CZ App for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad
CZ App for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad

CZ App for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad

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CZ App for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
CZ App for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
CZ App for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
CZ App for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
CZ App for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
CZ App for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
CZ App for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
CZ App for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
CZ App for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
CZ App for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
CZ App for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
CZ App for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
CZ App for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
CZ App for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
CZ App for iPad Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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【Recommended model】iPad mini 3、iPad Air、iPad Air 2

This app reproduces the functionality of Casio’s best-selling CZ-series models, such as the CZ-101 (first released in 1984), and also includes new functions.
Featuring a built-in 4-part PD (phase distortion) sound source, its 36
waveforms are capable of generating an extensive and diverse range of sounds. The created tones can also be played on MIDI-compatible instruments.

======The PD sound source system========  
Phase Distortion (PD) works by distorting a sine wave when it is read so that various different waveforms are produced.At the time, it was a ground-breaking system for generating waveforms other than simple sine waves.

----- An extensive parameter set to allow richly varied sound creation -----
Two block configuration systems are provided for each of the DCO, DCW and DCA
 Parameters to set basic waveforms. 
 One Key Follow feature (DCW1/DCW2) controls waveforms based on the upper
and lower extent of the keyboard's register while the other Key Follow feature
(DCA1/DCA2) controls the envelope duration based on the keyboard's register.
CZ-series synthesizers allowed users to choose from 4 types of line output
(1, 2, 1+2 or 1+1) depending on the purpose. Using 2 DCOs allowed the use of
detuning to fine-tune the pitch shift in the two systems to within ±4 octaves, which
is useful not only in creating a chorus effect, but also for producing sounds with
specific harmonics emphasized.
Ring modulation can be used to produce metallic tones that include non-integer
 while noise modulation is effective in creating percussion-like sounds.  
An envelope generator is provided for each DCO, DCW and DCA core block in the
two systems, which makes it possible to vary the tuning, tones and volume over time.

-----Play along to your favorite audio files-----
You can use the keyboard to play along to audio files on an iPad.

-----Multi-play mode combines keyboard layouts to allow new ways of playing
The new performance interface lets you can combine 2, 3 or 4 keyboards, or even flip the layout so that other people can play along with you.

-----MIDI Player-----
It is possible to play by reading the SMF.
The maximum number of MIDI channels is 4.

-----Supports external MIDI instruments and inter-app collaboration-----
・Inter-App Audio (iOS 7 or later)
・Audiobus compatible (input only)
・Playable using an external MIDI keyboard(via a third-party MIDI interface, an Apple Lightning-USB camera adapter* plus USB cable, or the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit* plus USB cable)
・Virtual MIDI
・MIDI over Bluetooth


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Varies with device
32.57 MB
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True to CZ, but needs more for a $20 price Posted by

((March 17 app update: nothing substantially new :( — Still 4 stars, but at least it's being updated.)) My original review from February seems to have vanished (?), but after another month of using CZ App extensively, I came back to update my review. Still 4 stars, because it is truly an awesome recreation in software of the CZ hardware (very close to the CZ-3000 and the CZ-5000, with a bit of CZ-1 thrown into the mix). But I want to see more! Here’s the thing: I don't have any hope that Casio will ever go "back to the future" (like Moog, Korg, Dave Smith, etc.) and re-release a physical PD-based CZ synth, but this app is a perfect opportunity to release the ultimate CZ — the CZ 10000?? — one that has the portability of the CZ-101, the power of the CZ-1, a sequencer like the SZ-1 or the one built into the CZ-5000, and a drum machine like the RZ-1. Yamaha's Synth Arp & Drum Pad, and their Mobile Music Sequencer apps are outstanding in this regard (and very useful for Casio hardware!), and Casio needs to meet and exceed them. Further, there’s no reason that this app shouldn’t add MIDI *out*, to enhance all the CZ hardware synthesizers still out there. This app ought to communicate with the hardware, allow patch editing on the iPad (and how about the iPhone??), and send those patches back to the synth. With the right features and external hardware, CZ App could act as a MIDI controller for a number of Casio keyboards, and be a MIDI sequencer for all of them. Owners have been using external patch editors for the CZ synths for decades on Ataris, Amigas, Mac and PC. It’s time for Casio to step to the plate with its software solution. Easter Egg: I hooked up my CZ-230S to the CZ App as a MIDI keyboard controller. I changed the patch on the 230S, and it changed the active patch on the CZ App! Weird thing is is that the display of the parameters in CZ App don't change, but the tone does. I'm going to have to do some more experimenting to see what's going on (and bring the 101 and 5000 into the fun, too. But there’s something there as a “hack”, so it would be nice to see Casio polish the feature and roll it into an update. And the CZ-230S with its “hidden” editable 4 patches is just another reason this feature should be added to CZ App. These things are what would make CZ App worthy of 5 stars at $20. It’s a 5 star app already, but it really needs more features (and about 70 more classic preset Casio tones) to make it 5 stars at this price. Until then, 4 stars, simply to encourage Casio to “go further”. For now, 4 stars, Very Good.

One of the better iPad synths Posted by

CZ app is a recreation of the Casio CZ synth engine, popular during the mid '80s. The app sounds great, it's very faithful to the original hardware (though it is less....ummmm...muddy or noisy). It's also -much- easier and faster to patch than the original hardware and has the benefit of basically unlimited save slots. The app also has a rather nice feature of being 4 part polytimblre (it can produce 4 different tones, not just pitches, on 4 different midi channels or using the built in virtual keyboards). The interface also looks nice and is easy to get around. As of the latest release Casio patched in background audio. This is fast becoming my favorite iOS synth between the ease of patching, the far out sounds and the polytimbrlety. The price may seem a bit high, but it's worth it for the quality of the product. The only other things I could really hope for would be support for Scala tuning files, the ability to work with microtonal scales and support for the "hidden" waveforms that could be accessed on hardware PD synths via sysex. In a sense, the "hidden" waveforms are already partially supported as it is possible to select two resonant waveforms for the same voice. It's nice to see Casio doing good work for musicians again, even if it is in the form of a recreation. Believe it or not, they were an extremely innovative in synth design until they closed their pro audio division.

Good CZ Synth App, could be great with a couple changes Posted by

Thank you Casio!!! I've spent the last few years periodically checking the App Store, searching for a virtual CZ App, and I was thrilled when I found this. From a sonic standpoint, the phase distortion quality is dead on. The addition of DSP, reverb, and chorus is a nice touch. The interface is well thought out, and really does have the CZ look and feel. I have two chief complaints though: the app won't run in the background, and polyphony is limited to 4 notes when using line 1 + 2 (just like the CZ-101). In multi mode, way more than 4 notes can be played at the same time using the screen keyboards - I can't see any reason why the sound engine polyphony can't be increased for real-time MIDI playing. Even 8 notes would be a huge improvement. 4 star app. Would easily be 5 stars with increased polyphony and background process ability.

Hm, this isn't too bad for an emulation . In fact, it's also a very good synth app! Posted by

Ok ok, I know that this app still might be buggy, but it is still a lot better than I expected. The only thing I really want to see added is a polyphony setting. Although I never played with a real CZ, this app sounds good enough that at least I don't have to buy a real CZ. The best part about the synth engine is the ring modulator. That's when this baby sounds like FM! The best part about the app is that it is multitimbral! Up to four people can play on a single iPad. Each track has its own MIDI channel so you can use the full potential of this app in Cubasis. I think someone should make an IAA MIDI app with multiple keyboards. Btw, you can contact Casio for bugs by visiting the Casio Europe FB Page or find the Japanese Casio FB Page. To get Casio Japan to under stan you, copy and paste 英語を書きました (which means written in English)

So far so good but support?? Posted by

Has anyone found a way to contact support? I'm enjoying it so far but getting random crashing when loading user presets. I haven't found any link to support which is the downside of using apps created by the big companies. With the smaller ones you're likely to be able to speak directly to the dev. Otherwise it's great.

iPad Pro Posted by

Just bought it because I I have a iPad Pro and Casio CZ-101, when will you support the iPad Pro. Looks great.

Not a faithful reproduction and buggy to boot! by TagPass 2016-05-31

Was very excited to see an "official" CZ emulation from Casio! The demo video was not great, but nonetheless, I figured I would give it the benefit of the doubt. The CZ-101 was my very first synthesizer, and I still have a pristine CZ-1000 setup next to me -- safe to say, I have more intimate knowledge of the "CZ sound" than any other instrument in my studio! First, the good stuff: The interface is nice, and grabbing the "handles" on the 8-stage envelopes is a nice idea. Being able to stack 4 voices is a great addition, and the factory presets (though paltry in number) are actually pretty nice -- production-ready even! -- and demonstrate what this synth is capable of sounding like. That said, it is NOT a good CZ emulation at all! I have a few go-to sounds that I tried programming from my old patch sheets and they sound NOTHING like the original versions. I am not talking slightly off, but rather *completely* wrong! (By way of comparison, Plugin Boutique's Virtual CZ VST application is almost spot-on compared to the hardware, so something is definitely amiss with this app.) Though the methodology for editing the envelopes is good in its intention, it is, in practice, quite fiddly. You cannot hone in on exact values sometimes, and the handles frequently "lock" and become undraggable until you lift your finger and grab it again. The app also frequently crashes. I experienced numerous crashes in the first hour of use when selecting an envelope to edit, when trying to save a patch, when trying to delete a patch, and when trying to select *any* user patch after that delete operation failed! Let me explain that last one better... I programmed a patch called "Harmonic Spectrum". Upon realizing that it did not sound the way I expected, I went into the menu to delete it from my user patches. The app crashed. When I opened it again, "Harmonic Spectrum" was now named "CASIO+a long string of random numbers". I tried selecting it. Crash! Restarted and tried selecting one of the other custom sounds I made. Crash! (And the option to delete any of the user sounds was now gone!) I ended up deleting the app from my iPad entirely -- resulting in the loss of all my custom-programmed patches! -- in order to restore it to "normal" operation. Very disappointed that I forked out $20 for this app. Maybe a future update will fix some of the stability issues after which I might trust it more. Fingers crossed that an engine update is in the cards as well, because while this synth "evokes" Casio a bit, it still doesn’t sound quite like a CZ. If it were $2.99 instead of $19.99, it might be OK, but for now, your money can go much further elsewhere.

Pretty decent but overpriced by Krszytoff 2016-10-13

I've owned a CZ101 since 1986. I love this synth but was always irritated at the flawed hardware design where the internal memory always got "buggy" if you didn't turn the unit on every single day. After getting my iPad and seeing this app I was very excited that I might be able to replace using my hardware CZ. First of all, $20 is way too much for this app when you can get Waldorf's Nave for the same price, and Thor & iProphet for even less. That being said, I partially disagree with the other review stating this is not a faithful reproduction of the original CZ. I pulled out my old data sheets & was able to create some of my old favorite patches pretty accurately. However it was very tricky since you have to draw the waveforms instead of programming them. This does make it more difficult to replicate. One does need a great deal of patience to program this app, so that's something to consider if you plan to purchase. Additionally, the other reviewer was correct in citing issues with crashing. For me this seems to happen most during editing/creating new patches. Definitely something Casio needs to address. If it weren't for the aforementioned criticisms, I would have given 5 stars. Despite this I'm quite pleased with this app overall.

Love the CZ sound, but will be better when Casio can work out some bugs by Chinchilla Wafers 2015-08-05

Love the ideas behind this app, and the Casio tone. Have a CZ 101, and this is a great homage to that era in synthesis and the phase distortion sound. It is fantastic to be able to edit the 8(!) step envelopes with fingers rather than having to painfully push in the values with the data buttons, like on the original. I also love that they made it 4 CZ's in one, multi-timbral. Being able to play along with a song is cute, as is being able to play with a friend. The MIDI worked the second I plugged a keyboard in, fantastic. I like the faithfulness to the original didn't stop them from adding some basic effects. At this point in the app's development it is very unstable (on iPad Air, iOS 8.3) however, when editing and saving your own sounds, particularly in the envelope section. I made a basic square wave sound to save as a starting point for other sounds in the future, and it either crashes most of the time when I try to load the sound, or when I try to open an envelope window. In addition, some of the envelope controls don't act the way they should, sometimes the envelope won't affect the sound the way it should, like it gets stuck.

buggy, could use updates, zero support by AvengerPod 2017-03-01

CZ synths are wonderful and this is a nice emulation from the actual company. 8 stage envelopes rule. Some things don't work right however. Envelopes seem buggy. Also it accepts midi program changes but doesn't reflect them in the program name. The mod wheel input doesn't seem to scale properly and it steps a lot. I also seem to get more stuck notes than expected. Some of the limitations of the original are accurate I think but it would be nice to have a mode where you could go beyond them, or where envelope changes didn't step, for example. And Casio you just need to fix the annoying bugs which make it close to unusable sometimes. Also support is a joke - it just sends you to the advertising page. This app has a lot of potential but isn't there yet. Don't let it die Casio! A great app is waiting to be born!

Nice. by random9q 2015-06-24

It could use a little UI help. Something doesn't feel quite right about the way this thing is organized. I can't even put my finger on it, which unfortunately means it isn't one thing, but rather something about the way the overall UI scheme works, at least judging from past experience and experiments. More than that, though: I dearly wish they'd taken the time to include a few more patches, many more even. There's something about the workflow of patch building that isn't working for me. I feel like I might be able to get the hang of it with examples to work off of that demonstrate a yet wider range of what's possible with the sound engine. However the list of included patches is actually alarmingly scant. This will take some significant work to make a patch list out of.

Not bad, but not quite. by Carlaughter 2015-06-24

It's good to see the old CZ in virtual form. It's not a bad start, but it is not a good emulation of the original. The envelopes have bugs. 1) the taper drops off to quickly. The envelope step and end do not operate properly. I hope there is more improvements in store for this app.

IPad Pro support? by ovrdrvn 2015-12-25

App was just updated but the developers had no clue about what Apple has been up to??

Unusable in current state by Eeegah 2015-08-06

App crashes regularly when adjusting parameters.