Craton app free for iPhone/iPad
Craton app free for iPhone/iPad

Craton app free for iPhone/iPad

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How to install Craton app free for iPhone/iPad

Download Craton for iPhone/iPad
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To download Craton from our website on mobile (iPhone/iPad), follow these steps below:
Click on the “Download” button on to be redirected to the app on App Store
Download and start using the app
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Craton apps is its first Private Social GPS for networking with your close friends, relatives, and business colleagues. You can add a maximum of 50 people on this apps, and you see their REALTIME LOCATION! Features: Who has viewed your profile, 3D MAP, Testimonials, Diaries, newsfeed: post private photos/videos/emoticons on timeline, Secured destructable calls, chats, Secret p2p location messaging with a lot of emoticons where you could closely locate everyone in your friends list on 3dmap. Other features: Hotel bookings, reading RSS news all around the world, ability to filter someone who actually knows you by implementing interest level queries when you add friends. See all your friends on the Map from most remote locations. Encrypted Personal Messages Other features include: Travelling in a group? Stay in the loop, with craton. Craton is aimed at groups of people who are driving in separate vehicles to a particular destination. Normally when travelling in a group it is quite hard to keep up with your fellow drivers, particularly if you are all trying to follow one particular person. You often run into problems with traffic and red lights, and when you want to pull over for a pit stop, it is a pain to try and get into contact with all the different vehicles. Craton solves this problem by giving you a map with live updates of where your friends are located. If you want to communicate with other people in your Convoy, you can indicate locations on the map where you wish to pullover for a pit stop and point out hazards. If you want to send a more detailed message there is a group text message feature that sends to everyone in the Craton at once. It is important to note that GPS, 3G internet and having the screen constantly running uses up battery life on your device. If you are travelling over a long distance, it's recommended that you plug your device into a car charger. Also note that operating your phone while driving is illegal in many places, so please get your fellow travellers to use the communication buttons or pull over first.


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