Costume Quest Games free for iPhone/iPad
Costume Quest Games free for iPhone/iPad

Costume Quest Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Costume Quest Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Costume Quest Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Costume Quest Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Costume Quest is a Halloween adventure from Tim Schafer's Double Fine Productions. In this charming role-playing game, choose your hero and trick-or-treat through three beautiful environments full of Double Fine humor and story. Complete quests, build your party, and collect costumes along the way that allow you to transform into powerful champions and take down the evil Repugians. This heroic holiday tale will capture the imaginations of kids and kids-at-heart.

Continue the Costume Quest adventure with the Grubbins on Ice DLC pack. Face new enemies while collecting additional quests, costumes, battle stamps and creepy treat cards. Help the monsters overthrow Araxia to bring peace back to Repugia!

*requires at least iPad 2 or iPhone 4S
**note: some audio does not currently function correctly on iOS 9 devices


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Love this game. Posted by

To be honest, the first time I saw the game and looked at the reviews, I didn't know what to expect. They were very different, from really good, to really bad. I questioned if the quality of the content in this game would be fit for my iPad, I thought it was too advanced. (For some reason) 20 minutes later, I am in love. Costume quest is a unique game unlike any other I have played. With cute characters, and a fantastic storyline, I would HIGHLY recommend this game any day of the week. The quests you receive are slightly challenging sometimes, but I think that's good, because unlike some games, before completing costume quest's quests, you have to stop and think a little. There are so many good things I want to keep going on about, but that would probably exceed my character limit!! Now to the bad things. Okay, to be completely honest, there were only two problems I experienced in the game. (I just want to note that, although I didn't experience any crashes, in many other reviews I have read, they HAVE.) The first thing I didn't like was the "save" option. Saving, itself, didn't bother me. But the fact that you could only go certain places to save did bother me. I think that inconvenience could be fixed if the save was in your notebook. Second problem. LAG. It was quite annoying when, in the middle of a battle, I found it difficult to attack, and defend due to the screen being very choppy. Otherwise, the game was truly fantastic!! You'll love it!

Love it! Posted by

I had never played this game before now, I am so happy I found it! I'm a 21 and love this game so much! It's so fun to play around Halloween but I'm sure I'll play afterwards as well! The graphics are wonderful and I love the story line and how you actually get to go trick or treating! The costumes are awesome as well and I love how you can fight the monsters! All the quest are fun as well. At first I had a little bit of trouble with the controls but I finally got use to them! Also it can be very annoying at times when your trying to click on something else and accidentally click on the kids to change costumes, other than that I loved everything about it. I cannot believe the game was only $1.00! It's worth way more than that with lots of gameplay that will keep you coming back to play! Definitely recommend for all ages!

From No Bueno to Fantastico! Posted by

Dear Double Fine, The game was suffering a plague of crashes, especially with the fight against Dorsilla. That was no bueno, mi amigos. I didn't see an update, but the crash disappeared and I was able to complete the game, which was muy bueno, Doble Bueno. I give 5 stars because this is one of the best little RPGs I've played that holds up to classic RPG style in an era when mobile games replace true role-playing in exchange for redundant actions that accomplish a list of never-ending, repeating "missions" that drive a person to buy in-app purchases... to ultimately accomplish nothing. It's a sad misuse of the psychology of addictive behaviors. You have risen above that violation of gamers' psyche with this gem. Thank you for the fun times. I shall now try Grubbins On Ice.

Halloween is Here!! Posted by

I have to say first of all that this game is brilliant. I downloaded it years ago on the PS3 and fell in love with its charm and setting. The fact that I love Halloween makes this game a must play and it doesn't disappoint. I have been wishing for a while that Double Fine would allow me to play it anywhere I want and today I can! Everything that made the console version of this game an instant holiday classic is here in full form. From the charming graphics to the clever writing to the fun but simple gameplay this game is every bit as fun and endearing as it's console brethren. If you love Halloween and want to relive the nostalgic wonder of the holiday from when you were a child, do yourself a favor and pick this up! And at $10 less then the console version it is a steal!

Great game, but... Posted by

I've played through costume quest without that much bugs or crashes to deal with. The story, gameplay, and length of the game was great.( could've been longer but then it would've been too tedious to play). My only problem is with the DLC which doesn't let play my recent save and I was only one battle away from winning. Before the big boss I saved back at the first telephone to cover all the unfinished costumes and such. I quit after saving to take a break due to my iPad heating up. But when I came back to resume my game it crashes on the first loading and won't even let me play.please fix this!

It was absolutely an amazing game, Posted by

This game took me 2 days to finish, all I have to say is the best two days of not being bored,This game is amazing with a lot of thinking and strategies. Daralsela however you spell her name XD was hard to fight but I eventually finished with some tags and cards.Get this game just remember if you fight a boss and that boss takes one of your characters don't get the unicorn to heal another character cause It glitches but I managed through that and thought very hard and killed the boss with all three characters. By the way unicorn and the revival card go amazingly together.

Great Halloween fun! Posted by

Had a great time playing costume quest. I'm a big Halloween fan and I really dig double fine so it seemed line a real win. I tried it on Xbox but with kids now I never thought I'd play it. However on my phone I played the whole thing stealing moments on the bathroom and waiting on people. It was great fun. So much that I went on ahead and got the DLC. Tapping on certain things was an issue at times but you get used to the control and the issues with touch are pretty much gone after a bit. Had a great time and I think any one else would too.

Sleeper rpg of the app store! Posted by

People toss around the term "console quality" for ios too often, but this game truly fits the bill. Fantastic production values. Super funny. Only problem, like many "universal" apps, is it's not very playable on Ipad, due to necessary buttons and commands being placed towards the center of the screen. Many, many devs are guilty of not properly adjusting UIs to make them useable on Ipad, and unfortunately Doublefine is no exception. Beautiful on Ipad Air though. Luckily, the awesome cloud save let me port it over to my Iphone 5!

Great game! Posted by

The gameplay was fine on my iPhone 7 and iPad Pro iOS 10. However the music doesn't work. All the sound effects did work. After a while I didn't even notice the missing music. The game is great with or without the music. I was able to beat the game just before Halloween, which was a lot of fun. Hopefully they will release an update in the future. Even if they don't, I'll still play it again next Halloween.

I Heard of This Game Posted by

I heard of this game watching Giant Bomb and figured I should get it on the rare occasion what my parents give me money to spend on iTunes. This game was worth the five dollars, and I would have rated it four stars if it didn't stop crashing. If you're having crash problems, just disable the SFX and that should help.

Have to pay twice for Grubbins on Ice? Posted by

I recently downloaded and finished Costume Quest on both my iPhone 6 and iPad (4th Gen). While playing, I saved and switched between devices with no problems. But yesterday I bought the Grubbins of Ice expansion while on my iPad, and it doesn't show up on my iPhone. It wants me to pay for it again. Please fix this bug.

Perfect port! Posted by

Perfect timing for one of my favorite games! Definitely a must buy for Halloween fans! Translates well to iOS. Only issue is iCloud saving doesn't always work. Sometimes my most recent saved file shows up on my other Apple devices so I can play on the go. Other times the data is old.

Sweet!!! Posted by

Great on XBLA Arcade and fantastic port to ios and touchscreen! And as others have said the timing couldn't be better, plus u get the dlc from the XBLA game for a total of $20 for $5. Tim Schaefer and Ron Gilbert rock and so does Double Fine! Buy this game!!!

Grubbins on Ice is terrible Posted by

I was playing it I was on the last fight in grubbing on ice and I stopped playing when I restarted it started loading then crashed! I deleted and redownloaded it and it says I didn't buy it! This game is bugged out and I want grubbing on ice for free!

Best game but one problem Posted by

I played this game on my Xbox 360 and I fell in love with this game so now since I have it on my iPad, it keeps crashing when ever I have to defeat a monster or when I'm doing something it either lags or crashes. Is there a way to fix that??

Can't hear in-game music :( Posted by

Hey, game is lots of fun, but I really hate that the music is having problems working on my phone (I'm on iOS 9.2). It seems like such a tease to have fun playing and yet not being able to fully take the game in.

amazing game Posted by

pay once and play. so much content, lots of laughs, fun to replay the story from the beginning.. delete all your freemium timewasters and play this instead, you will actually enjoy mobile gaming finally.

Fantastic Posted by

Can't recommend this enough. Translates really well to the iPhone. Super fun rpg and a great holiday game. Well paced with lots of side missions and it's really funny

Fine Fine Posted by

I've always wanted to play this game on console or computer, but I never end up getting it. Glad I finally did. Captures the fun of trick or treating.

As much as I love this... Posted by

About halfway though, it really starts to lag on my iPhone 4S. I read the compatability, and 4S is in there, but it looks like just barely.

New Controls & Detection Needed by Curtis R. Shideler 2013-10-17

This is a great, festive game marred by poor control and design choices. If you like celebrating Halloween, maybe watch It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown every year, and really enjoy Final Fantasy type games with cartoon graphics, then this game is for you. And, it is very much my type of game. HOWEVER, there is no d-pad or control stick to move around. You tap to move or hold your finger in the area you want to move and tap things. It leads to a lot of tapping on my character by accident and not seeing where I'm going because my whole hand is in the way. I think this could easily be fixed by offering a optional control scheme, much like Final Fantasy III or IV. Seriously, more game developers need to try that control stick method. It works perfect on those games. SECONDLY, when entering combat the screen is suddenly 2/3 the size, if that. This design choice is a waste of space on the iPad, and I can't even imagine how small battles look on an iPhone 4! It's like watching commercials played in 720p on a 1080p TV display. No good reason. And unfortunately the combat woes don't end there. The control choices are again, terrible. When attacking, some characters have timing based attacks, which is a fine choice. BUT the four buttons you need to pick from are laid out all around the timer. So, to get ready to press one that's on the left side with your right hand, you're totally blocking the timer from your own vision! So, good luck getting the timing right. Why not move those four colored buttons to the right side opposite your new control stick (giving left-handed players the option of switching those as well), allowing for us to see the timer and hit the correct button at the right time?! AND finally, the button detection is pretty horrid during battles. For attacking, it seems to register my button presses fairly accurately, with a few that are slightly delayed. But the swiping doesn't register my swipes often enough. And the defending button presses are litterally only registered half of the time even though I press the correct button at the correct time. Then there's the fact that even when you get a defend correctly timed, you are still hit for quite a bit of damage. That seems like another poor design choice. All that said, this game is perfect for this time of year. I just hope that the developer sees this need for improvement, and decides to update this title with some much needed control and design improvements.

Good for a while but has game-killing end-game bugs. by pdc1 2015-10-16

I picked up Costume Quest in the recent sale, and played through without any major issues until near the end when you're awarded the cat costume. The cat costume is unplayable on an iPad Air 2. The button selection is near-instantaneous and it's impossible to select, rendering the battling ability absolutely useless for this particular costume. Then once you get to the final battle with Dorsilla the Witch, all your characters are paralyzed by their inability to heal, as once you enter the healing screen the game refuses to let you actually select a character to heal or exit. That makes that battle impossible to win, so you can never finish the game. Updating my review to note that I played through the Grubbins on Ice DLC and after failing the final boss battle a couple times, the game crashes and won't continue. Very, very disappointing, especially after having a fun time up to this point. C'mon DoubleFine, update this game so it works! Especially if you're going to continue to sell it on the app store. I wrote to the developers, but considering that they've known about and been able to reproduce the first bug since October 2013, according to their own forums, and haven't bothered to update this game at all since, I doubt any of this will ever see a fix. That's too bad as it's a pretty good game otherwise, and I'd rate it much higher if it was possible to finish it. So buyer beware! If you have a newer iPad or iPhone, running iOS 8 or higher, you'll likely run into game-breaking bugs.

Very Disappointed (Get the PlayStation Version) by Vince Pagliaro 2014-12-28

Please read the whole way through. I have looked up a lot of video regarding Costume Quest and Costume Quest 2. I was super engaged with the gameplay and wanted to save money by getting the first one for my iPhone 4S. The gameplay was not an issue whatsoever, but my crashed. A lot. To the point where it is unplayable. I'm not sure if anyone else has been having this much of a problem with the iPhone version, but I was just very disappointed to purchase a game for almost $5 to get enough playtime for around an hour and a half. I am not trying to say this a bad game. On the contrary, the gameplay and story are awesome! I would just suggest getting the Playstation 3 version if you have one, which is what I will probably be doing.

Needs more sounds by Dompool72 2015-10-18

I am a huge fan of this game and play it every year on my Xbox, and the second on my Playstation around Halloween. Once you get used to the controls the game is pretty fun, great to look at, and is super cute. My only real complaint when playing the game is the sound, or lack therefore of. When playing on console there's some sweet music playing at the main menu, and in battles. Here, we just get silence and it's awkward and weird. I believe there's also some missing sound from victory and door opening that was present in the consoles as well. Aside from that atmosphere killing problem it's a solid game, and would get a perfect score from me if they added that

Fantastic Game A+++ by InkyMyCat 2014-06-17

Update: I dropped my 5 stars down to 3 as the game keeps crashing on ios 7.1. Also when I save my game and try to start it up later my whole saved game is gone. I hope there is an update soon so I can finish the game. This game is fun and cute at the same time. I love the character costumes. This game will last for hours and days. I didn't beat the big bones boss but have come close. I had a hard time with the bobbing for apples but I'll go back and try again. On to the Grubbins on Ice which is a smaller game than this one. Both games are well worth the money. I hope to see another sequel. I love the game as it makes you think.

Short, yet fun game...except when it crashes. *UPDATED* by SDFan 2013-10-25

The game is a turn based rpg which is somewhat easy. If you die you can just start over when you left off. The bosses will be the only real challenge in the game. They should have made a virtual joystick instead of the click to move. You will often select your character by mistake. Another problem is when you get to the 2nd part of the game. It crashes a lot. It happened to me at last 5 times in a hour. I don't know why that area is a problem but it's the only place I had crashing issues. It is fun and you should try it. Updated- the crashing issue is getting worse. Now I can't even get in the game

Charming but not well executed. by Lamecaster 2013-10-11

The game concept is great and have been wanting to buy since playing the xbox demo. Now that I've purchased for iPad I find the timed matching within the battle system to be needlessly flawed. The buttons are far smaller than what is needed to be very effective so you may find yourself missing the buttons. I find myself more often than not missing buttons that I thought I hit within time allowed or at least hit close enough to cause frustration. The save system could've been made more clear. You know it when you find it but until then it was confusing as to whether there was auto saving only or not.

Great game, but bugs! Cannot complete Chubbins on Ice by Rustymeister 2016-10-01

The Game is fun, but play control is wonky, the spaceman's light does not illuminate well, some areas are hard to see. The final boss battle of Chubbins on ice crashes to desktop on my iPad (iAd 4 and Mini) and my iPhone 5 and 6 Plus. Needs to be fixed. Will change score to a 4 once fixed. I will consider it a 1 as their response made it clear no fix is planned despite it crashing on multiple platforms. This is unacceptable and Double-take should be taught a lesson to make their games work. Update - an email was sent saying they would look into this - nope nothing yet weeks later.

Great game, but bugs! Cannot complete Chubbins on Ice by Rustymeister 2016-08-29

The Game is fun, but play control is wonky, the spaceman's light does not illuminate well, some areas are hard to see. The final boss battle of Chubbins on ice crashes to desktop on my iPad (iAd 4 and Mini) and my iPhone 5 and 6 Plus. Needs to be fixed. Will change score to a 4 once fixed. I will consider it a 1 as their response made it clear no fix is planned despite it crashing on multiple platforms. This is unacceptable and Double-take should be taught a lesson to make their games work.

Buy this to support DFine, then delete it. by anotherclevername 2013-10-13

The controls are horrendous. On an iPhone, movement is very difficult as there is no d-pad emulation. You get used to that, though. Combat on the other hand is atrocious. The icons are tiny and their placement is randomized. On the controller, you are given 2 seconds to recognize the icon and click it. Standard quick time challenge. But on the iPhone, the buttons are randomly placed icons that you have 2 seconds to recognize the one you need to click and find it. It is torture.

Great game but the app needs work by Flockmaster 2013-10-11

I played this on XBLA and it was awesome. Glad to be able to play on my iPhone but it's so frustrating to keep having to play the same sections over and over because it doesn't seem to pause the game when I need to answer a call or an email. Unless you get to a "save point" you're screwed, which is a really bad mobile gaming experience. Also the controls need some work, I keep tapping on my character, needs a joystick and action button option

I want to love it by Diniden 2013-10-17

I'm super excited to play this. But you have some serious memory leakage or some sort if buffer/batching routine that needs to dump quicker for us less powered devices. Remember ipad2, iPad mini, and itouch 5th gen all have the same chip and I'd say you should at the least be trying to support them for this. It runs fine until something overloads on my itouch 5. Really hope you fix it or offer an option to lower quality enough to play at the least.

Great Game! Missing Music? by Curtis R. Shideler 2016-10-01

This is a great, festive game. If you like celebrating Halloween, maybe watch It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown every year, and really enjoy Final Fantasy type games with cartoon graphics, then this game is for you. And, it is very much my type of game. HOWEVER, since updating to iOS 9, I no longer hear the in-game music. I can hear the sound fx just fine and it plays like it always has. I just think the music is missing. Maybe iOS 10 will fix it?

Good game but broken sound. by Aceymcspade 2017-02-13

Would have been a 5 star review if the music and sound effects worked as they should. At first the game had no issues but after a few ios updates the publisher stopped updating their game and now you can't hear the music that is supposed to accompany your trick or treating and monster bashing. Ive beaten the game on PC and trust me when i say you miss out on allot without the sounds. So overall id avoid this one.

Broken. Do not Buy. by mgridgaway 2016-09-10

It pains me to say this as a major fan of Costume Quest, but do not buy this game. The iOS version's music has been broken for over a year now, despite several pleas to get Double Fine (or whoever was responsible for the iOS port) to fix the issue. I will happily give this game 5 stars when the issue is fixed, but until then, you're better off with the PC, 360, and PS3 version of Costume Quest.

No Music: ios 9.0.2 by rustlingleaves 2015-12-01

Just started this game. Seems like it will be quite fun. However the in-game music does not work in current ios. I've noticed this problem with a few different apps/games. I dont know if a new ios patch will fix these things, or if the developers will, but I hope someone does. I have been waiting patiently for months now to play this game. And still no update to get the sound working.

Needs more music. by Alex R DLC 2016-05-16

I am playing this app from an iPhone 6 and the sounds that are present in the PS3 version are missing here. It seems like maybe it's an issue with the iOS version because the game has not been updated in quite some time. Please update for iOS 9 and I will change my review to 5 stars. Other than that this is a great game just without that music it feels a bit soulless.

Crashes on IPad mini- fixed by rebooting! by 5pielmeister 2013-10-18

The game crashes on my mini during the initial loading screen, after selecting game save slot. It works in my iPhone 4S, but it's really tiny. Too bad it seems like my kind of game. :( Update: rebooted my ipad mini and it's working now. Yay!!! Update to update: still crashes occasionally. Usually during combat. :(

Great... but by BillyB123 2015-11-23

Great game, but having both Costume Quest for the Xbox 360 and Costume Quest 2 for the Xbox One, I notice that the background music doesn't play at all in the iOS version. The music (from the console versions) fits this game so perfectly and helps set the tone so well that it just feels empty without it.

I'm sorry but... by DASmoof 2014-10-11

Look... It's a really great game but I can't play it. I have an iphone 4 and it says compatible with iphone4 I thought that meant I could still play it but it was too LAggy may I please have a refund I won't be getting another card for a while and I am disappointed I am sorry