to augment in any way, shape, or form. This app is a complete scam. I'm absolutely shocked that Apple would let a scam app such as Colorstrokes infect their App Store. The positive reviews for this app must simply be fake accounts be created by the "developer". THIS APP IS FAKE. DO NOT BUY IT. IT DOES NOTHING WHATSOEVER.

Limited by LoveTheApps6895 2011-12-15

OK, there are some nice additions over iSplash to this one but still not up to par or even close to Hand Tint in quality. Hand Tint is a little harder to use but so much more powerful Pros: Ability to adjust color layer and grayscale layer Sliders for Brightness, contrast, hue, etc. Very fast painting Image browser is a cool feature Cons: Sliders for adjusting brightness and contrast are way too sensitive and make the adjustments worthless Blur is good for gray but no real point for color A blur choice would be very welcome, like a motion blur (look at picture 1 for instance) For 1.99 (what I paid) it is worth the extra 1.00 over iSplash (way too limited IMHO) but not worth 5.99 that it originally came out as. I'm sticking with Hand Tint. It is always nice to have multiple apps in your bag of tricks and there are times I may use this. Still so basic.

Cool App - But could use a few features by i2review 2012-05-01

Easy to use, but a little less powerful than I had hoped. The name is a bit deceiving. I was expecting to be able to add a splash of color, different colors, to select areas rather than just removing color selectively. One approach could be to apply color effects only to masked areas, ideally applying the effects with a brush tool. Or perhaps something like selecting an area of the photo and apply different color layer effects only to the masked areas within the active selection. I was also expecting some smart area selection tools. It would be nice to control the position and grading of the vignette, perhaps even applying more than one vignette so as to highlight even further the selected point. Though these vignette features were not expected. Still a good app considering the price. But, could be a 5 star product for me with a few extra features.

Cool Concept But Doesn't Export Image Correctly by MI Apple 2013-02-23

Installed today and really enjoyed tweaking images - interface is easy to use and it should be a great app. The problem with app is when you try to export image, share via email or even save a new version to your hard drive, instead of seeing the image that is displayed within Colorstrokes, you get a photo that is totally distorted. For example, I edited a photo of the family dog so only the eyes have color, but image saves with an explosion of different colors all over the image. Wish I could show the in app image versus what actually ends up getting saved. Really disappointed as this app is a cool concept.

LOVE the effects but they don by MusicIsMyPhotoAlbum 2011-10-25

I absolutely LOVE the program and the the number of things it allow me to do with my photos, however, when I try to save them to my computer for later use in Power Points or photo projects- I end up with only B&W or seriously distorted pics regardless of the file type (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, etc.)… I'm super bummed about that major issue, especially after all the hard work I had put into several photos before realizing they weren't saving correctly. One star review specifically for that.

Everything is manual here by MacTheMan55555 2011-09-24

I know that I made a mistake buying this software: - I thought that based on the power of the Mac (as opposed to my iPhone and iPad) - and complexity of the lemon shot above that this program would automatically detect objects and then could color it in… WELL IT DOES NOT! You have to draw everythign by hand! No intelligent selection! NOthing! Just buy ColorSplash for the iPhone and iPad … it's a lot easier to draw with a stylus or just finger then with a trackpad or a mouse.

Can't Save Work by Farley10k 2012-06-17

When I first downloaded this program it worked beautifully. Now, a week later, when I save my work, my beautifully reworked photo is simply a B&W photo. This is very frustrating because you can spend a great deal of time working on a project and then have notining to show for it but a lousey black and white picture. There is obviously a bug in the program. I know the program is cheap, but, at this point, they should be paying us to point out the flaws in this application.

It's OK, but not essential by Kcc622159 2011-10-13

I like this app. I have already tried to make a photo partially black-and-white in Aperture 3 using Brushes and it works well. However, to additionally apply blur to the grayscale area seem to require another manual painting using the brushes. And this is probably the only reason I purchased this app. As someone else has already noted, this app does not respect Mac rules. ⌘H doesn't hide the app, ⌘W doesn't close the window, etc. And the interface is pretty ugly.

Confused by Scalise4 2015-12-06

I purchased this so that I could pull one color out of a picture. I want to take a picture and just have one color be shown, Purple, Red, Blue, etc and the rest of the picture be black and white - does not really seem that is what you can do. Am I missing something here. FX Studios have things called Red and Blue Stroke that does the exact same thing, but I was looking to do that with a few more colors. Any suggestions on how to do that??

Strokes is the right name. by Antidisitantarianism 2016-05-28

Walk away, just walk away! Don’t start a project unless you have a day to waste. Slower than my grandmother and less reliable. Hasn’t been updated in a year and a half so that shows you how important it is to MacPhun. I have wasted three hours today and this app is doing nothing but sucking my time. If MacPhun gave you this app for free they would still owe you money. Better off with Crayons and a blank piece of paper.

Gas is only 5 dollars a gallon?! by The truth part dos 2012-04-23

I had color effects (for free) on my old iphone back in the states. I could pretty much color any aspect of the picture to my liking. This only allows you to change it from a preprogrammed color (grayscale, sepia, blue tone) to the original color. It's very restrictive and anyone who thinks this application is great never used color effects. I could have bought a gallon of gas or a pint of beer with this 5 dollars.jpg.

Never Again! by valleystylez 2013-08-11

This application is very good. But the problem i always have is it slows down my computer very very very much. On to of that, this application is only ment to edit small areas. If you try to edit larger areas, it will freeze and will not return, wasting very much of your time. I have given it many chances, and every time, (sure enough) it freezes on me. Oh well. Seemed too good to be true.

Not a lot of functionality by Andrew Lopez 2012-03-18

Was excited to use after all the reviews, but upon installing and using the app it is very limited in functionality for editing. And most pictures would truely take forever to alter and give or remove color becuase of the simple unintuitive microsoft paint circular style color applicator in this app. I prefer camerabag 2 much more for my editing needs.

Seriously??? by einsteingirl 2012-04-30

I had high hopes. It freezes each time I switch between anything. It pinwheels for a few minutes all the time... even if I am just zooming. When I have finished two pictures and saved them they both were missing have of the coloring I did. It literally just erased a whole section or didn't save an entire section. Wasted my money.

Please fix freezing issue by Capt. AndyP79 2013-01-27

Love this app. So easy to use and turns out beautiful, when it works. I have lost the same work twice now, almost to the end, and go to scroll over to get a few more pixels, and BAMM!! Freezes, have to force quit and stops everything from working on MBA. Once that is fixed, this will be a top notch app. Devs, please get on this.

Horrible App! by Chejo_209 2012-11-09

This app has caused my Macbook to freeze on numerous occasions! This is due to the "color" feature and the "pan" feature! PLEASE FIX ! Other than those issues it runs fine and the zoom feature works really well with the trackpad. The effects also do not work! too many issues Fix this please!!!