CrazyTalk7 Apps for iPhone/iPad
CrazyTalk7 Apps for iPhone/iPad

CrazyTalk7 Apps for iPhone/iPad

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CrazyTalk7 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
CrazyTalk7 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
CrazyTalk7 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
CrazyTalk7 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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[NEWS] The latest version - CrazyTalk 8 launched! Check it out: ===CrazyTalk7 has been chosen as "Macworld BEST of SHOW 2013" from Macworld/iWorld 2013!!=== ===CrazyTalk7 has been selected as "Mac App Store BEST of 2012!"=== CrazyTalk7 is the most popular facial animation tool that uses sound and text to vividly animate facial images. With this groundbreaking Auto Motion technology, you just need to import images, specify the facial feature points and record your own voice to automatically generate lip-syncs to create 3D life-like, talking videos. Upgrade to PRO version to get advanced auto animation functions and custom settings. "Great fun, animation intelligently understands recorded audio and responds accordingly, inexpensive.” - MacWorld, UK Endless Possibilities •Casual: Anyone can animate talking pets, sketch drawings, baby photos or inanimate objects to create fun and interesting videos in minutes. •Social: Communicate in a fresh way with visual messages, animated holiday greetings, or lively presentations that grab everyone’s attention. •Education: Students and educators greatly benefit by conveying information, arousing interest, and participation, in a fun and natural way. •Media: The powerful editing tools allow professional animation for music videos, storytelling, comic/cartoon generation and more! Features 1.Turn Any Images into a Talking Head •Import JPEG, BMP, TGA, and PNG formats. •Follow the facial fitting and 3D orientation process to create life-like characters with Vivid Eye technology. •Auto-detection system for instant background removal. 2.Auto-lipsync with your Own Voice •Import WAV, MP3, record your voice audio, or use TTS. •The audio lip-syncing engine animates character’s mouth with the built-in phoneme library that distinguishes a wide range of vocals. •Morph your voice or add spatial effects to it. •Manually refine your lip-syncs in the Timeline, and adjust the strength of the lip shapes with flexible controls. 3.Auto Motion Technology •This feature analyzes the tones in your voice to auto-generate head and facial movements while you apply different styles to any voice scenario. •IDLE: Set a animation foundation. •FUNCTIONAL: Choose basic head movements. •SCENARIO: Fit any motion styles like singing passionately at an opera, or crying out loud with fear. •Adjust the strength, threshold, smoothness and spring effect. 4.Custom Facial Puppeteering •Use a mouse or handheld device to puppet your avatar in real-time to set a personality. •Choose specific facial muscles to control, create expressions and head movements while you record live. •Create motion clips that can be layered and edited for later projects. 5.Rich-Content Library •Get started quickly and be inspired with beautifully-crafted projects, actors, voice scripts, and audio which can be further customized. •Auto Motions and backgrounds can be used to fit particular scenarios, or combined, edited and layered with studio-made Motion Clips for intricate expressions. 6.Timeline Editing and Refinement •Use specific facial expressions from the library and overlay them in the Timeline, or puppet to create your own. •Manipulate any motion clip with cut, copy, break, loop and speed functions, and save it in your custom library for future projects. 7.Output •Export videos or images in different size and ratio. •QuickTime videos codecs: Resolution up to 1920x1080. •Image sequences in alpha channel (BMP, TGA, and PNG). 8.Free Online Video Tutorials, Manuals and Forum Help. •Learn from tutorials and manuals, or meet in the online forum to share ideas with thousands of CrazyTalk users from all over the world. 9. Export to web and iOS devices •Export your projects to a social networking site or web page, and interact with the actor on your Mac or iDevices.


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Fantastic for Halloween animations. Posted by

I have been using the Windows version of Crazy Talk 6 for the past two years, mostly to create projections for a local haunted house attraction. Running the PC version via Parallels on the Mac was clunky due to the bizarre (even for Windows standards) user interface the program uses, but it did the job. Now, with a native version available for the Mac, I will never have to boot in to Windows again for this. This new version seems to handle everything the old PC version did, as well as giving access to cutomizing the lip sync animations (something that required the much more expensive pro version of CrazyTalk 6). I have been quite happy with this new version, though some of the user interface items are still a bit quirky. (A dialog box appears, for instance, with no visible way on how to escape it if you do not want ot continue. You have to press the ESCAPE key… An odd choice, for a mouse driven program.) Beyond quirky things like that, it's a great fun program. (Though, look at free iOS programs like PhotoSpeak -- it acheives excellent facial animation AUTOMATICALLY, without all the manual wrangling that CrazyTalk uses. For simple animations of a picture to a recorded voice, it does in seconds what it takes a CrazyTalk user quite a bit of time to manually create.)

Great app! But... Posted by

I love this program! It does what I hoped it would do. I was hessitant to purchase it, however, because I read that you have to buy a whole bunch of different packages to get extra themes and such. I bought it because all my pictures are custom made and I don't really need to use the images already there. But it's a great product for easy animation, I won't deny. I came across two problems and would like to address them hoping that they can be fixed. First, when I save a project, I have to go to "Save As Project…" every single time. It feels kind of time consuming. Is it possible to have a simple "Save" button? Second, I'm a manga (anime) artist and I am have trouble with my character's hair bangs getting in the way of their eye and facial movement. I noticed in Cazy Talk 7's sample pictures, its characters don't have much hair (if any) on their foreheads, cheeks, etc because the hair can become distorted if it gets in the way of the facial movement. Is it possible that in a future update that Crazy Talk 7 can have picture layers? So that manga/anime artists such as myself or anyone who wants bangs on their characters can animate just their face and add in their hair, clothes, and accessories later? Thank you!

Crazy Fun Posted by

This app is crazy fun and well worth the price. To think that I can do in 10 minutes what it would have taken an animator weeks to do in the past. This is a fun and very entertaining app for kids and adults, anyone who enjoys animation without the hassle. My 11 year old son and I tried other animation apps that used stop motion, frame by frame, but found them to be too much work and too much time. With Crazy Talk we were up and running in minutes. After a trip to a sandcastle contest at the beach we were able to animate several of the sculptures and send the talking sculptures to friends and family. I also found it a fun tool for work to add some zip to my presentations. The comment that I get most often is, "How'd you do that?" My son can't wait til his next science project to have his Minecraft creature narrate the show. We tried it with our pictures, pictures of the dog, Mount Rushmore, Lego characters, even a sand sculpture. It works great. This app does everything it says in the online video tutorials…and more. It's worth the money.

Workaround, but it should work without it for this kind of cash. Posted by

I've been using this for a few days and the ability to tweak your own drawings is impressive. The face fitting portion alone can lead to incredibly expressive animations. The ability to tweaze the vowels and consonants in the lip sync section is unbelievable. Imports into FCPX ready files in no time. Very happy. And yup, it crashes whenever you try to save it at the end. After nosing around in some forums, I found that if you go to the project in the Content Manager (on the right side) and click the plus symbol to save as, then use the file extension .ct7project after the name you give it, everything works fine. You shouldn't have to do this after shelling out this much dough, but there you have it. Hope that helps some people. This issue aside, it works great and is fairly intuitive. After messing around with some simple shapes, I was very encouraged by what this app is capable of. Can't wait for Animator and iClone next!

Hooray for Mac version Posted by

I met one of the creators of Crazytalk from Realallusion at a tradeshow about a decade ago. Crazytalk has come a long way since. The mac version is great and I'm having a LOT of fun with it. I have made and saved about a dozen projects so far with no crashes or problems reported by oher reviewers. I did used to use this when I was PC based. But it was at least 4-5 years ago. Back then, however, it was also solid. The new facial control features are superb! The process for setting up a new face is quick and easy. I do find the built in faces largely unusable as the 3D faces are a bit too creepy. I would love to see more vocal tweak settings, I have to resort to using another voice altering program usually. That's being overl picky, however. For the money CrazyTalk is a crazy good value and crazy good fun!!

I used this to make a business presentation more memorable. Posted by

I had a client who repeated the same presentation over and over again and the content was dry. By using Crazytalk, I introduced Terry Gilliam (Monty Python) styled animations into the presentation and not only did they put everybody in a better mood, it was shown retention of the presentation improved. CrazyTalk is easy to use. It shows you your changes in real time and after a while you’ll really be enjoying yourself. I found myself mesing around and calling coworkers over for a good laugh. Thinking of starting a youtube channel and dropping these things into it. If only they made a product that could make me funny.

Having fun with the app Posted by

At first it was troublesome with the crashes but I've been having a blast with the app. So much fun to take just plain images and watch them come to life in front of my eyes. The updates are flowing which is appreciated but at times it stays on my update screen even afterI update it. That is annoying. It could have some more documentation on the controls as well. But if you want to animate without being a pro, this is the app to do it in.

Been Waiting For This On My Mac!!!! YEA Posted by

I have owned CrazyTalk for PC for 5 years and kept waiting for them to port it over to the Mac. Not only did they write it from the ground floor up, they made it better (in my opinion) for the Mac platform. The memory problems I had on the PC (I use VMWare and Windows on all my Macs) is gone. I use to eat up memory when running it under VMWare… not any more. It runs like a dream. Thank you Reallusion, you made my life a whole lot easier.

Crashes Annoying, but otherwise AMAZING Software. Posted by

Hopefully the latest update will resolve the instability issues, however the software at its core is INCREDIBLE. It can be fun to use with photos, but I think it's true power shines when being able to quickly animated illustrated characters. I was able to create a wonderful animation that would have taken hours if not days to illustrate and lip-sync otherwise. Hoping They port more of their products to the mac.

The Templates offer a huge amount to preset animations Posted by

There are quite literally hundreds of auto animation templates that can be selected and used in this application. They give your characters all sorts of emotions and movements and matching the up with the audio is extremely simple. The automated animations are a great touch and make putting together an impress character animation and breeze. This is easily my new fav app and will be getting a lot of use out of it.

It really is a great app, but ... Posted by

This is one of the most original, fun, and, frankly amazing applications out there. But there is an issue with updates. EVERY SINGLE TIME you update to the latest version (and there have been several), you lose the bonus content you got three and two versions ago. SIGH, you have to install it AGAIN, and possibly re-download it if you haven't saved the installer. This is amateur hour. Really, amateur hour.

Too much fun!! Posted by

I bought this to do some animation work with students and it turned out to be MUCH more fun than I expected! It is so easy to use and tweak to sync the audio to the lips. I have been making short practice animations and everyone has enjoyed them. I have so many things to make talk I have to end this review and get back to the program! I would give it 5 stars, but it does crash often.

Really Good Program Posted by

This program is amazing. My kids and I are using it on OS X 10.8.2 and it works extremely well. We have been using Anime Pro which is a good program but somewhat difficult. Crazy Talk on the other hand is really simple. We had home pictures animated in a few minutes after downloading the program. We are now learning all of the other features. This was a great purchase.

Reallusion deliver another great tool Posted by

I have used some of the previous versions of this tool in the past but they did not quite deliver what I was after. When I saw this new version and all the excellent features that had been added I was excited to see Reallusion starting to deliver the quality apps I expect from them. CrazyTalk7 is an excellent tool.

Get the Update Patch, all is good :-) Posted by

When I first downloaded the app I was getting a few issues as some of the other comments talked about. Reallusion offered a patch for these, I installed it and all is now great! No more crashes or problems. Great App!

Genius lip-Sync with the app Posted by

I downloaded this app as I thought it looked like a really good idea and something I could make good use of. I have found it awesome and recommend anyone considering this app just goes ahead and downloads it. Awesome!

Excellent, and a bargain. Posted by

I've used Crazytalk Pro for Windows for years now, and it's so much faster now on the Mac. Everything seems to work better, especially motion clips. For what this app does, it's a steal.

Glad to see if come to Mac Posted by

Used for many years on windows. Glad to see it is on the Mac. Works great and enjoying even more that I can do it on my mac.

Shame about the UI... by wizpomp 2013-02-15

Like most reviewers say this app is quite fun but the shelf life is short. The most disappointing thing I found with the App is the odd un-Mac like user interface which sticks out like a sore thumb when compared to most other apps on the App Store. It really does look quite odd and in use feels clunky (it suspiciously looks and behaves like a RealBASIC app). You can't configure the toolbar as in most apps and the odd project navigation is cumbersome. I didn't have much problem saving the projects I created as reported in some other reviews but alougth there is a Save As… option there is no Save option which means every time you alter the project you have to use Save As.. pick a destination folder and enter a filename all of which quickly becomes tideous. Also, if you refuse to sign up to the Crazy Talk something or other you are constantly nagged each time you start the app which borders on harassment. Obviously there is lot of smart software behind the scenes to make this animation work - I just wish they had made the same investment in the user interface. A bit of a shame really.

UPDATE: Still doesn't work in 10.6.8 by Bloomboy 2013-04-01

I've used Crazytalk on bootcamp/Windows for years and like it, but hate using it in Windows. So I'm happy there's now a Mac version, but not happy that the 10.6.6 OS requirement is apparently not true. The program is unstable and unusable on my system with 10.6.7...and Reallusion is now relabeling their pages to show a 10.7 OS requirement (though as of today, they haven't changed the requirement here in the app store). IF you meet the system requirements, you'll hopefully be happy with this fun program. Good value for the money, just a disappointment for those like me who are stuck in an older OS to keep using legacy applications.

Crash Crash Crash by AllieBrice 2012-09-23

I have Version 10.7 plus and I bought this app yesterday. I didn't try opening it until today and I cannot. The app opens, looks like it's going to go, and then stops suddenly. I went to the forums and everyone talks about registration number, etc. However, I never got one of those. Today when I opened up my Apps center, the program said "update". I clicked on the update and nothing happens. I am TRULY disappointed. If the apps was $10 or so, it wouldn't really matter, but at $30, I expected a bit more, especially on the support side of the deal.

Looks better than it is... by bbalser 2012-12-14

Be prepared to pay more in another few weeks to "upgrade" to the next version. What it does is severely limited compared to the sales hype. The next update promises more, but you'll have to pay another bunch of money for what you don't get today. It's like paying them to be a beta tester. Lots of crashes, super limited functions, doens't work with "any" photo, as I've found lots that simply don't work correctly. Wish I could get a refund.

Refunds should be made available to all who want one from this company by fotohuman 2012-12-10

This company is in the dark ages when it comes to execution of their products and customer support. If they can't make it possible to update CrazyTalk7 to fix bugs through the app store then the least they can do is email registered owners to explain that they are having a problem. In an ideal world they might even try to fix the problem but with their track record I won't hold my breath. I want a refund and so should you!!!!!

Excellent Except when it crashes. by whineriffic 2014-03-11

Love this app. It's great. Then I try cutting and pasting several lip-sync motions at the same time and it crashes. And I lose all the work I've been doing for hours. Because, of course, Command S doesn't save anything. Again, love the app, but I've wasted six hours today and have nothing to show for it.

Horrible!! Crashes the whole system. by Elvis Nixon 2012-09-26

DO NOT INSTALL Crazy Talk if you have upgraded to Mountain Lion from Lion. It crashed Aperture and iPhoto while they were updating their photo libraries. Now both crash every time I try to open them and I've lost ALL my photos. I've deleted all the Crazy Talk files and still it crashes photo apps big time. AVOID!!

Crashes while trying to save by you Let-Me-Down 2012-09-25

I imported a photo & took the time to place the points & animate, it was great, but when I tried to save, the app crashed. I am only interested in using this app for photos of my own, but unless the work can be saved, the app is useless to me. Please fix the bugs & I will then give you 5 stars.

Just not working for me. by mikecur 2012-10-09

I've watched all the tutorials. Still find the interface impossible. How do you zoom in and out? When you save a project, why is it not saved? If you save it before closing/quiting, why is the audio track missing when re-opened? Frustrating app. Plus it crashes! Very frustrating app. Hoped for more.

This is HORRIBLE! by Brokerknowledge 2012-09-24

The program looks like it will be awesome, and when you are working in it you have so many great tools, but every time I click save it crashes the program. I will update my review when the software works, but right now I feel like I just spent $30 and too much time on a program that doesn't work.

Not ready for the App store - Crashes Often by Forced1234 2012-09-20

After importing a model and painstakingly placing the face points, the application crashes when you try to save your work. The application needs to be tested and debugged further before distribution. These feature should not be advertised if it does not work.

constant crashes on save by rcinla 2012-09-26

tried this on my MBP and iMac. Each time I try to save the project the program crashes on OSX 10.8.2 NICE! Sent tech support ticket and received email reply that they will get back to me in 2-3 days! Really nice!

Seems good, but crashes when saving by avflinsch 2012-09-22

This looks like a good product, but it always crashes when saving a project. At this point I would NOT recommend the package to anyone. I will modify the review if/when this is resolved by C7 support.

Kind of works kind of doesn't by Warhymn 2012-09-29

Crashes way too often for the price. I also don't think the faces animate well to voice input. The wire frame set up of new faces is easy and does work well.

WON'T UPDATE by the society 2012-12-05

I'm trying to update this program but it won't allow me to do so and says its installed even though I am on the 7.3 version

Not working in 10.6.8 by mrpriceroom12 2013-03-20

Will not open on 10.6.8 machines. Would like to install so my students can use it, but no go!

Save your money by AppEagle 2012-09-14

This works worse than your average iPhone face morphing app. I would pay $5 for it, no more.