Connecting the Dots Games free for iPhone/iPad
Connecting the Dots Games free for iPhone/iPad

Connecting the Dots Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Screenshots & Video

Connecting the Dots Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Connecting the Dots Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Connecting the Dots Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Connecting the Dots Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Connecting the Dots Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Connecting the Dots Games free for iPhone/iPad

Download Connecting the Dots for iPhone/iPad
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Fast, Funny and the First ;)

"If the number 2 pencil is the most popular, why is it still number 2?"


+ Just choose a picture and slide your finger to connect the dots
+ Tap on magnifier icon to zoom in/out
+ Tap on lock/unlock icon and move device to connect the dots
+ Choices colors to paint
+ Select size brush
+ 80 images to join the dots

Thanks to everyone for feedback ;)

Connecting the Dots Games ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Current Version:
Varies with device
7.30 MB
First Tracked:
Content Rating:


Very cool! Posted by

Great app! Escpecially if you like connect the dots! Then you'll love it! MUST GET!!

Awesome game Posted by

I love this game. Especially if you like connect the dots!

alright Posted by

its alright it needs more categories to pick from

Cool game Posted by

Fun for my nephew a nd me to awsome

ok Posted by

this is k but i would lik the full

Read this if u dare Posted by

Really fun... I love it!

Good Posted by

I like it

Please by Peace sight 2013-06-28

This game is terrible. I got to play it once and then it crashed every time I tried to open it. You should have more pictures to choose from to complete. You should get credit on your dot to dot picture. And some of the picture's numbers were REALLY REALLY small so you should be able to zoom in at the least. Needs lots of improvement and then JUST maybe will I try to play it again. I will not delete it b/c I am expecting these upgrades soon and for u to actually upgrade it. Anybody who read my review take me seriously DO NOT let me repeat myself DO NOT get this app.

Bad!!! by mcoletto 2010-02-20

Do not buy this even for free!! You can't see the numbers they are too small!! Then when you do finally do find them, they have you draw out the lines yourself and it looks sloppy and you can't see the picture you just drew! Do NOT get this!!

Terrible by Lil ryah 2012-02-15

I hate it I'm going to delete it right now I I had never even downloaded this thing whoever created this obviously didn't play it themselves otherwise there sooooooooooo stuuuuuuuppppppppiiiiiiiiidddddddd i wish that I could give it one star

Meh by Pinkbebes 2010-06-26

It's really hard to see the numbers even when you zoom in because it doesn't focus. Also the lines don't connect really well so it just comes out as a crazy looking mess of half lines

no stars! by Makeyohips_stir 2010-02-14

this thing stinks on ice! even though its free its way not worth it! and i played it once, it comes out terible, there are really no good choices, and just takes up memory for no reason

Terrible app!! by BeccaMarie<3 2012-12-06

This app doesn't even deserve one star! People wanna be able to draw it themselves not have an "auto draw" the directions make no sense! Not worth it!!

HATE IT!! by alaynaxx 2012-01-13

it is hard, I care less for it! it looks sloppy n crappy.. I don't like it. it may be free, but don't get it!