Cute Wallpapers √ Apps for iPhone/iPad
Cute Wallpapers √ Apps for iPhone/iPad

Cute Wallpapers √ Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Cute Wallpapers √ Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cute Wallpapers √ Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cute Wallpapers √ Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cute Wallpapers √ Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Cute Wallpapers √ Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Cute Wallpapers √ Apps for iPhone/iPad

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HD Wallpapers All Optimized for the latest iOS 9, iPhone6S, iPhone6S Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C & iPod Touch 5 (640 x 1136), iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 3rd Gen and all other iOS devices.

Love Cute Wallpapers? Can't get enough of Cute Wallpapers? We have the app for you!

Pick from hundreds of the cutest, most adorable Cute images and use them as your wallpaper

So many different designs and scenes with different angle, perfect for the ultimate Cute Wallpapers fan!

**Update Features**

• Create your own Design with Photo Collage & Photo
Editor with amazing features

• Play Fun Puzzle Game to your own Choice

**Awesome Features**

•Faster loading time & less memory consumption.

•Fast and easy navigation within App using swipe, pinch and zoom.

•Friendly search key to your favorite choice.

•Categorized Organization of Wallpapers.

•Unlimited downloads every day.

•24/7 update so that you don’t get bored.

•Pixel level detail of Cool User Interface making your time inside the App a soothing one.

•Another mind blowing production of Fantasy Applications – Your most reliable Apps partner on App Store with around 20 HQ & Popular apps.

Come and share your favorite wallpapers with your friends in Face book and email. They will be begging you to ask for more of these pics from you!


All the contents are collected from different sources those doesn’t violate copyright law and the purpose of this application is fully non-commercial.

Special Note

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Great but 1 problem Posted by

This game could be a five star game but sometimes it will cut the bottom off the picture!!!!! Please change this because I love these wallpapers .then it will be a five star game.

Hi!! Posted by

I think it's funny that the name of this company is Awful Apps Shop! I am getting this app and I hope it's not awful!!

Awesome Posted by

I love the cute puppies! The rabbits are to die for ! I LOVE this app!

Very sweet Posted by

wow! i really found a gr8 app that has all the cute wallpapers..

:) i <3 this app Posted by

Omg I love it I love PANDAS put more pandas NOW!!!!!

Awesome Posted by

I loved it what do you think dashie(dashie) /)^3^(\

Cute Posted by

I liked the app but some pics were boring

Chooo Chweet! Posted by

aww.. there r so many cute it

Bad by cam 2013-07-29

This app is still in Christmas mode!!! When u look at all the wallpapers(like 6 at once, well u know what I mean) its merry Christmas wallpapers! But when u actually click on them they are regular wallpapers! Someone needs to fix that! And these aren't even that cute! Most of them are babies, dogs, or not very good cartoon things. I wouldn't get it if I were u, hey I'm saving you some trouble.

Not that great by Niall lover 34 2013-01-21

I think this app isn't that great unless u like a lot of cartoonie stuff. There is no popular stuff like 1direction and Justin Bieber. So it is ok that is y I gave it 2 stars. I was hoping it would be much better there really no point so I don't suggest it.

Cute&sweet wallpaper by Katiebug000 2012-10-28

Well it is not my favorite game in the world because the pictures nont go to my iPhone.

Not the best by Urooma ali 2013-01-31

I didn't think it was the best t was just cartoons though nice job

Upload by Live tong see what I did there 2013-05-15

This app is not the best I would not get it it's stupid

Babyish by Moncooooo 2013-04-09

The wallpapers on here are boring and all Christmassy

by TortMom2girls 2013-05-06

It's babyish and pretty stupid.