Crazy Tapper Games free for iPhone/iPad
Crazy Tapper Games free for iPhone/iPad

Crazy Tapper Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Crazy Tapper Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Crazy Tapper Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Crazy Tapper Games free for iPhone/iPad

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What can you do in 30 seconds? If you get no answer, how about create a world record!

Then on the way to your record with all your fingers, you become a crazy tapper.

HOW TO PLAY: start the game and score from every tap.
PS: multi-tap is supported!

Note: To use more than 3 fingers on your iPad, turn off Settings > General > Multitasking Gestures


Current Version:
Varies with device
26.17 MB
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Haters.... Posted by

I think it's funny that they think this app is so bad, that they still care enough about it to write a review about it.... Lol I agree that it might not be for everyone, but competing for "fastest hands" of the day and week, really gets my adrenaline going.... Don't ask why lol... I've always been good at games that require you to repeatedly tap buttons.... Again don't ask why... And now, u can do 10 fingers at a time? Haha awesome.... It's a free app that is like 15 mb, if u don't like it, delete it, it's free so why not try? I'm 14, but would u rather listen to me or the person that says that something is both, and then lists three things? Haha I was laughing so hard after that but seriously, what do you have to lose?... Oh yea... 30 seconds of your life to play the game 1 time and see if u like it.... And that's another thing, IT'S 30SECONDS it's perfect for when ur in the car trying to pass a short amount of time. Just try it :) not saying everyone will like it, but I did and if u don't you'll never know if u do.

Good game Posted by

Ok. Everyone has been saying this is such a LAME game. But honestly,have you ever heard that if you don't have anything nice to say,don't say it? Well I have an I'm telling you. To write a review about a game is to say something good about or to have a little changes to the game. Not to make the company feel bad. How about try and make a game. And whoever that jerk face was who said that he can just print out a piece a paper and tap the paper. NEWS FLASH! You just wasted your time printing that piece of paper. Now,this game will get boring. I admit that. But. It's a good game to play with your friends to see who has the highest score. It's also a time waster. Listen all I'm saying is that try the game. Just don't get the game,write a review,and delete it just because someone said that it sucked. Also every time you download a game you don't have to write a review. I'll I'm saying is that I like this game. Maybe not a lot,but I like it enough to play it sometimes.

Ok game to pass time.... Posted by

This game can get u crazed for a bit, then it gets a bit boring knowing I probably won't break the record, overall an ok game to pass the time

Good app but Posted by

It's a good app but every time I do multi finger touch my ipad mini always goes to the last app I opened please fix this for five stars

Crazy tapper Posted by

It's a reilly fun game and it has reilly cool music and it's not just for girls!

Not Worth The Price (Even Though It's Free) by Cupcake399 2012-01-28

Wonder what you can do in 30 seconds? Get a lousy game. The bright colors and intriguing description made me think this game would be fun. I was dead wrong. All you do in this game is you tap the screen. It is not addictive, nor fun, nor exciting, nor "the newest craze to the app world." I could imitate this game by printing out a colorful picture and tapping it. Whee (note sarcasm). If you like tapping your screen and seeing pretty colors and numbers 1-5, this is the game for you. I personally feel that writing this review was more fun than playing that game. This game says in the description that you could set a world record. Ooo, I'm so impressed that you tapped a screen. I bow down to you, Spartacus. Watching rocks erode would be more engaging than this waste of memory space. I honestly think that this may be the worst app I have ever purchased. I'd rather be doing homework. Whatever nerve in my body sends the signal to my finger to press the FREE/INSTALL button, I would like to have it removed. This game MIGHT (note that I said MIGHT) be fun if you had multiple levels, but no. It's the same thing over and over and over again. It's primitively tedious. I would far rather look up pictures of dinosaurs on the Internet. At least THEY are both colorful, educational, AND interesting, unlike this game, which is just a waste of time. I feel that the game should pay ME for playing this idiotic app, and then restore me the wasted time of my life spent downloading this game. And now my memory for my iTunes account will permanently have this space-hogging, time-wasting, false-advertising, LAME app on it. I have no idea what made me check out this app, but I regret I ever did. I urge you not to get this app. You have been warned. Note: I find it difficult to believe people got so overly worked up about A REVIEW. I am a free person and have the right to give a negative review. You like the game? Congrats. It's not my fault I didn't like the game. I'm not dissing the game company or anybody, I'm just giving my heart-felt opinion. I know a bunch of people are gonna call me a hater. I'm OK with that. Why have a review section if you aren't willing to hear both sides

Pretty good for my little bro! by SunnySweetieJJ 2011-12-27

Guys, this game is basically a baby game. I downloaded this for my little bro and he'a crazy about it.. Lol. The problem with it is that the ads just are too close to the game play thing and you click on it like every twenty seconds.

Good by Zhaneta1 2013-04-20

It's fun when I'm bored but if you press to hard it will ruin your device.   

Fun and Dumb by mood lover 2012-02-01

This game is soooooooooooooo dumb but really addicting. It's too easy. If it was harder then it would be more enjoyable. I think it's decent enough to have fun.

Interesting by Natiyer 2011-05-21

I downloaded it for the sake of breaking a record. Then I saw that the top record is 11,000. So I quit. Pretty stupid, but it passes time. About 30 seconds....-.-