Compressor Apps for iPhone/iPad
Compressor Apps for iPhone/iPad

Compressor Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Compressor adds power and flexibility to Final Cut Pro X export. Customize output settings, work faster with distributed encoding, and tap into a comprehensive set of delivery features.

Advanced Encoding for Final Cut Pro
• Use Compressor to customize encoding settings available in Final Cut Pro
• Choose from a wide array of codecs, sizes, frame rates, and other parameters
• Save your custom settings in Compressor; they automatically appear in Final Cut Pro
• Share settings with other editors, even if Compressor isn't installed on their workstations
• Easily create an iTunes Store Package for iTunes Store submission

Efficient Encoding Workflow
• Work fast in a modern, single-window interface with preset Destinations for common encoding tasks
• Experiment freely with encoding options and zoom in the Viewer to watch content with true pixel accuracy
• Display and assign channels to QuickTime audio tracks prior to processing
• Set up batch processes to streamline the encoding of large numbers of files
• Build custom Destinations to combine encoding with tasks such as moving or copying files
• Create self-contained Droplets to encode on the desktop with drag-and-drop ease
• Support for Industry Standards
• Encode to a broad range of industry-standard formats, such as MPEG-2, H.264, and ProRes
• Use one-step settings for Apple devices and websites such as Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook
• Work with a choice of themed menus to encode and burn a DVD or Blu-ray disc
• Generate files for HTTP live streaming in a single step
• Import Targa, DPX, TIFF, PSD, or PNG image sequences and encode them to any setting
• Tap into advanced encoding features for adding closed captioning, metadata, and more

Pristine Format Conversions
• Convert any file between formats — such as NTSC to PAL or SD to HD
• Clean up and customize your content using image filters, a timecode overlay, and watermarks
• Speed up video, slow it down, or adjust the frame rate to make the duration match a runtime

Distributed Encoding
• Save time by distributing encoding work among multiple workstations
• Install Compressor on any Mac to activate it as a node for distributed encoding
• Speed up encoding in Final Cut Pro by choosing a group of shared computers for exporting

System Requirements: OS X v10.10.4 or later, 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended for 4K and 3D titles), OpenCL-capable graphics card or Intel HD Graphics 3000 or later, 256MB of VRAM (1GB recommended for 4K and 3D titles), 1.25GB of disk space.

Some features require Internet access; fees may apply. Blu-ray recorder required for burning Blu-ray discs.


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Crazy-fast with hardware acceleration, you Posted by

I tested this looking for a replacement for Telestream Episode. Compressor 4 is a big improvement over Compressor 3 (which I'd tried and discarded years ago as part of Final Cut Studio). The new UI is decent- a little confusing sometimes, but leaps and bounds ahead of Episode. The complete lack of video MP4 presets seemed odd- everything was MOV containers, even the 'video sharing services' presets. My understanding is that they're the same thing (to the degree that you can just change the filename and it'll work), but creating a video file as a proper mp4 requred building a new custom preset from scratch. Speaking of presets, Fast Start (which is referred to as 'optimize for network use') is turned off by default in every built-in preset, including some where it should definitely be on. Lack of native WMV support is a potential issue, but I've been transitioning lately to offering just MP4s and noone has complained. With hardware acceleration, it's really fast. The first time I ran a test job I thought I was accidentally only processing the audio track or something. On my late-2013 MacBook Pro, a file that normally takes ~35 minutes in Episode or Handbrake (both using the x264 library), took three and a half minutes! With basically identical settings (x264: very slow preset, film tuning, CRF20 or 6Mbit 2-pass. Apple: 2-pass, 6Mbit), it takes one *tenth* the time. On a machine that doesn't support the hardware acceleration though, it was ridiculously slow. Using an early 2008 dual-quad-core Mac Pro which takes about the same time as the MBP using x264 libraries, Compressor with identical settings took an hour and forty minutes. Unfortunately, I could find no details available anywhere describing what systems support the hardware acceleration. The quality is very close, but I think not quite as good as x264 at the same bitrate when using the 'very slow' preset and proper tuning. Fine detail suffered, although motion did seem a little less artifacty with Compressor. My girlfriend got tired of me asking her to squint at still frames as I toggled back and forth, so I think most people wouldn't be able to distinguish at reasonably high bitrates. Overall, well worth the fifty bucks for the speed and to be able to properly manage batch processing, IF AND ONLY IF you have one of the supported systems for hardware acceleration.

Much better than before Posted by

With version 4.1 they have finally gotten rid of the multiple window layout which has frustrated users for a very long time. After a short period of time familiarizing myself with the new setup I found that most if not all of the options have been retained. One of the major ones was frame controls. These appear to still be present and enabled by default. Whether it retains the quality of the previous version is yet to be seen. I had been using Adobe Media Encoder as an alternative to compressor due to the faster transcode times and lower crash rate. The match the CPU utilization of Adobe Media Encoder I had to use Qmaster in most instance, but people who have used this feature regularly are probably aware of the stability problems. Compressor had become so unreliable for me that it was a no brainer after a while to use another product. My experience with 4.1 so far is positive. In 4.0 the Qmaster elements were obscured but largely the same as 3.5. Now it appears that they have reduced the number of threads you can generate on one machine, yet CPU utilization still remained high in my test. In a quick comparison the distributed Compressor batch running on one machine was about 15% quicker with CPU utilization averaging between 70-80% in both jobs. Memory utilization was higher in Adobe Media Encoder, possibly because it is 64 bit while Compressor is still 32 bit, yet this did not seem to affect performance negatively for Compressor. In closing, this is a positive upgrade in all areas. I will run some frame controls comparisons in the future, but if Compressor 4.1 remains stable it will likely go back to being my primary transcoding application.

I love you batches! (bunches :P) Posted by

I have a 21.5-inch iMac, Late 2012, 3.1 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 512 MB 900 MHz GDDR5, running 10.11 (Compressor runs amazingly on this system) I’m a content producer for a company that sells multiscreen art for use in tv broadcasts, stage concerts, & various group services. When I create an asset (video footage or motion animation) I’m required to send in multiple sizes/versions of it. Compressor makes this so easy! Instead of creating each version on my own I just make one full size project in Motion and then send it over to Compressor. I've setup custom presets in Compressor for each size: Triple Screen HD 3840x720, 29.97 fps, .mov, key frame every 5 frames, 0 cropping & padding Double Screen HD 2560x720, 29.97 fps, .mov, key frame every 5 frames, crop left-640, crop right-640 Single Screen HD 1280x720, 29.97 fps, .mov, key frame every 5 frames, crop left-1280, crop right-1280 Triple Screen SD 1920x480, 29.97 fps, .mov, key frame every 5 frames, crop left-480, crop right-480 Double Screen SD 1280x480, 29.97 fps, .mov, key frame every 5 frames, crop left-960, crop right-960 Single Screen SD 640x480, 29.97 fps, .mov, key frame every 5 frames, crop left-1440, crop right-1440 I add all six of these output presets to my file in Compressor, start the batch, and voilà! Compressor generates six correctly sized/cropped files. A metric ton of work has just been done for me. Compressor can also use multiple machines to process batches. Setting up a group of computers for collective batching is very straightforward. A+

More capable than you might think Posted by

At first glace it looks like Apple depricated alot of the the best features from the original version of Compressor which Apple seems to have elvated to an artform of late. However, with a little digging and a willingness to do some (very little) reading in Compressor Help, you will find the ability to customize bit rate, frame size, frame rate, file type and you can even create your own compression settings from scratch if you know what you’re doing… which I don’t. The interface HAS changed considerably to look more like iMovie Pro er— rather… FCPX, but I find that it’s actually easier to use with no discernable loss of functionality from it’s predicessors. My favorite improvement is the ability to set both transcode settings and destination for multiple assets without having to manuall select one at a time. With the older versions, I always found myself command + selecting individual targets so I could assign one destination to all of them. I’m no compressionist, hardly even an expert, but with a little digging and experimenting, the latest version of Compressor should fit the bill for all but the more advanced users. If you need something more robust, then spend the money on high end video encoding software like Episode. Good luck.

Works like it should Posted by

Compressor does one thing, and one thing only…generally it re-encodes to other formats for your external publishing needs. I find the immense number of presents daunting to understand (I’m no professional videographer). But, just a few are the common “net” formats. The trick I yet to master is finding the one that takes a GB size master file in .mov (say an FCPX finished production) and gets it to low 100s of MBs with decent quality for today’s streaming/mobile world (since DVDs are dead). I’ve found a few, and I like that Compressor lets me save them as custom presets, and in fact you can make any preset it’s own standalone “droplet” in your Finder. I think Compressor could be better if it presented a user like me with a wizard-like method of creating custom presents. Then, after understanding the trade-offs I’ve made in my selections, resulting in my new custom present, I might be better able to understand all the stock ones and more importantly why I might use any of them. Overall, Compressor is Apple’s attempt at providing the Pro Apps suite with encoding customization. If you’re a HandBrake user, you could forget about Compressor.

Compressor, contrary to public opinion, rules them all! Posted by

Compressor is trying to please both ends of the user spectrum. It has a simplified interface that makes it easy for plug-and-play YouTube presets, etc., however, Compressor is NOT consumer level software. In my opinion Compressor cannot be beat for speed, accuracy, and reliability. Compressor is still the champ by every metric I've tested. I’ve put it through the paces versus all the usual suspects, and I use it in cojunction with multiple NLEs, not just FCPX... Compression is both art and science, so you need to be your own judge of the intangibles (i.e. is a given video worth some extra encode time to get flawless results), but I find Compressor to be awesome wether I am banging out small files for online review, batch transcoding, region-formatting, converting framerates, doing high-quality optical flow retiming, or doing a final pass for high-end delivery to a major network. All I know is this; Compressor, an oft-maligned software, makes BETTER looking encodes with SMALLER final file sizes and generally does it FASTER than the other leading alternatives. If it did not, I'd use one of the many other compression softwares that I have access to.

A must-have for multi-computer shops Posted by

First, the good: 1) It seems to have very sensible presets. So far, I haven't had to change one yet. 2) Setting up a cluster is really easy, and it's delightful to see a transcoding process use 32 cores across three computers when I need it to. 3) It's nice that you don't need to export a video file from FCPX before transcoding. Saves hours. Now, the bad: 1) It still looks ugly. FCPX and the Share Monitor have gotten some aesthetic attention, but looking at Compressor kills a little bit of me every time I do it. 2) The ad-hoc cluster (which they call This Computer Plus) is cool, but feels kind of bolted on. Are we still using Qmaster? Overall, looking at Compressor on its merits rather than what people think it *should* have been, it's a pretty good piece of software. I'm a bit raw because it's kind of the same thing as the one that I paid for once already when I bought FCP7, but if you're a new user you should get it without hesitation - especially if you need to split your tasks across multiple systems. Just be ready to be disappointed when it's not quite as inspiring to interact with as the new FCPX.

Compressor is Essential Posted by

While there seem to be some issues with this current version (4.1.2), Compressor in general is an essential app for me as a shooter/editor. I use it for all my transcoding and encoding needs, from quickly generating iPad daillies out of original camera footage by dragging a folder onto a little custom droplet on my desktop, to simultaneously exporting several different file types for various delivery methods. Compressor is a fast, modern-looking, powerful encoding/transcoding application that gives me full control over all the parameters I need to encode and transcode files; with real-time previews of what different settings will look like which is awesome! I just wish it was 64-bit instead of 32-bit, but I guess it has to be 32-bit to be able to encode certain legacy formats like DVCPROHD… but who really needs that anyway? I’d much rather have a 64-bit app. I’d also love to have the ability to load 3D LUTs to quickly apply specific basic grades to footage when transcoding daillies. The next best thing is Sorenson Squeeze, but that’s over $700 more expensive than this!

It’s a minor set of improvements but I’m not complaining Posted by

Here’s a general overview of what I’ve noticed about Compressor 4.0: • Encoding is about 5% faster on my 2.4 GHz Intel Core2 Duo MacBook Pro with 6 GB of RAM • Apple made node-based rendering/encoding very simple and cheap to set up across a network, and it pulls processing power from idle cores from any computer you have configured. • There are new presets for streaming media and Blu-ray encoding, and the options and under-the-hood features seem to better optimize both Grand Central Dispatch (lots of RAM) and multicore systems. • The Batch Monitor is gone. In its place is the Share Monitor, which is a FCPX-looking version of Batch Monitor that apparently allows cross-app and cross-Mac rendering/processing between FCPX, Motion, and Compressor. • In general, the presets are optimized for what most people use Compressor for: making web and disc-based transcodes. It’s an improvement. It’s a minor set of improvements for $49, compared to the updates to Motion, but I’m not complaining.

Multi-Core, Wow! Posted by

At first "Pice of junk & waste of money"... I render a couple of videos without the compressor, after I got it tock me about 30 minutes to figure it out, and after I get it to run on a project. I did not notice much difference at all. Until I was checking the settings and I found out that compressor does the same render that the naked Final Cut Pro X. The main difference, is that compressor divide the project in to segments that are individually process for single processor on the computer. Right now I have one (1) project with nine (9) segments. Four (4) of this segments are being process at a time on my Quad (4) Core Mac Pro. Just that make it so much efficient, using over 98% of the computer performance… This may not sound like much, but for those using 8+ processors may understand the difference. And yes, there is always room for improvement. But, Using effectivelly the computer resources, it is a big deal. PS: From 16GB Ram, uses about 10GB.

MPEG-2 with Closed Captioning works Posted by

I was looking for a program to embed a scc file into an MPEG-2 file for broadcasters and read that Compressor 4 could do the job. I figured I had to spend the $50 and try it out. Guess what, it worked! It was almost too easy. Much easier than I anticipated. From FCP > Send to Compressor, pick a template, duplicate it and and tweak your settings to customize. Attach the scc file and start the batch. A 30 minute 1080p epidode takes about 50 minutes running on my 2011 iMac 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 4GB RAM OS X Yosemite 10.10.5. Plus the file is only 3GB and it looks great. I don’t work for Apple or get paid by them to say this, but I’m unbeilievalby satisfied with this software knowing I can use this each week to distrute my content to dozens of TV stations for broadcast in HD with closed captioning. Exactly what I needed. Haven’t tried making any other files yet.

Really nice overhaul... Posted by

They’ve taken a million different options/presets and simplified it into 1 simple window, with 2 buttons at the top. Inside of the button on the right, are all the encoding options. I really like the simple straightforward look. It just feels more responsive and quick now. Haven’t gone through every option to see if it’s still there, but so far it’s awesome!! A really nice feature, is the ability to add a simple fade in/out to your video and or audio. Don’t know why it’s SO HARD to find a nice and simple program that will do this - I don’t even want to open iMovie if I just want to fade in/out. Problem solved!! Also, under audio you can add a peak limiter. Again, why is it so hard to find simple applications that do this?? Great job. Compressor has gotten an Apple make-over.

Works great!! Posted by

I purchased 4.0.5 (I believe) on 12/16, 4 days before the 4.1 update. Without enabling Qmaster in the older version, my 2012 high end rMBP with 16GB of RAM would only see 50-55% CPU utilization (95% with Qmaster). Being so new to Compressor, I was confused about where Qmaster went. Granted, the preferences and UI are greatly simplified, but I was not able to find a way to increase the number of ‘instances’ running on the computer. Turns out it doesn’t seem to matter. Processing a job in 4.1 on ‘This Computer’ runs at 90-96%, using all 8 cores (4 virtual), and completes jobs more quickly than the legacy version with 4 instances enabled in Qmaster. An update may be coming to fix the perceived inability to increase the number of instances, but the performance is already great for me.

It Took A Few Years To Become Indispensable Posted by

For years I avoided Crash-pressor because it wouldn’t finish compressions without failing about 20% of the time. This has changed of the last several releases. Now, my complaints are few: Compressor has really become solid and predictable. Most of my hangs now are from a dialog box that will spawn behind the main window. The lack of a few recent codecs is likely do to licensing. Not the last word in automation, true, but for a SMB house it does the trick! Oh, $49 bumped my review from 4 to 5. There is nothing close for the price. I have some free tools that approach the power of Compressor but not the ease of use. $49 for this is one of the things that keeps me on a Mac!

Seems faster than AME (CS6) Posted by

My initial attempt at this was disheartening, because Activity Monitor showed that compressing an HD iphone video only used 400% CPU on my six core Mac Pro (Mid-2010), so I quit and went over to Adobe Media Encoder (CS6) to do the job. My previous experience was nearly 100% usage on Compressor FCP 7 and AME CS6 applications. I repeated this today, letting Compressor run to completion. It completed faster than AME, even without the CPUs being totally used, Compressor requiring about 24 minutes vs 31 minutes for AME (CS6), even when using only 400% CPU. Another rendering done today used about 900% of 12 possible threads for a 640x480 encoding.

Crashing at startup not an issue anymore Posted by

I downloaded compressor 4.0.4 and was having the same issue with it crashing at startup every single time. I took 10 minutes and called applecare and they were able to find the issue. Anyone running a program called 3ivx may want to uninstall it. For some reason that application is causing issues with several programs. Its an application used for flip cam and can be found in system preferences. It may not fix everyones issue but its sure worth a try. Other than that I gave 4 stars because of the lack of q master and 64bit support. The live streaming codecs are great add though.

Finally, a much needed update which is mostly awesome Posted by

The new interface was a long time coming. The app feels much faster to navigate, make adjustments, and keep track of your jobs. I haven’t had any problem so far. One oddity I noticed: when encoding to H.264, selecting multipass seems to create a much lower quality (albiet much smaller file size) version of your video compared to single pass, provided the position of the quality slider remains constant. I don’t know if this is how it always worked, but I just noticed that, and it seems odd.

Super conversor de Video!!! Posted by

Con compressor estaras seguro que cualquier transcodificacion, conversion de video de un formato a otro no perdera la calidad o sufrira efectos no deseados como pausas, relantizacion o perdidas de calidad. Compressor crea facilmente un versión de tu proyecto de Final Cut Pro al formato que desees y puedes trabajar con varios videos a la vez lo que permite ganar tiempo en la edicion de video. EXCELENTE.

pretty good Posted by

The last compressor had some lagging problems and would take a lot more time. I was impressed how it crushed things done as fast as it did. Let me look at it a few more times before my review. Only thing I have noticed is it didn't want to take with FPC7 but even then if I can work around that issue at this point it won't be a problem. If you are a compressionist this is a great update.

Pretty good, but could be better Posted by

It's faster than the previous version and does all the conversions I need it to. Not a big fan of all the multiple windows though.

Not Improving by bpeacock 2014-09-05

Update: I’ve dual rendered videos for the past couple of weeks. Compressor uses around 600-620% of my 8 virtual cores. FCPX utilizes around 450% plus about 75% of GPU ability. Yet Compressor takes 2-3 times as long to render under the exact same settings (and boy does my Mac get HOT). I don’t know why and I’ve been contacted by Apple about it. So we’ll see if I’m misunderstanding something technical or if there’s an actual issue. Edit 4.1.2 and beyond: I’ve downloaded iStat Pro and watched how Compressor utilizes my CPU (quad-core i7 with HT) and GPU vs how FCP uses it. The short, it appears that Compressor is not taking advantage of all my threads while FCP does. I think that probably accounts for why I can render a 45 min podcast in about the same time, whereas Compressor takes 3+ hours. Going to do some more research to make sure I’m not missing something, but I’m afraid my days of using Compressor are over. Edit 4.1: At last a new interface. Prettiness and likeness to the other FCPX programs aside, I find this interface must easier to use with just a few short minutes of exploring. However….as most other reviewers note, the ability to connect multiple instances through Qmaster is temporarily gone, so beware if you depend on that. (I don’t but would probably be understandably upset if I did.) Edit 4.0.7: Not seeing any improvements from previous version. Still takes forever to render the same kind of file I have always done. Still no direct Vimeo uploading. Edit 4.0.6: Something is up with my workflow. Vimeo upload is still broken. But more importantly, it is taking 6-8 hours to render a video that used to render in 1-2. I haven't changed any of my settings. It's the same project each week. In fact, the only thing that has changed is the version # of this product. And given the other comments, I'm not very optimistic. All the processing "oomph" has left this product. Very concerning… There's really not much different here. Qmaster is integrated into the menu, but really I can't find too much else different. 64-bit support of course. I basically bought it so I could export directly to it from FCP X. In FCS, the direct export to Compressor would take FOREVER to do the final encode. The work-around was to command-E out of FCP, then import into Compressor. In this version, the direct export works like it is supposed to. So I suppose that makes it worth it.

Check your settings carefully by scythefalcon 2016-11-18

I’ve used Compressor for years and loved it more and more with each passing upgrade. This most recent version has soured me to the point that I need to speak up. The new version of compressor features some welcome upgrades, but a lot of them are not rooted in the reality of what most video editors are dealing with on a a day to day basis. Take the new color management tool. Not a bad idea in theory, but in practice the constraint in options leaves it virtually useless for most work. Rec709 to Rec2020? No one needs that and if they do they’re not using compressor for their color work. How about Rec709 Legal Range to Rec709 Full Range? Or 2.4 to 2.2 gamma shifts? The biggest problem I see is that the automatic settings are getting too unwieldy. Gone are the days I can just drop a video in, apply a preset and walk away. I have on more than one occassion seen Compressor select 1-2-1 for the source color profile and completely decimate the color grade of something I’ve been encoding. There’s 5 hours down the drain. Or more recently when I dropped a widescreen (2048x858) video file into Compressor for conversion to Blu-Ray. Prior to this most recent release Compressor would have selected 1080P as my output setting by default. Only after delivery to my client did I fine that in the most recent version of Compressor, the software has determined that 720P would be a much better setting. Clickboxes now fade up and down in the interface. I’m nearly at a loss for how terrible a UX decision this is. I need to work fast. The UI needs to be responsive. Period. Compressor has been a huge time saver in the past, but now I feel I have to watch it like a two year-old.

Updated to 2 Stars, Got it Working Again by Galgomite 2012-09-19

Well, I just got Compressor working again, or so it would seem. I took the 4-star reviewer's idea and looked for 3ivx; I didn't seem to have it. So I uninstalled every unnecessary AV app I had and didn't use-- screen cap software, audio editing software… no luck untill I uninstalled Adobe CS5. So my rating goes up 1 star, not because the software was fixed, but because it can be used again in any fashion. I'm not sure the original review was allowed to be shown anyway, but it's below. ****Original Review**** I don't usually write 1 star reviews but it's obvious Apple has something to fix here, and has not done so since at least June. Compressor hangs limply on its splash screen and does nothing more. I don't care if it's some other plugin's fault-- this is a pro application, written by the company that writes the OS-- and it's got to work. I need it for my business to function. Both this version and its predecessor are now broken. If Apple was at least clear about how to fix it, I would have fixed it. When I looked for a way to contact Apple Support, I found an option to pay for the privilege. The privilege of using the software I paid for. I installed Mountain Lion recently and I would blame that if things were working well before. The whole point of the Mac is a smaller universe of hardware and software so everything plays better together. When things don't "just work," there's really no point, is there?

Same Issues As 3.x by The Peab 2013-08-01

I still have to export 16:9 to MPEG-2 Letterbox, and using Compressor for the job leaves me with artifacts caused by incorrect handling [by Compressor] of interlaced fields. I'm sold on Compressor since 3.x except that I do a lot of this particular type of export and it makes Compressor a problem rather than a help. No issues doing the exact same manuever with Adobe Encoder, (and I'm not an Adobe fan). I'd rather use Compressor, for workflow development it's second-to-none, but I'm compelled to export directly from FCPX which handles the interlaced fields properly when going from 16:9 to 4:3 Letterbox, but it also ties up FCPX. Another crazy issue with Compressor and MPEG-2 is, when I flatten 16:9 projects to MPEG-2 16:9, the aspect ratio is created with a horizontal resolution that can't be changed by the user. For MPEG-2 16:9 Compressor creates a resolution of 720x402 rather than 853x420. I've talked with Apple engineering about this issue and they have no workaround for creating MPEG-2 853x420 rather than 720x402 for an aspect ratio of 16:9. I really like Compressor for workflow, it's unbeatable, but it's got a couple of fatal flaws with the way it transcodes to MPEG-2, and I really wish Apple would address these so I can get fully behind the complete FCPX package with fellow post production editors and administration.

should handle more codecs by fcpxuser 2012-02-08

Here's the thing, Final Cut Pro X doesn't do pc friendly codecs. So if I want to make a web video for say html5 and I want to be cross compatible I need to make .webm and .ogg as well as .mp4 versions. You would think as a companion encoder to Final Cut Pro X that Compressor would help you be web and pc friendly but it seems anything pc related is taboo with compressor. I love Mac but when I communicate with the world I still need to be compatible with the other 90% of the population. The bottom line is Compressor is a batch encoder that claims "Industry-Standard" encoding but what they really mean is "Apple Standard". Which is fine if you're only going to encode for people who own a mac and exclusively use Safari as their browser. Currently even FireFox on a Mac requires a codec that Compressor can't make. You can buy a better solution for half the price if you shop around. Loyal Apple customers shouldn't have to buy yet another encoder just to communicate with pc people. If I knew I needed to buy another encoder after buying Compressor I would definitely not purchase Compressor. I am also thoroughly appalled by the UI which should have been updated 6 years ago.

Worst application ever by basho & friends 2011-12-20

I have been working with Final Cut Pro for years and have always found compressor to be a bit of a necessary evil. The interface in unintuitive but it did the job as it was supposed to, but now with the upgrade to FCP X and Compressor 4 I can't complete any one click of the mouse without endless spinning balls and lag. I've uninstalled and re-installed Lion, uninstalled and re-installed FCP X and Compressor, did all suggested troubleshooting and maintenance and it's still a disaster. It actually took a full two minutes just to tear off a tab from the compressor window. It's driving me INSANE!!!! And as far as I can tell FCP X can't create quicktime reference files like in earlier versions so FCP X only works with Compressor 4. I'm running a MacPro with 12GB or ram so this stuff should be a breeze. Losing my mind! Wait until updates come along before you buy. Even after reading these reviews I purchased because I wasn't sure what else to do but it's a waste of money. Check forums for a feasible work around. I'm about to re-install Final Cut Studio just so I can complete this project I'm working on. AAAARRRGH.

Half performance with the new “iCompress” :( by scruffy21 2014-09-14

The biggest problem with the new version is performance. With the previous version, you could specify the number of instances (i.e. how many compressions were occuring at a time), so that you could determine the load balance yourself (ie do you want the stuff done as quickly as possible, or do you want to have some cores left free to do other work with other apps). With the new version, it determines a max number of cores you can use, not letting you use the full power of the machine. In my case, it maxes out at 50% of my cpu usage (only allowing half my cpus to be used, despite the fact that I’ve got max ram in the machine), whereas previously I could hit about 95%. Cutting the performance of a “Pro” app in half is a major fail. And they’ve “i”d it. They’ve dumbed down the interface and removed options to actually save batches and settings. They’re now “auto-saved”, so you’re never really sure what’s been saved & what hasn’t, and can’t save specific batches in a specific location with the files you’re compressing, and can’t just revert to a previous state by closing without saving, etc.

Worst nightmare ever by zarloco 2012-08-20

Compressor is extremely slow. Qmaster doesn't work 80% of the time. I've spent last 4 years or so tolarating compressor in hopes that Apple will finally fix it. Nope. Version 4.0.4 is not working properly. My income depends on FCP and Compressor/QMaster working. I've trashed preferences, deleted other weird .plist files, deleted Compressor and reinstalled it more than a dozen times. I even fresh-installed the OS a few times. Compressor would all of a sudden start working, and I can't pin point what I did that made it work. Then the same way it started, it would stop working, and again, I can't pin point what I did that made it stop working. It feels like Windows to me now. I'm fixing the thing more than I'm using it. I've spent well over 20K on Apple computers and their software for my studio - I feel betrayed here. Apple must stop selling Compressor or they must fix it so that it works as advertised. Google "qmaster cluster not showing" and you will find that the Apple is "fixing" this problem by completely ignoring it. "It just doesn't work."

New interface is much better but there are some bugs and crashes by GlassCanvas2 2013-12-24

Initially I was not getting good results making red - blu-ray (AVCHD) disks. It does render the required AC3 and H.264 audio and video files but I had disks with bad audio. The AC3 file was created but with no sound or dead segments. This may have been an issue with the project conversion from the previous version of FCP to 10.1 After deleting the source files and re-importing them into FCP it create good AC3 files. The first AVCHD disks I tried played back on different MAC & PC computers but not on the play station 3. The PS3, in the US, does not support 25fps media. Switching the frame rate from Automatic to 29.5fps (if the source is at a different rate) will transcode the media and work on the PS3. I had some 25fps media. If your setups were brought in from the last version, check all the settings to make sure it is what you need. I had a number of crashes with compressor 4.1, in particular when trying to modify the list of output files. Once conversion start, it seems to run fine. The new look/interface is much better. Once the crashing bugs are fixed I would give it 4-5 stars.

It is what it is..... by Martinab4484 2011-08-16

I mean, it does exactly what it says it does. If you a serious video uploader, or anything along those lines, yes this would make things very easy. However I think 49.99 for this app is a little pricey. It does take the thought process out of compressing the files for facebook, you tube, vimeo, things like that, which is really nice to have if you have a long video, or a lot of video. I would recommend it, but make sure your going to use it plenty to get out of it what you pay for it. I dont regret purchasing, but, which someone would have told me what I told you. I upload a video a month (if that). Its nice that you dont have to figure out ways to upload in all different directions, they are there for you to choose. The BEST part about this app however is the "preview" window. Its very nice to see the quality of the video after compressing, BEFORE you even waste your time compressing it and find out it looks bad. That is a VERY nice thing to have. Again, its a great app, but it was pricey, make sure you need it. Hope this helps!

not great by griff2000 2014-03-16

Compressor has promise to be a useful tools but for me the primary reason to use it is to speed up rendering from FCPX. So after combing the Web I find out that direct move of files from FCPX to Compressor appears to disable the ability to use a cluster to render. So the only way to do it is render the whole video in FCPX and then bring into Compressor. This is extremely annoying as it takes me more time sitting in front of the computer waiting for one process so I can start the next one. The other thing that makes this really annoying is Compressor is the slowest application I have used on my Mac. I’m scared to tweak anything once I have set up a job because if I do I have to wait a really long time before it responds again. I’ve tried this on several Macs with varying configs, all with 16-32GB of RAM and nothing else going on. It’s the application - not the machine. So overall , lots of promise but it just doesn’t feel very useful right now. I will say it burned Blueray disc easily so that was nice.

Abhorrent in Any Version by ThomInSoCal 2014-01-05

Once I was a Windows user. I railed every time Microsoft released “not ready for prime time” software. Switching to Apple, I was thrilled when things “just worked.” But then I purchased Compressor. This software is, in a word, abysmal. It simply doesn’t work. And yes, I’ve read Apple’s documentation. I’ve tried it in both the upgraded and the previous version (“fortunately” I saved a copy), and jobs fail. Period. Exporting from FCPX (4.09), using the “Send to Compressor” option, the program sits and ponders awhile, then fails. Repeatedly. Maybe my files are too big? Share a smaller one. Nope, same result. Tweak this setting or that? Nada. It simply does not process a file in any way. I tried the upgrade version, and the results were precisely the same, except for a different, “refreshed” interface. And by the way, I’m not using this on some little old Mac Mini. I’m using a recent vintage MacPro with plenty of horsepower and RAM. Pure junk. Run away. Run far, far away.

Only major changes are new bugs and missing features by WorldOfSuck 2011-07-22

Bad stuff first: The Dolby Digital encoding window now forgets my settings the minute I leave the window. Everything gets bottom-barrel 192 kbps no matter what. No more Final Cut 7 support, or background encoding. Video encoding quality is still some of the worst in the industry (except for Blu-ray, see below). I've never much cared for the interface, which seems ridiculously kludgy and huge in how it lists your projects. Still 32-bit and pretty darn slow. The good news is that even with all those flaws, this is now by far the cheapest fully functional Dolby Digital encoder, and is pretty handy for other formats too, or for batch encoding to MPEG-2 Mezzanine files or ProRes. In a pinch, I can even use it for Blu-ray compression -- the quality isn't up to x264 but is still acceptable, and totally compliant for replication. Despite its (many) flaws, it still gets a place in my utility toolbelt. But boy oh boy does this need a bugfix release. I need it for the Dolby Digital alone.

Compressor 4.1 by remoran111 2014-01-09

Welcome to Microsoft Updates 101 or the equivalent of dll hell because this is what Comressor 4.1 is. The old version worked without issue. For starts, I did the Mavericks drill, everything works save Compressor 4.1, whcih means I have a $600 Matrox O2 Mini magically converted into a brick. Cannot render anything withou timeframes extending into an eternity. I want my money back. This is a fubar without question. To make matters worse, I did a complete unistall and reinstall of the app, still nothing. Crashes instantly, wtiht luck, it will crash FCPX 10.1. Question, what’s the betting pool of Compressor 4.1 running on the flagship Mac Pro? Apple, get this disaster fixed because pros like myself are REALLY ANGRY about this. Not good for a company as image conscious as Apple when dealing with graphic and video professionals like myself. If Jobs were alive, heads would roll without dealy. The app rates a 0 but I can’t select that number for this “wonderful” review..

Huge disappointment by bkx3 2011-07-05

I'm fine with the interface not being simplified and sugarcoated (save for the batch monitor becoming the "share" monitor. Cute.), but the performance is unacceptable. Every single action beachballs my i7 MBP with 8GB of ram for at least ten seconds, background rendering is busted, none of my presets came over from Compressor 3, and it runs in 32 bit. Aside from FCX compatibility, there is zero point to buying this wet dog of a media manager. I understand that new users to Final Cut wouldn't already have this on their machines, and the $50 pricetag is a way for them to get it, but it adds insult to injury to charge owners of Final Cut Studio 3 $50 for a downgrade that they still NEED if they are optimistic enough to try out Final Cut X. This really should have been a free update for previous owners of Motion 3. The state of Compressor 4 is a great example of how half-hearted the pro suppot for Final Cut X really is.

The more I use it, the more I dislike it. by pegasus1787 2013-01-03

I bought this mainly for the virtual cluster feature. The last couple of updates have made the product less stable. For example, I have to stop and start Qmaster in order for the virtual cluster to show up. Sometimes Compressor can't find the Qmaster agent and won't start the job, I have to reboot the computer. When I burn a Blu-ray file to the hard drive, it won't support multi-segmenting anymore (manual says it would) so the entire encode is done on the local computer rather than via virtual cluster. Worst of all, the Compressor encoded files are not as nice as the ones encoded by FCPX. FCPX encoding engine is based on AV Foundation, I believe Compressor is still based on the archaic Quick Time. The Compressor file will show occasional flickering problem in detail scenes (e.g trees wavering in the wind) even though the encoding is done at 30mbps, but the problem does not surface under FCPX at a lower default speed.

Still buggy after all these years - no significant improvements by [email protected] 2011-08-27

I purchased the latest version in hopes it would offer some improvements over v 3.5.3. No such luck! The main problems (bugs) include: - import certain files (E.g. H.264s) and nothing shows up (except the colorful pinwheel of death for 5 minutes) - after importing a file it doesn't show up in the job/file window (even though it shows jobs in the bottom left hand info display) - can't seem to process MP4s as source files and bugs out (becomes unresponsive) when multiple files are queued - droplets aren't created As others have mentioned, the fact that it doen't work with FCP7 along with the numerous other complaints, indicate that Apple has (at this time at least) abandoned their devoted professional video customer base. Shame on you Apple for releasing this version which offers no significant improvements whatsoever. Unless you own FCPX, this upgrade is not worth your time or money.

Apple gets an A++ for consistency! by turboDUDE2 2012-07-24

As reported by too many here. This program crashes on startup. Very frustrating if your using for actual work projects. You've got to love the fact that NO OTHER industry but the computer industry can get away with selling defective products like they do. In an environment that is so controlled (the Apple computer) you're not supposed to be dealing with this. This crash at start-up is the Apple equivalent of the dreaded WINDOWS Blue Screen. I'm hoping for a fix. . . SOON. FOLLOW-UP Deleted 3ivx and reinstalled Compressor, it's back working so far. When it wasn't working, FINAL CUT X also would not export my movie. FINAL CUT X is back working now also. Glad it's working, but does the customer receive any discount for the inconvenience? Again software & computer industry get a major pass with product reliability.

Amateur Program by T Nuggets 2017-02-17

For $50 I thought I was getting an updated version of the original compressor. Instead I got a dumbed-down version that I could find similar for free on the internet. Very, very disappointed in compressor and Apple. It appears Apple is getting rid of their consumer software and dumbing-down their pro-apps for “consumers", therefore pissing off everyone. FCP X is the most complicated “comsumer” editing app I’ve ever used (and I go way back to FCP2), yet it falls short of being a "pro-app” on so many levels. Editors everywhere are or have migrated to Premiere, Avid, etc. If you want to post your kid’s birthday on facebook or student film on Vimeo, and you want to waste $50, fine. If you have a real living client that wants a specific size, codec, compression, etc. forget it, this “new” compressor a waste of time.

No improvement by sterlingz 2011-08-17

Even on latest hardware, this app is still slow as molassess. Just like before, it still features irritiating freezes when you drag new settings or destinations. Render times are painful. Exporting direct from FCP X leaves it in the dust, but FCP X doesn't have all the formats I need. The fact that Compressor is still 32 bit should be a complete embarrassment to Apple. I find it really aggravating that we had to purchase this version just to get compatibility wtih FCP X (old version wouldn't work). While I can sort of forgive all of the radical changes in FCP X and the major disruptions to workflows becasue I see the potential in the app, forcing this piece of junk on us is pretty terrible. I really hope Apple issues some updates soon. As it stands, two stars, and that's being generous.