Deep Town: The Twin Candles HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad
Deep Town: The Twin Candles HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad

Deep Town: The Twin Candles HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad

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Plunge into a head-spinning adventure full of shocking discoveries! It’s the turn of the century – a time of great advances and bright hopes. After a stringent interview process and promises of a brilliant salary, a young engineer is invited to work in Deeptown, located on the ocean floor some 2,000 yards deep. Anticipating a great opportunity, he arrives to find only a little girl, who tells him there’s a vampire hiding in the now-abandoned town! It’s not long before his new acquaintance – or her twin sister? – bites him and he becomes a vampire too. As it turns out, he was hired only for his especially delicious blood type. Join his quest to be "healed" from vampirism, explore the stunning underwater city, solve brain-teasing puzzles, meet the oldest vampire on Earth and, most importantly, find the way back to the real world! ● 37 gorgeous scenes in 10 lavish chapters ● 11 perplexing mini-games to master ● 20 amazing achievements to earn ● Two difficulty levels: casual and expert ● Three intriguing characters to meet ● Game Center Support ____________________________ Game available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese ____________________________ Sign up now for a weekly round-up of the best from G5 Games! ____________________________ G5 Games - World of Adventures™! Collect them all! Search for "g5" in iTunes! Adventure: ▶ The Paranormal Society™: Hidden Adventure ▶ The Secret Society® - Hidden Mystery ▶ Hidden City®: Mystery of Shadows ▶ Mahjong Journey® ▶ S.E.D: Special Enquiry Detail® Strategy: ▶ Virtual City Playground®: Building Tycoon HD ▶ Farm Clan®: Farm Life Adventure ▶ Rage of Realms ▶ Survivors: the Quest® ▶ Stand O’ Food® City: Virtual Frenzy ____________________________ VISIT US: WATCH US: FIND US: FOLLOW US: G5 End User License Supplemental Terms:

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Developers Deserve Praise, Thanks and Consideration. Posted by

I almost always start by doing a search for the developing company, but that information was impossible for me to find in this instance. I always read the credits and found out that the Director is Dmitry Gerastenok and the Art Director is Vsevolod Chernushevich. Since a majority of Game Developers for HOPA (hidden object, puzzle, adventure games) live in Eastern Europe, it is nice to give them credit for the game they created. For example, Five-BN-UK is located in the Ukraine. I do not know if this is their first game or what kind of budget they had to work with, and I do know that they put a huge amount of time and creativity into this game. I greatly appreciate their effort. I also do not know why KimTwilight had to write two such unnecessarily unpleasant reviews (in both the in-app purchase game and also in this version) for this game. I believe that her criticism says more about her than the quality of this game. The transitions are slow and yet Elefun and other developers' games have the same problem, and I can survive waiting a bit of time for the scene to change. I hope that all of the people who worked so hard on this game realize that it has given many people pleasure and a great deal of fun to play this game. I love the Steampunk extras that they added to parts of the game and found the underwater city beautiful. I play without sound so I cannot comment on that nor would I. I thank all the developers, directors and everyone else who put their time, effort and creativity into this game. I also thank G5 for their continued generosity in giving us their games for free.

Enjoyed it. Posted by

I enjoyed the game. Not too difficult although some of the mini games were kinda tough. The hints button is a great help if you get stuck. I initially had the problem with the green "continue to game" button not working but a quick email to G5 customer support resolved the problem. I had to open the game but not click anything for 10 minutes. Then shut the game down completely and restart.

Decent story, good game overall. Posted by

Some are having trouble opening, need to open wait 10 minutes then tap " Play game" if it doesn't work. Close and repeat. Aside from it's slow transition to new locations it was a good game. Played all the way through, most I delete

Fun & Entertaining Posted by

It isn't very difficult, but it's not so easy it's boring either. It has good combination of problem solving and hidden object games. If your looking for a fun game to pass the time, yet not make you brain dead, I recommend this game.

Deep Town Posted by

I just started the game and so far it is really fun. There are plenty of hints to use if you stuck. There are different mini games to play. All in all it is a fun game to play. This game is really addictive!

Mesmerizing Posted by

This was a fantastic game. It kept me going for hours and hours. Not to hard not to easy. Can't wait to play another version or another game by them. I give it a 5 *++++.

Workaround works Posted by

Directions to fix were 'unique' to say the least but decided to try. They worked. Thanks.

Lots of hidden objects! Posted by

I love the hidden objects and the not complicated plot! I hope there is a sequel

Decent so far Posted by

Lots more HO an mini games than I expected. Pleasantly surprised!

Fun game Posted by

Kept my interest, great atmosphere and graphics. Enjoy

Deep town Posted by

Very good game but wish it was longer for the money.

Not their best Posted by

I usually love the G5 games but this one dragged.

dufus Posted by

loved it. great content. easy to navigate.

Great fun! Posted by

No issues with this at all. So fun!

"Deep Town" is "Deep Trouble": Run! Hide! by KimTwilight69 2017-01-25

Well, this is one colossal mess that I have just swept under my bed for eternity! I would have liked to have explored around and unraveled the mystery, but my interest quickly diminished. One positive aspect is that the graphics are fairly sharp and clear; details are nicely refined. In addition, I was excited to be able to read the in-depth story through a rarely seen journal for the short time that I progressed. There are only two modes of difficulty, which is an archaic practice for 2016--the year of release. Expert Mode is shockingly rudimentary in structure and format; I have sparkly indicators guiding me along by the hand in order to direct me toward the exact placement of interactive areas. The over abundance of old-school, junk-pile word lists is staggering; and any traces of interactivity are null. The puzzles are elementary and mechanically clunky. The exclusion of voice-overs detracts from a fully immersive experience; the music is so irksome that I played the short segment with the volume turned down. What decimated any chance of enjoyment is that transition between scenes is pathetically and torturously slow; this game feels as though it were released in 2012. Never have I turned away from a free game before, even from those with some technical flaws; however, this one is so "full-to-the-brim" with unwavering and tedious vexations that I hit the delete button within the fifth scene in. Thank goodness that I did not spend one cent for this disaster since it was a special free deal! I suggest you look elsewhere to satisfy your craving.

Won't even open!! by Solitaryman1 2017-01-28

Just downloaded this to my iPad. It defaults to the page with all G5 games adverts. The green tab button on top that says "continue to game" DOESN'T WORK!!! Everything else on the page is functional. I downloaded the iPhone version as well and the "continue to game" tab worked. This why I don't PURCHASE these games. An app called AppAdviceDaily offers FREE APPS EVERY DAY, and in the case of all these kind of games, the FULL $6.99 version!!! I've had this app for years and haven't paid a dime for any of these games. These style games don't come up every day, but when the daily alert comes up, I quickly scan to see if there's something I like & download it. At least you don't lose any of your $ that way.

Not up to typical G5 standards by dg-w 2017-01-29

I wanted to like this game. I normally do enjoy the work from G5. However, this game had several problems that quickly became a deal-killer for me. First, the wait time between scenes is too long. But the real issue was the hints. They would not go away! I could not explore any scene or study any hidden object puzzle without the sparkles or little hand showing me what to do next. I found myself rushing to try and make the next move before the hints told me what to do. What is the point of playing the game if you are going to be told what to do every single step of the way?? For me, there is no point. I deleted it.

Wouldn't open and crashed my games group by staypuppy 2017-02-03

Same issues as others. When I first installed it, it wouldn't open. The green Continue to Game button did nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled but it hung up reinstalling. It was stuck and the only thing I could do was reboot. After rebooting I couldn't open my games/group folder at all. I rebooted again and the game was finally gone. In all the years I've had iPads, I have never seen problems like this caused by an app.

Every game by Specificautions 2017-02-14

Every time I buy a G5 game....I can't play it because the continue to game button never works. I'm sick of getting ripped off. I'm going to file a complaint with apple about this issue. It's theft if we pay for an app, that we cannot use, and you do NOTHING to fix the issue except assume it is an issue with our device. Get your s*** together and fix your S***!!

Not up to par by starscapes 2017-03-22

I finally got the game to work by following the developers recommended "wait 10 minutes at the splash screen" instructions. Then have 3 more ads that pop up before I can enter my name. I choose hard difficulty and turn off tutorials, but still I'm given hints every 10 seconds in hidden object puzzle. This is certainly not up to my expectations of G5 games.

Meh by Puzzle1001 2017-02-02

Easy puzzles, a "sparkle" icon that you can't turn off that highlights important areas in the game, very few characters to interact with, no extras (like a hidden object in each scene), more hidden object games than mini games. Just not compelling or interesting enough to pay for compared to all the other amazing adventure puzzle solving games out there.

Definite Non-Starter by esseyejay 2017-01-30

As others, I can't get beyond the initial ads screen. The "continue to game" button doesn't work. Followed their advice in the FAQ and did a hard reset, to no avail. I, too, got it free so it 'merely' wasted my time and bandwidth. Why put it on sale when it obviously needs an update?

Can't open. What gives? by Ave8tr 2017-01-30

I can see that I am not the only one that has an issue after downloading this game where you cannot even open that to start playing it. Unfortunately this game would get a zero from me if I could read it as such. Until then, I'm disappointed at the play of this game!

Won't almost all G5 games nowadays by WellHelloClarice 2017-01-29

Game won't open past ad screen.....almost every G5 game I have downloaded in the last 6 months has had the same issue. Apparently G5 has gone updates and no responses at all from their customer service. If I could rate 0 stars I most definitely would.

Can't Rate it if I can't open it by R11a03 2017-01-28

Had to give at least one star so I could send review. Game will not open. Did a hard reset, still won't open. Removed it and downloaded it again, still not opening. Hard reset again, still not opening. Thank goodness I didn't pay for this waste of my time.

Won't open! by JustLetMeBeAnonymous 2017-01-30

The green "continue to game" button does not work, so I can't even get the game to start! I tried uninstalling and re-installing it, but that didn't work. I updated my iPad software and that didn't work. What a waste of space.

DOES NOT WORK!!! by Scaleslea 2017-02-17

Got the Full iPad version of this game. When I open the game, it goes to the typical G5 screen with links to other G5 games. But when I tap on the green "continue to game" button, it does Nothing! Please fix!!!

Game won't even open by M_Princess 2017-02-12

When I try to open the game, The "Continue to Game" button on the very first screen does not respond. I've tried force closing and deleting /re-downloading the game, but same result. Disappointing, G5 Games!

Stuck by Matman113 2017-01-30

I was enjoying this game before I became stuck in one area and the hints just kept pointing to the thing I was stuck on. I tried looking for help online but never found any. Going to delete this game, glad it was free.

The ad is all. by WRH713 2017-01-28

Game is large, takes a while to download, won't get off the "look at all these other games by us" screen. Deleted and reloaded twice. Now have deleted again!

☹️Can't play by Copsgirl 2017-01-28

I downloaded the game but it won't let me continue to the game from the main screen. I love G5 games and would love for this to be fixed soon.

Won't run by Azfeenixfire 2017-01-27

iPad Pro, latest updates, and like several other G5 games it won't load past the ad splash screen. Get with it G5!

Won't play by Tanya77234556 2017-01-28

Downloaded the game but the game will not play. Won't advance past the "continue to game" button screen.

Deep town: twin candles by Ghuseline 2017-01-27

Downloaded the game, but cannot play it. Will not let me continue to next screen.